Lose weight juice: Types of losing weight juice you should try today

By: Stephanie Hoffnung

Nowadays, many people must not help but have a headache because of their weight and health. And the older we get, the harder it gets to lose weight.

We find many ways to lose weight, even unscientific and harmful to health. The following article Bellyfatzone will suggest healthy lose weight juice that is still highly effective.

Top kinds of easy-to-make weight loss juice keep skin beautiful, tomato juice, cucumber, bitter melon, carrot, watermelon, apple, guava, squash, grape, strawberry, orange, pineapple, wild tamarind, Pomegranate, Cabbage, Gourd Juice, Barley Grass Juice, Red Beet, Aloe Vera, Kale Juice, Spinach, Bell Pepper, Amla Juice, Cherry Juice, Kiwi, Venom Juice

4 notes when drinking water to lose weight, absolutely do not drink juice when you are sick, do not use the juice to take medicine, should squeeze juice with a juicer or squeeze by hand; morning is the golden time to drink juice.

Types of losing weight juice you should try today
Types of losing weight juice you should try today

What is juice?

Fruit juicing is the process of extracting juices from fruits and vegetables while removing the remaining layer of fiber. Fruit juices contain a number of nutrients and antioxidants but are generally devoid of fiber, except for some varieties that are pureed rather than pressed. Some people use juicing as a way to detox the body.

However, no scientific evidence exists that replacing regular drinks with fruit juice will help detoxify the body. Juicing is a popular health practice that helps with weight loss while also providing a number of other health benefits.

You can combine the right foods and vegetables to create a delicious juice mix with more nutrients. When processing, you can add spices, honey, and lemon juice to add more flavor to the finished product.

Lose weight juice – The list of easy-to-make and weight-loss juices to help the best skin

Here is a list of fruit juices that help you lose weight, keep fit, and have beautiful skin that you should not ignore.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranates are rich in antioxidant polyphenols and vitamin C. One pomegranate contains up to 28 milligrams of vitamin C or more than 30% of an adult's daily vitamin C requirement. Pomegranate juice not only boosts the immune system but also helps with weight loss.

Studies in rats show that pomegranate juice helps limit weight gain in rats fed a high-fat diet. Pomegranate juice can help relieve pain and improve recovery.

It also reduces oxidative damage caused by exercise. Therefore, pomegranate juice is considered a potential food to enhance the ability of athletes in sports competitions.

Grapefruit juice for weight loss

Grapefruit juice for weight loss
Grapefruit juice for weight loss

Most weight loss juices have a very effective sour taste when used extremely high. The reason why vitamin C, minerals, stimulates metabolic activity, balances blood sugar, consumes large amounts of fat, and does not accumulate under the skin. Fresh weight loss grapefruit juice has a significant effect on controlling insulin levels, limiting the amount of fat stored in the body.

The ingredients in grapefruit contain many nutrients such as protein, fiber, vitamins, and carbohydrates, along with microelements such as calcium, potassium, iron, etc. This helps to control blood sugar significantly and prevent the syndrome. Pre-diabetes causes fat accumulation around the waist Grapefruit juice has also been tested, and many people recognize the weight loss effect it brings.

The only downside of this juice is the bitter taste of grapefruit peel, which people who are not used to drinking will find a bit difficult to drink. However, to overcome this, before pressing, you should completely clean the grapefruit part without leaving any white residue. Absolutely do not add sugar to the juice because it will affect the weight loss effect of grapefruit.

Lemon juice

Similar to grapefruit, lemon is also a sour fruit. Extracting lemon into the water can not only enhance the taste but also help burn stubborn fat. The biggest advantage of this juice is that it is cheap, easy to buy, and made without a press.

Furthermore, the antioxidant properties found in lemons not only help promote weight loss but also prevent the damaging effects of free radicals, improve heart health, and prevent the development of certain types of cancer. . Because the concentration of acid in lemon is too high when taken in the wrong way, it will adversely affect the stomach.

