How to Lose Body Fat and Gain Muscle in a Month?

By: Aiden Johann
A toned physique is always something everyone is aiming for, but this is not easy. So is there a loose body fat and gain muscle in a month effective or not?

To gain muscle mass and lose fat is a long-term process that does not take months and even years, but we still have ways to optimize this process within a few months and achieve clear results.

The ways to lose fat and gain muscle within a month are not how we should use the long term but to get the best fat loss process and keep it long term because we exercise and eat and drink, practice daily.

However, sometimes in a month, we have events that need to show our body that the measurements of 1 round 2 round 3 are not oversized, and you want to own your favorite photos to make memories.

Losing fat, gaining muscle within a month is the right thing to do.

How to lose body fat and gain muscle in a month
How to lose body fat and gain muscle in a month

Can you achieve two important goals at the same time: burning fat and building muscle? We will help you understand how to reduce muscle fat properly!

First, to solve this story, you need to understand a few things. It is not easy to burn fat and gain muscle.

This requires a lot of time and effort because these two are like two opposite paths.

Therefore, you need to be persistent and scientifically apply what is listed below. Besides, the formula always revolves around eating + exercising + resting. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Analyze in detail how to increase muscle fat loss how effective

Before we begin, we will analyze every detail, so you need to read carefully, and if you see a link, you should see it to understand.

Part I: Optimize nutrition.

Optimize nutrition

If you ask what the most important point is, this is the decision. If you don't eat properly, you will fail. No matter how hard you try to train and eat wrong, everything is nothing!

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1. Increase protein

This is certainly a significant factor! You certainly heard a lot about protein supplements. Proteins are made up of amino acids – the components that make up muscles.

Without protein, muscles will not be able to grow. No matter what you drop, absolutely do not give up the protein!

  • Supplement 1-1.5gram of protein / 0.5kg of body weight. This will help the body get the necessary amount of protein every day. You should see the article should eat how much protein per day.
  • Diverse food groups are rich in protein. In it, you can focus on dishes such as soy, meat, fish, eggs, milk …
  • Your body burns its energy in order from carbs, fat, and protein. So when you eat a cup of oats before training, your body will burn oats. However, when you eat an egg for breakfast, your body burns the excess fat, not the egg. This will help you understand why you should eat protein to build muscle.

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2. Adjust the number of carbs

Adjust the number of carbs

Carbs are the cause of the body's ability to accumulate more calories, especially the abdomen. However, it is also a source of energy for the body to maintain.

Without it, the body will not work, the metabolism will decrease, and testosterone will be reduced. This will cause many problems for you.

Instead of cutting down on carbs, you should learn to turn it around in a scientific way. This will help the body get used to it. Your body will reduce the risk of losing too much energy. You can apply the following formula:

  • Eat fewer carbs for a few days, then spend 1-2 days to eat carbs moderately and 1 day to eat more carbs.
  • Eat fewer carbs for a few weeks, then a week of high carbs.

In fact, in our opinion, you do not need to follow the formula so rigid as above. Just keep in mind that the principle is that you need to lose fat so that you will reduce carbs.

This can be solved by eating carbs slowly. This type of starch will help you feel full longer. When you are full for sure, the ability to eat more carbs or calories is lower, and the energy is spread out. Fast carbs will fill you up but make you hungry quickly.

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We recommend switching to brown rice, sweet potatoes, vegetables, etc., to increase the number of slow carbs and fiber. All support for your fat loss process is better because of reducing calories.

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3. Only use good fats

good fats
good fats

Fat also plays a vital role. Without it, your body loses its immune system. Fat keeps you full, balances insulin, and helps provide a lot of energy.

Surely you would not want to give it up. However, this does not mean that every fat is good and that you need to eat it right but well.

We have prepared a good fat source article. You can check it out, but remember only to eat a little because more calories are left.

4. Up meal time

What you eat doesn't affect the calories you burn while exercising, but it will affect which calories you burn. Surely everyone wants to handle fat calories.

  • If you go to the gym in the morning, do it before you start eating breakfast. This will help the body burn excess calories to create energy.
  • If you go for an afternoon workout, eat a small meal with slow carbs and protein. This will help you have enough energy throughout the workout and limit fat storage and lack of energy.

5. Add caffeine before exercising

Surely you also know that pre-workout supplements have caffeine. Caffeine can be in coffee or tea because it will help you stay awake and burn more calories. Research has shown that caffeine helps burn fat more during exercise.

Coffee, according to research, helps stimulate the central nervous system, boosting metabolism. This will help the body increase the ability to burn fat. Note, do not drink too much because it is not good for health and causes insomnia.

If you are allergic to caffeine and want to burn fat, get Lipo 6 Stim . This is a fat burning product. It is extremely safe and does not cause insomnia!

6. Drink water

Water plays a vital role because it will help improve metabolism, eliminate toxins, and help skin more beautiful. This will help you lose fat.

