How to Lose Thigh Fat for Men and Women Scientifically Effective

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In addition to belly fat, everyone wants to lose belly fat; thigh fat is also one thing that many people in the world care about.

No one wants our bodies to develop improperly when the upper part is small, and the buttocks and thighs are too large; this not only happens to women but also men; many people also accumulate thigh fat a lot.

And all are looking for a way to safely lose thigh fat effectively and scientifically proven to have no health effects and no side effects.

How does this approach work and have anything to do with the whole body's overall weight loss?

For women, slim thighs are always a dream to be able to wear short pants. So has an article on how to lose thigh fat make you satisfied or not?

If not, surely this will be a completely different article. We will take you through a process.

The first thing you need to master is that thigh fat loss can only be successful if you know how to apply a diet and exercise properly.

How to Lose Thigh Fat for Men and Women Scientifically Effective
How to Lose Thigh Fat for Men and Women Scientifically Effective

Have you ever dreamed of long, slender legs like actors and models in beauty magazines?

Regular practice of these thigh fat reduction exercises not only helps you have a better body but also trains the flexibility and strength of your legs, reducing the risk of knee pain in old age.

Is it difficult to train to beat thigh fat, and how to practice?

That's why you should read the article on how to lose body fat. This will help you better visualize your path.

In this article, Bellyfatzone will help you solve the problem: finding an effective, safe method to lose thigh fat, scientifically proven based on verified studies, and having absolutely no effects do not use anything on your overall health.

How to lose thigh fat for women and men?

The main culprit that makes your thighs not neat is excess fat.

However, let's accept that you cannot lose fat in one area; you can only lose body fat.

And the key to losing body fat is nothing more than a scientific diet that combines exercise to burn calories.

Some female friends used to live with “legged” legs, but they regain their slender legs like a model, thanks to this method.

If you are determined and persistent enough, nothing is impossible. Do not think about surgical options, cutlery if you have not tried the following fast but safe thigh fat reduction methods.

In a small-scale study, researchers asked participants to perform 960-1200 LEG PRESS moves within 12 weeks and use only one leg.

Results have shown that exercise plays a vital role in reducing total body fat and not just fat in the legs or thighs.

Exercise is one of the best solutions to lose body fat, especially leg fat.

Before going into the main part, you need to determine where I will lose body fat and tone thighs.

Therefore, you will practice muscle groups evenly. For the same reason, your body will be prettier. But no one wants slender thighs and limbs …

Part I: Eat well

It can be said that this is the key point. Even if you go to practice and eat incorrectly, don't expect to have slim thighs.

Nutrition accounts for 60% of the results. Of course, you cannot lose fat if you keep eating disorganized, but you also do not have to fast or eat too hard. Eat enough, and right, that is the secret.

1. Cut down on sweeteners in daily drinks

Cut down on sweeteners in daily drinks

Surely no one does not like sweet. However, if so, you are hurting yourself. Therefore, high fat or thigh fat should focus on drinking plenty of water because it is cheap and has no calories.

Water helps the body to remove toxins, bring nutrients to the cells. Especially water helps the body to metabolize. This affects your fat burning fast.

  • Do not drink soft drinks, energy drinks … Although this is very difficult; it will be tough to lose weight if you drink. Did you know that just 1 bottle of soft drink has you loaded up to 300 calories, while not sure your 1-hour workout will burn 300 calories?
  • Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants and just zero calories. Green tea contains many polyphenol compounds that fight free radicals. If you read the article about belly fat reduction foods, you will know why people drink tea.
  • Just drinking 1 cup of tea or a glass of water before eating will help your body reduce the ability to overeat.

2. Healthy diet

Healthy diet

The way to lose thigh fat in particular and overall body fat loss is to choose what to eat. A healthy meal does not mean you have to follow a certain diet.

This just means you need to readjust.

All must be scientifically correct. When you eat, you need to know what you eat and how to control calories.

  • Starch: First of all, read what starch is. Starch is actually divided into two categories: fast and slow. Here, we only eat the slow ones. The reason is that it will help reduce hunger.
  • Protein: You should read the article about what protein is to understand. Without protein, the muscle wouldn't have. Therefore, never give up protein deficiency. You should have a variety of sources.
  • Good and bad fats: Here, we divide them into two categories. Omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats will help lower bad cholesterol. Here, you should eat lots of olive oil … Other fats are bad fats. You should choose good fats.
  • Fruits and vegetables: These will help the body have more fiber and reduce hunger. Besides, the vitamin content will keep you healthy.

