How to Use Whey Protein Powder to Gain Muscle? Whey Protein Have Side Effects?

Whey protein also is known as the milk whey in general that proteins from whey. As a mixed ingredient derived from milk.

Those are the basic concepts of Whey Protein.

To be able to better understand what Whey Protein is, as well as the uses and harms of Whey Protein for Gymers, bodybuilders, you need to check out this article.

For all of your gym, Whey seems to have become an indispensable companion on the road to practice.

How to use whey protein powder to gain muscle? Whey protein have side effects
How to use whey protein powder to gain muscle? Whey protein have side effects


However, do you know how to use Whey Protein properly? This is really a lot of you will think easy, just mix and drink is done. But is that just as simple as that?

For any product or even food, to maximize its performance, you need to know how to eat/drink properly.

This will help your body make the most of its strength as well as a huge source of nutrients that if used incorrectly will be eliminated.

That is why you need to read and understand

  • How to drink whey milk?
  • What are the harmful effects of whey protein?
  • Is drinking whey harmful? …

Today, BellyFatZone will answer for you.

What is whey protein?

Whey Protein (whey protein) is collectively known as whey protein. Protein from whey is extracted from the production of cheese from milk.

It contains meat, fish, beef, chicken, or various egg products, cheese, soybeans also have large amounts of protein.

This protein has the highest value in providing Amino Acid – an amino acid that results in building and maintaining muscle cells, very good for bodybuilders. Whey Protein is commonly marketed and consumed as a dietary supplement.

The types of Amino Acid in Whey Protein are well combined to provide optimal functioning of the body, hormone, and cell reactions will be enhanced with the help of Whey Protein.

And of course, Whey Protein also acts as an antioxidant that helps maintain a healthy immune system.

It can be said that Whey Protein (whey protein, whey protein) is a complementary food to develop the best muscle for bodybuilders.

It contains natural ingredients that benefit athletes because of its quality. Various flavor enhancers are also added to enrich its flavor, thus increasing the demand for the user.

Whey milk is just a supplement, so it is very safe for health, if your body absorbs poorly, you should use Whey to enhance nutrition.

More specific about Whey Protein

When milk is concentrated, the proteins are broken down into semi-solid and liquid forms. Casein Protein is lumpy and powdered milk (80% milk protein) while Whey Protein is liquid (20% milk protein).

Whey Protein is fast-acting, meaning your body can absorb nutrients quickly. This is extremely important in supporting optimal and strong muscle development.

Like all animal proteins, Whey Protein is a complete protein, containing all the important amino acids needed by the body.

Plant protein is not a complete protein and needs to be combined with another vegetable protein to form a complete amino.

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Whey Protein (whey powder) is divided into 2 types

  1. Concentrated form

It’s an economical option if we look at every gram of protein. It is ideal for people sensitive to lactose due to its significantly lower lactose level.

  1. Separated form

Separated form

It is a high-quality Whey Protein product, produced in a more selective process. In the process of filtering fat and sugar out. Milk protein isolates 90% is protein and very low in fat and carbohydrates.

And whey powder is also called whey protein, whey protein, whey protein powder.

Importance of Whey Protein to the body:

Most athletes or bodybuilders understand the importance of protein in their bodies. Whey Protein’s amino acid supply helps to increase muscle size, increase strength and speed recovery.

Importance of Whey Protein to the body

The nutrients contained in Whey Protein are one of the nutrients that are indispensable after a grueling workout and consume a lot of calories. Therefore, the nutrition for the gym is also very important.

Regular protein use combined with intensity training will bring the highest efficiency for muscle development.

 How to use protein is reasonable?

Many people still believe that the more protein you consume, the faster your muscles will grow. But this is not entirely true. Because you have to calculate the amount of protein intake from the perspective with specific numbers.

Most Americans get 15% of their daily calorie needs through protein. Our body will need 10 to 14g more protein each day to create about 450g of muscle.

This is not too much compared to other types of protein powders that can provide 80g of protein per serving (1 tablespoon of Whey Protein normally only provides 25 g of protein).

How to use protein is reasonable?

On average, each adult needs only 0.8 g of protein per kg of body weight.

People who participate in sports activities have between 1.1 and 1.4 grams of protein.

Professional athletes need between 1.2g and 1.4g.

Bodybuilders who want to build muscle range from 1.5 to 2 g of protein.

For example, if you are an adult who weighs 75 kg and is in the process of building muscle, the daily amount of protein is 150 g.

It sounds like a lot, but if you know how to get the right amount of protein through meals throughout the day like protein-rich foods: meat, fish, eggs, legumes, etc; At the same time, adding Whey protein, the figure of 150 g is completely satisfied.