Your muscles need rehydration to work better. Therefore, you cannot lack water. Pay attention to full water intake throughout the day.

The best way is always to prepare a bottle beside you to drink whenever you can. Especially during exercise, you need to drink. Avoid getting thirsty! When thirsty, your mind is difficult to focus and easy to drop weights!

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Part II: Optimize exercise

The next part is when we begin to stand up and go to practice. Simply because this will be the way for your body to burn fat and stimulate the muscle. Without exercise, your muscles are hard to build and develop.

1. Schedule a workout

Definitely, you want to make mealtime and workout time stick together. Therefore, always remember to create reciprocal relationships.

You will burn more calories if you eat enough food. So, before going to practice, always eat a small meal.

Before going to practice, you should pay attention to what you eat before and after exercise. This is essential to ensure you have energy and avoid losing muscle.

If you do not eat, you will certainly faint during exercise. Without energy, where to exercise?

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2. Weightlifting

You can't build muscle from Cardio workouts, but bodybuilding. Popular exercises like Bench Press, Squat …

Always keep the muscle groups from top to bottom, don't skip any muscle groups. This will be a way to help the body beautiful!

To help you work out effectively, you need to carefully read the article on how to divide weight training schedule. Only when you know what you practice, you have a goal. From there, you will try hard to complete.

3. Cardio practice

Cardio practice

In addition to weight training, you have to make sure you burn off the excess fat with cardio exercises. You can practice the exercises you like or jog, cycle.

These exercises will burn the fat you are trying to remove, thereby helping muscles appear more clearly. However, you need to consider exercising because too much exercise is easy to lose muscle during this period.

Therefore, follow the roadmap. Everything needs a calculation. It is best to stick to the exercise schedule.

4. Adjust your rest

Rest doesn't seem too important to do anything; however, if you know how to help it become better and ensure good body development.

So the best way is to find simple things you can do without putting too much pressure on your muscles.

You can take a walk in the park or go for a relaxing swim, mostly relaxing your muscles. This keeps the metabolism running.

5. Change exercise intensity

If you want to build more muscle, you need to increase your weight every day! This will keep your body stimulating to grow, but you have to make sure you're in control.

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Otherwise, weights will easily fall. Always stimulate yourself to overcome yourself; maybe today you sniffed 10, 3 days later, try 11.

Always warm-up before exercising and stretch after training. This will help the muscles get ready, avoid shock, and cause injuries.

Part III: Perseverance and determination

Every success will have a failure. If you can not overcome, you will forever fail. Always be patient and patient because what you are doing is extremely difficult. Use determination to achieve!

1. Determination

Everything is up to you. You cannot succeed without 100% energy. Write everything down to motivate.

Always follow what you need. Following the plan will make sure you make fewer mistakes. This will help you reduce your failure rate and know what you need to fix.

If you want to know how to increase muscle fat loss, you need to make sure you eat and train properly. This is not a matter of waking up.

This does not have to last for 2-3 months but more for 5-6 months. To achieve this, you need to be determined!

2. Write a specific workout schedule

As mentioned above, you need to have a specific schedule to ensure you stay on track and achieve it. This is important because you are often very busy and lazy.

Only when you look at the calendar, do you find yourself not lazy.

3. Schedule a diet

Returning to eating is very important. You need to make sure you always eat on time and quality. Always try to cook for yourself.

This is a safe and guaranteed way to keep you from being fat as fat. Also, try to diversify the food. You should not eat fish all day. Instead, why don't you eat chicken breast …

Combining 26 rules of eating and exercising to increase muscle fat loss

The following principles are summarized based on experience and research.

1. Eat lots of protein

Eat lots of protein
Eat lots of protein

Protein, also known as protein, is an essential nutrient for the development of the body.

Not only will it keep you full for longer, but it will also help you increase your protein content to build muscle and burn calories.

The reason is that when you eat protein, your body keeps burning calories to process it!

2. Load protein 4 hours/time

Regular protein supplementation is the best way to optimize protein synthesis. Regularly does not mean continuous non-stop.

You need to spread the protein. This means that every 4 hours, a load to ensure the body is always full of protein and muscles have enough energy.

3. Eat lots of green vegetables often

Green vegetables contain lots of nutrients but are low in calories. It helps the bodywork better. When you are in the stage of tightening muscles, every main meal must eat many vegetables.

Kale helps lower cholesterol, and spinach is rich in protein and nutrients. Besides, there are many. Always a variety of vegetables.

Every day you will change 1 time to make sure you are not bored, but the vegetables will make the meal more delicious!

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4. Have starchy foods fast after your workout

Low-glycemic starches like vegetables, fruits … will increase the calorie content. However, this is very low, and you do not need to be completely away from carbs.

Eat carbs with carbohydrates fast after the workout as it will help the recovery process faster. After training, your body is deficient in glucose and glycogen.

When you eat fast carbs, your body will help you accelerate the recovery of energy. You should eat fruits, white rice, vermicelli, pho …

5. Eat for quantity

Eating plenty of nutritious but low-calorie foods will make you feel full but not cause fat storage.

