More 15 Easy Exercise For Beginners to Lose Weight at Home

By: Samuel Brownlee

Although there is a lot of information printed on the internet about reducing belly fat and losing weight, many people still think that we lose belly fat, need exercise and abdominals when this is completely not exactly.

If you want to lose belly fat safely, then you have to find a way to lose your whole body weight safely.

Because our body is a unified body with metabolic transport to ensure the main balance factor, you only lose weight in the abdomen. The fat around in other areas will immediately move to the belly, and we won't lose the belly.

To effectively and quickly lose weight … Apart from the diet, weight loss exercises will account for 30% of the successful weight loss process.

However, not every time you practice, exhausting yourself to exhaustion can help you lose weight effectively. And the way to choose an exercise must also be suitable for each movement to lose bodyweight as quickly as possible.

More15 Easy exercise for beginners to lose weight at home
More 15 Easy exercise for beginners to lose weight at home

This we will sum up in the following article.

With 15 exercises to lose weight, reduce body fat right at home. After only 1 week, make sure your weight will change significantly.

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15 weight loss exercises for the whole body

1. Squatting weight loss exercises at home

Preparation: Start with an upright posture, put your hands on the sides of the pants, keep your body straight, legs spread wider than shoulders, eyes straight.


  • Sisters hold their feet about shoulder width, put their hands on the back of the neck.
  • Next, lower yourself into a squatting position, putting your weight on your heels.
  • Then, standing up and repeating this exercise will help you lose weight effectively.

Week rate: you practice 15 times/inning, about 3-4 rounds per day, break between each half about 60s

Squatting exercises to lose weight.
Squatting exercises to lose weight.

Note: you should exercise regularly daily. This weight loss exercise will automatically make the excess fat disappear, helping you lose weight quickly and get in shape.

2. Exercise weight loss fast push

Prepare: use a carpet on the floor, posture against both hands on the carpet. The body holds straight and faces the ground.


  • You hold the west wings to lift the body with a width between hands with shoulders, palms spread up and down carpets.
  • Keep your legs straight, point your heels up at the ceiling, and toes against the carpet.
  • Next, drop your elbows so that your chest is as close to the carpet as possible. Combine deep breathing and lifting. Keep on repeating.
The correct posture of the pushup exercise.
The correct posture of the pushup exercise.

Week rate: each round you should push 12 times, each episode about 3 rounds. Each half rest for the 60s.

Note: try to persevere in doing exercise to prevent weight loss. This exercise will help you to burn body fat.

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3. Weight loss exercises at home – Climbing on the spot

Preparation: start with a push-up position on the carpet, face down, face with hands shoulder-width apart, feet resting on the surface.


  • You put all your weight on your legs and bring your knees to your chest and feet to the carpet.
  • Then, lower your foot, then repeat the exercise with the other leg.
Rock climbing on the spot.
Rock climbing on the spot.

Frequency: each round you should push 12 times, each episode about 3 rounds. Each half rest for the 60s.

Note: you try to work out at a faster pace with climbing in place. Thanks to this weight loss exercise, your body will be supple, your muscles will be firmer.

4. Exercise jogging weight loss

Jogging is also a great weight loss exercise if you do not have the time and economic conditions to go to the gym.

Just getting up early, taking about 30 minutes to warm up, and run a few rounds of the park will help you consume a large number of calories.

Jogging is an effective way to lose weight.
Jogging is an effective way to lose weight.

Note: when jogging, you should run at a moderate pace combined with gentle breathing. This helps you keep fit during weight loss.

5. Crunch your belly – fast weight loss exercise

Preparation: Start with lying on your back on the floor or carpet, with your feet at a 90-degree angle and your foot on the floor.


  • You push your lower back to the floor to make your abs really hard.
  • Next, lift a few off the floor. Continue pushing the lower back to the floor as hard as possible while also squeezing the abdominal muscles and exhaling.
  • After 1 second in the top position, slowly lower to the original position and breathe in.
  • Repeat the whole thing.
    Belly sticks.
    Belly sticks.

Week rate: you practice 15 times/inning, about 3-4 rounds per day, break between each half about 60s


  • You only lift 2 shoulders off the floor, and the back remains on the floor. When doing the top, you tighten your abs for 1 second.
  • Focus on gradual movement, control your body, and not use inertial forces to raise or lower.

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6. Lose belly fat by folding your tummy

Crossing the tummy is an advanced weight loss exercise that is heavy and good for the intercostal muscles.


  • You begin with a straight posture, head, back, buttocks against the floor, and hands behind the neck.
  • Bend your knees and put your feet on the floor, similar to a basic abdominal weight loss exercise.
  • Please take a deep breath, lifting your right shoulder to the left and releasing it. At this time, the left clone was still kept close to the floor. Lower yourself to its original position and take a deep breath.
  • Continue to lift your left shoulder to the right side and exhale. Keep the right side close to the floor.
  • Repeat the whole movement to continue the exercise.
Lift your legs.
Lift your legs.

Week rate: you practice 15 times/inning, about 3-4 rounds per day, break between each half about 60s

7. Exercise dance weight loss exercise

This movement is fundamental and easy to perform. It helps the body stimulate the burning body, starts up the body very well, and easy to carry out the exercises behind.


  • Initially, you stand upright, your hands down to your sides.
  • Next, leaping 2 feet to the side, holding it up above my head.
  • Then return to the original position, then proceed to continuous movements for 1 minute.
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Dance on the spot.
Dance on the spot.

Week rate: you practice 12 times/inning, about 2-3 rounds per day, break between each half about 60s

8. Goblet Squat – Quick weight loss exercise

This is considered the most difficult exercise for those who are new to exercise. But bring very high efficiency.