Some signs that when the body has a protein deficiency to pay attention, the body often feels tired, unable to complete the familiar weight, quickly exhausted in the exercises or activities that need to be used to strengthen, the injury recovery process takes place more slowly than usual.

Whey Protein effects on the body?

After intense exercise, the body will lose protein. At that time, using Whey Protein will help you balance the protein needed in the body, recover and develop, increase muscle faster after stressful exercises.

The use of adequate protein also helps those who want to lose weight, dieters because it can balance blood sugar.

Does whey protein help you gain weight?

Whey Protein may help you gain weight, but the number of amino acids will help you gain more muscle. For those of you who want to gain weight, you should develop a scientific menu, muscle exercises, or some other functional foods to help you gain weight.

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Detailed instructions on how to use Whey Protein most effectively

For all of you exercising, bodybuilding, Whey milk has always played an important role in the protein supplement for corn, whether new or experienced.

However, it is not as simple as buying a jar of Whey and drinking it anytime. To get the most out of Whey Protein, you need to know when to use it.

How to mix Whey Protein?

How to mix Whey Protein?

First, we need to learn a little bit about how to mix Whey. Actually, the way of mixing is not complicated, just a bit strange to new friends only.

We just need to put 1 teaspoon of Whey in a shaker (with a pendulum). It is best to buy a Whey shake bottle, then you just need to give cold water.

Usually, about 300ml (on a bottle with a line), if you add ice, you can reduce it to avoid being thin. And shake.

Thanks to the stainless steel spring pendulum, the Whey powder will be dissolved evenly. Many of you ask if you just put flour in a glass, then use a spoon to stir it?

The answer is not so because whey powder is not enough to melt.

However, it’s simple to say, but if you drink like that every day, make sure it’s less than a month to get bored.

If you don’t drink, you can’t do it. If you keep drinking like that, you’re bored, so what should you do?

That’s when you need a little variation. It’s taking advantage of a blender and turning it into a smoothie. You only need to combine Whey which is usually vanilla or odorless with fruit.

I usually blend Whey Prostar vanilla smoothie with avocado, almonds. This way makes me feel a lot less bored.

If you like, you can use other fruits as well.

Whey Protein should be taken at any time of the day?

How to use your Whey milk will determine whether you are squandering and taking full advantage of the protein.

1. Drink in the morning

Normally, the gym you always need to have a deep sleep at night lasting from 7-8 hours.

It is the longest time of the day when you are not getting a nutritional supplement (except if you are drinking muscle casein milk at night).

However, no matter what, right after you wake up, you need to supplement your protein immediately, especially before eating breakfast.

Not only provide the amino acids needed to help muscle growth, but protein also provides energy for the body.

2. Drink before exercising

Drink before exercising

To this day, many people still debate whether or not to drink Whey before training. The answer is simple SHOULD.

Whey Protein gives a lot of energy to the body, especially a source of protein for muscles, helping muscles fight muscle loss.

Drink Whey Protein at least 30 minutes before your workout. That way, your body will have enough time to digest and load amino acids.

3. Drink after exercise

Drink after exercise

After training, your body easily falls into a state of both exhaustion and nutrition. That’s when muscles need protein to prevent catabolism.

At this time, enzymes and hormones in the body are inactive phases. It is at this time, whether or not your muscles will recover depending on whether or not you are getting nutrition.

After training for 30 minutes, just by using Whey powder, you can easily replenish muscles 1 protein and absorb extremely quickly.

If you want to quickly recover from muscle mass and ease the pain of your next workout, it’s best to have a glass of Whey.

4. Drink for snacks

Drink for snacks

Surely you have read many articles about gym people should divide the menu 1 day into 6 meals, including 3 meals and 3 snacks.

The most effective way to use Whey Protein is with snacks. Make sure you have plenty of protein at meals that are high in protein.

Therefore, the snacks are a good time for you to drink a glass of Whey smoothie. Just drink and it will take you about 5 minutes. Extremely convenient!

5. Drink before bed

Drink before bed

Actually using Whey before bed is just a temporary nature because Whey you drink before bed, at most it only provides about 2-3 hours of energy is exhausted.

So how do muscles get nourished?

Right now, muscles don’t need Whey, they actually need Casein. This is a slow protein source so muscles will constantly be nourished. Casein milk contains a large amount of Glutamine.

If you only drink once a day, what time should you take it?

This is also a good question for many of you, especially those who want to save money. Definitely after training.

