Tips for Building Muscle and Losing Fat Safe and Effective for You

By: Aiden Johann

Overall well-being and belly fat say is a long-term process that takes place over a period of years.

There are many things to do during this process, such as having a plan after positioning yourself according to the scientist's calculations, then you have to do it disciplined.

For those who exercise, weight gain and fat loss are always desirable to perform quickly, but the secret is not everyone knows.

Gaining fat loss takes a relatively long process, especially for those who have a lot of fat, but do not worry, with the tips to help you gain muscle and lose fat successfully below, you will be able to lose weight fast and have a more muscular body.

Tips for Building Muscle and Losing Fat Safe and Effective for You
Tips for Building Muscle and Losing Fat Safe and Effective for You

It sounds so simple to gain muscle and lose fat, but it's not that simple because it requires many other detailed calculations in it.

The roadmap to lose fat to gain muscle also requires a special exercise regimen to help burn excess fat and reduce muscle loss during weight loss. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Principles of effective muscle gain and fat loss:

1. Eat more Protein

This is the first key required to open the door to weight loss; if you want to have a beautiful body, protein is the substance you must always remember first.

Eat more Protein

Protein helps your body build muscle, increases fat burning to lose body fat, and helps restore and stimulate muscle growth to replace the lost fat, making you not atrophy squeeze during weight loss.

Protein is abundant in nature and is also quite easy to find such as meat, fish, milk, eggs … but to be able to keep the highest amount of protein from food, you have to prepare it yourself and most of the popular cooking methods especially boiling (this is also the way to keep the highest amount of protein in the food).

Since having to cook for yourself and the food, in general, is also not very appealing to many people, or it isn't easy to eat it all to get the required amount of protein each day, you may need to invest in 1 jar of Whey Protein for those cases this.

Using Whey protein is convenient; just 1 minute is to have 20-25g of protein right away without spending much effort, saving time is also considerable for you to do other things.

2. Should supplement protein every 4 hours

Consuming protein continuously throughout the day will help your body always have the amount of protein needed to maintain muscle, and you should take protein every 4 hours.

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Should supplement protein every 4 hours

Especially in the main meals, add at least 30% of the protein needed in a day you need. For a list of foods containing the most protein, you can check out the article 4 food groups with the most protein.

Other times you can use protein-rich foods to supplement, such as nuts and chocolate.

How about at night, how to supplement protein while sleeping, don't worry, you can use more Casein to use at night; it contains a slow-absorbing protein component, so it will be enough for you to use for an entire night.

3. Always include green vegetables in meals

Many of you are often very lazy to eat vegetables, which is really not in your favor. In vegetables contain many vitamins, minerals, and plant proteins; it helps develop the best and best muscles.

Please don't be too lazy to eat green vegetables; it's friends of all of us, Gymer.

4. Eat carbs after exercising


Low-glycemic starches (carbs) found in green vegetables, fruits, and beans will help your muscles grow and restore energy after training.

After finishing a training session, using these simple carbs is very important to regain used energy (glucose) and replenish stored energy (glycogen) for the body.

5. Eat smarter

Bodybuilding requires you to eat a lot and add lots of nutrients, but this has the effect of adding too many calories to your body.

The remedy is choosing foods that are low in calories and high in vitamins to eat, which will help you avoid excess energy intake and weight gain.

Egg whites are a moderate energy source, and you can eat a lot without worrying about gaining weight.

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6. Never let the body lack water

Water is the core of life. It is also necessary for the cells; if you let the body lack water, the body's metabolism will be delayed, and the efficiency of gaining muscle and losing fat will be reduced quite a lot.

Always replenish water as needed by the body.

7. Not in a hurry to lose fat

Some of you want to gain muscle and lose fat fast but cut out fat completely or diet too harshly to lose weight faster.

Not in a hurry to lose fat

However, this job makes you add fatigue to the body, but the effect is not as expected.

Fasting to lose weight will cause the body to fall into a state of rest, and it will “explode” when you eat again normally.

So you should eat normally, reduce a few calories, eat foods containing good fats to lose weight more effectively – fat is not the reason you are fat.

8. Eliminate fast food

Fast food contains a huge amount of calories; eliminate snacks and fast foods as soon as possible.

9. Make a diet for the week

It is essential to plan for weight loss in 1 week; it will help you proactively control the number of calories and protein in food better, increasing muscle and losing fat better.

Take a day of the week to plan weight loss for the next week. Remember to monitor your weight weekly to adjust accordingly.

10. Eliminate bad food out of sight

If there are many types of cakes in the refrigerator, bring them or hide them well in the refrigerator; never leave these foods right within your reach; it will reduce calories a lot.

11. Always read the ingredients carefully

Getting used to reading the nutrition facts chart is a good habit of bodybuilders; it will help you know if the food should be eaten and what you are eating.

12. Remember to take full BCAA supplements

Remember to take full BCAA supplements

Providing BCAA to the body is essential because it will help the body and muscles develop optimally, reduce muscle loss, muscle breakdown during exercise, and supplement BCAA during exercise to help burn more powerful calories.

13. Use ZMA before bed

Sleep is essential for Gymer because that time is the time when your muscles grow after practicing. Should you get enough sleep, the muscles will promptly recover to become more muscular.

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Taking ZMA (a mixture of zinc, magnesium, vitamin b6) before bed will help you relax and sleep better.

The zinc in ZMA will help replenish the zinc lost in the gym, increase metabolism and immunity, and increase testosterone.

14. Drink green tea or coffee before training

Green tea and coffee contain a necessary amount of caffeine to feel enthusiastic about exercising; it is considered the best natural Pre Workout besides the Pre Workout supplements on the market.

