How To Lose Belly Fat By Running?

By: Aiden Johann

Does Running Lose Belly Fat???

Jogging is an easy exercise; almost everyone can practice without requiring many complicated techniques, but how to run efficiently, best for losing weight or reducing belly fat, is not everyone understands.

How To Lose Belly Fat By Running?
How To Lose Belly Fat By Running?

In this article, let's learn how to run best to reduce belly fat. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Does Running help reduce belly fat?

Jogging weight loss is a relatively popular form of exercise and can be considered a simple cardio exercise.

Jogging YES helps you reduce belly fat, BUT the rate of belly fat decreases for each person is very different, and the reduction time is also very different.

Basically, body fat cannot decrease in a particular area; it can only reduce the whole body and the part that reduces fat fast, which partly reduces fat slowly due to the body's decision, it is impossible to practice belly training to reduce belly fat, foot exercises will reduce fat in your legs.

Everything will depend on the high amount of cut each day and the body's metabolic system.

Running for 30 minutes reduces how many calories?

If you run at average speeds, the terrain is flat, and you can burn 145 calories every 30 minutes. If you run on a steep hill, the calories will be higher.

If you run the HIIT weight loss kit above, you can burn up to 300-400 calories. And you can see that you practice with time, but the effect is doubled right.

Running for 30 minutes reduces how many calories?
Running for 30 minutes reduces how many calories?

Besides, I also added that to reduce belly fat more effectively and limit starch down, not eat sugary sweets, eat less salt, add more protein from meat, eggs, fish, milk to help increase more muscle and burn calories better. Nutrition in weight loss makes up 70% of that success.

If you want to lose weight, you need to have proper nutrition.

If you don't know, nutrition accounts for 70% of your success in losing weight because you run an hour, not as much as you stop drinking 1 cup of milk tea. Besides, the type of food you eat also determines how fast you lose weight.

For example, if you eat a lot of rice every day, eat less meat and vegetables, you will be more likely to gain weight than eat a lot of meat and vegetables.

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You will wonder why this is so, right?

Because rice is a fast carb, the type of carb when loaded and excess will be stored in the form of fat and make you gain fat; in contrast, meat is protein, so it will not be stored as fat and directly into the nourish and build muscle.

This helps you not gain weight and helps energy drain faster to help you lose weight more effectively.

running balance, you must combine a more scientific diet
Running balance, you must combine a more scientific diet.

Therefore, if you want to reduce your running balance, you must combine a more scientific diet. Reduce less carb and increase protein.

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If you don't eat a lot of protein for some reason, it can be helped by Whey protein, which contains high protein content, fast absorption to build muscle, but does not take much time to prepare, very like suitable for busy people. You can buy the types of Whey protein yourself introduced below:

How does running best help reduce fat?

If you want to lose belly fat by running, you can apply HIIT weight loss modes as follows:

  • Step 1: First, start 5-10 minutes for your limbs to heat up.
  • Step 2: Start jogging at a moderate pace for 1 minute.
  • Step 3: After 1 minute, immediately speed up to a maximum of 20 seconds.
  • Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 continuously for 20 minutes.
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By running like this, you'll burn a higher amount of calories in your body, resulting in a higher calorie deficit, and it will help you reduce body fat, as well as faster belly fat.

How many kilograms of running time per day is the most effective weight loss?

How many kilograms of running time per day is the most effective weight loss

Jogging is one of the safest ways to lose weight for everyone. You can completely lose weight by running. However, losing weight with jogging depends on two factors: the distance you run and the calories you eat.

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The amount of weight you lose depends on the intensity you exercise and the time you practice, in short. The more you practice, the better you lose weight.

The more you practice jogging, the better you lose weight.

Running is a medium to high-intensity activity.

The average intensity is when you run, you can breathe a little fast, appear a little sweat after 10 minutes of exercise, and you still usually talk.

High intensity is that you breathe very quickly, sweat appears a lot after only a few minutes, and you are almost tough to talk (or completely unable to speak).

Running intensity determines how many calories you burn per minute. To illustrate this, you can refer to the statistics from the American Gymnastics Council below:

Activity (Calories / minute) 54kg 63kg 72kg 81kg
Walk 9.3 10.8 12.4 13
Running 11.4 13.2 15.1 17
Sit in seat 1.2 1.3 1.5 1.7


To estimate how far you need to run, you need to have:

  • Classify the intensity you run
  • Estimate the number of calories you burn per minute with that intensity
  • Multiply that number by the time you plan to run
  • Multiply that number by the number of times you run in 1 week

From there, you will know how many calories you will burn each week. Examples are as follows:

You weigh 80kg, and you run at a relatively fast speed for 45 minutes, and the running time is 5 days/week, you will have the number of burnable calories:

Calories burned = 17 calories (1 minute) x 45 minutes x 5 days = 3825 calories

If you weigh 80kg and intend to reduce about 0.5kg (equivalent to 3500 calories) each week, you will need to run about 60km per week at a speed of about 9.8km / h

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Eating rules to lose weight.

