25 Secret Tips To Lose Belly Fat Science-Based Will Help You Reach Your Goals Faster And More Safely

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In a previous post, we had written about 100 tips to lose weight at home that you do not need to love too much implementation plans as well as food plans; in this post, we will add 25 more secret tips to lose belly fat, you can do at home at the gym is whichever place you prefer.

How to lose belly fat, lose an arm and leg fat? Is there an effective way to reduce excess fat in the body? You will know by now.

These tips are essentially based on the basic principles of fat loss in general and effective diet plans.

But that is the specific action that makes it easier for us to imagine and act when there are too many guides around or too many plans that confuse you.

Secret Tips To Lose Belly Fat Science-Based Will Help You Reach Your Goals Faster And More Safely
Secret Tips To Lose Belly Fat Science-Based Will Help You Reach Your Goals Faster And More Safely

Losing fat is a common goal of billions of people worldwide, but about the same amount of people are in a panic in the middle of a forest “weight loss tips” shared online.

Simply with the keyword “how to lose belly fat,” there are already more than 2 million results on Google, enough to realize this demand is huge.

Today you will be introduced to you the scientifically proven and guaranteed ways to lose weight that if you combine them well, losing weight now is a small matter.

Let's see 25 Secret Tips To Lose Belly Fat Science-Based:

Try sliding exercises

You like to do bodyweight exercises (weightless exercises) for home workouts, so now let's upgrade it to a new mind with slide exercises.

You may not need a slide like the advertisements on the Internet; you use a towel or a piece of hard paper.

Using sliding exercises will cause you to use more muscle fibers and lose more calories, resulting in better fat loss.

Use slow-absorbing starches

Use slow-absorbing starches

Using slow-absorbing carbs helps you lose weight and is a very gentle way to lose body fat you can think of.

Slow-absorbing starches such as brown rice, oats, whole-grain bread … will help keep insulin levels low and maintain the body's ability to burn fat.

A study by Penn State University showed that people who took slow starch had significantly better fat loss results than those who consumed refined carbohydrates, even though they both consumed the same low calories.

Use fat

Sounds absurd, right? Why lose fat but also go to use fat. This is only absurd when you use industrial fats, but if you use saturated fat, it's the exact opposite (see the classification of good and bad fats).

Use fat

Using saturated fats will help the body burn fat better, fats like Omega 2, MCT … beneficial for weight loss, add about 30% of these good fats in your meal and you will see a noticeable difference.

This fat is often found in nuts, fish such as salmon, sardines, herring, olive oil…

Use heavier weights

This is a recognized way to lose fat in the body all the gypsies, using more weight means you will have to use more energy and higher oxygen and thus your metabolism. Your quality also increases with each training session.

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A study by the University of Sport and Physical Education found that exercising with heavier weights with less flat weight stimulates more metabolism than light exercise with more reps.

That does not mean that light training with many reps is not helpful; we will talk about it later; the goal here is to do some hard workouts to optimize calorie burn after sessions—practice friends.

Vacation less

If the interval between 2 sets of 2 exercises is shorter during workouts, you will burn more calories.

Research from the New Jersey School found that people who thought 30 seconds less in half-time were up to 50% more likely to burn calories than those who rested for up to 3 minutes.

Use cold water

Use cold water

Drinking water is one of the most recommended ways to reduce fat in the body, especially if you use cold water. The ability to burn calories is increased by up to 30% stimulated metabolism.

A study in Germany has proven this thanks to the increase in norepinephrine when drinking cold water, but you should not drink too much cold water during the day and drink large amounts continuously; only drink a moderate amount and 500ml of cold water per day.

Drinking too much will affect your throat.

Besides, the cold bath also contributes to the body's ability to burn fat.

Eat more citrus fruits.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit are very rich in Vitamin C. Still, if you have read the article 10 vitamins for bodybuilders that need to be added, you will know the use of Vitamin C. . It will help increase fat burning very well.

Eat more citrus fruits

Besides, the fiber in this fruit also helps prevent stroke, accelerating fat burning.

A study with people who eat grapefruit or use grapefruit juice (236ml per day) but still combined with a normal diet can still lose 2kg in 12 weeks; especially some people also lose up to 4.5kg. No dietary restrictions are required.

The effect is attributed to the ability to reduce insulin levels in grapefruit, so eat your meal, oranges, oranges more often from your meal now.

Chew gum

Chew gum

Chewing gum is considered one of the best ways to reduce excess fat in the body thanks to its ability to increase satisfaction, making the body feel full and not wanting to eat more food.

However, it would help if you did not eat gum too often, only use it occasionally.

Eat soybeans

Soybean protein is considered one of the real “fat killers.” Soy protein can help reduce cravings and lower calorie intake.

Work out with weights.

Many people who go to the gym are often afraid of weight training, especially the women, for a very ridiculous reason that is “afraid of being rough like men.”

However, women should remember that to “be as rough as a man,” it is not that simple; you have to train like a buffalo and not to mention that you have to be injected with hormones to be like that, but if you practice normally. There is never anything crude.

Because of that, reduce the use of treadmills and hold up weights to practice walking.

Weight training requires a lot of muscle use to balance the body and resist the stress from weights, increasing your ability to burn excess body fat.

Not to mention, weight training also helps your muscles firmer, avoiding the state of sluggishness after losing weight.

Do Cardio interruptions

Do Cardio interruptions

Research shows that those who jogged three times for 10 minutes and took 20 minutes of rest burned more calories after training than those who did 30 minutes in a row.

