Fasting to Lose Weight Really Safe? The True?

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In life and at work, appearance is always an important issue not only for men but especially for women.

The weight issue is not just an obsession with overweight people or people going to an important life event like weddings or summer vacations with a bikini on the beach, and we certainly do not want to take pictures with overweight body souvenir pictures.

That is the reason that we find ways to lose weight quickly or quickly lose weight in a short time by fasting for just a few days that we want our body to be slim.

So can this happen or not? And what if we make rapid weight loss by fasting? How it affects our health?

Fasting to lose weight really safe? The True?
Fasting to lose weight really safe? The True?

In this article, we invite you to learn about fasting for weight loss really the right thing to do, or if fasting to lose weight, how should we take it to ensure overall health and safety and achieve a good weight loss effect.

Have you ever heard of fast weight loss fasting for 3 days, 1 week…?

This can be considered as one of the ‘unique' secrets that many women trust and spread.

  • However, is it a good way to lose weight by fasting?
  • Does it effectively reduce excess fat and not cause any negative side effects for health?

Before we dive into each one, you need to understand what fasting is for weight loss?

Fasting to lose weight is fasting, not eating for a certain period of time to help the body not load energy (calories), causing weight loss quickly. The timing of the application depends on the method you choose.

Reading here, many women will think immediately reducing calories is right. However, is everything as simple as that?

If you starve for too long too harshly, how will the body withstand it? Many people will certainly respond to seeing many Korean and foreign models and actors also apply weight loss by fasting.

Readers also find that many people eat only 1-2 tablespoons of rice a day; fruit… This helps them quickly regain their shape, but what about the long-term consequences?

Nobody wants that because our bodies need constant energy to live, not force them to stop energizing.

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Why fasting to lose weight fast is the joke of the advertisement?

Fasting is indeed one way to help you quickly lose weight magically. However, if you apply it too long, miserable, it will definitely cause negative effects on your health.

A lot of people fasted to lose belly fat and lose fat but eventually gained weight quickly.

Instead, why not choose a safer method to combat the risk of muscle loss and support fat loss?

1. Don't lose weight, lose fat

Don't lose weight, lose fat

Now that many of you also understand this issue, you should change the way of thinking. If you want to have a toned, slim body, you need to eliminate the thought that you have to lose weight immediately.

Suppose 2 people have the same weight of 55kg, but the different body shape is very normal because maybe 1 person has less fat a lot, and 1 person has more fat less muscle.

A beautiful, strong body must be a toned figure, relatively fat, slim waist, round 3, and 1 round, not having thin legs, arms, no meat (muscle) because fasting too much to lose both fat and muscle.

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2. Fasting to lose fat is the wrong method

Fasting to lose fat is the wrong method

This is almost 100% true because no matter how much weight you lose by fasting for breakfast/lunch/dinner or skipping meals, it is DRESSING (i.e., reducing your body's water content somewhat. ).

After drinking enough water, your weight will quickly increase pinch up again. Not to mention, can you fasten all day long?

Why torture yourself? Because there are countless methods out there to help you eat a healthy diet, but you can still lose fat to get in good shapes, such as Eat Clean.

Methods like Eat Clean or Low Carbs will lead to better, healthier weight loss as long as you stick to it.

3. Weight loss is a long process; it takes persistence, effort, and time

Weight loss is a long process, it takes persistence, effort and time

Many people, especially women, are pressured by their physique, so they often take care of losing weight fast and losing belly fat fast …

Even asking if fasting helps with weight loss. However, do you know that fat comes quickly, but walking is prolonged as you eat very quickly, but asking if you eat less, are you happy? Never think 1-2 months is your body will slim down.

A scientific fat loss process is only possible when you persist for at least 3-4 months.

However, although I say so, as long as you have the right diet, 1 month of exercise will see immediate effects. This will be shared at the end of the post.

If you want to have a toned body with abs, it will take more time, depending on the location, to apply the right diet and exercise.

Also, do not be obsessed with weight all day but take the scale and measure it. Just practice walking and eating healthy will lose fat very quickly after just a few months.

