What is The Best Exercise Machine to Lose Belly Fat?

By: Samuel Brownlee

The best exercise machine to help you lose belly fat for you is the one that is suitable for your fitness and helps you burn the maximum amount of calories without making you feel tired because of overload.

Monitor your fitness regularly by changing the exercise machine or change the device's intensity, which is the most effective and safe way.

The best exercise machine to lose belly fat is the Cardio machine, Ab machine, and High-intensity exercise machine for fat reduction.

These machines are focused on reducing overall body fat and boosting your metabolism for maximum efficiency but still safe for health.

Exercising to lose belly fat is one of the most fundamental factors to help you safely reduce belly fat. However, exercising only with our limbs will be much less effective than training equipment's trained practice.

We can imagine this as a doctor with enough skill, but the doctor must-have equipment and medicine to treat the patient's illness.

Like a car mechanic who has knowledge of repairs but wants to repair a car, he also needs assistive devices and service tools to accomplish the vehicle's best replacement.

What is The Best Exercise Machine to Lose Belly Fat?
What is the Best Exercise Machine to Lose Belly Fat?

Before finding the best sports machine for reducing belly fat, we should repeat the best exercises to help reduce belly fat to the maximum effect.

Our body is a beautiful unity that helps us find ways to directly or indirectly reduce belly fat. You can reduce belly fat right away during sleep or even while eating exercise so that we can talk more about this.

Perhaps you should read what kind of exercise to lose belly fat before continuing.

What're exercise to lose belly fat:

1- How to reduce belly fat by directly affecting the abdomen:

These are divided into two levels:

  • If you do moderate effects on the stomach in a fair way, not fast enough, not enough in quantity, you don't help reduce belly fat. This only helps your abdominal muscles become more flexible and slightly stronger.
  • If you practice a direct impact on the abdomen with enough intensity and plenty of quantity, you can ultimately help yourself lose belly fat quickly. This also significantly affects when you sleep, muscle tissue is produced, and your body uses fat tissue to burn energy.

2- How to reduce belly fat by indirect impact:

  • These are cardiovascular exercises, which help heat the amount of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat throughout the body, which indirectly dissolves your abdominal visceral fat.
  • The second type of exercise that indirectly affects the abdominal fat area is exercises that require muscle groups to suffer from stretching. These exercises' mechanism is somewhat similar to the direct abdominal workout, which is the amount of body fat you will burn on most parts of the body, especially when you sleep. The muscle tissue will grow big up. Fat tissue is burned to create energy.

So we repeated the types of exercises to help reduce belly fat; this is just the knowledge of the mechanic needed, now that we are looking for the kind of machinery and equipment to create these exercises:

The best exercise machine to lose belly fat is:

Cardio machine – You should have it:

Increased calorie-burning physical activity, such as jogging on a treadmill or pedaling an elliptical, will help quick belly fat loss.

Cardio machine - You should have it

Some of the first fat you lose when your exercise is dangerous visceral fat, but subcutaneous fat will reduce too, with time.

Aim for 30 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity work on a cardio machine of your choice most days to help start the process of losing fat, including in your belly.

Cardio machines also facilitate high-intensity interval training, which is especially beneficial to fat loss, especially visceral fat.

HIIT involves alternating very challenging bursts of exercise with more moderate activity. For example, you could warm up for five minutes on an elliptical machine at a low level.

Then alternate 60 seconds of the highest level you can sustain with 60 seconds at the low level. Do ten total repetitions and cool down for an effective fat-burning workout.

Vary the machine you use every few weeks to keep your body challenged and your workouts enjoyable.

Examples of powerful machines:

Ab machine – Can consider:

Typical abdominal devices don't provide the intensity necessary to challenge your body to burn your fat stores.

The tools are designed to help you create stronger ab muscles and reduce fat from the belly area.

Ab machine - Can consider

These machines usually come with workout recommendations that include cardio and total-body strength training and a nutrition guide.

These measures are what help you lose belly fat, not the ab machine.

Instead of investing in an ab-specific machine, which may be no more effective than the traditional crunch, according to 2014 research published by the American Council on Exercise, spend your dollars on a health club membership or a home gym.

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Researchers concluded that these machines aren't worth your time — you can get the same abdominal results by doing crunches and planks at home for free.