After the workout, the body falls into a state of rapid muscle loss without rapid nutritional supplements.

Although you can completely run to the restaurant for a bowl of beef noodle soup, you need to know the muscle is very hungry and it must wait for you to run and digest it takes at least 30 minutes.

If so, roughly calculate you also need to spend at least 1 hour to be able to provide protein muscle drip. So, let’s say you’re digging your own grave. Therefore, just a quick scoop of 1 spoon of Whey is just enough!

How many Whey Protein do you need each day?

Strictly speaking, you need to read the article every day to eat how much protein. Just by reading this article, you will understand how much protein your body needs.

In addition, you should read the article menu to increase muscle fat to understand how you need to eat and drink.

  • If you are a person who does not go to the gym or does not exercise or just want to supplement protein for a healthier body, each day just needs to add about 0.8-1.3g of protein/weight.
  • If you are exercising every day, add about 2-3g of protein/kilogram of weight.

How to use Whey to support weight loss

How to use Whey to support weight loss

In order to lose weight and avoid the risk of muscle loss, you need to consider using Whey products.

1. Determine how much whey to incorporate into your diet

Nutritionists recommend using Whey only to support your diet, not replace meals with Whey milk.

Using Whey as a snack will help you feel fuller, less hungry …

2. Use Whey Milk Shake

When you’re in the process of losing fat, you need to increase your fiber intake and limit sugar. The simplest way is to take advantage of the fruits when you blend in smoothies.

Whey smoothies, when blended with fruit, will help the body not only get more Whey but also provide more vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Whey should choose?

Currently, there are many different types of whey on the market. However, choosing an appropriate one is not easy. That’s why you need to immediately read the article on how to choose Whey.

Just by following the instructions above, you will feel the benefits of Whey.

What are the harmful effects of whey protein?

  • Have you ever heard anyone ask Whey Protein’s harmful effects?
  • Or is it dangerous to drink Whey?
  • Or does use too much Whey cause harm?
  • Will stop taking the muscle to affect it?

Here are questions from dozens of other questions about Whey Protein supplements for gyms.

Certainly, many brothers and sisters every day desire to answer, especially beginners.

Before starting to analyze whether drinking whey has any side effects.

If you ask the reason is very simple, before doing anything, please understand the cause of it. Do your own analysis and think?

This article will help you best visualize this supplement.

Answering the harmful effects of Whey Protein:

First, you need to keep in mind that Whey Protein is NOT a muscle enhancer, it is not a stimulant, it is just a milk powder, has a high content of pure protein, removes a lot of ‘impurities’. and able to quickly absorb into muscles.

In essence, it is exactly like the protein that you usually eat from fish meat every day.

Are you allergic to Whey Protein?

If you’ve read the guide on how to choose a good Whey Protein, then understand that whey is a dairy product.

Therefore, if you only use Whey Protein Blend (Whey Blend) or Whey Concentrate alone, no matter who you are, your milk allergy will be very difficult to digest, even cause abdominal pain, severe diarrhea!

If lactose cannot be adapted to milk, choose whey isolate or whey hydrolyzed!

Because they remove almost all impurities, lactose, fat, and carbs. That is why you need to be careful before deciding to buy.

In particular, you should pay attention to the composition of digestive enzymes Lactase. If any product has this ingredient, it is the product you should buy because it is an inscription of lactose.

Who should not drink Whey Protein?

This is obviously a question many people ask because not everyone is the same. Some people are allergic to seafood, others can’t eat chicken, or drink alcohol …

In this case, those who are allergic to lactose in fresh milk should not choose Whey Blend; Instead, you know which one to use!

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use it, although there are currently no studies to counter it.

However, the best still should not be. In addition, those who are preparing to have surgery or should not drink after surgery.

If you are currently taking prescription medication, you should consult it before taking it.

Eating plenty of protein has any side effects?

Eating plenty of protein has any side effects?

Surely you’ve heard a lot of places where the ‘very mindful’ advertising is that drinking more and more of the Whey will increase your muscle efficiency, without paying attention to the side effects of whey when used excessively every day.

This is completely wrong!

Whey only helps provide protein. Muscles grow well depending on many factors such as exercise, the process of supplementing with food every day.

This means that in addition to drinking Whey, we need to actively consume protein primarily from foods rich in natural protein content such as meat, eggs … and never consider supplements more important than food. day.

Some of the side effects of whey excess load are headache, gout, and constipation. When you see these symptoms, stop using immediately and gradually reduce the amount of protein.

Excessive use of Whey for a long time will have a negative effect on the kidneys. To limit the effects of Whey, use the correct dosage specified on the package.

