What Is Cardio Exercise? What Are The Most Effective?

Losing belly fat is a long-term process; reducing belly fat is not just a workout on the belly but also a process you need to reduce fat in the whole body.

To effectively reduce belly fat and still ensure health, one of the basic exercises to reduce belly fat maximum is cardio.

Cardio is a familiar name for those who have practiced for a long time but are quite new to beginners. If you are overweight, these will be the most useful exercises.

What Is Cardio Exercise
What Is Cardio Exercise

Helping you have a healthy body and abundant vitality, the body is always agile and active in daily activities, or in other words, you always have a lot of energy. Besides, it would help if you learned a deadlift workout.

Many people have said that “Cardio is the king of weight loss and fat burning exercises“? Join Belly Fat Zone to refer to the concept of Cardio below to understand better.

What is cardio?

Cardio (Cardiovascular) is an exercise involving the cardiovascular system, helps your cardiovascular system be healthier, supports blood circulation, and provides more oxygen to cells in the muscles to burn fat and excess fat during exercise and even stop exercising.

From there, help you lose weight fast and effectively within 1 month.

Cardio training is a way to help tone the muscles more toned; you can easily control the intensity of your body’s movement.

Cardio is not actually a specific group of exercises. It is a common name for all cardiovascular system exercises and weight loss, fat loss.

When you apply these cardio exercises, whether male or female, the same effect, depending on the intensity and health of each person.

Now let’s go into details on Cardio and the most effective exercises offline.

Benefits of training, according to Cardio.

Surely anyone who starts out practicing Cardio always wonders about the benefits, and you will be surprised and do not feel wasted time consulting this knowledge.

Benefits of training according to Cardio

Cardio exercises are more appreciated and more effective than weight training because it affects all muscle groups in the body.

Help you to control the level of exercise and heart rate effectively. Reduce the likelihood of fatigue and stay longer even when you stop exercising.

Let’s find out more about each benefit.

1. Burn fat and lose weight effectively

Experts and coaches in the world have confirmed that Cardio with effective body fat burning function. Help you burn calories, reduce excess fat for the whole body.

Especially in the hips, thighs, and abdomen. It can bring extremely high and obvious effect, rapid weight loss in just 1 month.

2. Strengthen fitness, good for health

For athletes and soccer players … physical training is essential. Cardio exercise helps you stay stronger and more resilient. Reduce fatigue and increase strength when playing sports.

3. Improve cardiovascular health

A healthy heart will determine your fitness, so it also needs exercise. Cardio exercises help strengthen the cardiovascular system by expanding the blood vessels, large and small, so that oxygen can flow to the muscles in the best way. Improve elasticity and stabilize blood sugar.

You will be very likely to experience gasping for breath, heart palpitations when just starting to exercise or play sports. Cardio will help you stabilize this.

4. Increase the body’s resilience

The exercise will make you feel more tired and exhausted. However, you can combine Cardio to recover quickly. If you want to do light exercises, you can jog, walk, and work for less time.

5. Reduce stress

Many people have come to sports to relieve stress after work, helping the body to be healthier. No longer reduces drowsiness and pressure from work.

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Classify Cardio according to different intensity of exercise

Cardio consists of two main types: HIIT Cardio (high-intensity cardio) and LISS Cardio (low-intensity cardio).

What is HIIT Cardio (intense)?

What is HIIT Cardio

HIIT Cardio (High Intensive Interval Training) is a high-intensity interval training, an extremely effective and suitable method for everyone to burn calories generated and after training.

These exercises are usually for 20-30 minutes if the HIIT exercise is more than just shown that you haven’t put all your energy into the exercise.

What is LISS Cardio (low intensity)?

LISS Cardio (Low Intensive Steady State Cardio) is a type of exercise that helps burn low-intensity calories like running or walking with low-to-moderate intensity for long periods (about 10-15 minutes).

Because this exercise burns calories during a workout, you need to extend the training period by over 1 hour if you want to burn calories effectively.

A little advice for you is to practice LISS early in the morning without eating to promote fat burning effect.

What is LISS Cardio

As for Cardio exercises like HIIT, the opposite is not recommended in the early morning because this is a high-intensity exercise; in the morning, when you do not eat anything, your body will not ensure enough energy to perform HIIT exercises.

The note when practicing Cardio

  • When practicing cardio to lose weight, you should maintain a reasonable diet.
  • Should not be too strict diet.
  • Cardio should not be practiced when hungry and tired.
  • Eat before and after Cardio.
  • Gym (weightlifting) and Cardio should be 8 hours apart.
  • Nutrition must be a top priority.


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Cardio exercises burn fat, lose weight, improve fitness and physique.

1. Basic Plank exercises

Basic Plank exercises

Keep your elbows on the ground and keep your body balanced.

Note: You have to lie so that from the shoulders to the feet, a straight line should not be too high or too low will not work.

