Meat Only Diet Weight Loss – Is That Really a Good Idea?

By: Samuel Brownlee

If you are regular attentive to your diet and exercise, you probably know that you need to reduce the number of calories you take and increase the number of calories you burn.

You can do this in several ways, such as reducing starches, sugars, carbs and reducing sugars, and high-calorie foods, combining exercise with you to consume more calories. That is fine.

However, have you ever heard someone say that you can eat a lot of meat every day to help you lose weight?

This seems to have something contrary to our calorie reduction because the meat is high in protein, amino acids, and fats; these are the foods that provide many calories, so how do you lose weight???

All that lice are guesswork, and we need specific scientific studies on this.

Fat has always been a story that almost everyone is afraid of. Today, we will learn to lose weight by eating a lot of meat.

Meat Only Diet Weight Loss Is That Really a Good Idea?
Meat Only Diet Weight Loss Is That Really a Good Idea?

The reason is that this is a hot topic all over the world.

  • Is it good if only eating a lot of meat can support fat loss?
  • Where is the truth?

Protein plays an important role in the body and weight loss process. Low-fat meats like poultry, beef, pork, and seafood provide a lot of protein.

Protein is responsible for maintaining cell structure and function. Protein helps reduce cravings. This will reduce your risk of excess calories. It also forces the body to burn calories.

Although said to aid weight loss, you will have excess protein and possibly gain weight if you eat too much.

Just remember the principle: calorie intake> calories burned = weight loss failed. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Analyze ways to lose weight by eating a lot of meat

Before going into detail, we want to confirm that this is a very scientific method, and you should rest assured. There is absolutely no such thing as just eating meat here.

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Besides, you should read more about how to lose fat. This article will help you visualize the entire process of weight loss.

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Method I: Prepare to lose weight.

This is the first step and a crucial step because many people ignore being too greedy and fail miserably.

If you don't understand and are unprepared, it's easy to go the wrong way and give up. That is why it is important to understand the principle of eating meat, not just meat.

1. Meet with a nutritionist

Meet with a nutritionist

There is a reason for it. High-protein diets combined with low-carbs are widely adopted and have a very high success rate.

However, this does not mean that everyone is applicable. That's why you need a registered dietitian to help you.

Again and again, a high-protein diet has its side effects, such as lack of nutrition, constipation … The long-term consequences will be an increased risk of heart, liver, and kidney disease.

The nutritionists will find a healthy diet. However, to help ease your anxiety, we will explain a little bit.

Here, we are not doing it negatively. This means not to eat meat and reduce carbs and fat. Here, it would help if you had balance.

That means we will increase the protein a little and reduce the other 2 substances. For example, you could go for 50-protein, 30-starch, and 20-fat ratios.

2. Make a meal plan

Make a meal plan

When you want to lose weight, the first rule of thumb is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Therefore, you need to plan your meals for the whole week to calculate what you need to eat and which meat to choose.

Besides, this will ensure you do not lack in substance.

Spend a few hours figuring out what to eat for an entire week. In particular, you need to include protein at all meals.

Besides, your main meal must have enough vegetables, starches, and fats. Eating a variety will help the body get enough nutrients and energy.

If you are too busy, surely the best solution is to go to the supermarket to buy meat in the refrigerator. Alternatively, choose to buy Whey milk.

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3. Servings


If you want to lose weight, never give yourself a huge serving. A serving that is too large will make you more likely to suffocate and make excess calories on your own.

An average serving should contain about 150 grams of protein and the equivalent of 1 cup.

Part II: Including meat in a weight loss regime

Here, don't think about eating meat. We need to remember to balance carbs and fats. This is considered the principle of survival that many failures may be unintentionally or intentionally ignorant.

1. Buy low-fat meat

Buy low-fat meat

Low-fat protein is often found in a low-fat and low-calorie food group. Choose lean meats rather than fatty meats.

This will help you lower your cholesterol. If you only eat lean meat, your calorie intake will definitely be greatly reduced.

  • Seafood: This is a vibrant source of protein and minerals. Ideally, it would help if you ate varied with shellfish groups (shrimp, crab) and fish. Besides, fish are often extremely high in omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in fat loss.
  • Poultry meat: We can choose duck meat, goose meat … These meats will bring less fat and high protein when the skin is removed.
  • Pork: Pork is usually fat and lean. Therefore, you should limit lean back offline.
  • Red meat: The protein content of beef is very high, but bad cholesterol is also very much.

Your best bet is to be diverse. Don't let a single food group rule your meals.

2. Buy organic meat

Organic meat has always been priced higher than traditional meat because it is spotless, with no growth hormones.

To know, only countries consider censorship stamps. In terms of nutrition, the two are not much different. It would help if you chose to buy quality beef and pork.

3. Incorporate 1 serving of meat into each meal

Incorporate 1 serving of meat into each meal

A serving of lean meat in meals and snacks will help you lose weight better. Besides, eating protein continuously helps to fight catabolism.

Take advantage of eating enough protein sources throughout the day. In the morning you can eat fried/boiled eggs—lunch chicken salad. Dinner to eat tuna.

If you are a weightlifter, choose to include dairy such as whey powder because it contains much protein.

4. Cook meat without using oils and sauces

Cook meat without using oils and sauces

Marinated oils and sauces usually carry a lot of sugar and fat. Usually, for people who are losing weight, the best way will still be boiled. Next, you can cook soup.

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The best method of frying is to fry the meat with a little olive oil. Alternatively, you can use a non-stick pan spray solution.

Also, take advantage of the flavors from vegetables. This helps you to limit sugar. If possible, stay away from mayo.

5. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits

Even if you are applying weight loss to eat meat, vegetables and fruits are indispensable. There are many reasons to eat fruits and vegetables because they contain a lot of fiber.

In particular, you won't find such a huge source of vitamins and minerals anywhere.

Usually, whenever you eat meat, include vegetables.

6. Eat starchy foods slowly

Eat starchy foods slowly

Normally, no matter what method you use, carbs should not be omitted for people who lose weight. That is energy.

Without energy, you will die and have no strength to exercise. However, we are focusing only on slow starchy foods here. The reason is that then you will feel starving.

Part III: Tracking

It would help if you prepared a diary to take notes. The reason is that you have to write it down to know what you did.

1. Check your weight every week

Check your weight every week

This is what women like the most and also fear the most. Every time you step on the weight, is a nervous mood. Instead of all-day weighing, you should pull out the correct scale every 2 days.

That means only 1 weight per week. You should choose the right Monday morning, just woke up. Every time you gain weight, you should write it down. This helps you keep track of whether you increase or decrease.

2. Exercise


For fat loss, it's best to combine cardio and weights. Cardio helps the body burn more fat. Exercise helps develop muscles.

Is It Healthy to Eat Only Meat?

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about “meat only diet weight loss” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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