Besides, you should add whey protein milk to ensure your body has enough protein. Only after using it, I admit that my body is different.

Muscles are more visible. The thighs are also slimmer. It is best to choose to buy Allmax Nutrition IsoFlex 5lbs milk.

3. Use the low-carb approach

Use the low-carb approach

According to statistics, for every 100 people, up to 70 people apply this method. Low-carb intake allows you to eat a lot of protein while cutting back on carbs.

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However, instead of making a full cut, we think you should do it in moderation. The reason is that if you remove all the carbs, you will not have enough energy for your body to function.

4. Adjust calories

Adjust calories

Do you need to find ways to lose thigh fat effectively? Losing weight or losing fat in any area, find ways to adjust the calorie intake to be smaller than the calories consumed.

You just lose about 3500 calories (by cutting back in eating and increasing exercise), you will lose 0.5 kg.

Do not be too scared to see the number 3500 because no one forces you to reduce in 1 day; it is best to divide it evenly in 1-2 weeks.

Get in the habit of counting calories and should write down or write a note-taking app on your phone. Prioritize low-calorie but nutritious, non-fat foods.

5. How to drink smart water

How to drink smart water

Drinking water is also an effective way to lose thigh fat at home? Water helps to remove many toxins that accumulate in the body and is involved in many important processes.

Simultaneously, water “deceives” your body that you are full, thereby reducing hunger and junk food cravings.

Green tea is also a fat-burning supplement because it is high in antioxidants and low in calories.

A glass of water or tea before a meal will make it easier for you to control how much food you consume.

Say goodbye to soft drinks, milk tea, juice concentrate, or energy drinks because they contain huge amounts of sugar and calories.

If you keep drinking it, losing belly or thigh fat is just a distant future.

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Part II: Exercises for thigh muscles and fat burning

Before diving into details, you need to know that you need to burn fat if you want to train thighs. That is, fat surrounds the thighs. If only we do weights, thighs will not be beautiful forever.

Instead, we're going to deal with it from the outside in. That means we'll have to burn the thigh fat. Here it is true that body fat.

How to burn thigh fat? Here, we will not talk about superhuman exercises. The best advice would be to do cardio or jogging …

These are groups of cards that burn fat. Thanks to that, your body will quickly regain its slenderness. Here, we don't practice every day.

Instead, you can practice alternating days, and a week for only 2-3 days is too much. For example, for 2-4-6, you jog for about 45 minutes a day. 3-5-7 go to the gym.

The best fat burning exercises we will often know with Cardio or HIIT exercise are methods of increasing heart rate and breathing rate:

  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Swim
  • Dance
  • Walk

Strength exercises can be called gym exercises, weight training with or without weights, to stimulate muscle growth.

You can do it with dumbbells, barbells, resistance belts, or running practice. All bring about positive effects.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 8-10 multi-muscle exercises 2-3 times per week.

Multi-muscle exercises work on many different muscle groups simultaneously, helping to burn more calories and help lose weight more effectively.

Besides, you should take the time to immediately read the article listing the best male and female thigh fat reduction exercises at the gym and home.

Talking about fat loss is losing the whole body, not just one area. So think about cutting out calories every day, with both eating and exercising.

The exercises that help you release the most calories are cardio exercises – the key to burning body fat because you can't lose any part of your body alone.

1. Jog


Jogging is a great exercise for overall weight loss. Running also strengthens the leg muscles and abdominal muscles, making your thighs and abdomen firmer and sharper.

Besides, this exercise also improves heart and lung function and is very convenient to exercise because you do not need to use any additional equipment.

A 2012 study found that people with an average fitness of 1,600m would lose 471.03 calories while running and 372.54 when walking.

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2. HIIT exercises

HIIT exercises

Busy people who do not have much time to practice can look to HIIT.

These are high-intensity interval workouts that will cause you to burn more calories than regular exercises even if you take less time.

3. Climb the stairs

Climb the stairs

Climbing stairs is also a way to lose fat and keep the heart and lungs healthy. You can climb stairs, climb mountains, walk uphill, or use the gym machine.

People who regularly climb stairs are thought to have lower cholesterol levels than those who exercise less.

In addition to full-body exercises, combined with gym exercises will make your lean muscles firmer, creating a feeling of lean thighs.

The gym also stimulates fat burning faster and more effectively and increases metabolism to have the best results. So what are the exercises to slim thighs fast?

