Help you get in shape on your own without a coach!

What does BellyFatZone here do to help you? Is there something for you in BellyFatZone? YESSS…

The purpose of BellyFatZone here is to help you have a wise thinking process about how the body works in general and help you better understand keeping your physical body in balance, including reducing belly fat.

What to do when you don’t have much time or money to hire a trainer?

It would help if you had a goal and an action plan;

Body fat percentage
Body fat percentage

Example: Aim for a body fat <15% with an actionable plan.

How you plan in 7 steps:

  1. Set clear goals: Body fat less than 15%
  2. Please write it down on paper or somewhere you can see your goal every day.
  3. Determine the time you need to complete the goal (write in the same place where you can see it every day)
  4. Write down what you think needs to be done, make any list, find scientific documents, and adjust this list based on your positioning, time resources, costs for equipment, support components…
  5. Make a step-by-step plan 1-2-3… based on the steps listed above.
  6. Take drastic action every day according to plan and measure.
  7. Fierce Action + Optimization

Bellyfatzone wishes you success soon, live healthy, happy, study and work, and leave good things for everyone’s 4000-week life.

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