Scientific Weight Loss Program Arguably The Most Effective

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Losing weight the right way is the desire of everyone and wants to achieve the effect in weight loss but still has to ensure health.

Losing weight is one of the most difficult problems you have to solve in your daily life, and for a very long time, you will sometimes feel discouraged because you did it but didn't achieve it or didn't believe it.

You have doubts and doubts about the weight loss program you are pursuing.

Each weight loss program has its own right reasons, and many weight loss programs do not, so how can we know that a weight loss program is effective and right for us.

To know which weight loss program is effective, we first need to determine what kind of physical condition our body is and look for a scientific weight loss program suitable for that condition and persevere in implementation.

Scientific weight loss program arguably the most effective
Scientific weight loss program arguably the most effective

The most effective way to lose weight is always an obsession for many people.

Many people do not know how to lose weight fast, even apply many “miraculous secrets” such as fasting, taking medicine, and all only bringing bad results, loss of gill.

Understand that hard to say, experts at BellyFatZone have given you scientific weight loss principles for fat people. Please apply now.

Just spend time typing how to lose weight on Google, you will surely get thousands of results.

However, there must still be no most detailed and comprehensive analysis of how to implement and apply.

This makes many people who have finished reading do not know what to do.

The truth is that the weight loss formula is only 1, which is the number of calories loaded <calories burned!

This can be achieved by adjusting to a scientific diet, reducing calories, exercising, and resting.

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Detailed instructions on how to lose weight fast the most effective today

To help you understand, this article's layout will follow a roadmap from the most general and then go into detailed analysis. This will help you clearly understand what you need to do!

Steps to lose weight successfully:

  • Determine the number of calories your body needs each day.
  • Follow a scientific diet with the right eating habits. Keep track of how many calories are loaded.
  • Exercise at least 60 minutes, 4-5 days/week, and should combine weight training.
  • Perform cardio fat burning exercises 2-3 days/week.
  • Set a goal of reducing 0.5-1 kg/week.

However, the problem is that most of us don't like to make changes so fast in life. So, eating less and eating science is definitely a psychological battle.

How can you limit junk food is not a small problem. You can struggle a lot.

You need to know whether you are new or experienced, want to lose weight, you need to combine food and exercise.

you need to combine food and exercise.

Many of you say, “Dieting and exercising are too time-consuming. I don't want to have to eat and practice all the time until the end of my life. ” Nobody likes this.

But don't get it wrong because body changes take time. But it will not take so much effort that you have to abandon your favorite food and activities completely.

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What does your weight mean?

One of the reasons for the answer to the question “how to lose weight?” The problem is that this question is FALSE. You can divide your body weight into 2 parts:

  • Fat
  • Fat-free

The fat-free part is composed of muscle, cells, bones, and tissue. Besides, there is water weight. In other words, that's all except the fat cells.

Muscle is the main component of the non-fat portion, and it should be heavier than fat. This means that muscles play a vital role in metabolism.

The more muscle, the more fat you burn. Muscle helps connect joints and helps you function.

Body fat is often not good, but the body needs fat. Need 1 fat content to help the body maintain activities.

The amount of fat needed will vary depending on age, physique, gender … For the vast majority, the healthy fat content is about:

  • 21-32% for women
  • 8-19% for men

If the amount of fat exceeds the level, you are more likely to have dangerous diseases. This is extremely serious if you continue like that. Be careful.

In general, the final question we can ask is: How to lose fat! Weight loss in the right sense must be fat loss.

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Dieting always causes many difficulties. The word diet is actually not meant to have negative connotations like diet is too restrictive, eating too strict, but it just means you have to eat science for a period of time.

Everyone will enjoy eating differently, and you need to find an appropriate eating plan.

Eating healthy will help you change your physique, instead of throughout the day snacking. Therefore, you need to pay close attention!

Besides, the diet depends on the number of calories you need each day because we know that fat loss only happens when the daily calorie deficit is in deficit.

This helps us know that you'll know what to do with your daily calorie intake if you calculate.

To assist you in calculating your daily calorie intake, we will provide you with the TDEE. Just click on the link, and you'll calculate for yourself how many calories you've used already.

TDEE will calculate the number of calories you use each day. If you want to lose weight, you just need to reduce your intake to 15% compared to this calorie. This helps you create milestones.