There are many opinions about the harms of Whey, but NOT ANY CONSENT. Let’s analyze each issue one by one to see if it is right or wrong.

1. Drink Whey with constipation

Constipation is not a common side effect of drinking Whey. For a small number of people with lactose allergy, they may experience constipation.

However, constipation usually occurs when you eat fewer fruits, vegetables, and less water. This means that Whey almost rarely causes this problem.

If you are suspicious of Whey having constipation, check to see if you have had enough fluids or that you eat enough fruits and vegetables every day.

Vegetables and fruits contain a large content of easily digestible fiber, which helps the body to eliminate waste easily.

Another reason why replacing natural foods with protein, with Whey Protein is a bad idea, is because it can increase the risk of nutrient deficiencies.

All healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables, are rich in nutrients and contain a multitude of essential minerals for optimal health.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a balanced diet while using Whey Protein.

2. Does whey drink kidney damage?

Whey drinking kidney failure is one of the most controversial issues.

A meal with too much protein will cause pressure inside the kidneys and cause them to filter more blood than usual. However, this does not mean that a high protein meal will be harmful to the kidneys.

Numerous studies have been conducted and prove that protein is not harmful to the kidneys of healthy people.

However, for those with kidney stones or related problems, taking a lot of protein is likely to make the kidneys even weaker.

The kidney is a membrane that filters blood and removes excess waste through the urine. The filter is called a glomerulus. Leaf base is made up of insoluble protein fibers.

This substrate can be damaged by sugar (which clogs open holes) and phosphates, which are produced when you eat a lot of protein.

In people with poor kidney function, phosphate accumulates in the blood, damaging the glomerular base, making the weak kidney even weaker.

In a nutshell, if your kidneys are healthy then using them won’t matter. If you have kidney problems, you need to consult your doctor for use.

3. Is drinking whey harmful to the liver?

Is drinking whey harmful to the liver?

Similar to the above case, there is no evidence that too much protein intake can cause liver damage in healthy people.

The liver needs protein to repair itself and convert fats into lipoproteins – molecules that help remove fat from the liver.

In a study of 11 obese women, taking 60g of Whey Protein powder all reduced liver fat by 21%, over 4 weeks.

In addition, it helps reduce blood triglycerides by 15% and blood cholesterol levels by 7%.

One case reported that a 27-year-old man had liver damage after taking a line of Whey Protein supplements.

However, he also uses a lot of different types of supplements. In addition, doctors are not sure whether he uses Steroids, which may harm the liver.

Consuming large amounts of protein in the body will harm people with liver problems, such as cirrhosis.

The liver helps to flush toxins from the blood. The liver of people with cirrhosis cannot work well and this will be worse when it cannot filter out excess protein.

Thus, a protein-rich diet (about 2.2g / kg of body weight) will not cause liver damage in healthy people.

On the contrary, if you have liver problems, consult your doctor about the amount of protein you are allowed to consume, as well as the use of protein supplements.

4. Does drinking lots of whey cause osteoporosis real?

Many people believe that consuming too much protein in the body will cause loss of calcium and minerals in the bones and increase the risk of osteoporosis.

In fact, eating more protein without increasing the number of fruits and vegetables will cause you to lose more calcium through the urine.

Since then many people mistakenly believe that eating protein or drinking Whey causes osteoporosis.

There is no evidence that the protein itself can cause osteoporosis.

Conversely, not eating enough new protein is a cause of bone loss. Bones are not only made up of minerals.

One major component of bone mass is protein, mainly collagen protein.

Like muscles, bones are a type of tissue that continuously works, breaks down, and rebuilds.

Therefore, eating a lot of protein helps improve bone density in people most at risk of osteoporosis. If you diligently practice sports, this effect doubles.

In an analysis of 36 studies, the researchers did not find any evidence, whether eating too much protein is harmful to bone health.

Thus, supplementing with Whey Protein does not cause osteoporosis but also helps prevent osteoporosis.

In addition, some studies recommend that older people, who tend to have osteoporosis, should eat more protein-rich foods to maintain healthy bone structure.

5. Does drinking Whey have gout?

Is a high intake of Whey Protein at risk of gout? Can people with gout drink Whey?

First, let’s find out the cause of gout, a gout is a form of arthritis that arises from a natural defect in the body’s metabolism of uric acid waste.

Excess uric acid circulating in the blood seeps out and forms crystals in and around joints, causing inflammation, swelling, and pain.

Uric acid levels rise due to primary causes such as genetics, atopic and secondary causes are consumption of many purine-rich foods such as liver, some beans, mushrooms, and anchovies.