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4. Fasting slows the rate of fat burning muscle building

Fasting slows the rate of fat burning muscle building

This is probably not known by many people because our bodies always need energy to function. Fasting causes the body to fall into a state of lack of energy, making it easier to burn fat and muscles to sustain life.

So how much effort is considered to go through weight training? Besides, fasting also slows down your metabolism, causing fat burning for energy to decrease.

This automatically makes you find yourself losing weight too slowly, which even turns out to be bone inert.

5 facts no one has told you about fasting for successful weight loss

Let's take a look at the prevailing fat-loss fasting method, intermittent fasting.

Fasting for 24 consecutive hours is a fast fat burning diet method with a 2-step cycle: eating and fasting.

During the 24-hour fasting step, you can drink plain water or calorie-free juices to alleviate hunger.

Once the 24 hours have passed, you can eat and normally drink until the next fast.

Many people worldwide use this method because it helps to get in shape quickly; they even say that it enhances the heart and digestive system's health.

This method is relatively safe. Weight loss by fasting for 1-2 weeks can help you get in shape immediately. However, it would help if you read the risks it poses.

1. The effect of fasting on the body

You need to eat well for 24 hours before your body begins to realize it is starving.

During the first 8 hours of the fast, your stomach will continue to digest some of the food you ate the day before (although in theory, you actually slept for 8 hours. , considered as fully digested, nothing else).

Thanks to this, your body is considered to have stored 1 amount of glucose to create energy to maintain activities for 1 day.

During the next hours of the fast, your body will begin to burn excess fat for energy.

However, it would help if you remembered, avoid starving for more than a day because fasting for too long will cause the body to burn muscles for energy (in fact, it still burns fat and muscles).

Reading now, can I conclude somewhat to the question of fasting and losing weight in 1 day is good? Too good for burning fat and muscle!

2. Benefits of fasting to lose fat

Benefits of fasting to lose fat

  • Lose weight quickly

The application of weight loss by fasting for 1-2 days/week will help reduce caloric intake, burn more fat. Many people believe that this approach is easier to implement than limiting calories in the diet every day.

  • Control cholesterol and blood sugar
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It is said by the performers to help destroy cholesterol and blood sugar. As a result, it will reduce diseases such as diabetes or heart disease.

  • Reduces arterial rupture

Fasting for 24 hours will help reduce trimethylamine N-Oxide levels. Many studies prove that it is related to atherosclerosis.

3. The potential risks of fasting

The potential risks of fasting

Fasting for 1 day can lead to many dangers to health. Therefore, to be safe, you should consult your doctor first if you do not want to get sick in the future.

Especially if you are sick or in poor health, fasting is the poison.

You should not apply this method if you fall into one of the following objects:

  • People under 18 years old
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Just finished surgery
  • Eating disorder

4. Provide water during the fasting process

Provide water during the fasting process

You need to pay attention to that during the 24 hours of a fast; you need to drink as much water as possible.

Drinking lots of water at this time will help support the digestive system, reduce hunger, regulate body temperature, nourish tissues, joints …

5. Fasting properly to ensure the health

Fasting properly to ensure the health

You can start the 24-hour fast any time you want. Just remember to eat well to get ready before you enter the fast.

Enjoy nutritious meals with a variety of fruits and vegetables. This will help you partially overcome hunger. Some foods you should eat before you go on a fast,

  • Dark green fruits and vegetables
  • Low-fat dairy dishes
  • Natural foods rich in protein
  • Carbohydrate foods are slow.

Also, foods high in fiber should be eaten with every meal. Fiber will keep you full for longer.

The amount of water in fruits and vegetables will help the body stay hydrated and nutritious. You should drink water instead of soft drinks to avoid increasing calories. Not drinking coffee or stimulants will dehydrate you.

After 24 hours of the fast day, you should be able to resume eating and drinking. Avoid eating too full for every meal!

Intermittent Fasting From Doctor Video:

However, after reading it, it is strongly advised that you don't receive EATING FOR FAST LOSS unless it's too urgent.

Instead, you should pay more attention to your health. Choose another method to lose muscle mass. We want to aim for you to get a toned body by reducing fat gain muscle.

Just read and apply these articles! Do not fast, weight loss science.

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