Before drinking, it should be diluted with warm water and a little honey to reduce the sour taste. For the best results, you can also drink  lemon water according to the schedule to lose weight

Apple juice

Apples are a common fruit in the diet because they are rich in vitamins and low in calories. The ingredients in the apple contain no fat, only vitamins, and some minerals. One medium apple has 95 calories, no potassium or fat, and 4.4 grams of fiber. Two types of fiber are found in an apple, soluble and insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber dissolves into water in the stomach. Therefore, drinking apple juice creates a feeling of fullness without gaining weight. Insoluble fiber is not digested in the stomach but helps promote good intestinal health for the digestive system, maximizes fat burning, and prevents excess fat from accumulating through abundant fiber.

Daily apple consumption has been consistently associated with a reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma, type 2 diabetes, and increased lung function.

Orange juice

Belonging to citrus fruits, oranges are low in calories but rich in fiber and vitamin C. Consuming orange juice can create 4 times the feeling of fullness when digesting a croissant. Between whole oranges and orange juice, although quite similar in nutrition, the fiber content in orange juice is often less, even double the carbs and calories (mainly fruit sugar).

Overall, whole oranges and orange juice are both excellent sources of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system, and helps provide the body with large amounts of folate, flavonoids, and several other beneficial plant compounds items.

However, just like lemon, orange is a fruit with a high acid content; the abuse of this drink will also lead to stomach cramps. You should not mix orange juice with milk or sugar when drinking but only add honey. Drink no more than one drink per day. Do not drink on an empty stomach but should only drink after meals.

Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice for weight loss has been successfully verified by many people. If you drink watermelon juice before a meal, it will help it stay longer, reduce cravings, and limit energy intake. From there, excess body fat is burned to serve the organs in the body.

Watermelon juice contains high levels of vitamin C. This is an antioxidant that helps strengthen the immune system function and prevents the formation of cancer cells. Watermelon contains a lot of potassium, one of the substances that help regulate blood pressure. Besides, potassium also has the effect of toning muscles, so it is suitable to include in the diet of people who are exercising.

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Tomato juice

Tomatoes are one of the foods that provide a lot of vitamins A, B, C, and K, and many other minerals, helping to keep the skin smooth and ruddy. To be able to lose weight with tomatoes there are many different ways, but the most common and easy to do is to use tomato juice.

Normally, to bring good and safe results, you should choose to buy tomatoes in a reputable place, without using preservatives… and keep them in the refrigerator or freezer for storage. Drinking 1-2 cups per day on average with breakfast and snacks will help you lose 2-3kg per month.

Cherry juice

Cherries contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are good for health, are effective antioxidants and quickly reduce blood cholesterol. In addition, drinking cherry juice regularly also helps you prevent cardiovascular diseases, increase resistance and avoid getting sick when the weather changes.

How to make juice from cherries

– Wash the cherries and soak them in dilute salt water.

– Remove the stem and put the whole fruit in a blender; blend for 4 minutes.

– Pour the juice into a cup and enjoy directly; when drinking in the summer, you can add ice.

Drink 15 to 20 minutes before the main meal every day to increase the weight loss effect.

Kiwi weight loss juice

Kiwi juice contains a huge amount of vitamin C. Besides, they also have many other important nutrients, such as vitamins A and E, to help keep the shape and beautify the skin effectively. The fiber in kiwifruit helps control appetite and supports increased blood vessel function, which is good for heart health.

How to make weight loss juice from Kiwi

– Prepare 2-3 kiwis, cover and cut into small pieces, 200ml of unsweetened fresh milk and 2 teaspoons of honey.

– Put in the blender and blend for 3 minutes and then enjoy.

Fruit weight loss juice

The currant fruit is also known as the gooseberry. The fruit contains 80% carbohydrates and 12% protein, and finally 8% fat. Enthusiasm also has a number of minerals such as vitamin C, iron, and chlorine … not only has a diuretic effect but also supports the treatment of respiratory diseases and especially helps to lose weight effectively.

How to make juice from the fruit

– Prepare 4 locusts, add a few grains of salt and sweet peppers, and put them all in the blender.

– Blend the above ingredients for 3 minutes and pour into a cup. So you have a cup of effective weight loss juice that is extremely nutritious.

Tomato juice

Tomatoes are the type that contains too many beneficial vitamins, especially Vitamins A, C, and K. They not only help you own shiny, healthy skin but also support effective weight loss. If you maintain drinking 1-2 glasses of tomato juice per day at lunch or dinner for three consecutive weeks, you can lose 1-2 kg within 1 month.

