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Welcome to the website Belly Fat Zone Blog

We come to this life something beautiful.

Many people in this world are always looking for one thing: what do we come here for this life to do?

We come to this life to be happy. If talking about happiness, there is no clear and specific definition of it, but according to the statistics of thousands of years of history, mathematicians, scientists also give a general concept of happiness.

To be happy, we need four main things:

1- Health (including physical health and brain health)

2- Family

3- Jobs (career)

4- Relationships with society

And the order of importance is also arranged so close, and health is always the most critical factor, factor number 1.

The famous Apple creator, Steve Job, after giving his treatment time, he also gave people valuable advice to all of us: “The most expensive bed in the world is a sick bed”

He wants to remind us that protecting our health every day is necessary.

With about 1 billion people who are obese in general and those with big belly fat in particular, it's a problem affecting our happiness.

Belly fat is not only in fat people but also in skinny people, it sounds ridiculous, but everything is going on like that!

Since 2007, this blog owner has begun to set up and hopes the information here will help more people, but for many reasons, it has just continued to grow as more members become interested. And have professional knowledge about exercise, diet, sleep, and relaxation to increase overall health and reduce belly fat.

The BellyFatZone team was created to create a page dedicated to reducing belly fat to help people live healthier and happier lives!

Many people will find ways to make money quickly with the cost of providing false information.

That's why from the beginning this site has focused on making sure people are provided with the information they need to make research-based and supported decisions, with information originated as well as scientific research.

How is our writing process?

1 – Each member only writes articles related to his / her expertise after giving enough practical experience, as well as thoroughly understanding information on the internet, social networks Youtube, Twitter, Facebook … especially well-known question and-answer forums like Quora or Reddit and other small forums … all gathered and selected information included in the article.

Reputable websites:

2- The members read and review again, based on the experience and additional knowledge of people based on their understanding of that field.

3 – Manage post and share for everyone.

4- Wait for a reply from the reader and proceed to review the additional knowledge needed.

The team at BellyFatZone has expanded rapidly over the years, all so we can provide you, our readers, research-based health tips, higher quality!

Samuel Brownlee

Samuel Brownlee is both a manager and a person invited to a blog project about reducing this belly fat because he is a persistent person; there is no problematic abdominal exercise that he cannot pursue, and he has a six-pack belly. He is also a web designer and administrator.

Evie Langford

Evie Langford used to be an athlete at the age of 18, knowing how well it works for her health; with that foundation, she is now 15 years after she is a fitness trainer. Multiplication, and also writing about the exercises and related training machines.

Stephanie Hoffnung

Stephanie Hoffnung is a psychologist, and he has been studying hypnosis courses since he was 20 years old, now, he knows how to relieve stress and how to get excellent quality sleep, including items necessary.

Mary Brunker

Mary Brunker is a freelance writer. When she writes a list or tries out new recipes and the items she uses, she knows which one is good.

Aiden Johann

Aiden Johann had never before been interested in belly fat until his health deteriorated and after learning how to get around his waist, he joined us!

Our team of writers invites you to look around and learn about the site, we are sure you will like what you find!

With practical knowledge and research from reliable sources, we hope the blog will help many people!

Our understanding is just a drop of water and things out there is the whole ocean. Nobody can have enough knowledge, maybe today is the best but tomorrow everything is different. Not that we are discouraged, what we can do is learn, learn and do better today than yesterday!

The information on the website is not medical advice, these are the experiences from the fact that our team learns and we achieve the results we want to share again. Before any major activity directly affects your health, you should consult your doctor.

Thank you for visiting; please share if you can help someone in the world!

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