Yo-yo dieting problem

Yo-yo dieting

Eating fewer calories than you burn seems too easy and too easy to lose fat, right? Don't think like that because it's easy to be fooled.

We often have the notion that ‘more is better.' This makes many people think that reducing 300 calories from meals every day will only lose a little weight, so if you reduce 600 calories, you will lose more.

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However, the reality is different. Cutting calories too low (<1200) will cause problems like Yo-Yo. This, in the long run, will affect the metabolism.

If you keep going hungry all the time and are always in a state of cravings and no energy at all, your risk will be difficult to maintain that diet.

You can lose any weight you want and lose it very quickly.

However, as soon as you start eating back to normal levels, your body will likely top up your food at an unbelievable speed and gain the weight back extremely quickly.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that repeated weight loss and weight loss roadmap will make weight loss efforts less successful.

This ‘yo-yo' diet will affect metabolism. This will cause the body to gain weight gradually.

In short, in the first weeks, you should read labels and nutrition facts sheet of the products you buy/eat.

This will take time, but gradually it will become a habit and help you understand what you are eating and how many calories are loaded.

High quality and weight loss

High quality and weight loss

In principle, you can lose weight if you eat fewer hamburgers than usual.

However, if you want to see dramatic changes in your physique, look healthier and more beautiful, it's important to know how many macronutrients you consume: protein, carbs, fat.

Today, with just a click of a mouse, you have found hundreds of different diets, low in fat, low in carbs.

However, if you are looking to apply it permanently and appropriately, you must have your own menu. Every element has a role.

You need it all to stay physically active. Most people just focus on eating fat and starches and neglecting protein.

This leads to imbalance and excess calories. To start with, you can use a formula of 20% calories from fat – 40% from carbs – 40% from protein.

You can completely adjust this ratio, depending on the food you like, how the body responds, and the intensity of exercise. If you want, you can change 30% fat, 30% carbs, 40% protein.

We recommend you read the article about how to calculate Macros. The reason is that this is the way to calculate 3 components to help you know how to divide them best.

It is important to choose the type that suits you. There are rich people; there are poor people, it is important to eat right!

The more carbs you eat from whole sources like vegetables, nuts … the better for your health because of the blood sugar balance.

This helps you avoid feeling hungry or losing energy. Slow carbs foods are both rich in fiber and nutritious.

Fiber is an important factor to help you feel full and fast. If not, don't think about losing weight.

Getting enough protein is also important if you exercise. It not only helps you feel full faster and also helps build muscle.

From there, you will see that despite losing fat, the amount of muscle is still increasing, and the body is no longer wasted. The best way is that you can take advantage of 1 glass of Whey milk!

A balanced diet not only helps you lose weight but also helps you get in shape.


When you're done eating, you have to start thinking about practicing. The body needs a lot of energy to train. Energy comes from food.

So by practicing, you will burn more energy than that.

If you are a beginner, you should start with any subject. Maybe running, soccer, cycling … Maintain the habit of 4-5 days/week, 60 minutes/session.


Try to work your muscles to help them grow. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Lifting weights helps strengthen our joints.

This helps better health, toned physique, less trauma, reduce back pain …

You can completely choose an appropriate exercise schedule by immediately viewing the article dividing our gym schedule. Remember to watch and choose.

Cardio practice

Cardio or HIIT training is the best way to burn body fat. You can totally combine it with the weight training schedule.

You can also apply a variety of exercises. Please select the appropriate level of exercise. For example, you run at full speed for 30 seconds, then slow/walk for 1 minute. Keep going like that for 15 minutes.

This is a tough and bitter exercise. But as a result, you will burn a lot of fat. You can take advantage of the gym machines or take advantage of exercises such as jump squat, jump rope, jump toad.

Each week should only work about 2-3 days and apply immediately after weights. This will help you easily burn those hundreds of calories.

Checking process

Scales can be friends also can be enemies. Although your goal is to lose weight all the time, sometimes this is not entirely the case because you lose muscle fat? Such is good but not bad?

No matter your shape, the number on the scale can completely vary depending on the amount of water and food.

These changes don't affect your weight too much, but it's easy to get discouraged and think you're wrong.

When you weigh yourself, remember the principle that things go very slowly. Each week just losing 1kg is too happy, no need for more.

