What is The Definition of TDEE? How to Calculate TDEE?

What is the definition of TDEE?

TDEE (short for Total Daily Energy Expenditure) is the number of calories needed for the body every day, including all sleep and sleep activities you have during the day.

You can use this indicator on many things like calculating the calories for your plan: Lose Belly Fat By Running.

What is the definition of TDEE?
What is the definition of TDEE?

How to calculate TDEE?

Before you can calculate TDEE, you need to have 2 other indicators, BMR and LBM, so we have to say more about these two guys before that.

I used to talk about the BMR index  (if I need to calculate it later, I can run it), but this article I will write always makes it easy for you to track and run again: d.

BMR has 3 formulas; here, the most accurate formula is Katch McArdle’s formula as follows:

BMR = 370 + (21.6*LBM)

In which LBM (Lean Body Mass) is a fat-free body mass index, the formula is as follows:

LBM = (Weight x (100%% BodyFat)) / 100

For example, if you weigh 100kg and fat 30%, LBM = (100 x (100-30)) / 100 = 70kg.

And your BMR will be 370 + (21.6 * 70) = 1882 calories.

Knowing the percentage of your fat now, the most accurate way is going to the hospital will be calculated by machine for you, or more simply the big gym they have an Inbody tool will help you get children this number is the most accurate.

(Note when measuring it, you should not eat anything early in the morning, and after completing the training, remember to wear as light as possible).

% BodyFat
% BodyFat

So what if we don’t have a percentage of fat?

We will have another formula for this case, and you can see it as follows:

BMR = (9.99 x Bodyweight) + (6.25 x Height) – (4.92 x Age) – K

  • Nam: K = 5
  • Female: K = -165

Of course, this recipe is the only relative, so if possible, calculate the percentage of fat for the standard.

Formula to calculate TDEE index

We already have BMR, and it will be easy to calculate TDEE; the formula is calculated as follows:


With R as follows:

  • Less active, go to work and sleep: R = 1.2
  • There is gentle exercise, week 1-3 sessions: R = 1.375
  • Have moderate activity 4-5 sessions: R = 1.55
  • Advocate for 6-7 sessions: R = 1,725
  • Exercise a lot of practice days 2 times: R = 1.9

Here: TDEE Calculator – How Many Calories Do You Need to Increase or Decrease for Your Purpose?

So what about TDEE?

If you already have a TDEE, then you need to measure the calories you eat every day.

  • Weight gain will eat more.
  • Lose weight, eat less
  • Maintain the correct number and finish it.

Note: Calculation is always wrong, especially for humans, each person is different, so the number is not still 100% correct. So we need to be able to compute ourselves.

View more:

For example, according to my own experience, a weight training session has just about 1 hour, it takes about 200-250 calories and goes to work in the office, I give 50-100 more calories. Hence, every day consumes 300 extra calories for exercise. If the training week is not reduced, I increase the time to practice or the amount of weight training…

Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about “How to Calculate TDEE” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!

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