How to make tomato juice:

– Prepare 2 tomatoes, then wash and leave the skin intact, cut into small pieces, then put in the blender.

– Add a little sugar or honey and a little ice to enhance the delicious taste.

Cucumber juice

Cucumber (cucumber) is not only a cooling fruit but also has a very high beauty value, they help treat stomach ulcers easily and safely lose weight. Cucumber juice has an effective weight loss effect, especially fat loss in round 2.

How to make cucumber juice

– Wash the rat, and the number of fruits depending on your preference.

– Put the whole cucumber in the machine, and grind it with a cup of filtered water. Don't forget to add 1-2 coffees with sugar and ice.

Bitter gourd juice

Bitter gourd is a thorny fruit with a bitter taste. Therefore, bitter melon juice is a bit difficult to drink and requires you to get used to it for a while. This type of water helps to secrete mite acids that increase the fat conversion process in the body, thereby reducing the ability to accumulate excess fat.

In addition, bitter melon juice also contains high levels of vitamins, iron, and magnesium, which help strengthen immunity and avoid minor illnesses.

How to make juice from bitter melon:

– Wash the bitter melon, then remove the entire intestine, cut it into small pieces, and put it in a blender.

– Blend for 3-4 minutes, then filter through a sieve to separate the residue and juice.

Drink directly or add a little ice to enhance the taste.

Carrot juice

Carrots are known to be good food for blood and skin. Carrot juice is quite picky to drink, but after a few acquaintances, you will quickly be attracted to them.

You can combine more sugar to make carrot juice. Carrots contain a large amount of fiber, which helps reduce appetite, control fat absorption and thereby help you lose weight effectively.

How to make carrot juice

– Wash 2 carrots, then peel off the skin and cut them into small pieces.

– Use a little more coriander, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and a few grains of salt

– Pour carrot juice through a sieve to separate the residue.

Drink directly or keep it refrigerated and drink it several times a day.

Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice is extremely delicious and nutritious, loved by many women. The above water contains only 30 calories per 100g. Along with that, watermelon contains high levels of the amino acid arginine, which has the ability to burn fat quickly. Eating watermelon every day will help you replenish enough water for your body and lose weight effectively.

How to make juice from watermelon

– Watermelon peeled, cut into small pieces, and put into the juicer.

Add a pinch of salt to the watermelon juice to enhance the taste. You can use a little more mint to garnish the drink to make it more appealing.

Guava juice

Amniotic fluid is high in fiber and vitamin E, which is beneficial for the body. Guava juice is a familiar weight loss juice that many women apply because it has an attractive taste with a sweet taste and especially contains extremely low calories.

Maintain drinking 1 cup of guava juice in the morning every day before eating, combined with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, soon you will have the desired waistline.

How to make guava juice

– Prepare 2 guava, wash and cut into small pieces.

– Put everything in a blender, add a teaspoon of sugar, 10ml of lemon syrup and some ice.

Blend well for about 3 minutes and pour into a cup to enjoy directly.

Squash juice

According to research, squash contains a lot of fibrous fiber, which is very beneficial for the digestive system. Pumpkin has almost no fat content and has the ability to reduce excess fat accumulated in the body, so this is an ideal food for women's weight loss.

How to make squash juice

– Peel the squash and wash it with water. Next, remove the intestines, and cut the squash into small pieces to make it easier to put in the juicer.

– Squeeze into the water, if it is difficult to drink, you can add a little sugar and enjoy.

Strawberry juice

Strawberries have a sweet taste and are packed with fiber and other beneficial vitamins. Using strawberry juice helps you lose excess fat quickly.

Because strawberries has a large content of antioxidants, it has the effect of burning calories loaded into the body, releasing harmful lipids to the body, and minimizing weight loss.

If you work hard to drink regularly every day for a period of 3 weeks combined with a serious exercise regimen, you can lose 2-3 kg in 1 month.

How to make raspberry juice

– You need to prepare 300 – 500g of strawberries with the stem removed, then cut them in half and put them in the blender.

– Add a little ice or fresh milk without sugar to make the drink more delicious.

Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is the secret to keeping the shape of Korean stars. Pineapple is a sweet fruit with an attractive aroma. The above fruit contains high levels of acids, vitamins A and B1 that help prevent premature oxidation and beautify the skin.

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In addition, the high fiber content in pineapples also helps to curb appetite and control calorie intake.

How to make pineapple juice

– Remove the eyes completely, then cut them into small pieces and put in a blender.

– Drunk for about 3-4 minutes, pour into a cup and use directly; can drink with a little ice.

– You can drink 1-2 cups of pineapple juice one hour after eating to simulate the ability to absorb fat into the body.

Tamarind juice

Tamarind juice is a weight loss juice you should maintain every morning. This type of water helps to wake up the body, bring a refreshing mood for a long day of effective work, and promote metabolism, thereby burning excess fat thoroughly.

Remember to drink tamarind juice when hungry, you can combine a little honey to enhance the taste.

How to make juice from wild tamarind

– Prepare about 200g of wild tamarind and wash it well. Next, halve the tamarind and put it in the blender.

– Blend for about 3 minutes, then use a sieve to separate the tamarind residue. Add a little honey and enjoy.

Cabbage juice

Cabbage juice not only helps to lose weight, but they also have many other uses, such as reducing indigestion and bloating, stimulating the elimination of waste from the body, thereby helping you lose weight safely.

Cabbage also contains a large amount of fiber, which helps to suppress appetite and limit the absorption of fat in the body.

How to make cabbage juice

– You need to prepare half a cabbage with 1 apple, peel off the skin and seeds, then cut it into small pieces.

– Put everything in a blender and blend for 4 minutes.

– Then, use a sieve to separate the residue and add a few drops of lemon to increase the attractive taste of the drink.

– Maintaining drinking every day in the morning before eating for 30 minutes will help you quickly remove stubborn, stubborn fat accumulated on the body for a long time.

Gourd juice

Gourd juice brings many effects for weight loss and keeping the shape of the girls. There have been many nutrition books written about the slimming effect of gour; it helps to eliminate excess fat safely and is a low-calorie fruit, making the body healthier.

How to make juice from a gourd

– Wash half of the gourd, peel, and remove the intestines.

Cut into small pieces and put in a blender for 4 minutes.

– Pour into a cup and drink directly; if you are not familiar with the taste of the juice, you can add one teaspoon of sugar.

Barley grass juice

There is barley, also known as wheat. Barley grass juice contains many ingredients such as Vitamins A, E, calcium, I, iron, and amino acids that promote metabolism, which is very good for health.

Barley grass juice also contains selenium which is very good for the thyroid gland, thereby controlling weight safely and scientifically.

How to make juice from barley

– Tahnee 1 bunch of barley and chop it into 2-3 pieces, then put the whole thing in the blender.

– Blend with half a cup of water

Blend the mixture for 3-4 minutes, then pour it through a sieve to separate the residue.

– You can drink the juice directly; it has a pretty easy taste.

Red beet juice

That radish contains compounds that, when combined with water, will decompose into Isothiocyanate. This is an active ingredient that has the effect of purifying the body, preventing cancer,r and losing weight effectively.

In addition, the fiber in red radish also helps stimulate digestion, diuretic and good control of blood sugar, thereby helping to lose weight effectively.

How to make juice from red radish

– Prepare 5-7 red radishes for 1 grind.

– Use 1 cup of filtered water and a few grains of salt to enhance the flavor.

Use a slow juicer to extract the maximum nutrients in red beets.

– If you do not have a regular juicer, you can use a blender and blend for 4 minutes, then drink directly.

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice is also known as aloe vera juice. This is a weight loss juice that many women choose. It is not only valuable in terms of beauty when it helps to lighten the skin, and prevent darkening but also helps you own healthy hair and control weight effectively.

Aloe vera contains many vitamins such as Vitamins A, B1, B3, B6, and especially folic acid to help you lose weight safely and quickly to own an ideal body.

In particular, there are 22 types of amino acids in aloe vera juice with 2 main functions: Purify the body and remove unnecessary excess substances from the body, including fat and excess fat accumulated over a long time.

How to make aloe vera juice

– Wash 1 aloe vera leaf and soak it in dilute salt to completely remove the memory after peeling.

– Separate the meat inside and put it in the blender.