Instead of weighing the whole day, you should remember it only once every Monday. After that, you can use the fat-measuring clip.

Get in the habit, work hard every day. But do not think just take care of weight loss is okay.

Explain in detail how to lose weight fast and achieve the highest efficiency

Above, we have carefully analyzed the steps for successful weight loss. Now it's time to get to the most detailed. Here, you will understand how to realize your dream.

The method I: Eating scientifically

Suppose you divide the success rate into 100%, then eating and drinking makeup 60%. This proves that if you fail, review how to eat.

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Eat more fruits and vegetables
Via wikiHow

Fruit will help you solve your sweet cravings, always waiting to rise. The natural sugar content helps the body avoid excess calories.

Fresh vegetables provide a lot of fiber, helping you quickly full. Both are considered food groups that provide a lot of fiber.

  • Eat seasonally, eat fruits and vegetables at meals or for desserts. For example, September is the season of pink; you can take advantage of it. You can also put it in salad dishes, eat a salad with pink vegetables, and create a very different feeling.
  • Eat lots of vegetables. For example, when you make a salad, you can choose various vegetables, add chicken, salmon, and make the dish more nutritious.

2. Eat more grains and reduce carbs

Eat more grains and reduce carbs
Via wikiHow


The grains we talk about are black bread, oats, etc. These are good carbs to help you get more energy, nutrients, and especially satiety.

This ensures you won't have to worry about having too many calories because you're too full to eat a lot. Also, you have to combine with protein and vegetables.

  • Fast starches include foods like white bread, processed flour, white rice … They provide energy very quickly and quickly decline.
  • Replace with slow starches like oats … These will ensure the body has enough energy, avoiding excess calories because it is too full. Very suitable for meals during the day and before training.
  • Limit foods that contain too much sugar because it's also not good.
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3. Choose lean meats over fatty meats

Choose lean meats over fatty meats
Via wikiHow

If you're trying to gain more muscle, take advantage of lean meat instead of fatty meat. Lean meat will help you have more protein to build muscle, and fat meat will only increase calories.

When eating red meat, choose a leaner piece to eat. When eating chicken, remove the skin.

  • Don't eat fatty meats like hot dogs, sausages, etc. Eat lean meats, beef, and chicken.
  • Vegetarians can use vegetable protein from soybeans, seeds … Besides, RawFusion milk can be used.
  • Use dairy products too, so choose the low-fat, low-sugar as possible.

4. Follow a serious diet

Follow a serious diet
Via wikiHow

If you have determined that you have to lose fat successfully, you need to be serious about eating and exercising.

  • Follow the prehistoric paleo diet. Eat natural meats that are not industrial, seafood, fish, vegetables … All must be natural, unpacked …
  • Adopt a fresh diet and always choose the most natural foods possible, not processed ones.

5. Cut back on salt from your diet

Cut back on salt from your diet
Via wikiHow

Eating too much salt makes you prone to edema and fluid retention. This makes it very easy to gain weight. However, it is also easy to evaporate if you know how to eat less salt.

  • Instead of using salt, you can take advantage of other spices to increase flavor and reduce dependence.
  • You can use fish sauce, seasoning seeds, or paprika to reduce the amount of salt. Also, practice the habit of bland eating.

6. Don't skip meals!

Don't skip meals!
Via wikiHow


Many people think that skipping meals will help reduce calories. This is true, but did you know this will easily cause you to lose control of your eating for the next meal?

Besides, it also causes many health problems. Many studies have shown that eating small meals will help you lose weight.

When you skip meals, your body will no longer consume fat but instead burns muscle to produce energy. When the body breaks down, muscle tissue helps to burn more of the excess energy. So what are you doing?

Make sure your body is not hungry by dividing meals. You should load about 6 meals/day.

This helps you divide calories evenly to burn. Besides, the amount of protein is not lost. The body will not be deficient, resulting in no muscle loss.

Method II: Basic weight loss

Let's go find out the factors so you can lose weight. Remember, you always have to understand when to avoid making mistakes.

1. Record everything you eat during the week

Record everything you eat during the week
Via wikiHow

According to a study by the American Institute of Nutrition, those who are hard at recording what they eat often lose more than those who don't burn 4kg.

