Why Am I Not Losing Weight When I Exercise and Diet?

By: Aiden Johann
Because obesity has become so common today, losing weight is always a necessary and urgent problem.

But not everyone is lucky enough and knowledgeable to be able to lose weight quickly.

So why not lose weight successfully? Find the cause in the sharing post below! Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

11 reasons why weight loss is not successful

1. Eat too much healthy food

You are advised to eat many almonds, cashews, or cereals when losing weight because it helps to fill you up and promote digestion.

However, that does not mean you can eat as much as you want. All foods need to be balanced according to certain diets, even healthy foods.

Why am i not losing weight when i exercise and diet?
Why am I not losing weight when I exercise and diet?

Eating too much of any food will make you lose weight unsuccessfully.

2. Not eating enough food, enough food

A simple recipe that everyone knows is to eat less, exercise more.

In an ideal environment, you can easily achieve weight loss. Our bodies are like an intelligent and sophisticated machine, so if we cut calories too much and too suddenly, it will have problems.

Not eating enough, not eating enough calories a day, is also the reason why weight loss is not successful.
Not eating enough, not eating enough calories a day, is also why weight loss is not successful.

Not eating enough will not lose weight but can be harmful to the body.

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3. Fasting

This is one of the wrong views of many people who want to lose weight. Fasting only helps you lose weight in an instant when eating again, and the weight will increase again and tend to increase more than before because you will eat more due to hunger.

4. Not eating enough fiber

When you need to lose weight, fiber-rich foods play a vital role, promoting digestion and helping burn fat.

Don't forget to include the amount of fiber you need for your weight loss.
Don't forget to include the amount of fiber you need for your weight loss.

Not eating enough fiber will make it difficult for you to lose weight, susceptible to gastrointestinal diseases such as constipation and digestive disorders because of high protein intake.

5. Improper tasting

Eating out regularly will make it easy to distract your diet and make it difficult to stick to the right calories.

Therefore, self-cooking is considered a way to limit the reasons why weight loss is not successful.

If you cook by yourself, you should limit the seasoning to lose weight successfully. Use measuring cups and spoons while cooking. Only use the right portion corresponding to the calories allowed.

6. Do not calculate the calories and sugar of drinks

Every food and drink you consume must be controlled. Many drinks contain calories equivalent to a bowl of pho or contain more sugar than the recommended amount for a day.

Another cause of unsuccessful weight loss is skipping the calories of the drink.
Another cause of unsuccessful weight loss is skipping the calories of the drink.

This is also one of the reasons why weight loss fails for many people.

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7. Using Cardio exercises excessively

If you want to burn many calories to lose weight, Cardio exercise is the fastest way to burn those calories.

But, one thing to keep in mind is that when you spend too much time on exercise will cause the body's energy metabolism to change suddenly; the body does not adapt in time, leading to a decrease in scale failure.

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Excessive Cardio training is also a common cause.
Excessive Cardio training is also a common cause.

8. Diet too harsh

This is also one of the easy things to understand why you don't lose weight successfully. Because a diet is so harsh that it will make you tired, it easily leads to exhaustion and impaired functions in the body.

As a beginner, you should convert unhealthy foods to fruits and vegetables and gradually reduce the calories you consume when you are familiar with the new diet.

9. eliminate fat from your diet

Fat is an essential nutrient for the body to create energy, help you stay warm, produce cells and hormones.

Fat is also good for the brain, heart, and vitamin absorption. Not all fats are bad.

If trans fat is removed from your diet, unsaturated fat is good for your health.

You can get unsaturated fats like salmon, green vegetables, nuts, avocados, etc.

Good fats that you should not eliminate on a diet.
Good fats that you should not eliminate on a diet.

10. Losing weight without planning

The reason why weight loss is not successful is also largely due to a scientific and specific plan.

Plan meals at home or in the cafeteria and adjust your calories for days before, during, and after the improved meals.

Without planning and discipline, it is difficult for you to refrain from eating at big and small parties, even if it's just pizza or fast food.

Determining your weight loss goals and having a detailed plan will help you eliminate those temptations.

11. Not getting enough sleep

Getting enough sleep helps your metabolism work more efficiently, so you won't have constant cravings, limiting your chances of accumulating excess fat.

If lack of sleep will make you fast hungry, craving for foods with more sugar and starch.

Not getting enough sleep is also the reason why weight loss is not successful.
Not getting enough sleep is also the reason why weight loss is not successful.

To eliminate the possibility of losing weight successfully, you should note the above reasons.

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Eating healthy & working out but STILL not losing weight Video?


Why is weight loss unsuccessful? Then it is your own. Adjust your specific weight loss plan from diet to workout right now to lose weight quickly.

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