How to Lose Calf fat in 1 Week?

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You are sorrowful for the calf to as ” post-family ” you squirming did not know how to make a small calf.

You need a solution to slim the calf quickly? Here is everything you need to have slim and beautiful legs.

How small calf again fastest in 1 week.

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how to lose calf fat in 1 week
How to lose calf fat in 1 week

But first, we together learn

1. Cause make big calf?

Finding out why his calf back to ” oversize ” will help you limit your choice for how to be a small calf in 1 week to bring out the best. According to the researchers, the ” culprit” is following the cause of your anxiety.”

Slender legs are the dream of many women
Slender legs are the dream of many women.
  • Genetics: If your family tends thighs to the likelihood that you will meet so similar—thighs entirely possible to genetics. But do not worry, apply a small calf as fastest for men and women, ensuring you will overcome.
  • Unhealthy habits: If you're sedentary, do not just sit there wondering why the calf to nhé! The sedentary causes the body to accumulate more in the buttocks, thighs uncontrollable. It would help if you also restricted the habit of sitting cross-legged; it also badly affected the thigh.
  • Improper practice: The practice is not properly also makes counterproductive and thighs loudly. Once trained, you need to ensure proper training intensity can fit the state of health, perseverance, and practice true skill set, do not give up halfway.
  • Eating unscientific: The feeding containing carbohydrates in rice bread easily generates excess calories and causes your thigh size to increase constantly.

Calf makes the body imbalance, down aesthetic that involves several consequences dangerous illnesses such as heart disease and arthritis. Therefore, you need to remove and avoid direct causal impact on both your calf.

2. How to do small calf in 1 week

1. Diet

This is one of the important factors affecting the health and your body. Even if you exercise too much positive but loaded foods that contain fat, sugar will make you gain weight easily. That directly affects the calves, thighs, and waist.

Diet is an important factor can not be ignored
Diet is an important factor that can not be ignored.

Some notes about the daily diet to reduce calf size fastest:

  • Restrict carbohydrates, but instead enhance the dish more protein, fiber, and vitamins, minerals. Limiting fast food, pre-packaged foods because they contain salt makes the skin swollen, legs look bigger than normal.
  • Absolutely not skip meals. Eat small meals, eat dinner before sleeping for 3 hours and drink plenty of water. The addition of water is very beneficial to the calf to burn fat efficiently.

Encourages eating foods: chicken breast, nuts, crab, shrimp, fish, and vegetables with dark colors.

2. Soak the foot in warm water

This therapy helps relaxation and also how small calf fastest for men and women.

You need to prepare the water temperature is just right, not too hot or cold too. A high degree of water should be flooded knee. You should be combined with massage to the calf slimming to be understood as desired.

Just relax, reduces calf efficiency
Just relax, reduces calf efficiency.

You can add 3 tablespoons of vinegar to the water foot bath. Vinegar is an excellent material for recovery and reduces the neurological fat calf area.

For best results, soak feet from 10-20 minutes, when the cooling water can add warm water to achieve the best results.

3. Tap the exercise helps the small calf

“Hams to how small while I was too busy.”

There are fitness exercises straightforward without resorting to weight or any other complex instruments; you can absolutely work out at home to reduce calf size fastest.

Episode tiptoe

Tiptoe is simple exercises and not complex, with relatively good efficiency. Exercises help guide small calf:

  • Prepare your posture upright, legs bunched and clenched his hands better to keep your balance.
  • Equinus up slowly, emphasize toes bearing of the body.
  • Hold for a few seconds and then slowly yet lowered. Repeat this action several times.

There are heated body movements. Like conventional squat movements, but when pressed down, press 2 times.

The purpose of the exercise squat press 2 times combined size decreased calf muscle tightening focus on the buttocks, thigh firming.

Swing down 2 times to force into the effective thigh
Swing down 2 times to force into the effective thigh


Lunge helps small work extremely efficient calf. With this exercise, you can set as follows:

  • Step one leg forward, one leg forward.
  • Then press down, inhale, to exhale.
  • When workers to two legs perpendicular to each other so that, pillow foreleg knee should not exceed.
  • Perform each movement 16 times

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Note: during the mechanical work, to butt up a gong.

Exercise reduces small calf fit both men and women
Exercise reduces small calf fit for both men and women.

4. Massage slender calves and straight

Besides, practicing ways to reduce small calf is the fastest massage method also helps to significantly slim calf.


  • You rub the thigh muscle area, the calf under clockwise.
  • Massage from bottom to top and from top to bottom
  • Continuously for 10 minutes a day
Simple method but bring good results
Simple method but bring good results.

Note when doing leg slim and straightway:

  • Avoid sitting cross legs squeezed as this leads to fat accumulation.
  • Use the elevator feet to exercise regularly.
  • Enlist supine, and feet up high helps muscles in the calf section is strung up and drain excess fat.
Simple but easy to implement
Simple but easy to implement


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Best 10 min Stretch to Slim Your Calves Video:


Above is the whole of the share of 4 making smaller fastest calf help women regain slender legs. I hope you are quickly owning yourself a slim leg and toned!

Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain more knowledge about losing calf fat in 1 week. Please share this article if you find it is useful. Thanks!

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