How to Burn Fat While Swimming?

If you want to lose belly fat effectively when swimming and make the most of your swimming exercises, this article will show you the strategies to use when swimming to reduce belly fat.

Swimming is one of the few exercises that activate all muscle groups. You can use it to reduce belly fat, tone your abs and improve overall fitness.

Harvard Medical School estimates that a 70 kg person will burn 300 calories when swimming on his back in 30 minutes.

How to burn fat while swimming?
How to burn fat while swimming?

Swimming frogs and butterflies for 30 minutes will help you burn 372 and 409 calories. Now BellyFatZone invite you to refer to this article together!

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Here are ten ways to reduce belly fat effectively when swimming offline.

1. Swimming freely

A free-swimming style helps strengthen the core (core) of the body.

It also helps tone your shoulder and back muscles.

Swimming freely will build your muscles and, as a result, increase belly fat loss.

2. Use the dolphin kick

Kick dolphins are used in swimming competitions when making a turn.

Swimmers kick the pool wall and push their bodies forward.

When doing a lap, you should use the dolphin kick when making the alternating turn.

According to US Masters Swimming, you should push the wall out when appropriate.

The swimmer proceeds to stretch his or her arms in a closed loop in front of his head and then straighten out. Finally, bend and pedal vertically like the dolphins’ tail.

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3. Try alternating swimming practice

You probably know that HIIT is a great way to melt belly fat. Yes, you can apply the same technique to reduce belly fat when swimming effectively.

Swim as fast as possible for a short time then rest and repeat several times.

If you are a beginner, try swimming for 5 minutes or less then rest and then swim again.

Sprint for longer when you reach endurance and then reduce the rest time between races.

4. Do AB bike

Lean against the wall of the pool then put your arm on the edge of the lake. Start moving your legs as if you were riding a bike.

This helps strengthen your abs and legs. The more you raise your leg, the higher the efficiency.

Try 30 cycles then rest. Keep increasing the number of periods as you get stronger.

5. Try strength training underwater

Did you know you can work out in a pool?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to lift as much as you get out of the water.

But you will still be able to tone your muscles, effectively reducing belly fat when swimming.

Now, you cannot exercise your strength underwater in a public pool. You need to join a service centre.

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6. Go underwater

Move to the deeper parts of the pool and then step on the water.
This is where you hold an upright position, keeping your head and shoulders above the water.
Keep your feet moving to maintain that position.
You can also lift your knees as high as possible to activate your abs.
Active steps can burn 600 calories per hour, while reasonable stages burn 200 calories per hour.

7. Exercises with Kickboard

This requires you to float while you hold a kickboard.

Although swimmers use kickboards, they can provide a great workout if you want to add variety to your swimming routine.

Exercises with Kickboard
Exercises with Kickboard
  • Keep kickboards with arms outstretched while you kick. Remember to pull in.
  • Swim the length of a pool or until you’re tired.
  • You can also wear ankle weights to make your workouts more challenging.
  • Another kickboard exercise that can help you lose belly fat is a push-pull.
  • Standing in the water, the water level is at your shoulder level.
  • Hold the kickboard in front of your chest.
  • Push the kickboard out until your arms are adequately stretched out.
  • Pull it back to your chest quickly.
  • Continue pushing and pulling for about half a minute without a break.

8. Treading water

Lean against the wall of the pool in a position similar to the ab bike position mentioned earlier. Hold your knees together then stretch your legs down.

Pull your knees up to your chest. This helps tighten your abs, effectively reducing belly fat when swimming.

9. Knee-high

Perform this exercise in the shallows of the pool. Run locally in the water while lifting your knees to your waist or hip height.

Tighten abdominal and buttocks muscles when lifting legs. Make sure your movements are moderate and controlled for the best effect on your abs.

10. Kick kicks

Vibrating stones are used in the supine position, in which the legs are stretched backward, and then you kick them up and down in an alternating motion.

Kick kicks
Kick kicks

This activates your abs muscles and legs. You can replace the side where you operate the kicks. Don’t turn your head and shoulders, bend your waist to the right and kick a few beats. Change to the center than left.


  • You need to be careful when exercising in the pool.
  • Never swim without supervision due to the current risk of drowning.
  • Make sure you pay attention to the signs of the body and do not try too much.
  • This can cause muscle cramps a lot easier.
  • If at any time you feel dizzy, get out of the pool.

Why swimming is a great option

Some experts say swimming is a great option, not a run.

However, you will still need to combine swimming with a healthy diet to reduce belly fat. As you may know, you cannot lose belly fat effectively when swimming without a lack of calories.

Swimming is also a great way to build muscles for people with injuries and joint pain since this is a weightless exercise.

Finally, eat at least half an hour before swimming. Eating right before you jump into the pool can reduce your performance.

Good luck:

Losing belly fat safely takes a long time; you should always pay attention to it anytime and anywhere will help you achieve the desired results.

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