High-intensity exercise machine for fat reduction:

Regularly training all the major muscles with resistance machines stimulates fat-burning hormones and helps you develop a higher proportion of lean tissue.

High-intensity exercise machine for fat reduction

Lean tissue burns more calories at rest and contributes to a stronger burning metabolism — meaning it's easier to lose weight in your middle and elsewhere.

It may seem counterintuitive as these machines don't directly target your trouble area, but getting rid of belly fat requires effort from your whole body. The primary resistance machines to hit are:

  • Lat pulldown
  • Chest press
  • Leg press
  • Shoulder press
  • Biceps curl
  • Triceps extension
  • Leg curl

Effect on reducing belly fat of some types of exercise machines:

1. Rowing Machine – The Total-Body Builder:

Rowing machines have become gym-floor mainstays and are excellent tools for raising your heart rate and strengthening your legs, arms, and core—all while sitting down!

Not that it’s a walk (er, row?) in the park.

Rowing Machine

(Open new tab)–> Best Rowing Machines Under 500

“Because the entire body is working at once, energy expenditure is very high,” Jeff Halevy, CEO of Halevy Life in NYC, previously told SELF.“They challenge the user to be powerful and efficient,” adds Crunch master trainer Ariel Iasevoli.

They work using wind or water resistance, so the more effort you put in, the harder it becomes (she recommends setting it at a level five to start).

The key to the cardio and strength benefits, though, is making sure you’re using the machine the way it’s designed to be used.

“Yes, you can hop on one and use it incorrectly and still get an OK workout, but learning the proper timing and technique will provide an even greater workout,” explains Iasevoli.

Start seated near the machine's front with your legs bent and holding the handles in your hands and with a slight lean forward.

Push back powerfully with your legs, then follow with your arms by bringing the bar to your ribs and leaning back slightly.

Pause here for a moment. Straighten your arms back out, then bend your knees to bring your body back to the starting position (repeat: legs, arms, arms, legs).

It’s all about control and power—if you’re speeding through, you probably aren’t using proper form. “A great rower looks like there are going ‘slow.’

Every stroke is powerful, so they don't need to rush,” says Iasevoli. This will help prevent you from getting exhausted too quickly.

Burn rate: 11 calories per minute

The benefit: “Rowing machines provide the best total-body workout of any cardio machine,” says U.S. Olympic rowing coach Mike Teti.

This is because they require equal effort from both your lower and upper body, leading to more significant overall cardiovascular fitness gains.

Do it right: On the backstroke, your knees should be almost entirely straight before you squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull the handle to your sternum.

Your back should stay in its naturally arched position during the entire movement.

The 20-minute fat-burner: Try Teti's routine. It's designed to max out your muscles during each interval, while the recovery periods help increase this fat-burning exercise routine's efficiency.

Set the rowing machine at a resistance of four.

Then perform sets of 10, 15, and 20 power strokes—pulling the handle to your torso as fast and as hard as you can.

Separate the power strokes with 60 seconds of easy rowing at about 50 percent of your full effort. Repeat the cycle until you've rowed for 20 minutes.

2. Stair Climber – The Health Master

Using these machines (often known as StepMills or StairMasters) is like climbing a set of stairs that just never ends. It’s not pleasant, but it’s effective.

Stair Climber

“I like the stair climber because the user is standing the entire time, is time-efficient, and it forces the user to keep moving the entire time,” says Iasevoli. It’s cardio on cardio on cardio.

But you’re also strengthening your lower body, too. After a few flights, you’re going to feel the burn in your quads, butt, and hamstrings.

“Climbing stairs puts all of your body weight on a single leg at a time in a lunge pattern,” Halevy explains. “The large muscle groups of the legs are being worked, so energy expenditure is very high.”

In addition to expending a ton of energy while you’re on the machine, having strong leg muscles is particularly great for increasing your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Because these lower-body muscles are so big, they’re some of the most metabolically active tissues in your body (muscle mass requires more energy to maintain, so you burn more calories at rest).

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And when you’re climbing with proper posture, your core is working to keep you upright and balanced, too.

To get started, Iasevoli suggests doing minute-on, minute-off intervals for 10 to 20 minutes, alternating between a faster and a slower speed. (Make sure your entire foot hits the stair with each step.)