15. Push heavier weights

Pushing heavier weights requires more force; more muscles have to work against the weights and grow more to meet that need.

Thus, heavy training during fat gain is necessary to lose belly fat and increase muscle mass quickly.

16. Do many exercises using many muscle groups (Compound)

Compound exercises will require you to practice more muscle groups at once than you do isolation.

Therefore, you will save time, and the process of gaining muscle and losing fat is also faster, right. See which gym schedules now.

17. Drink more fish oil

fish oil

Fish oil contains many vitamins and Omega-3, which are essential for bodybuilding. You can review the article fish oil in bodybuilding to better understand.

18. Get more physical activity out of the gym

Any physical activity requires energy, and more activity will help you burn more calories.

So, don't just be active when you go to the gym. Getting more active like walking, climbing stairs to work, cycling to work, walking the dog, or even laughing more will also help you lose a decent amount of calories during the day.

19. Do Cardio exercises regularly

Cardio exercise is the best way for you to lose belly fat, burn calories continuously for a long time.

Do not ignore intense Cardio workouts; remember that this is the best weight loss exercise you need to practice.

Sprinting is the simplest cardio exercise you should start with, sprint for 30 seconds and 20 seconds slow and then continue. 20 minutes is enough to make you tired.

20. Don't take too long a break in between

Try to restless mid-half during a fat gain workout, which will increase your heart rate and increase your ability to burn more calories.

21. Not necessarily reaching the threshold of failure

You are not doing strength training, so you don't need to do it until you can't do it anymore; just train enough to your threshold.

22. Create a goal and pursue it

Create a goal and pursue it

You need to have your goal in your practice, which will both get you interested in practicing and keep you on the right track.

23. Get expert help

It is important to learn from your predecessors' experience and have successes; it will give you a lot of experience to apply for yourself to help you achieve more success quickly.

24. Imagine the day you were successful

Do not think it is a dream; that is the motivation for you to aim; you imagine how it will come, how you look, and keep that image in your mind and follow it.

25. Make a meal plan before and after training

Eating well before training will help you get a rich energy source for exercise, especially protein sources. Likewise, after training to help with muscle recovery.


Doing these two well will find your weight loss training going pretty fast, and the results are also very satisfying.

26. Do not forget trace elements

It does not directly help gain muscle and lose fat, but the body must accomplish its goals.

Supplementing a full range of vitamins and minerals will help prevent disease, improve your digestive, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems for a smooth workout.

27. Blend the milkshake longer

If you can afford to use a muscle-gain shaker like Whey Protein, then use a blender a little longer when preparing it.

This will allow the milkshake to incorporate more oxygen. The researchers found that doing this in the morning helps to absorb 12% fewer calories at noon.

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28. Don't forget to take creatine in the evening

The addition of creatine in exercise will help you to replenish energy for more effective training continuously.

29. L-Theanine Supplement

L-Theanine is a special amino acid that prevents the brain from being overloaded by eating fewer calories but exercising a lot. Reduce the phenomenon of shrinkage.

L-Theanine can be found in green tea, which will soothe the nervous system to give you more peace of mind to exercise.

30. Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath

Deep breathing has been shown to reduce stress and increase resilience, so yoga is considered a great stress reliever as it always requires deep breathing.

In bodybuilding exercise, breathing evenly and deeply will also help you exercise better, feel more accurate muscles.

31. Eat fewer meals

You are often advised to divide meals several times to lose weight, but with our weight loss training regimen, it is not suitable because it causes an energy shortage.

Instead, you should eat 3-4 full meals to help satisfy your stomach and exercise vigorously to help lose weight well.

32. Maintain Aerobic Weight Loss Exercise

Aerobic weight loss exercise is also a form of Cardio exercise. However, this is a regular intensity training (LISS) rather than high intensity (HIIT), a continuous 45-60 aerobic exercise will help.

Maintain Aerobic Weight Loss Exercise

Your heart works effectively in pumping blood throughout the body to increase recovery and increase metabolism.

33. Focus on your activities

You may find that weight loss is not happening as quickly as expected because it is also affected by many things such as the environment and each person's metabolism.

Instead of being depressed about it, focus on exercise; if you haven't lost weight in a month, 2 months, 3 months, or even half a year doesn't matter, because weight loss is always a process prolonged, with a lot of fat, sometimes lasted for years.

As long as you review your eating habits, it will improve immediately.

34. Always have a backup plan when practicing

You cannot be sure your plan will work, even if you use the successful person's formula, because it does not apply to everyone.

Always have a backup plan when practicing

Always have plans B, C, D… to prepare for the undesirable things to happen. For example, if you follow your plan for a month and only lose 0.5kg, you need to change to another plan immediately.

35. Pamper yourself in control

Most people who have lost weight successfully share that they never try to force themselves but always take a day to treat themselves as their favorite foods.

This is completely beneficial for you, especially your psychology. It will help you feel comfortable, free from the stress of losing weight.

However, treat yourself in moderation. Otherwise, you will be fat again and practice hard forever.

36. Sleep like a baby

We have to exercise a lot to help the body burn as many calories as possible during this period.

But if you don't get enough sleep, weight loss exercise suddenly becomes meaningless. Good sleep increases your risk of cravings, and it will be difficult for you to combat this sensation.

37. Exercise at a consistent pace

Lifting weights too quickly is ineffective; lifting too slowly means getting down. Practice with a pace that is right for you.

38. Keep in mind

 You can have a healthier and better body than yesterday when you work at 1% more every day.

Bonus How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time

Above are 38 tips for you to gain muscle and lose fat successfully that you should keep in mind to implement for your purpose. Good luck.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about “tips for building muscle and losing fat” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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