Whey Protein is a food made from cow’s milk, low in purines, and there is currently no scientific evidence that whey causes gout.

However, if you are suffering from gout then you still need to be cautious when using it. It is best to consult a doctor.

6. Does whey protein increase your risk of heart disease?

No information to prove this.

In contrast, Whey is thought to help improve heart health, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. Whey Protein helps to lower LDL (bad cholesterol), regulate blood pressure, and increase blood flow to the heart.

The reason for having information about drinking Whey cause heart disease is because people are a little confused. In fact, a diet that is too protein-oriented, consuming too much red meat can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Eating animal protein daily is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease (70% for men and 37% for women), while plant protein is not associated with this risk.

But this is only “relevant” only, no research confirms that one is the cause of the other.

Therefore, Whey will not cause you a heart attack. But people who have had heart problems should still consult their doctor before use.

7. Drinking Whey is infertile

Drinking Whey is infertile


This is completely wrong and completely without scientific basis. I say it because many people are speculating that drinking Whey can cause infertility.

This is the rumor of many people who do not understand Whey is just a nutritional supplement. And what you should worry about is Steroid.

8. Drinking Whey has nausea

This problem is there when using Whey. However, statistically, this problem rarely happens. Most of the time there are no serious problems.

When you have to absorb a large amount of protein at once, even though it is called a rapidly absorbing protein, it takes a certain time to digest. You will feel bloated, uncomfortable, and nauseous.

The solution is to reduce the dose, then gradually increase it. Do not drink too much in one go, and choose a type of Whey supplemented with digestive support enzymes.

9. Whey drinks with diarrhea

This side effect is likely to occur in some people, mainly because the body is lactose intolerant. Read more about why drinking Whey has diarrhea to better understand this problem and how to fix it.

You can choose pure Isolate whey, which completely removes lactose, which can cause abdominal pain.

10. Whey drinks acne

Many people complain that drinking Whey causes acne in their face and back.

The article on why taking Whey Pimples will explain clearly about this situation as well as ways to improve it can still be used.

11. Taking Whey Protein with Cancer?

Saying Whey causes cancer is very unfair to Whey. However, there are some issues you need to pay attention to.

  • Firstly, consuming too much protein is associated with an increased incidence of cancer. Science has yet to prove this “involvement” means eating lots of cancer-causing proteins. But the best you just use is okay, do not abuse.
  • Second, some poor quality wheys use toxic chemical ingredients. These substances build up in people and cause disease, possibly cancer. Choose a quality, pure, and impurities-free product.

Finally, can people with cancer use Whey? This issue requires comments from doctors and experts.

How to use whey protein effectively?

How to use whey protein effectively?

As such, we can see, Whey usually will not cause any serious harm, unless you exceed the allowed dosage, or when you have special health problems.

If you have normal health, then just use the right way, Whey will only be beneficial, not harmful.

People who often exercise, lift weights or exercise at high intensity, need to add more protein than people who do not exercise.

In addition, this use depends on age, gender, weight, and body condition as well as the intensity of exercise.

Normally, according to the diet article for sports players, those who go to the gym need to provide 2-3 grams of protein/kg of body weight per day. If you use that and you’re still fine, it’s good.

However, to be safe, you should consult your doctor if there are any unusual signs. Finally, in addition to protein, you need to add foods high in fat, starch, foods high in fiber, as well as vitamins!

Instructions on how to make Whey Protein at home

You need to prepare the following foods: yogurt, cheese, butter, beans … In general, protein-rich foods. Whey is mostly made from mainly milk. Therefore you should prioritize cheese and cow’s milk.

Filter cloth, filter tray, and small bowl or brass.

Filter cloth, filter tray, and small bowl or brass.

Step 1: Put the filter cloth and ray into the bowl.

Put the filter cloth and ray into the bowl

Step 2: Put the prepared material mixture into a towel and start filtering.

Put the prepared material mixture into a towel and start filtering

Step 3: Cover and wait until whey runs out, remove the filter ray. The filter is taken and placed in the refrigerator.

The filter is taken and placed in the refrigerator

About 8 hours later you get a yellow liquid mixture, which is Whey Protein Milk. You can store and use it within 2 weeks.

8 hours later you get a yellow liquid mixture, which is Whey Protein Milk

The above article can help you better understand what is Whey Protein, what is whey milk as well as their role for health and especially for bodybuilders.

Better understand the word so that it can be used appropriately with your condition. During the preparation of wey, if you use Blenders Protein Shakes, the nutritional effect will be better.

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