– Boil 1 pot of water, 500g of aloe vera and 100g of milled rock sugar. Bring to a boil for a second time, then turn off the heat, let the juice cool and enjoy.

Kale juice

It is no coincidence that kale juice is listed on the list of weight loss foods. Because they contain abundant antioxidants Kaempferol and quercetin, they help quickly eliminate excess fat in the body. The high fiber content in kale helps control appetite, creating a state of false fullness to reduce calorie intake.

How to make juice to lose weight from kale

– Chop 2 kale leaves, half a peach, and half a peeled orange.

– Add all the above ingredients to the blender.

– You can sprinkle some pumpkin seeds to make the juice more attractive.

Spinach juice

This vegetable is considered a superfood when it contains a large amount of fiber, which helps stimulate the digestive tract to work effectively. Besides, it is also low in calories. Drink spinach juice before breakfast or lunch, and maintain regularly for three weeks to 1 month to see visible results.

How to make juice from spinach

– Wash a bunch of spinach and cut off the stem; choose 1 piece of fresh ginger and scrape the skin, combine with 1 green apple.

– Puree the mixture for 3-4 minutes at a high temperature.

– Pour directly into the cup and add a few drops of lemon to have a weight-loss, nutritious drink.

Bell pepper juice

Bell peppers are rich in vitamins K, B6, fiber, potassium and manganese but very low in saturated fat and calories. People who are losing weight should use bell peppers every day to ensure the necessary amount of fiber for the body without worrying about overloading calories and causing excess fat accumulation.

How to make bell juice

– Wash bell peppers with dilute salt water, remove the stem and filter the seeds and cut into thin slices.

– Put bell peppers and a little water in a blender, and puree.

– Add a little honey or sugar, and enjoy.

Amla juice

Amla is a fruit originating from India; it has a mildly sour taste and fresh aroma and contains many antioxidants. Therefore, alma juice is not only an effective weight loss juice but also helps you to own smooth and shiny skin even with sudden weight loss.

How to make amla juice

– Prepare 300g of alma fruit; you can replace fresh alma with frozen one and then cut into small pieces.

– Put the whole thing in the machine, blend for 3 minutes

– Add a little honey before enjoying

What is the diet with fruit juice weight loss?

Fruit juice is extracted from a solution of fruits and vegetables while removing excess fiber. They can be pressed by hand or by machine.

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Fruit juice contains a number of effective nutrients and antioxidants. They're usually fiber-free, and some can be pureed completely without juicing.

Some people use fruit juice as a way to detox the body. However, there has not been any scientific evidence to prove that fruit juice instead of daily foods detoxifies the body.

In fact, the human body can eliminate toxins through the liver and kidneys. Therefore, using juice to detox the body is not really necessary. People also use juice as a functional food to supplement nutrition and help with weight loss.

Accordingly, people will replace their daily meals with juices from fruits and vegetables. That means abstaining from everyday foods, instead using a large number of nutrients from fruit juices. The above weight loss diet contains very few calories.

Some people go on a fasting, juice-replacement diet to lose weight for a few days, but others do it for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, the fruit juice diet is still not scientifically validated, but many still believe in its effectiveness.

Fruit juice helps reduce the number of calories absorbed into the body

To lose weight, you must maintain a daily calorie deficit, which means you must take in fewer calories than you burn. Most juice diets lack solid foods and contain around 600-1000kcal/day.

That leads to massive calorie deficits in many people, and as a result, fruit juice diets often cause weight loss, at least in the short term.

On the fruit juice diet, the fewer calories you consume, the faster your body will lose weight. However, after finishing the diet above, your body will absorb calories back to normal and will gain weight again easily.

Juice affects the metabolism inside the body

Deficits caused by many juice diets can have serious effects on the body's metabolism. The diet is characterized by its limited ability to absorb protein, and rapid weight loss can lead to loss of muscle mass. Muscles always have a very strong metabolism, so people with little muscle mass often burn less energy.

Plus, when you drastically reduce your calorie intake, your body sends out a hunger burnout signal, which leads your body to start storing calories by burning less energy. Many studies have confirmed in people who are on a calorie-restricted diet, that effect will occur.

In a study conducted on overweight, obese women who were put on calorie restriction regimens for three months. During the study period, their resting calorie burn dropped drastically.