You should eat lots of cabbage, spinach … They contain very few calories but rich in fiber and nutrition, ensuring you never exceed the calorie threshold.

Besides, you can take advantage of extra egg whites as well. You don't need to worry. Just eat, and you'll find you're not gaining weight. But in return, you will gain muscle because there is more protein.

6. Drink lots of water

lack of water will make physical and mental strength decrease. Therefore, whenever you feel you are slightly thirsty, drink water immediately. It is best to keep drinking for sure!

7. Does not reduce fat much and fast

Eating fat doesn't make you fat, so don't try to lower your body fat. Excessive weight loss diets will have a detrimental effect.

Fat helps to fuel the body, turning vitamins into the bloodstream. You should focus on supplementing the good fatty acids only.

8. Cut down on junk food

The calorie content of milk tea, rice paper, etc., is extensive, equivalent to the main meal but without nutrients.

9. Plan a meal for the week

No matter what process you are in, eating and drinking are always important. Therefore, pay attention to eat science and not skip meals. Keep a record of what you eat. This helps you control the progression and adjustment. Writing down will help you easily calculate the calories.

10. Absorb protein

If you like fitness, you also understand why increasing muscle fat reduction cuts forces the body to have enough protein. Lack of protein will prevent muscle growth. This makes them the more you try, the more you fail!

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If you only focus on adding natural foods, it is not enough; you need to use Whey milk like Iso Zero milk. Weightlifters desperately need this pure protein!

11. Eliminate non-nutritious dishes

If you're in the process of losing fat and you keep seeing cakes in the fridge all day, how can you resist? Then the best way is to get rid of it and prepare the fruit!

12. Read the nutrition information

From this point on, make yourself a habit of reading nutrition ingredients. Don't just work too hard on ingredients like protein, carbs, fat, but read them all because other ingredients are also important.

13. Don't forget the BCAA

Don't forget the BCAA
Don't forget the BCAA

First, read carefully what the BCAA article is. BCAA will help muscle recovery. They inhibit the process of muscle breakdown after training and accelerate protein synthesis.

Drinking BCAA will help your body synthesize protein and burn fat better! To make sure you choose the one that's right for the price, we have prepared good BCAA types for the gym.

14. Use ZMA before going to bed

ZMA is a mixture of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 – used to drink before bed, helping to sleep well.

Getting enough sleep is extremely important if you want to achieve your goals. During sleep, your body will grow muscle and burn a lot of fat!

However, you should supplement for professionals, and for those who want to build beautiful muscles, it is not necessary because the amount of food is enough for you. Also, just focus on protein!

15. Drink green tea

Green tea is considered one of the excellent slimming food groups. It contains absolutely no calories but is rich in antioxidants.

16. Drink coffee before training

If you are not allergic to coffee, drink 1 cup of coffee before training. This will help you release energy.

Thanks to that, the spirit is increasingly alert. You will also feel less tired. This is the power of caffeine.

17. Add fish oil

Fish oil, in addition to helping fight aging, also helps the heartbeat. A slow heart rate means that you have to work harder to increase your heart rate. This will help burn more fat.

18. Use heavier weights

The easiest way to help muscles grow during a diet is by supporting each other's muscle groups.

To help maximize muscle growth, start your training session with heavy weights to allow for 4-6 workouts.

Work slowly to allow your muscles to absorb. This makes it more resistant to attack and becomes stubborn!

19. Prioritize compounding exercises

Compound exercises are exercises that use multiple muscle groups. They help you work out heavier weights, combine more muscle mass, and burn calories. Therefore, never ignore it!

When you're trying to cut down on excess fat, burning just a few calories will help you reach your goal. The simple way is to increase the activity:

  • Park your car farther away so you can walk more.
  • Instead of sitting, find your way around as much as possible.
  • Use the stairs …

21. Constantly increasing Cardio

Continuously increasing Cardio exercises in moderation will help the body burn more calories.

22. Limit breaks between sets

Instead of focusing on strength training. You should reduce the time between breaks to help keep the heart rate higher and burn more fat. This is the secret to helping you burn fat.

23. Find an expert

Whatever your goals are, there are many successful people. Therefore, you can learn them to save time. If not, you will be more likely to fail. So why not ask them for help.

24. Imagine success

To achieve the goal, you need to imagine what it will be like. What will your body look like? All of this will help you easily reach your goals.

25. Plan your diet before and after exercise

Here, we need to have a careful plan for the meal before and after the workout. For example, as before practice, we need to eat carbs slowly and protein.

After training, you must eat fast carbs and BCAA. This ensures the body is always getting enough energy and protein. That is the factor for muscle growth.

Besides, if supplemented enough, you will increase your ability to burn fat.

26. Addition of trace elements

When your calorie intake is low, your body will definitely be deficient in vitamins. This will make your body weak and unwell.

To deal with the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, you need to eat a lot of fruits.

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