Read more about the benefits of stair climbing to see why taking the stairs at home or work can completely burn off a lot of fat.

4. Squat

Squat comes in a lot of variations, but let's start with the basics. Squats not only strengthen the glutes, tone the front thigh muscles but are also great for the back and increase energy expenditure.

YouTube video


  • Step 1: Stand up comfortably, legs hip-width apart, arms wrapped behind your head.
  • Step 2: Slowly lower the hips vertically, as deep as possible, but the knees do not exceed the toes
  • Step 3: Press the legs to lift the body back to the original position

5. Lunges

Simple movements, help big buttocks, slim legs, full criteria of the fastest exercise to lose thigh fat for women.

Lunges combine many muscle bundles, helping you have a flexible and healthy lower body and increasing your calorie burning.

YouTube video


  • Step 1: Stand up comfortably, legs open, narrower than hips, hands-on-hips, eyes straight.
  • Step 2: Inhale and step left foot forward, then lower the body vertically so that the two pillows form right angles, the left pillow does not exceed the toes, the right leg is parallel to the floor.
  • Step 3: Exhale and push yourself back up to the original position, change the diagnosis

6. Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber is a familiar thigh reduction exercise; you can do it during cardio sessions to release energy or apply the HIIT method – work out with fast speed – slow alternately to increase efficiency muscle hunting, fat loss.

YouTube video


  • Step 1: Put your hands and feet on the floor, hands are perpendicular to the floor, elbows are under shoulders, legs are closed, torso forms a straight line from head to heel, abdominal muscle tension.
  • Step 2: Pull the left leg closer to the left hand and then bring it back to the original position.
  • Step 3: Pull the right leg closer to the right hand, return to the original position, repeat continuously, and gradually increase the speed.

7. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks is capable of eliminating up to 300 calories in just 20 minutes. Is this exercise to lose thigh fat for 1 week?

Chances are, if you practice properly, diligently combined with a reasonable diet.

YouTube video


  • Step 1: Stand up straight, legs closed, abdomen sucked in
  • Step 2: Shrug and jump as high as possible, 2 feet to the side, 2 arms swing high up.
  • Step 3: Keep jumping to return to the original position; the faster and stronger you perform, the more energy you will release.
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8. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are a compound exercise that combines many muscle groups, so it is called the village's king to gain muscle and lose fat.

If you want to own a compact, healthy, athletic thigh quickly, make this move right away.

YouTube video


  • Step 1: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands firmly grasp the bar, inner forearms touch the outside of thighs, legs slightly touching the bar, palms facing people
  • Step 2: Press the legs down, create the force to lift the dumbbells, combine the strength of the whole body to lift the dumbbells until the weight is in the middle of the upper thigh, the bar is always in contact with the body
  • Step 3: Slowly lower the dumbbells down until it touches the floor

You need to choose the right weight and do the right posture to avoid injury.

9. Side Leg Raises

This is one of the fastest thigh fat loss exercises at home because you don't need any tools or machines. The movement of lying down and lifting the legs up and down looks leisurely, but not everyone gets it right.

YouTube video


  • Step 1: Lie on your side to the left, legs stretched and closed together, head resting on your left arm, right hand on the floor, in front of your chest.
  • Step 2: Tense your abdominal muscles while lifting your right leg off the floor
  • Step 3: Slowly lower and repeat, then switch sides.

10. Side to Curtsy Lunge

If you are looking for an effective inner thigh fat loss workout, don't miss out on the Side to Curtsy Lunge.

With just a few minutes of exercise every day, you will get rid of the obnoxious fat that lingers on your thighs and belly for a long time.

YouTube video


  • Step 1: Stand comfortably upright, arms stretched straight along the side of the body.
  • Step 2: Right leg outstretched right upwards, at the same time lower body until thigh is parallel to the floor, another leg is straight, 2 toes are facing forward, arms are pressed tightly
  • Step 3: Cross your right leg backward, and lower yourself until your forearms are parallel to the floor, arms stretched straight along the body.
  • Step 4: Stand up straight and repeat.

11. Front Kicks

This exercise helps burn fat in both the fore and hind thighs thanks to dissipating energy. If you want to have thighs and calves that are both slender and strong, please actively practice Front Kicks.

YouTube video


  • Step 1: Stand up straight, abdominal muscles, left leg first, right leg behind, elbow flexion forming a defensive posture.
  • Step 2: Raise the right knee and kick it hard.
  • Step 3: Lower the right leg and do the same for the left leg.