Studies have shown that if you only run off the coast without a low-calorie diet, there is absolutely no weight loss effect.

Your weight loss ability varies significantly depending on how you approach, such as the following table

How to lose weight Average weight loss  Ability to lose weight
Walk 0-1 kg Can not
Weightlifting 0-1kg Low
Perform aerobic lessons 0-2 kg Maybe, but it must be intense
Combine Aerobic with weight training 0-2 kg Maybe, but it must be intense
Combine Aerobic with weight training and low-calorie intake 9-13 kg Entirely possible



So, you can see that jogging can help you lose weight, but you have to run very fast and very far to hope to lose weight and run rotten, the chances of losing weight are almost zero.

By cutting calories from meals, jogging for weight loss will be significantly shortened.

You can use the TDEE calculator to determine how many calories you need to eat a day so you can eat it to lose weight.

By eating this calorie reduction goal (note: Women cannot be cut below 1200 calories/day, and Men are not less than 1500 calories/day), you will quickly achieve your weight loss goals.

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Make jogging a habit:

Make jogging a habit
Make jogging a habit.

The key to weight loss is to make exercise a daily routine. You should plan your daily workout or refer to the shared running lesson plans to practice with.

Don't let jogging be a task; let running is a habit.

Also, keep a record of your workout to keep track of your weight loss progress. If possible, gather a group to jog together; jogging in groups helps you improve your performance faster than just running alone.

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8-week fat reduction schedule for you:

Some types of running in the weight loss schedule you need to remember

Fat Burning Run

Our body will turn into fat-burning energy when the heart rate reaches 65% of the maximum heart rate.

The longer the running sessions with this heart rate, the more likely you will burn your fat, and you should prioritize the running distance more than the moving speed when running in this mode.

You should only use filtered water for drinking when running, avoid using energy drinks and freshwater.

Knowing what your maximum heart rate is and how to measure your heart rate while running, read the heart rate article in sports to understand best how to measure and calculate.

Sprint Intervals

Sprinting is a great way to lose weight. Not only do you burn fat during running, but it can also help you burn fat continually after you stop exercising. If you practice sprinting on a hill, it will help strengthen your muscles and joints.

Strength Training

Increasing your strength aside from burning more calories and increasing muscle mass – the more muscle you know, the better the fat burning.

Doing a weight loss schedule will help you burn fat, but at the same time, it will make you lose less muscle, and we want to lose fat; strength training is the solution to prevent this. Happening.

You can do this with bodyweight exercises or use dumbbells if you have them at home. But it is best to go to the gym to do it because it will be full of more devices.

Detailed weight loss schedule for 8 weeks

In this 2-month weight loss jogging schedule, in addition to the 3 main running modes above, we will have some small internal options you can take to reduce weight loss time to lower.

The intensity of exercise will increase with each week, and this is necessary because our bodies adapt very quickly; if not increase in power, it will not burn fat anymore.

The weight loss mode in this schedule may not be suitable for everyone, so you can adjust it a bit to fit your current condition.

Detailed weight loss schedule for 8 weeks

Besides, you also need to have an accompanying weight loss diet menu that suits you during the run. This will make weight loss easier.

Week 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
first Burning Fat: 30 minutes Strength Training: 15 minutes Sprint Intervals: 6 times Leave or Easy Run Strength Training: 15 minutes Burning Fat: 45 minutes Vacation
2 Burning Fat: 35 minutes Strength Training: 30 minutes Sprint Intervals: 7 times Leave or Easy Run Strength Training: 30 minutes Burning Fat: 50 minutes Vacation
3 Burning Fat: 40 minutes Strength Training: 15 minutes Sprint Intervals: 8 times Leave or Easy Run Strength Training: 30 minutes Burning Fat: 55 minutes Vacation
4 Burning Fat: 30 minutes Strength Training: 45 minutes Sprint Intervals: 6 times Leave or Easy Run Strength Training: 15 minutes Burning Fat: 45 minutes Vacation
5 Burning Fat: 45 minutes Strength Training: 45 minutes Sprint Intervals: 9 times Leave or Easy Run Strength Training: 30 minutes Burning Fat: 60 minutes Vacation
6 Burning Fat: 50 minutes Strength Training: 45 minutes Sprint Intervals: 10 times Leave or Easy Run Strength Training: 45 minutes Burning Fat: 65 minutes Vacation
7 Burning Fat: 40 minutes Strength Training: 30 minutes Sprint Intervals: 7 times Leave or Easy Run Strength Training: 30 minutes Burning Fat: 50 minutes Vacation
8 Burning Fat: 55 minutes Strength Training: 45 minutes Sprint Intervals: 12 times Leave or Easy Run Strength Training: 45 minutes Burning Fat: 70 minutes Vacation

Instructions for implementing weight loss jogging schedule

With Burning Fat: Run at a rate of 65% of maximum heart rate according to the specified time (you can use smart running clocks to track)

Strength Training: Perform exercises Squat, Lunges, Inhalation, Deadlift, Plank, Overhead Press according to the recorded time.