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The cardinal rule of stair climbing, according to Iasevoli and Halevy?

No holding onto the arm rails for support. You can lightly rest your fingertips for balance, but for tax benefits, don’t put weight into them.

Burn rate: 12 calories per minute

The benefit: Yale researchers found that men with insulin resistance—a risk factor for diabetes and heart disease—who exercised on a stairclimber for 15 minutes 4 days a week improved their insulin sensitivity by 43 percent in just six weeks.

Do it right: The obvious: “Leaning on the handles can cut your caloric expenditure by 20 percent or more,” warns Mike Merk, C.S.C.S., director of the YMCA of Greater Cleveland.

So, for a better calorie burn, pump your arms as if you were walking or running briskly. Or you can turn around.

A study in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation found that the retrograde version—facing away from the console—burned more calories than the traditional method.

The 20-minute fat-burner: Try this “escalating intensity” workout from Edmund Burke, Ph.D., author of The Complete Home Fitness Handbook.

After you warm up, increase the resistance level by one unit while maintaining a pace of 60 to 80 steps per minute for 2 minutes.

Then increase the resistance by one unit every 2 minutes until you reach your 20-minute goal.

You'll gradually work harder as your workout progresses, so you'll be maxed out at the end of the session—which trains your body to finish hard.

3. Treadmill – The Energy Guzzler

Like the stair climber, “I like the treadmill because it forces the user to keep moving throughout the workout,” says Iasevoli.

Two efficient ways to use it for heart-pumping cardio are high-intensity intervals and walking with the incline set high.


(open new tab)—> Best Treadmills Under $500

Treadmills are simple ways to incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT), an effective and efficient way to train.

Because you’re “revving” your heart rate multiple times during a HIIT session, your body uses more energy to return to a resting state after the workout is over, burning more calories in the process.

This is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), or the “afterburn effect.”

There’s no need to drive your heart rate through the roof during every workout session, though.

It’s efficient for burning fat, but it puts a lot of stress on your body, so you don’t want to do it every day. Treadmills have an answer for that.

3 new from $349.00
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Last updated on 06/19/2024 5:32 pm

Walking at a significant incline is an excellent way to burn fat without putting as much pressure on your joints.

The afterburn effect isn’t as high, but because you’re keeping your heart rate in a moderate zone, you’ll still burn more calories from fat than from carbohydrates, explains Iasevoli.

Iasevoli recommends, “Walk at a moderate speed and increase the incline every couple of minutes until you get to about 8.

Stay at 8 for 5 to 10 minutes and work yourself back down. You may also do an entire workout at 5 to 7 grade, increasing and decreasing the speed (slow walk to speed walk) every other minute.”

Here’s a low-impact, beginner-friendly walking interval workout you can follow along with.

Burn rate: 17 calories per minute benefit: A 2001 study in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise determined that the treadmill burns calories at the highest standard of any exercise machine.

Do it right: If you want to mimic road running, raise the treadmill's incline to 1 percent before starting your run.

Researchers in England found that that's the degree of treadmill elevation that most closely approximates outdoor running.

The 20-minute fat-burner: Try this “up the incline” interval method from Liz Neporent, co-author of Fitness for Dummies.

It'll build your leg strength and prepare you for the toughest road courses around while helping you shed fat fast.

Pick a speed that's about 2 minutes per mile slower than your average outdoor pace. Run at that speed for 2 minutes at an incline of 1 percent.

Then raise the slope to 4 percent for another 2 minutes. Continue to increase the treadmill's elevation by 2 percent every 2 minutes until you reach a 10 percent grade.

Then step it back down 1 percent at a time—in 2-minute intervals—until you complete your 20 minutes.

4. Fan Bike – The Mood Lifter

One of the most challenging cardio machines is the fan bike (also referred to as the Assault Air or Airdyne bike).

It looks similar to a stationary bike, but it has a massive fan as a front wheel and two handlebars higher than the seat.

Fan Bike
Fan Bike

(open new tab)–> Best Exercise Bikes For the Home

Unlike a stationary bike, though, this equipment requires you to move your arms as well as your legs to peddle, and since you’re expending more energy to get it done, you’re burning more calories.