This demonstrates that recording helps you balance nutrition, reducing the ability to eat too much or too little.

  • Please complete. Please record all the ingredients … This will help you easily calculate why this week increases, next week decreases …
  • Please write correctly. This is important because if you make a mistake, it will lead to the wrong calories. Record calories accurately.

2. Calculate how many calories you should eat each day to lose weight

The more you know the number of calories in your food, the easier you know how to eat and exercise. Just open the diary and see what you ate and how many calories.

From there, calculate if you need to reduce or increase your exercise!

The formula is already up there.

3. Plan a meal and stick to it

Plan a meal and stick to it
Via wikiHow

Get in the habit of deciding what to eat for this week, rather than having to wait to open the refrigerator. This will help you figure out everything you eat. Besides, it will help health.

  • If you have a habit of eating out, don't try to give it up. Instead, try to prepare as many meals at home as possible.
  • Cut down on junk food, instead have healthy foods like fruit …
  • Reward yourself with a cup of milk tea, but then have to practice. This keeps you from being trapped. Take control to make sure you will not have extra calories.

4. Get fewer calories than you use

The most effective and guaranteed weight loss is to eat less than the calories burned by the body each day. This is easy to say, but when you do, you must exercise. This will help the body burn more fat.

  • Calculate your daily calorie intake with TDEE. Then, proceed to eat less than this calorie and increase your workouts each week. This will help you lose weight.
  • Set specific goals. Instead of setting a goal of losing 10kg, you can lose 0.5-1 kg/week.

5. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day

70% of your body is water. This proves that you cannot live without water. Water helps to moisturize and help to full. It is for this reason that you absolutely can accelerate that weight loss.

  • According to scientific research, every day, you should drink at least 2 liters of water. Depending on the time you adjust, if you exercise, drink more.
  • Before each meal, you can drink 1 glass of water for better metabolism, limit eating too much. Besides, drinking water will help clear our minds; the body burns energy better.

Method III: Exercise

Time to practice! Exercise will help the body accelerate metabolism, burn calories. This is a significant factor!

1. Start aerobics and cardio

Set realistic goals! Practice about 30 minutes/time and 3 times/week for the first days. This is a way for your body to get used to it because very little practice will be very frustrating before.

  • Choose to buy 1 smartwatch for runners. Then you will easily calculate how much you have traveled!
  • You can start with walking, jogging, cycling … These sports will help you burn more fat.

2. Try aerobics classes

This is one of the great ways to burn fat for you. Just choose a subject and start practicing. Aerobics is quite similar to cardio, and the goal is to help the body consume more energy.

  • Boxing
  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Choose any subject and keep practicing regularly!

3. Weightlifting

This is an excellent discipline to help you build muscle. When there is a muscle, the body will burn a lot better. You can start by applying a moderate exercise schedule of about 3 sessions/week.

Focus on focusing all muscle groups on the body and help the body develop the most balanced.

  • You can use Squat exercises to help your body develop the muscle groups from top to bottom.
  • Always practice the warm-up before starting. This helps the body heat up and limit injuries.
  • Should combine vegetarian and exercise with the machine. Both will have their own advantages to support muscle growth.
  • Always practice the muscle groups, big or small, to keep your body growing steadily. This helps the body to be in balance.
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4. Try playing sports

What if you like to play sports? You just play it because it burns fat. You can take advantage of subjects like football, volleyball, basketball

You just need to find some friends to practice with, and you will be able to play very well and burn fat. Besides, you can take advantage of more fat burning pills to better support fat burning. Note, when playing sports, you need to eat very carefully!

A handbook of tips for losing weight fast

1. Protein supplement

Protein supplement

As in the article on how to gain weight for thin people, protein (protein) plays a vital role in diet and diet or exercise goals.

This is an essential nutrient. A protein-rich diet will help you quickly accelerate your metabolism, helping you feel full faster.

In particular, when supplemented with protein, the body will still maintain muscle mass despite losing fat. Therefore, protein-rich foods that help build muscle are worth adding to your diet.

2. Eat eggs for breakfast

Eat eggs for breakfast

Eggs bring lots of protein sources and nutritional value to you. One study found that eating eggs in the morning will help you eat fewer calories for at least the next 36 hours.

In particular, thanks to its high protein content, low carbs, you can absolutely trust this is a great dish for you in the process of losing weight.

