How to Lose Belly Fat While Sitting Effective?

By: Samuel Brownlee

You may be surprised, but scientific studies have shown that some standing or sitting positions can help shape your size and shape and even help you lose weight to avoid excess fat build-up in the abdomen.

You will not believe it, but a few movements will reduce belly fat quickly and effectively if we know how to sit together.

  • Have you ever wondered whether your body is not fat, but round 2 is a bit too big?
  • Or why don't you eat a lot and your waist keeps bloating?

If you want to know the answer and find a solution and how to sit without belly fat, do not rush to share this article!

How to Lose Belly Fat While Sitting Effective?
How to Lose Belly Fat While Sitting Effective?

Let us tell you the sitting postures to reduce belly fat, reduce hip fat most effectively offline. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Causes of belly fat and sitting postures to reduce belly fat:

Causes of belly fat
Causes of belly fat

According to experts, belly fat is formed by many different reasons; some of the main reasons can be listed as:

Due to genetics: Because your body has genes inherited from parents and family members, so nature in the second round accumulates more fat.

Due to an unreasonable diet: Some of you have a habit of eating late after 10 pm when the body is stationary, it will cause fat accumulation.

Due to drinking lots of alcohol and alcoholic beverages: These are the “enemies” of round 2 that cause belly fat for many people.

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Sitting in the wrong position: Scientists have researched that: When you sit crouched and not straight, the body forms a C-shape, at this time, the lower abdominal muscles will be pinched, the waist is clicked, and created — conditions for fat accumulation here.

Sitting in the wrong posture is also the most important and most comfortable to fix.

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How to lose belly fat while sitting:

Sit up straight, neck up, not crouched or hunched. Make a habit of keeping your body in an upright position.

Sit up straight, neck up, not crouched or hunched
Sit up straight, neck up, not crouched or hunched.

When sitting, keep the legs parallel for comfort; avoiding crossing the legs will make it difficult for blood to circulate.

The effective way to reduce belly fat:

Here are some exercises as well as a standard way to help you lose belly fat to narrow your waist:

1. Knee Pull-ins exercise

Just sitting at your desk, you do not need to waste time going far can still perform this exercise to reduce hip fat.

Knee Pull-ins exercise
Knee Pull-ins exercise


– Sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet parallel and comfortable

Start: Raise your right knee so it reaches your chest and holds your knee with your hand. Breathe regularly and gently.

– Perform alternating sides of the knee 20-30 times is the completed exercise.

2. Double Knee Lift hip fat reduction exercises:

This is a sitting posture to reduce belly fat recommended by experts effectively.

Double Knee Lift hip fat reduction exercises
Double Knee Lift hip fat reduction exercises

The implementation is quite simple, as follows:

You sit on a chair, your back straight, your feet so that your knees touch.

Start: Two handles firmly on both sides of the chair, keep your back straight, lift both knees to your chest, keeping the knees still touching.

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Gently lower your foot, but do not let the foot touch the ground
Repeat 10-20 repetitions to complete the exercise.

3. How to lose belly fat with Oblique Pull-Ups:

How to lose belly fat with Oblique Pull-Ups
How to lose belly fat with Oblique Pull-Ups

Instructions for performing the exercise:

Start: Sitting on a chair, put your hands on your hands. Turn to the side to play, lifting the lower body. You repeat the same movement as the Double Knee Lift exercise I showed above.

Do the same thing on the other side. Repeated movements 10-20 times for each side to achieve high efficiency.

4. Exercise Floor Reaches:

This is also an effective way to reduce belly fat that many people apply and give good results.

Exercise Floor Reaches
Exercise Floor ReachesExercise Floor Reaches

Proceed as follows:

  • Sit on a chair, put your feet on the ground, keep your back straight.
  • Spread your arms across your arms, twisting your body simultaneously, bending down, and leaning forward so that your right finger touches the left toes.
  • Do the same with the other party.
  • Perform alternating movements on both sides of your body, repeating 20-30 times to complete this non-obese sitting pattern.

5. How to sit and reduce belly fat with Pull Up exercises

When doing this exercise, you need to place the chair on a flat, close to the wall, so that the chair does not wobble when practicing.

Pull Up exercises
Pull Up exercises

Perform the task as follows:

You sit on a chair and place your hands on the rest of the chair.
Start: Lift yourself from the chair with your hands and use your abs to pull up your knees.
Stay in the pose for as long as possible and slowly lower yourself.

Other ways to reduce hip fat:

In addition to exercises and postures to reduce the upper hip fat, you can also apply cinnamon powder to reduce belly fat and salt balance.

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cinnamon powder to reduce belly fat
cinnamon powder to reduce belly fat

You can use a cinnamon wrap belt, which works directly on the skin on the sides to burn the excess fat accumulated in this area. The heat and the essential oils in cinnamon powder contribute to burning off the fat and eliminating them.


Preparation: 2 tablespoons of white salt, four tablespoons of cinnamon powder, two tablespoons of olive oil, a food wrap, a bandage


Put white salt, olive oil, and cinnamon powder in turn. Boil 350ml of water and pour it into a bowl, then mix well. Soak the tape in a suitable kiss for 5-10 minutes.

Wrap the bandage around the belly area with lots of excess fat, add the original mixture to the sides to increase efficiency. Wrap the outside with plastic wrap and let stand for 30-60 minutes.

Then remove the bandage, clean the abdomen. Perform regularly 2-3 times a week.

The above are ways to reduce belly fat and other methods to help reduce hip fat effectively.

Hopefully, the readers have found themselves in a sitting position to lose belly fat the fastest.

Good luck!

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