Keep your balance for 1 minute before moving on to the next move.

You can hold on for as long as you can, until your hands are tired and can’t stand it, turn around.

2. Exercise flexing the knees

Exercise flexing the knees

Posture: Lie on your back with your buttocks not touching the ground; this is one of the exercises that work directly on the lower abs. If you want to slim, you can not skip this Cardio exercise.

Perform: 2 hands behind the neck, bring your feet up above the ground and bend as close to your chest as possible. Perform about 10 – 20 times, depending on your ability.

3. Jogging motion to raise the pillow

You must have practiced this familiar movement when you were at school. But do not know that this simple exercise can help you lose weight.

Jogging motion to raise the pillow

Simple implementation as follows:

  • First, stand up straight with your feet spread about hip-width.
  • Then do a spot run and try to raise the thigh as much as possible.
  • Keep your thigh height up and keep your thighs with the calf at a right angle of 90 degrees.
  • This action, you should perform as quickly as possible.

With this Cardio exercise, you can also do it at home.

4. Cardio exercises cross-leg climbing

This is a great cardio exercise for reducing belly fat, so you should persevere if you want to get in shape quickly.

Cardio exercises cross-leg climbing

For this exercise, try to think that you are climbing a mountain, but instead of walking straight, cross your legs.

Also very tired!

Do the following:

  • Start in a pushup position.
  • Then bend your left knee as high as possible and then bring your knee toward the right waist.
  • Continue to collect your leg and change it quickly.

5. Cardio exercises move legs to horizontal

This is one of the Cardio exercises at the gym or at home that is extremely effective for you to help you impact lightly but deep into the muscle groups.

Cardio exercises move legs to horizontal

Do the following:

  • First, stand up straight and spread your legs shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly and tighten your stomach muscles.
  • Next, you move quickly 4-step sideways and then move back.
  • In this exercise, you remember that the faster you move, the more effective it will be.

6. Stretching out your arms and legs

This exercise will be very good at burning excess fat in the abdomen because the movements are effectively around the abdomen and waist.

Stretching out your arms and legs

Do the following:

  • Lie flat on your stomach and hands and feet straight.
  • Next, stretch your arms and legs, and then raise your left and right high.
  • His other arm and leg still straightened without touching the floor.
  • Continue to switch sides and do the same.
  • Perform continuously within 30-60 seconds.

This Cardio you can practice at home to increase fitness and burn fat most effectively

7. Inhale and crawl forward

Almost like a push-up. First, you enter the position as shown above.

Inhale and crawl forward

Then, pushing the hips up as high as possible makes an A-shape.

Next, lower your elbow but keep your balance.

Push the body stool upwards and the hips, lower legs. This cardio post helps you to be more flexible and can improve your height well.

8. Jump far and run backward

Jump far and run backward

Move, stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Taking momentum and jumping in place, you should jump as far as possible and land on the toes.

9. Cardio skipping rope

Skipping rope is one of the Cardio exercises that helps increase flexibility and endurance.

You perform the chewing movements as usual. It would help if you practiced with intensity from slow to fast.

Cardio skipping rope

Once you get used to it, you can train faster to get the best effect. Read more: Best jump ropes 2020

10. Jump onto the platform

Prepare a chair about 40 – 50 cm high.

Jump onto the platform

You take one step forward, then change to the next, so on until you feel a little tired, then stop.

Be aware of the impact of glutes in this cardio exercise. Read more: Best step platforms 2020

11. Hopscotch

Fun Cardio gestures:


Implementation: Stand straight and bend one leg back.

Jump a few steps ahead.

Then switch legs, turn and return to the previous position.

12. Cardio Anti-push

Posture: Lie approximately with the ground, hands with shoulders about 10-20 cm apart. Pay attention not to let the knee touch the ground.

Then lower yourself and lift yourself. But slow down and keep your balance.

Cardio Anti-push

Hold your breath when lowered and exhale when you return to the starting position. You should stop 1 to 2 strings between each beat offline.

Fat Burning Cardio Workout Video:

Some other cardio exercises

  • Jogging: You can run outdoors or on a treadmill, the time is about 20 minutes.
  • Running on Elliptical Machine, 10 minutes.
  • Climb the stairs with the stair machine.
  • Kick Boxing is punching and kicking sandbags continuously.
  • Aerobics.

So you understand what Cardio is! Please apply these Cardio exercises every day to improve health and burn fat, lose weight effectively.

You can do it right at home, and you should keep practicing for about 30 minutes daily in the morning or afternoon. Try it to feel the sharp change in fitness and endurance.

Note: In addition to being more effective, you should eat sensibly according to the weight loss regime to quickly achieve results.

Because the scientific diet accounts for 70% of the weight loss process, if you exercise but do not care about the food intake, you lose weight and gain weight faster!

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