3. Drink black coffee

Drink black coffee

Coffee has lots of healthy antioxidants. In particular, caffeine in coffee helps to speed up metabolism and burn fat up to 10%.

However, you should remember not to overdo or add sugars, sweeteners to coffee.

4. Drink green tea

Like coffee, green tea also carries many great functions, helping to burn more body fat. Inside, green tea also has a small amount of caffeine, and antioxidants help burn fat.

5. Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains a high amount of saturated fat, which can boost metabolism, help reduce cravings every day.

However, this does not mean that you have to use coconut oil in your meals every day instead of animal fats.

6. Drink water properly

Drink water properly

Drinking water can support weight loss; this is the correct way to say. When you drink enough water for 1 day will help speed up metabolism, helping to burn more calories.

According to a study, 30 minutes before eating, you should drink about 1/2 liter of water, which will help you feel full longer and lose weight better.

7. Cut out sugar from meals

Currently, there are many dishes, fast food with high sugar content. According to research, using too much sugar will lead to the risk of obesity, cardiovascular.

So if you really want to get rid of fat, cut back on sugar. Ideally, choose foods with little or no sugar.

8. Reduce starchy foods

Reduce starchy foods

Foods containing refined carbs or fast-digesting carbs are often easy to raise blood sugar, leading to hunger, cravings.

Therefore, reduce them, replace them with slow-digesting carbs, fill them longer like brown rice, rye bread, oats, etc.

9. Eat a low carb diet

Eat a low carb diet

If you want to lose weight, maybe a low carb diet. According to research, a low carb diet will help you lose 2-3 times better than the normal diet.

If you are doing gym, bodybuilding, you can also apply this diet, but a little variation by reducing fast-digesting carbs and replacing them with slow digestion to have enough energy to work out.

10. Use raw foods instead of processed foods

Use raw foods instead of processed foods

If you want to lose weight successfully, healthier, leaner, and not accumulate too much fat, it is best for you to choose fresh, preservative-free foods.

11. Control the number of calories you consume

This is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, control your diet by calculating calories per week.

For example, before starting a diet + weight loss campaign, try recording what you eat over the course of a week and next week to check for progress.

If so, it's good if you don't need to increase or decrease your carbs.

12. Always prepare GOOD foods next to every hunger

In the process of cutting calories, you will definitely feel hungry. Therefore, take advantage of preparing fruits, yogurt, or a boiled egg to ensure you will be full without causing excess fat storage.

13. Stay away from soda, soda, alcoholic drinks

Sugar is something everyone likes, but you will stab yourself in that death if you abuse it. In particular, soft drinks will make you easily fall into obesity, weight gain bluff.

14. Spicy food

Spicy food

According to some studies, spicy foods will reduce your appetite. So spicy, how can you eat anymore? No need for science. However, this is only a temporary way.

15. Practice Aerobics or Cardio for better fat burning

In addition to diet, exercise plays a vital role. If you really want to lose weight, burn fat to get a more toned body, exercise Aerobics, or cardio.

It will help you quickly burn the fat that obscures your muscles.

16. Lift weights to tone your muscles

One of the most harmful side effects of dieting is that you are likely to lose muscle.

Therefore, try to lift weights to help the body not store excess fat, stimulate muscle growth, combined with protein to build muscle tissue.

Dvd Exercise Workouts

17. Eat more fiber

Eat more fiber

We talked about fats, starches, and proteins, now fiber.

For people who want to lose weight, fiber plays a vital role because it will help you fill up faster and longer so that it is not enough to eat more carbs.

18. Chew slowly

Chew slowly

One of the most agreed upon by scientists is that you chew slowly, which will help you reduce your overeating.

19. Get enough sleep

Many people often think that sleep doesn't matter much. However, while applying these quick weight loss tips, you need to have a scientific rest regime.

Getting enough sleep will help you stay healthy, have a better metabolism, and lose weight better.

20. Do not fast

Do not fast

Many people think that fasting is one of the great recipes for people who want to lose weight. However, this is absolutely not good.

The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight.

YouTube video

Instead, follow a healthy diet, reduce carbs, replace fats with good fats, increase protein …

So you have on hand how to lose weight effectively. Just apply and commit to losing your weight!

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