Clearly, restricted calorie intake can lower your metabolic rate after just a few days. Because of the calorie deficit required during weight loss, low-calorie diets, including fasting, such as juices, can have the opposite effect because they will slow down the metabolic rate.

Effects of fruit juice on the body

Long-term use of reduced fruit juice can cause some harm to the body, such as:

Lack of fiber

Fiber content exists a lot in vegetables, but when pressed into the water, the content has been removed. Fiber is considered an essential part of a healthy diet.

Eating enough fiber is important for better food digestion because it helps keep the beneficial bacteria in the gut healthy and relieves constipation in some people.

Nutritional deficiencies

There are several reasons why a juicing diet over a long period of time can cause a nutrient deficit. Because diets are often deficient in animal products, they contain very few essential nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D, B12, iron and zinc.

In the body, all the nutrients mentioned above play an important role. Insufficient intake can lead to serious health effects. Fasting and replacing it with juice also reduces the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy fats that fight inflammation and help keep the heart and brain healthy.

These menus not only contain few nutrients but also hinder the absorption of nutrients into the body. What is the reason for the weight loss menu with juice usually containing less fat, the necessary condition for absorbing vitamins A, E, D and K?

Increases the risk of infections

Since the minimum protein content is deficient and there are not enough important nutrients, a long-term juicing diet can negatively affect the immune system and increase the risk of inflammation infected.

Tired and weak body

This is the most common phenomenon when applying the weight loss juice menu. The reason is that the body needs the energy to maintain the physical activities and health of each person.

Is drinking fruit juice effective for weight loss?

As mentioned above, there is still no research evidence that fruit juice has any weight loss effect. Based on the basic theories, it is clear that the fruit juice diet can lose weight quickly quickly, especially since the above diet contains very few calories.

However, you can face negative effects on your health when the calorie content is maximally restricted, especially if you follow the above weight loss regime for a long time. Therefore, it is best that you work hard to apply a regular weight loss diet, combined with sports exercises such as gym, potty running, and swimming …

Principles of juice mixing

In addition to carefully choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, combining many fruits will create a delicious and nutritious taste for the drink.

However, some fruits, when used together, will adversely affect health. Here is a list of ingredients that should not be consumed together: Oranges and carrots (which affect the kidneys). Guava and banana (causes nausea, headache, etc.). Papaya and lemon (causes anemia).

Two tips to help your juice become more delicious are to add a little lemon and salt. When adding a little salt to the juice, the taste of the glass of water will become stronger, be careful not to add too much salt. When squeezing lemon into sweet juices such as apple, pineapple, etc., your glass of water will be fresher and not boring.

Should you drink weight-loss juices instead of meals?

Using fruit juices to replace meals is not good for your body. Fruit juice is nutritionally unbalanced because it doesn't contain enough fat and protein. Meanwhile, consuming enough protein during the day is essential for the body to maintain muscle as well as long-term health.

In addition, getting enough healthy fats is also important for your body to maintain energy and balance hormones and cell membranes. They also help provide fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins A, E, D, and K.

Thus, replacing meals with fresh fruit juice, although not harmful, can deplete many nutrients for the development and maintenance of energy in the body. You can make fruit juices more nutritionally balanced by adding good protein sources and healthy fats, such as avocados, almonds, peanut butter, and Greek yogurt.

Drink weight-loss juices with an exercise regime

If only drinking weight loss juices to lose weight is not enough, you need to combine it with exercise and sports such as yoga, jogging, gym, … Besides, before exercising. In sports, you can use an extra glass of watermelon juice to replenish the body's water loss due to sports promptly.

When is the right time to drink juice?

According to nutritionists, morning is the golden time to drink juice. However, you should not drink before a meal because fruit contains acid that can affect your stomach, easily causing stomach and duodenal ulcers. The best time for you to use fruit juice is 30-60 minutes after a meal.

There is no denying the nutritional value and effective weight loss effects that vegetable juices bring to everyone. If you want to get rid of excess fat from your body, immediately apply the way to make juice and choose the above vegetables and fruits.


In short, just relying on weight-loss juices is not enough. You need to have a suitable diet and do regular exercises such as walking, jogging, and weight training to get the best results. I wish you successful weight loss.

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