Cycling Fat Burning Zone – Slow But Safe and Effective

By: Samuel Brownlee

Cycling to reduce belly fat is feasible and feasible because cycling is a subject that can affect the whole body, not only to reduce belly fat in particular but also to lose weight all body.

Cycling has been one of the most popular sports worldwide, and millions of people are riding it every day to protect their health.

And cycling creates a lot of motivation for other people, and cycling is also one thing people encourage to protect the environment.

Cycling fat burning zone - Slow But Safe and Effective
Cycling fat burning zone – Slow But Safe and Effective

Cycling for weight loss, cycling fat burning zone is one of the popular cardio exercises that many people choose. Pause the habit of riding a motorcycle anytime and anywhere, start enjoying the feeling of being active with the bike.

However, first, learn how to bike to lose weight, bring many health benefits, and avoid pain and injury. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Choose to cycle for weight loss. Here's what you need to know.

Have you ever wondered why people love cycling, or does cycling have any benefits?

This discipline facilitates you to exercise healthily, good for cardiovascular and lung health, build strong bones and joints, and tone muscles, improve flexibility.

Besides, it also helps to refresh the spirit, dispel stress, fatigue.

And the thing that is most concerned about fat is the effect of improving physique. Besides, you can refer to the article summarizing the benefits of cycling every day.

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Part 1: Frequently asked questions when cycling to improve physique

1. Does cycling help with weight loss?

Does cycling help with weight loss?

Cycling with weight loss is a sure thing. Cycling is one of the most calorie-consuming forms of exercise and jogging, skipping, swimming, or climbing stairs.

Excess energy accumulating in the body is the cause of weight gain and fat gain. That's it; you need to release them with cardio exercises like this.

Cycling to lose bodyweight is also the principle of losing fat – losing the whole body, not just one part.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight and lose fat, you practice cycling; jogging will be more effective than doing the exercises separately.

So do you know how to pedal to lose weight properly?

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2. How many kilometers must you cycle to lose weight?

In fact, in weight loss, the time you bike is more important than the distance you go. But it is still best to measure the distance traveled. For what?

When you start exercising, take a small test step. Use a watch or an electronic device with GPS to see how many kilometers you have traveled in 30 minutes.

Record that number in your exercise diary and set a goal to reduce the time it takes to complete the same stretch.

Thus, gradually you can run a longer distance in a shorter time, increasing the calories burned.

When you no longer feel uncomfortable when you have to sit a lot on the saddle, plan for longer trips.

If you have 3 weight-loss cycling sessions per week, do a short interval training (30 minutes), a moderate session (45 minutes), and a session like a long trip (60 -120 minutes).

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3. Should cycle slim with speed like?

If your main goal is weight loss thanks to cycling, then exercise intensity is more important than the pace. A more intense workout releases more calories.

So what does intense training mean? That means you have to practice hard and work hard. The type of vehicle and terrain you choose will affect your training intensity and speed.

For example, if you sit on a mountain bike, go on a bumpy road at 12 miles per hour, you will be quite hard and effortless.

But if you are going downhill on a flat road, you will easily reach the same speed without trying.

How to “measure” the intensity of exercise to know if you lose weight cycling effectively or not? Use a heart rate monitor.

Aim for exercise at 70-75% of your maximum heart rate. Breathe deeply, but don't let yourself be exhausted or out of breath.

The above is a summary of the relationship between exercise cycling and weight improvement. So how to do it the right way? Read on for the following sections.

Part 2: Preparation steps

1. Where should you practice riding a fat burner?

Where should you practice riding a fat burner?

The terrain you also choose greatly affects the calories burned. Ideally, find a long way where you are not interrupted at intersections.

Such breaks will cause the heart rate to drop, take time for it to rise again, and reduce the rate of energy consumption, excess fat.

Besides, choose a road safe enough for bicyclists, avoid highways, roads with large vehicles. You can choose a park to practice and enjoy the fresh air.

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2. What kind of bike should I choose to cycle to lose weight effectively?

One of the other important issues is finding the right vehicle for you. Try learning about some of the following.

  • Road Bike

This is a car with thin tires, narrow frame. It is light and takes a little effort when you go at a fast pace. It is suitable for running long and flat roads.

The strength of this type is an elegant design and attention to speed. However, it is quite picky, can not walk on bad roads, and must run slightly forward.

  • Mountain bike

This type has heavy and thick tires, so it conquers more types of road surfaces. Mountain biking gives users a sense of certainty, peace of mind, and comfort, especially if they are new to riding.

  • Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycles will help you “cheat” power. After a tiring training session and you no longer have the strength to “drag” home, there is no need to worry because you have the motivation to support.

  • Recumbent Bike

In this vehicle, the cyclist will recline, leaning against the seat edge of the vehicle. Exercising with a lying bike will be more comfortable and energy-efficient than a regular bike.

Tips for finding the right weight bike: If you decide to invest in a new bike for your workout, visit the bike shop for advice on the best fit.

