Surprised (GM) General Motors Diet Plan Speedy Weight loss “4 – 8 kg/week”

You want to lose weight safely and effectively … But you do not want your body to burning fitness workout hard.

You also do not want to abstain from eating and thirst for pressing the body to lose weight. Then GM diet is the perfect choice for you.

Just read the following article and apply the menu General Motors Diet weight loss. Reduce 4-8 up in 1 week no longer difficult for you. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

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General Motors diet plan

1. First, you must understand the GM diet regime is what?

If you’ve ever applied diet Eat Clean long, then see the effect. Conversely, the GM diet brings instant effect.

GM diet stands for General Motors Diet is the diet is done within 7 days. This method is similar to the weight loss methods Low Carb.

you must understand the GM diet regime is what?
General Motors diet plan

This approach’s objective is that users lose weight by eating primarily carbohydrates complex, eat fewer calories, and increase water supply to the body but still provide enough energy for the body or action without causing fat accumulation redundant.

2. Application method General Motors Weight Loss Diet

General Motors Diet menu, you can lose 4-8 up in the first week, so wonderful, right?

Therefore, you must comply with the nutritional requirements for the GM proposed diet. And here is the loss menu General Motors Diet is for you.

Along done for me …

The first day of the General Motors Diet: Eat only fruits, except bananas.

On the first day began applying the GM Diet menu, you can comfortably eat fruit (except bananas) and absolutely not use any other foods.

Therefore, you choose the fruits to provide more calories, fiber, such as watermelon, oranges, papaya, .. to feel full longer and provide more vitamins to your body.

Nutrition experts encourage: you should eat watermelon on the first day when making diet General Motors Diet since watermelon is not a lot of calories and absolutely no fattening.

One of the characteristics you should note that the dentist must drink plenty of water. Do not forget to drink 8-12 glasses of water for the GM diet menu’s first-day application.

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Day 2 of the GM diet: eat only vegetables.

The next day is the day of vegetables by method General Motors Diet weight loss.

Day 2 of the GM diet: eat only vegetables

You can eat any vegetables you like and do not need to limit the number. However, there is one you should not eat root vegetables, which is potatoes. Because potato contains high starch content, it will break all your weight loss efforts.

Nutrition experts encourage you to choose foods such as beans, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots,

The foods beneficial for the digestive system and clean up what remains inside the body hinders your fat reduction.

Do not forget to drink 8-12 glasses of water on the first day offline.

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On the third day: eat only vegetables and fruit.

The third day: eat only vegetables and fruit

General Motors Diet menu of the third day will be more interesting to combine the first two days. The amount of water in the fruit will make you healthier and energetic than the previous day.

Apart from bananas and potatoes, you can eat comfortably any vegetables, fruits that you wish to decent and absolutely no other foods.

And one important thing you take note, always additional 8-12 glasses of water per day to help the body get rid of toxins.

Day 4: Bananas and milk

3 days if you can eat comfortably, the 4th day of the GM diet, you will be limited to bananas and milk.

Day 4: Bananas and milk

About 8 bananas, 4 cups of milk without the sugar, and 8-12 glasses of water are all the things you are allowed to eat on day 4 when applying the method of General Motors Diet weight loss.

The split time should you eat bananas and drink milk scattered in the day not to feel hungry.

The amount of sodium and potassium in bananas and abundant milk will help you add energy to the body but do not worry about weight gain.

General Motors Diet review that if you do not eat bananas and milk, you can substitute sweet figs and soy milk.

Day 5: Rice and tomatoes of weight loss methods General Motors Diet

Come on; you have to go again, then weight loss journey!

Day 5: Rice and tomatoes of weight loss methods General Motors Diet

In the 5th implementation GM Diet diet, you eat 1 cup of small rice for lunch. And only eat 6 large tomatoes for the whole day. This will help you to release excess fat in the body longer hidden by uric acid secretion.

If you do not eat tomatoes, you can substitute carrots or guava for weight loss Diet menu GM.

You should remember another important thing: Drink 12-15 glasses of water in it this 5th day.

Day 6: Rice and vegetables

Weight loss menu General Motors Diet to 6th day includes 1 cup brown rice or 500gr skinless chicken and vegetables, any vegetables you like without being limited quantity.

Day 6: Rice and vegetables

You can split your diet by eating 1 cup of rice at noon and in the afternoon delight eat the vegetables.

7th day: rice, vegetables, and fruit juice

Congratulations, you have reached your dream weight !!!

Today is the last day you make a GM diet already. You can eat 1 cup of brown rice and an unlimited amount of vegetables.

After a day’s diet, you can reward yourself with a few glasses of fruit juice without sugar after a meal.

7th day: rice, vegetables, and fruit juice

Note the use of weight loss methods General Motors Diet:

  • After finishing the GM diet, continue with a normal diet as Eat Clean.
  • Avoid “celebrate”; eating too much makes terminal drop weight back as the beginning.
  • You can combine gentle exercise such as yoga to bring the best performance.

For General Motors Diet is effective, then embarking on right now!

You see …

Losing weight is not difficult; you lose weight important correctly and persistently implemented or not?

Please comply fully with the principles of the GM diet.

Tried the General Motors diet for a week:

We believe that the day you get in shape will not be far away.

Good luck!

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