Sprint Intervals: Perform jogging on the hill if not available, then use the treadmill to adjust the slope to 6-8%, starting with 10 minutes of light running to heat up so that it can accelerate to as much as 30 seconds. Then recover by running up and down the slope or adjusting the treadmill to a 0% slope. Make the correct number of times on the running schedule above and finish with 10 minutes of gentle running.

Easy Run: You will run slowly for 20-45 minutes.

Vacation: You can rest entirely or do gentle exercises like Yoga, swimming …

Eat properly to lose weight when running:

As I said above, if you want to lose weight by running, it is necessary to have the condition that is eating, in this part, I will introduce you how to eat and drink in 1 day as a model for you to take pictures. Content easier.

Eat properly to lose weight when running
Eat properly to lose weight when running.

Step 1: You need to calculate your TDEE 1 day, how many calories are required.

Calculate TDEE will give you the exact number of calories a day you need to lose weight; with TDEE calculation tool of Bodybuilding Channel will suggest always offering you the calories to eat to lose weight. It would help if you ate according to calories, that is okay. If you don't like it, you can go to step 2.

Step 2: Cut 5-10% of the calories you eat daily

For example, you calculate TDEE to maintain a weight of 2300 calories/day. Now you will only eat 2000-2100 calories per day.

Step 3: Choose the foods you should use

There are many foods, but to lose weight, you should only choose the following foods:

  • Starch: Sweet potato, oat, brown rice.
  • Protein: Chicken breast, lean meat, eggs, milk, and beans.
  • Fat: Olive oil, walnuts, canola oil, peanut butter …
  • Besides the three main ingredients above, you should also eat lots of green vegetables, fruits, especially orange family fruits such as Pomelo, oranges, and tangerines.
  • Avoid all soft drinks, sugar, animal fat, fast food.

Diet menu to lose weight in 1 day, for example

  • Morning: Wake up 1 cup of honey mixed with warm water, then have 1 small banana, 1 cup of oat breakfast.
  • Meals: 1 small apple or 1 piece of grapefruit
  • Lunch: 150g sautéed chicken breast, 1 cup of little rice, 150g boiled vegetables.
  • Meals: 1 jar of sugar-free yogurt
  • Evening: 150g steamed fish, 1 plate of vegetable salad + eggs.

Some notes when making a weight loss jogging calendar

Focus on training to avoid injury

If you want to lose weight with this jogging schedule successfully, you need to avoid trauma first, especially the ankle area. To limit the best trauma, you need to have a warm-up time before training and focus on exercising, avoiding distractions while running, leading to injuries.

Use shoes for jogging:

Use shoes for jogging
Use shoes for jogging

You don't want to wear a pair of shoes to go for a bit of running. So invest yourself in a couple of “good” running shoes as possible to train; running shoes will help protect your feet, giving you a feeling of comfort when running, avoiding traumatic injuries — jog cause.

Appropriate clothes:

In this weight loss jogging schedule, in addition to genuine shoes, there must be costumes — especially bras for girls.

Never wear a regular bra when jogging because it can cause chest distortion and sag. Wearing appropriate clothing also helps absorb sweat quickly and evaporate faster, giving you the freedom to exercise.

Do not eat much before practicing.

For an effective weight loss jogging exercise, you should not overeat before practicing. You need to eat a little bit of Carb and protein before doing about 200-300 calories.

Eating more will make you feel more substantial, uncomfortable when running.

Remember to bring a bottle of water:

Remember to bring a bottle of water
Remember to bring a bottle of water.

In the process of implementing this weight loss schedule, you will often suffer from water shortages, and if not replenished promptly, it will adversely affect your heart and circulatory system.

So before running for 30 minutes, drink 1 glass of water, bring about 1 liter of water to use during the run and after running.

Bring a stopwatch

Do you see that there is time on each run or not, so bring a stopwatch to keep track of how long you have been running?

Bring your favorite songs.

In jogging, you can both practice and listen to your favorite songs. Listening to music while exercising will motivate you to practice harder and be less tired.

Above is the complete guide for an 8-week weight loss jog. Remember carefully and follow the instructions to lose weight successfully.

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