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Read more: List of cardio exercises

Use avocado

Avocado has many good fats, especially the fat of the avocado, which is not stored as fat. Avocados are also high in mannoheptulose, a sugar that reduces insulin levels and increases calcium absorption.

As mentioned above, one of the ways to reduce excess fat in the body is to keep insulin low most times of the day, which will stimulate the body to use fat for energy.

After reading this article, add more butter to your daily meals.

Get enough Protein

Get enough Protein

Nutrition accounts for 70% of success in weight loss, 1 of which is Protein. If you get enough protein during the day, it will help you burn more fat.

If you exercise, your body needs more protein to build more muscle; more muscle means you will spend more calories, and you will lose weight faster.

Read more: High protein diet plan for muscle gain.

Increase pressure on your muscles

Using exercise methods such as Drop set, Forced Rep, and Static Contraction to push your muscles' stamina will help you burn more muscles.

One study involved high weights and only 1 set per exercise with 6-10 reps and added some final forced reps combined with a static contraction and performed in the past 10 weeks compared to those who train with lighter weight with 3 sets and 6-10 reps per set and train to failure (train to failure), the result is that the heavy exercise results in burning more fat—the other group.

This is thought to be due to the increase in growth hormone (GH) intake when exercising with heavy weights, yet 1 study in the Netherlands also showed that growth hormone is 3 times higher than that of the full gym.

Use a lightweight

Use a lightweight

Now that we have talked about using a heavyweight that will allow you to burn more calories after a workout, using a lighter weight with more weight will help you burn more calories during the workout.

And if you flexibly combine these two exercises in one workout, you will be able to maximize the number of calories burned during exercise and after-training calories. A perfect couple, right?

Use a denser shaker

If you regularly make whey protein to drink at the gym, try making it thicker. Purdue University research shows that for those who drink 2 cups of protein each day with the same nutritional composition, the group that drank thicker had better results due to less hunger.

Add more calcium

You must be wondering what calcium and fat loss can be related, right. In fact, it also has a little bit of apricot.

Calcium has the ability to control a hormone called Calcitriol, which is the hormone that makes your body produce fat and inhibits the body's fat-burning process.

When your body has enough calcium, it will inhibit this guy Calcitriol and thereby increase the body's fat-burning.

Add more calcium

Eating more calcium through products such as Greek yogurt and seafood is a way to reduce excess fat in the body that very few people know, right.

Eat more spicy

Eating spicy to lose weight is also a lot of you have heard right, because chili has a substance called Capsaicin that can burn more calories and help you less hungry, the more effective it will be when using Consume with caffeine.

Studies show it can boost fat oxidation during exercise. Add chili to your diet to help burn fat better. If you cannot eat spicily, you can also find a Capsaicin supplement to use.

Do not be deprived of sleep.

Getting enough sleep is one of the simplest and most effective ways to lose excess fat in the body that anyone can do.

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Do not be deprived of sleep

A 16-year study found that people who slept less than 5 hours a day tended to gain 13.5 kg more than those who slept at least 7 hours a day.

This is explained as a lack of sleep that causes Leptin imbalance (helps reduce hunger and increases metabolism) and ghrelin (helps increase hunger).

People who lack sleep regularly have higher ghrelin levels than leptin, making them feel hungry more often.

To understand the importance of sleep, review the article on the relationship between sleep and muscle growth to understand more.

Eat 1 apple a day

Eat 1 apple a day

Apples contain polyphenols that increase muscle endurance and increase fat burning.

They can directly stimulate genes to reduce fat production and accumulation while increasing your body's strength to repel excess fat more effectively. Each apple will typically have about 200mg polyphenols.

Practice HIIT

Practice HIIT

Practicing HIIT is a way to reduce excess body fat that is agreed upon by everyone. It is an amazing fat burning method, even if it's only for a short time.

You can review the HIIT article for more is.

Accelerate faster

Explosive lifting will help you burn more calories (technically correct, of course).

Researchers at Ball State say that fast-contracting muscles are less energy-efficient than slow-contracting muscle fibers, so you need to stimulate these slow muscle fibers more to burn more calories.

To stimulate these slow muscle fibers, choose a weight of about 30-60% of your 1RM (see what 1RM is) and do 2 sets of 3-8 repetitions each and work out at a fast pace. After that, do 2-3 sets at normal speed.

Climb more mountains

Climb more mountains

Mountain climbing is one of the 10 more powerful calorie-burning exercises that jogging introduced a long time ago.

Research in Italy shows that climbers reach 80% of their maximum heart rate, the equivalent of an intense cardio session.

Each minute they climb a mountain, they burn 12 calories (80 kg for 1 person). If you cannot go far to climb the mountain, it is also perfect to go to the gym with climbing walls to practice.

Use almonds

Research from Loma Linda shows that a low-calorie diet (using the main amount of fat from almonds) for 24 weeks is more effective than a regular diet. Walnuts or Brazil nuts are the best options in this case.

Use meat from herbivores.

Unlike industrial forage animals, herbivores produce a much higher quality of meat.

Use meat from herbivores

Researchers in the UK already know, cow's milk exclusively from grass has 70% higher levels of Omega 3 fats than plain milk, not to mention grass-fed cows, but it also gives CLA (Linoleic Acid) 500% higher. With cereal or industrial feed cows.

The herbivore's meat is also better, also has more Omega 3 and CLA, especially a better source of protein, all of which are beneficial for burning your fat and raising your muscles.

Above are 25 ways to lose fat in the body that everyone recognizes, and if you have any other ways to add it or not, please comment below for everyone to know.

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