They will rely on your height to choose the most comfortable seat level, in addition to checking the width of the steering wheel and saddle width for you to practice effectively.

3. What do you need to bring when you exercise to lose weight?

In addition to a good car, take the time to shop for some other accessories to make the training more convenient and easy.

  • Helmet: This is very necessary to ensure safety during training, avoid injury if a collision occurs.
  • Identity: In the event of an accident or a problem with the traffic police, this is what will help you.
  • Mobile phones: In case your car goes down, there is a way to contact for help.
  • Water: Extremely, extremely important. Any exercise makes you dehydrated through sweat. The necessary electrolytes are also greatly diminished. If you do not promptly replenish water, you will fall into a state of fatigue, dizziness, dizziness, quite dangerous when cycling. Drink even if you don't feel thirsty.
  • Glasses: A pair of sports goggles will protect your eyes from dirt when traveling and prevent sweat from flowing into your eyes.
  • Costumes: Choose clothes comfortable, absorbent sweat. You can choose costumes designed specifically for cyclists.
  • Heart rate monitor: A watch that tests heart rate measures distance and speeds will be a great companion.
  • Cycling shoes: Wear comfortable and firm athletic shoes to reduce the pressure on your feet.
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Part 3: Plan a weight reduction method for cycling

1. Start slowly

Start slowly

In the beginning, choose a beautiful, flat road like the road around the neighborhood, the park, instead of rushing to challenge because of the bumpy and rugged roads.

Ensure you pick up your vehicle at close range and avoid going too far as you have to make sure you have enough strength to return. For the first 1-2 months, you should only go a few miles per session.

2. Flexibility in intensity

Running at sprint speed will help you consume more energy and dissipate fat faster. Meanwhile, slowing down helps you train endurance.

However, the combination of the two levels above is considered the best method.

Many studies have shown that alternating between running slowly and sprinting will help you burn a larger amount of calories.

You can also increase your exercise intensity by cycling uphill, which means it also releases more energy.

Increasing difficulty at the end of the training session is also a method used by many people.

3. Help the body recover

After a relatively hard abdominal exercise session, give your body some time to rest.

Relax by cycling gently as if walking. Don't forget to schedule a few days of the week.

The next important thing is to make sure you get enough sleep each day. According to health experts, lack of sleep can cause a “fake” feeling that makes you crave food, which is very troublesome for your weight loss plan.

If the muscles are sore after a workout, try a soothing massage, which can be combined with some of your favorite essential oils to feel better.

4. Set specific goals

Make up a long-term strategy for fat loss. Set your own goals to see how much weight you want to lose, regularly check your weight and BMI to know if you are on the right track, need to increase or decrease the intensity …

Losing from 0.5-1kg per week is a reasonable level, not too difficult but still ensure health.

Part 4: Diet for people practicing weight loss

How to eat to reduce fat and enough strength to exercise?

1. Don't skip breakfast

Do not listen to the words “instigating” skip breakfast to lose weight. Breakfast plays many important roles, especially for people exercising and sports.

There are many healthy foods you can eat carefree at breakfast, such as vegetables, fruits, salads, etc.

Also can eat more lean meat, eggs, beans, fish … to supplement protein. Do not eat too full if you do not want to be heavy, and remember to eat at least 30-60 minutes from the training time.

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2. Eat while practicing the car

This may sound a bit strange, but actually eating right during training will help you promptly replenish energy and not feel ravished after a workout.

Fast, nutritious foods to eat at this time are protein pies, bananas, or energy gels. Every hour of exercise, you need to add 200-250 calories.

3. Eat after exercising

  • 30-60 minutes after a training session is the golden time to replenish nutrients and restore the body.
  • Carbohydrates are important to provide for glycogen regeneration. However, do not eat too many carbs because it will cause feeling tired. It would help if you ate in combination with protein-rich foods to enhance muscle repair and rebuild.
  • It is best to prepare a snack available. Because after the workout is very tired, you are often lazy and no longer able to find or buy food.

4. Do not let the body lack water

Always replenish water before, during, and after exercise, and drink as soon as you don't feel thirsty. Lack of water is the cause of dizziness, dizziness, and exhaustion when driving.

Part 5: Staying motivated

These habits will greatly support your workout.

1. Put your bike in a visible place

This is the best way to help you form a cycling habit. Whenever you need to move, you will think of it instead of other means.

2. Change the route it takes

Diverse training venues will help you avoid feeling monotonous, boring, become more excited even if you have to cycle every day.

3. Going to work by bicycle

Think of the benefits: saving money on gasoline, parking money, and limiting emissions that pollute the environment. If you are afraid of sweating while cycling, prepare a changed outfit at the company.

4. Find people “like-minded.”

Things will be better if you have companions. Since then, every training session will be a joy.

Your partner will also be the one to remind each other when you're lazy, and it would be even more ideal if they also aim to improve your physique.

Besides, you should add products that support fat burning to speed up.

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This article has provided all you need to know about weight loss cycling. Find out clearly and give yourself a workout plan from today if you are interested in this subject.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about the “cycling fat burning zone” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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