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What's Belly Fat ?

Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is considered the most harmful form of fat in your body. This type of fat has been linked with everything from insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes to an increased risk for certain cancers.

Triglycerides: This type of fat circulates in your bloodstream. It makes up about 95 percent of the fat within your body.
Subcutaneous fat: This fat is the layer that lies directly below the skin’s surface, between the skin and the abdominal wall.
Visceral fat: Otherwise known as the dangerous belly fat, visceral fat is the kind located deep within your belly.

So who has belly fat?

You may be surprised to find out that even if you’re relatively slim, you can still have a high percentage of body fat, particularly in your midsection.

 Also, if you’re overweight, you need to understand that belly fat truly is different from other fat that’s distributed to other areas of your body.

Does belly fat cause
health problems?

  • Reduce memory
  • Reduce the function of the lungs
  • Reduce bone resistance
  • Blood sugar, fat in the blood increase
  • Easy to get infected
  • Decreased physiological function

And belly fat is a direct or indirect cause of many other negative issues...

Now it's time to lose your belly fat !
There are four main issues you need to focus on to lose belly fat

Most of us know this but why did you try all year and the results have not changed.

It's not your fault, or you're not trying, but something else affects your plan to lose belly fat, which most people don't know.

That is the key for you to have a flat stomach and overall health.

 Here the blog will reveal to you that key.


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