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What does BellyFatZone here do to help you? Is there something for you in BellyFatZone? YESSS…

The purpose of BellyFatZone here is to help you have a wise thinking process about how the body works in general and help you better understand keeping your physical body in balance, including reducing belly fat.

What to do when you don't have much time or money to hire a trainer?


What happens if you do exercises wrong?

Everyone knows that gym exercises improve health and have a toned and slim body. However, exercising in the wrong way can cause health problems for yourself. Join Bellyfatzone … Read more

Working out abs: 70+ most effective abs exercises on planet earth

Working out abs: 70+ most effective abs exercises on planet earth Sports athletes – from baseball to soccer to hockey – rely on physical activities incorporating various movements … Read more

Headstand poses yoga: Benefits and the right way to exercise

The headstand pose yoga, also known as the upside-down pose, is one of my all-time favorites. This upside-down brings a lot of physical and mental benefits to the … Read more

Yoga slim waist: Exercises many people have done with results

The slim waistline and body lines are outstanding features of a woman's body. So how to maintain that beauty? Can yoga exercises help a tiny waist be practical? … Read more

30 day of yoga – Go beyond your limits to change

Below is a list of 30 days of yoga practice by an author, Adriene, made since 2015 with many people who love and exercise. You can watch the … Read more

Can you do yoga at home as a beginner?

If you are a longtime Yoga practitioner, you can completely practice at home. I was forced to understand the essence of Yoga exercises to be able to achieve … Read more

What Kind Of Exercise To Lose Belly Fat?

The kind of exercise to lose belly fat is a combination of exercises that help reduce overall body fat, including strength training exercises and cardio exercises; depending on … Read more

Does yoga help sexually? Yoga Poses To Increase Sexuality For Men And Women

If anyone does not know Yoga, they will not feel the strange and interesting things that this sport brings; if compared with the sports that enhance the body's … Read more

Yoga exercises for belly fat: These 20+ exercises can help – try them now

Not only is it a relaxing sport that doesn't make your heart beat too fast and increases the whole body's flexibility, but yoga can help you lose weight … Read more

Yoga for knee pain: Exercises to practice and avoid

Osteoarthritis is one of the common diseases in modern times because work factors such as an office or even a sedentary lifestyle can be the cause.   Statistics … Read more

Morning yoga beginner: This will transform your body from today

Morning is when the body can rest and is also the best and freshest time of the day; if you arrange a time to practice Yoga, this will … Read more

Yoga warm ups: Smooth start and high efficiency

Everything in our life needs a start and warm-up; the same goes for sports training. If you are new to Yoga, the first thing you can't ignore before … Read more

Difference between yoga and pilates: You can customize to suit yourself

These aren't athletic sports that require a rapid increase in heart rate; these are sports that are more about the mind-body connection than being more physically active.   … Read more

Breathing in yoga: Important things to note to be effective

You may be hearing somewhere or a document that if you control your breath, you can control your health. Yoga is one of the best ways to practice … Read more

Ashtanga yoga: What is ashtanga yoga? the basic poses of this type

Yoga is a great sport; it is different from all other disciplines by the unique variety and effectiveness it brings to the practitioner. In Yoga, there are many … Read more

The Ways Use Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat in 1 Week For Perfect Photos

How to practice yoga to reduce belly fat after one week? Use functional foods to help you lose weight, and lose belly fat faster than exercise and diet, … Read more

Yoga to increase height: Practice daily, and you will see the difference

Height is one of the critical factors in human health; many factors affect your size and genetics, but having a good diet and exercise is essential. Yoga is … Read more

Yoga for sleeping: Synthesized from reputable research can help you

Insomnia is one of the causes of a weakened immune system, which is an opportunity for bacteria or viruses to invade. According to the statistics of recent studies, … Read more

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