12. Bench Hops

This is arguably one of the fastest thigh reduction exercises but at a relatively difficult level. If you are new to it, do not use a too high chair to avoid injury. Also, use a chair strong enough to exercise.

YouTube video


  • Step 1: Put your hands on the two sides of the chair, bend at the waist, tighten the abdominal muscles, 2 pillows slightly bent, eyes looking down on the chair.
  • Step 2: Jump up and take your body to the other side of the chair.
  • Step 3: Ground with 2 feet, return to the starting position and repeat.

13. Quad Blasters

No extra tools, no need to go to the gym, you can still lose fat and gain extra thighs with Quad Blasters.

YouTube video


  • Step 1: Put your hands and feet on the floor, hands slightly behind your shoulders, 2 knees bent, your back straight
  • Step 2: Exhale, at the same time, push your body back, bend your knees until your arms are fully stretched, the position of your arms and legs is still fixed, your back is still tense, your thighs and butt muscles are stiff, stomach.
  • Step 3: Inhale and return to the original position leaving repeat

Some notes when doing the gym to reduce thigh fat

  • Losing thigh fat and vacuum depends entirely on the exercise. You should read more articles on how to lose thigh fat.
  • Don't forget to warm up before exercising and stretch after exercise to minimize muscle soreness.
  • Combine with other muscle groups for comprehensive body toning, do not train one muscle group for many days in a row because the muscles will not have time to recover, causing the training to fail.
  • Nutrition is an integral part of exercise. Want to hunt faster, more beautiful, do not forget to add Whey Protein as well as a protein source in your daily diet. In which, many people choose to buy ON Gold Standard Whey milk.

Part III: Maintaining health

Whether it's belly fat or thigh fat, it's all about health. When you have health, you will be successful. That means your physique is beautiful, by your practice.

Not just sitting in there. So to get in good shape, you have to work hard. Exercise, sports will help you release energy, speed up the process of fat loss rather than just diet.

This is considered as the fastest way to lose fat in the thigh area, beautiful shape, healthy body; you should not ignore it no matter how lazy.

1. Full body exercise

Full body exercise

You do not have to practice too professionally. Instead, focus on burning calories for energy. This will help you burn excess fat.

Note, we will burn body fat. Saying this means you can't burn thigh fat. We have to burn body fat.

As explained above, there is no fast way to lose thigh fat without losing body fat, so we can't mention cardio.

These are cardiovascular exercises that stimulate the consumption of large amounts of calories, destroy excess fat.

Furthermore, most cardio exercises are straightforward; many do not require tools or equipment and should be suitable for everyone.

You can practice walking, jogging, skipping, cycling, climbing stairs, or these slimming cardio exercises.

Many girls fear that jogging, cycling, or climbing stairs will make their thighs and legs bigger.

Don't worry about crawling white teeth, because unless you train like a professional athlete, it will only make a difference, but like a normal person, the more you exercise, the more you lose fat, the more compact your legs, but how big will it be?

Moreover, women don't have as much testosterone as men, so no matter how much you exercise, muscles won't be as big as brothers.

2. Go to the gym

Go to the gym

To stay in shape, you need to go to the weight room. That's where you'll get a chance to stimulate your muscles. As your muscles develop, you will be in shape.

The important thing is that when you get muscle, you will see better people. For women, when you practice, you will see the body change completely.

Toned body, no longer sagging. People are also full of life.

Besides, women should clarify their thoughts. Muscle growth is due to testosterone. But this is a male hormone. So you won't need to worry.

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3. Let's walk

Let's walk

There are many ways to burn calories, but it's also not easy. However, that is because you have not taken advantage of it. Please take advantage of walking.

Those are times when you can burn calories and relax at the same time. Walking will make you happier and relieve stress.

4. Try high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Try high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

This type of exercise means you do all the work for a short period of time and then do low-intensity exercises for a longer period, alternating with each other like that.

HIIT consumes a lot of energy to feel exhausted after each exercise, but the return results are completely worth it.

It releases calories and extra fat that is even more beneficial than cardio and maintains a calorie-burning efficiency even after you finish your workout.

However, HIIT is not suitable for those who are weak or not familiar with sports.

Part IV: Lifestyle changes

The quickest ways to slim your thighs above successful or not depends partly on your living habits. Adjust it if it's not healthy enough.

1. Sleep early

Sleep early

Staying up late often leads to late-night cravings. When to eat does not determine whether you gain weight or not. But often, the night meals are all over-the-counter, over-calorie, easy to cause fat.