Like rowing machines, the bikes use wind resistance to create work. “Wind resistance is exponential, so the harder you pedal, the more challenging the workout,” adds Iasevoli.

Because this machine is so intense, Iasevoli recommends starting with 10 seconds of all-out work followed by 50 seconds of rest and repeating that for a total of 10 minutes. As you get more advanced, you can decrease your ratio of work to rest.

Ultimately, the machine you choose is up to personal preference. No matter what your goal is, the most powerful and efficient tools are the ones you can be consistent with.

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So if you consider the treadmill the treadmill, no sweat—try the rowing machine. And if you enjoy the elliptical, that’s cool, too. It’s all about making sure the intensity is there and putting in the work.

Burn rate: 14 calories per minute

The benefit: Researchers at the University of Northern Arizona found that cycling on a stationary bike for as little as 10 minutes reduced fatigue and negative moods while improving energy levels.

The stationary bike is also the perfect vehicle to prevent chunky guys from hurting themselves as they lose the chunks.

That's because cycling is not a load-bearing exercise, says Kate Heelan, Ph.D., an exercise researcher at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Do it right: Many cyclists develop lower-back pain because of their semi-fetal posture. “Stand up every 5 minutes and pedal as if you were climbing a hill for 60 seconds,” says Robert Morea, C.S.C.S., a trainer in New York City.

“It'll take the pressure off your lower back, force you to use different muscles, and break up the monotony of your workout.”

The 20-minute fat-burner: Try this workout from Carmichael. It varies your sprints to challenge your cardiovascular system and muscles in different ways.

Following your warmup, start cycling at an intensity that's about 95 percent of your full effort for 90 seconds, followed by a 90-second recovery interval at about 40 percent of your whole energy.

Then, using the same intensities, perform 60-second and 30-second intervals. After the final 30-second recovery period, cycle at 70 percent of your full power for 4 minutes, then repeat the entire set of intervals.

5. Elliptical Trainer – The Knee Saver

Elliptical Trainer
Elliptical Trainer

(Open new tab)–> Best Ellipticals Under $500

Burn rate: 13 calories per minute

The benefit: Researchers at the University of Mississippi found that elliptical trainers provide the same cardiovascular benefits as treadmill running without impacting your joints.

So they're a perfect solution if you're a runner who wants to stay in race shape without the excessive pounding to your ankles, knees, and hips.

Do it right: “Instead of holding on to handles, pump your arms as if you were running,” says Kerri O'Brien, C.S.C.S., a trainer in Phoenix. It improves your balance, which will help you whether you're running 2.6 miles or 26.2.

The 20-minute fat-burner: Try this “alternating interval” fat-burning exercise workout from Lance Watson, a coach of Canada's Olympic triathlon team.

By alternating between high resistance levels and those of high speed, you'll be able to work at a higher relative intensity for a longer time.

Warm-up, then increase the machine's resistance level until you're striding at 80 percent of your full effort.

After 2 minutes, lower the resistance to the level you used during your warmup, but increase your stride rate so that you're still exercising at 80 percent of your full effort.

Continue alternating between high resistance and a fast stride every 2 minutes for a total of 20 minutes.

Wish you exercise hard:

I hope you will find the right kind of machine for you and your family. The great thing is that when you own exercise machines, you have more reasons to convince yourself to practice every day.

Because sometimes we don't have exercise machines that make us lazy.

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day to stay healthy!

If you already have a proper diet and exercise regimen and get results, keep going; time is the key.

What do we learn to be successful?

The important thing that we need to keep in mind here to achieve the ultimate goal of losing belly fat is that we have to practice.

Even if you have all of the machinery and equipment outlined in this article, your results will not be expected if you do not keep up with regular daily exercise.

When looking for a coach, this is exactly why everyone is looking to buy machines to practice but still fails.

The only thing we need to keep in mind is that after knowing the exercises after we own the machines, we will practice patiently for a minimum of 3 months; you will see the results are clear on your body.

And to keep those motivations, you can consult many motivational videos or use stimuli to help you take action and practice every day.

You are the most important factor in losing fat in your body, all of the machines or coaches here are just for help to speed up the process and maintain a regular schedule.

No one can lose belly fat and stay healthy by sitting still.

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