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What yoga exercises should people with low blood pressure do?

If you can control your breathing, you can completely control your life; this is an old saying among people who practice yoga for good health.

Practicing yoga successfully and achieving results takes time. It would help if you practiced correctly; there are many valuable things that yoga practitioners inherit not only to have a supple body but also to support the circulatory system to the fullest wonderful.

Yoga is one of the exercises that help people with low blood pressure to stimulate blood circulation and improve health quickly. Join BellyFatZone about the best yoga poses for low blood pressure!

People with low blood pressure should focus on postures that stimulate blood circulation in the brain, and kidney function, especially the adrenal glands – where blood pressure is regulated.

However, you need to be aware that not all yoga poses are beneficial for people with low blood pressure. In other words, there are still yoga movements that should be avoided if you don’t want to harm your health.

Effect of yoga on low blood pressure

Blood pressure is understood as the pressure of the blood against the artery walls. Simply put, this is the circulation of blood in the body. Typically, blood pressure readings will be measured with a sphygmomanometer and measured in millimeters of mercury, referred to as mmHg.

If you have a reading of 90mmHg or less, you are likely to have low blood pressure.

When you have low blood pressure, you often have symptoms such as feeling light-headed or dizzy, severe headache or lightheadedness, fainting, decreased concentration, cold, moist or pale skin, blurred vision, fatigue, sadness, vomiting, tachycardia, rapid, shallow breathing, feeling of thirst…

Principles of exercise in the treatment of low blood pressure

Exercise plays a vital role in regulating blood pressure. However, here are a few principles you need to keep in mind when practicing:

  • Before training, you should not overeat but prepare a light meal.
  • Practice exercises that are suitable and fit for your body.
  • To ensure you don’t have any risks, you need to monitor your blood pressure before and after exercise.
  • Provide an adequate amount of water during exercise, avoid dehydration during exercise.
  • Increase the level of exercise gradually and slow down if you find the body has symptoms of weakness, fatigue, dizziness, unusual dizziness.

Yoga poses for people with low blood pressure

1. Take a deep breath, breathe slowly

Deep breathing slow breathing helps regulate the amount of air in the body and helps stabilize the heart rate, relieve stress, anxiety, and enhance circulation, effectively treating low blood pressure.

Breathe deeply, breathe slowly


  • Breathing exercises always play an essential role and are the exercises that attract a lot of attention from practitioners.
  • First, you need to prepare an open space for this exercise to provide plenty of oxygen and comfort, and relaxation when practicing.
  • Sit up straight on the exercise mat. Then, sit cross-legged and place your hands on your stomach moving up and down according to your breathing.
  • Try to take a deep breath and slowly exhale, rhythmically about ten beats / 1 minute.

Shoulder standing pose

Shoulder standing pose

Each exercise should last about 30 seconds. This simple movement will help improve blood circulation to the brain, stimulate the pituitary gland and thyroid gland, and support the treatment of low blood pressure.


  • First, you lie on your back on the exercise mat, then your arms and legs are stretched close to your body.
  • Then slowly lower your elbows to the mat and begin to lift your butt and legs so that your elbows support your lower body, forming a shoulder-stand pose.
  • Once you’re in the pose, slowly move your elbows closer together. Straighten your spine and legs toward the ceiling. Your body weight is on your shoulders and arms. Do not put your weight on your neck or head.
  • Try to hold the pose for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Then you gradually return to the starting position and lie down for a while on the exercise mat.

Downward-facing dog pose

Downward facing dog poses with gentle movements, improves blood circulation to the brain and fingers, helps to regulate blood and blood pressure, and strengthens the body.

Downward-facing dog pose


  • Kneel on the yoga mat with your knees hip-width apart. Hands shoulder-width apart, fingers spread wide.
  • Slowly put your palms on the mat, head down on the mat. Try to keep your arms steady because all the force will be on the palm of your hand.
  • Then lift your knees and lift your hips off the mat, doing this repeatedly to stretch your spine.
  • Focus on the breath, inhaling and exhaling slowly and slowly. If your legs are straight, you can lift your thighs more intensely when pressing your feet into the floor.
  • Lift yourself so that your shoulders are away from you, flattening your shoulder blades on your back. Rotate your arms toward the floor, keeping your hips firmly toward the center.
  • Continue to inhale and exhale evenly as you hold the pose. Try to keep the position from 1 to 3 minutes.

Camel pose

Camel pose in yoga is also a movement that helps blood circulation effectively, so it is a yoga pose for people with low blood pressure.

yoga for low blood pressure


  • Sit on your feet, hands on your thighs, then stand on your knees, hands next to your hips.
  • Make sure your knees are shoulder-width apart, insteps touching the floor
  • Inhale, lean back, the abdominal muscles are stretched
  • Gently grab your leg with your hand and keep it straight
  • Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds. Then repeat the carriage 3 to 5 times.


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