Lack of sleep, staying up late also causes the body to secrete a hormone that makes excess fat accumulate more.

2. Reduce stress

Reduce stress

During stress, anxiety, and stress, you release cortisol, a hormone capable of raising blood sugar and weight gain.

This stressful state also causes many negative effects on your health, so try to keep your spirit of optimism and happiness, but one of the best ways is to exercise.

3. Don't be impatient

Don't be impatient

Your fat loss process must be calculated in weeks, months, not days, so do not be impatient to fast or take medicine to lose quickly.

These methods are especially harmful to your health, and in most cases, they are counterproductive, causing you to gain weight faster when you “makeup” again.

Tips to lose thigh fat and slim legs fastest effective

First of all, iFitness wants you to confirm this; there is no way just to lose fat in your thighs or anywhere on your body.

You can lose body fat by eating healthy and exercising, and your body has no idea where to lose fat.

1. Keep track of your salt intake

Salt causes your body to store excess water and causes swelling, which can affect your entire body, hips, and thighs.

Water usually comes with salt, so the more salt you eat or eat, the more water you store in your body, instead of filtered out through the kidneys.

Just cut back on your salt intake or eat less and you will see immediate changes and become more fit.

As recommended by the American Heart Association, most people need 1.5g of sodium per day (the maximum is 2.3g), but many people usually absorb more than that.

Cut back on your salt intake by limiting processed foods, such as sauces, canned vegetables, and soups, often filled with sodium.

2. Add more electrolytes to your diet

You've certainly seen them in sports drinks, but electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, and potassium are often plentiful in healthy foods you probably eat every day.

All electrolytes, especially potassium, are generally resistant to salt. The more electrolytes your body absorbs, the less salt your body stores.

This helps keep the amount of fluid in your body stable, and your body flushes excess water as well.

Dark leafy vegetables, yogurt, and bananas are excellent sources of electrolytes.

That is why nutritionists always advise people to add vegetables to their daily diet regularly.

3. Cut down on carbs

When your body converts carbs into glycogen, they are stored with water in the liver and muscle tissue.

This means that the more carbs you eat, the more water your body stores in water. That's why many people find that they lose a few pounds on a low-carb diet.

Much of it is weight from water.

It is best to consume at least 75-100g of carbs per day, although some people need to take a little more, depending on their height, weight, and intensity of exercise.

Whole grains should never be forgotten, as they are a source of fiber that is healthy, healthy for the heart, and filling your stomach, as well as providing a wealth of valuable nutrients.

4. Start the morning with 1 cup of coffee

Coffee has exceptional abilities, helping to stimulate the metabolic rate, the body's ability to burn fat, and stimulate exercise. However, don't drink too much coffee, as it can cause you to eat more.

5. Always carry a water bottle with you

It sounds pretty absurd, but the less you drink, the more water your body holds.

Drinking plenty of water will filter out excess salt and water that your body doesn't need, reducing swelling. Besides, it also helps reduce cravings because getting enough water will reduce hunger.

6. Eat more fiber and protein

Always include plenty of fiber and protein in your diet to speed up weight loss, as both of these macronutrients help you feel more full with lower-calorie meals.

In particular, protein is essential to building lean muscle tissue to help your legs and thighs look firmer and more attractive.

7. Cardio exercise at least 3 days/week

Cardio exercises are one of the extremely effective solutions to remove excess salt and water.

Plus, any type of exercise that speeds up your heart rate is a great way to burn calories and burn body fat, including the hips and thighs.

The more calories you burn, the higher the calorie deficit increases, and the faster you will lose weight.

Remember, you must always stay hydrated. Note, during exercise, always drink small sips of water to hydrate the body.

Besides, before and after the gym, you must pay attention to eat with energy.

8. Exercise the thigh muscles

If it comes to losing thigh fat or how to slim your thighs for girls, you will definitely not be able to skip the thigh muscles.

Focus on the thigh muscles as a whole by making Curtsy Lunges, Sumo Squats, and Goblet Squats.

Focus on the inner and outer thigh muscles, with the Lateral Lunges and Band Leg Side Raises; into the hamstring with Deadlifts, Reverse Leg Curls, Bridges, and Hamstring Curls.

Apply the methods of losing upper thigh fat consistently and track the results every week; check your weight and measurements to adjust the plan accordingly.

A lot of people have been incredibly successful, so why not?

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