In addition to reducing belly fat, buttocks, and thigh muscles, the movement also exerts a force on the biceps, helping the hands become slim.


  • 2 feet wider than shoulders (should not be too wide). Hold your small dumbbell in front of your chest
  • Lower your thighs and back so that your thighs and backs merge into a 45-degree angle. In parallel, the deceitful head should not be brought forward to the tip of the foot.
Add an all-body weight-loss exercise at home.
Add an all-body weight-loss exercise at home.

Note: While performing this action, you must tighten the abdominal muscles, breathe evenly and keep your back straight.

Weeks: Perform squat exercises to lose weight within 1 minute, about 3-4 rounds. Each half thinks for 60 seconds.

9. Plank exercises help to lose weight fast

With Plank, your entire abdomen will work. In particular, this action is effective on the abdominal muscles and ribs to help eliminate excess fat quickly.

You should apply this action daily to help you possess a slim waist, flat abs, and toned round 2.

Plank exercises help to lose weight fast
Plank exercises help to lose weight fast.


  • You lie face down on the floor, straighten your legs.
  • Put your hands on the floor and slowly lift yourself. Guy's feet must not let their feet touch the ground.
  • Hold this position for as long as possible

Experience when practicing Plank weight loss:

Standard Plank posture must meet 4 elements:

  • Keep head straight, look ahead
  • 2 hands on the floor, forming a 90-degree angle
  • The back and the legs must be made in a straight line
  • 2 closed legs stretched back, the tip of the toe slightly raised

10. Wall-sit gesture

Wall-sit exercises help reduce calf fat, help slim legs. Doing this weight loss exercise for a long time will help you have slim legs and high strength.

Wall-sit exercises
Wall-sit exercises


  • Stand up straight against the wall. Your eyes look straight ahead.
  • Slowly the center of gravity is down, the lower legs and thighs keeping them perpendicular to each other. Hold this position for as long as possible.

Experience when practicing Plank weight loss:

Standard Wall-sit posture must meet 4 elements:

  • Eyes looking straight, chest up
  • The back is completely against the wall
  • Hands outstretched, against the wall
  • Calves and thighs form a right angle.

11. Raising thigh exercises

This is a simple weight loss exercise at home; anyone can do it without a coach.


  • You stand up straight, and your feet are shoulder-width apart.
  • Next, raise your left leg up to your belly, your left hand back, and your right hand in front of you.
  • Keep jumping with your feet and changing hands with each jump.

Note: In the process of jumping, you must make sure to raise the thighs in the correct posture to be effective.

Rate: You perform this movement about 20 times, about 23 innings, each half thinks 60 seconds.

12. Posture tree exercise weight loss body


  • You stand up straight, your left leg is up, and your right leg up, your foot against your left leg. The higher your leg, the better.
  • Right and left legs straight, feet pressed to the floor.
  • Next, you clasp your hands together, bring them up to your head, breathe evenly and lower your hands.
  • Hold this position for about 30 seconds, then change the legs.
Posture tree
Posture tree

Frequency: You should exercise this weight loss exercise in the whole body in about 20 minutes of morning and evening is most effective.

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13. Lose bodyweight with boat exercises

This full-body exercise will improve blood flow to the brain, affecting the whole body.


  • Women lie on their backs (can be carpeted), feet together, hands-on-hips.
  • Slowly raise your leg in parallel, raise your head, stopping at an angle of 45 degrees, the tip of your foot straight and pointing up.
  • Hold this position for about 3 minutes, then return to the original position.

Frequency: You should apply this weight loss to exercise every day for about 15 minutes.

14. Cycling exercises reduce for 1 week

Exercising to lose belly fat with the bike can help you burn about 500 calories and beat the waistline of bread very effectively if you apply this exercise regularly.

Cycling exercises
Cycling exercises


  • Lie flat on your back on a carpet or floor, with your legs straight, your hands behind your neck, and elbows extended.
  • Next, lift your shoulders, head, tuck your abs up to your hips; your buttocks should be higher than your back.
  • Then, keep your knees up to take turns to make the movements you're riding.
  • Then, make sure the elbows touch the right knee and vice versa.

Frequency: do this 15 times on each side. Once you get used to it, increase the number of times.

15. Home weight loss exercise: Dumbbell Split Quat

Women think the simple movement like that, how can you lose weight fast.

But that was completely wrong, though …

In fact, this action helps to lose bodyweight very well when exercising on the abdominal muscles, waist, hips, calves, and lower arm fat.


  • You stand up straight, 2 feet wide shoulder width, left foot up, 2 hands holding small dumbbells placed along the body.
  • Then gradually lower yourself so that your butt and thigh muscles are fully stretched. Tighten abdominal muscles. Then slowly lift yourself using the force of the other leg.
  • Do the same with the other leg.

Frequency: You should do it 15 times and increase the number of times you get used to the exercise.

Exercise with weight loss to have a "body" standard.
Exercise with weight loss to have a “body” standard.

30-minute fat burning home workout for beginners:


Notes before weight loss exercises

  • Before exercising to lose weight, you should warm up and heat your body.
  • Set up the movements gradually from easy to difficult
  • Perform the correct posture to avoid injury
  • Do not eat too full and also not be too hungry during exercise.
  • If you're afraid of missing a beat, you can use a stopwatch.
  • Should drink enough 2-3 liters of water per day, replenish the body water when exercising
  • Limit foods that easily gain weight, such as greasy and fried foods
  • Do not eat starch after 10 pm.
  • Break down your diet throughout the day and have a scientific diet menu

So we have instructed you to do 15 weight loss exercises, reduce body fat right at home after only 1 week.

Still hesitate, do not apply right away to have a standard and toned physique.

Be persistent exercise combined with a scientific diet to achieve the most effective offline quickly.

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