Top daily foods but need to be careful when using

By: Evie Langford

The foods we use every day that we think are good but not always, maybe that kind of food is good for one person but not good for another, should know some information to help. We eat better.

Are you trying to eat healthily but don't know which foods are good for your body and which are not? Many healthy foods can be counterproductive if you don't know how to choose and use them properly.

Even something as simple as a salad dressing may not be as healthy as you think, as some salad dressings contain a lot of sugar, for example. Please join Bellyfatzone to find out

1. Beans

Beans have many good nutrients but are also very rich in carbohydrates. This is essential for our body but can lead to weight gain if eaten in excess. Beans are also high in fiber, which can cause indigestion and bloat. So although beans are very healthy, you should not eat too much or eat too often.

Instead, you can get more nutrients from beans by adding spinach or kale to your dishes. This way is good for your health and will help you to avoid bloating and indigestion.

2. Breakfast cereals

There are many people who think that eating a bowl of cereal is a healthy choice, but many cereals are high in sugar and fat and low in protein and iron.

Iron is a substance that helps the body make red blood cells, an iron deficiency can lead to anemia that makes you feel very tired and weak.

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The best grains are those that are high in protein and iron, such as oatmeal, granola and wheat. These may be a bit more expensive but are much healthier than the sugary ones.

3. Cookies

Crackers are often touted as a healthy snack, but many of them are high in fat and sodium. Too much salt can cause the body to retain water leading to weight gain and other health problems. The fat in many cookies is also unhealthy and should be avoided when trying to eat healthy.


If you want something a little healthier, try whole-wheat crackers. They have more fiber and don't contain as much fat and salt. You can also make your own cookies at home if you want to be healthier.

4. Dried fruit

Dried fruit is often advertised as a healthy snack, but it's not. Although they are better than potato chips, they are not necessarily healthy, contain very little fiber that is not enough for the body, and contain quite a lot of sugar. You should not eat them often, if you want to eat dried fruit, choose the unsweetened variety.

Dried fruit
Dried fruit

You can also use fresh fruit as a snack, which is better than dried fruit and has more nutrients.

5. Frozen food

Many people use frozen food because they are busy and do not have time to cook. But the problem is that a lot of frozen foods are high in salt and low in essential vitamins and minerals. If you regularly eat frozen food, it can lead to weight gain. It's better to make your own fresh produce, or if you must use frozen, choose foods that are low in salt and calories.

6. Granola

Granola bars are often marketed as a healthy snack, but many of them are loaded with unhealthy sugars. They are also often made with low-nutrient processed ingredients. These bars don't contain many of the vitamins and minerals your diet needs, and should only be taken as a snack while traveling.

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If you want to eat granola, look for low-sugar varieties or make your own for more nutrition, like adding dried fruit or other ingredients.

7. Hummus and other beans

You might be surprised to see hummus (sauce made with chickpeas) on this list. It makes a great dip for vegetables and is often served with bread.

But many beans are not good for your health, are full of unhealthy sodium and preservatives, and have even been linked with disease risk. It's best to eat vegetables or other healthy snacks, if you want to eat beans choose fresh and avoid processed ones that are high in sodium.

8. Ice cream

Ice cream is loved by many, but it's not something you should eat often. Ice cream is often high in fats and sugars that lead to weight gain and other health problems. It's best to eat frozen yogurt or choose low-sugar ice cream. You can also make your own ice cream to control the ingredients in it.

Ice cream
Ice cream

9. Noodle sauce

Eating too many noodles can lead to weight gain and can cause other health problems. Ideally, you should only eat noodles a few times a week and eat other foods the rest of the time.

If you regularly eat noodles, you should choose a sauce with as little salt as possible and add vegetables to the noodle dish for better health.

10. Rice cakes

Rice cakes are often touted as a healthy snack, said to help you lose weight, and are low in calories and salt. But in fact, they are not as healthy as many people think because many cakes contain a lot of sugar and little nutrition.

Rice cakes should only be used as a snack, not the main meal. If you want to eat rice cakes, try to find a low-sugar variety and can add peanut butter or fresh fruit to be healthier.

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Eating healthy doesn't always have to be boring. You can eat all kinds of healthy foods if you know how to choose wisely.

These foods are often touted as healthy, but not all of them are good for you. Eating too many processed foods is bad for you, and can lead to weight gain, high cholesterol, and heart disease. But if you are careful with your food choices, you will always be healthy and live a long life.

Above are some foods that we often use, but not everyone pays attention to the factors that affect health, hope the article is helpful to you, please share it.

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Evie Langford
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