Yoga for the back pain: These top 10 exercises are highly appreciated by many people


Back pain is becoming a disease of modern people because of our diet and living habits; we need to sit more at the computer or in the office to work and make this disease easy to get.

Yoga exercises for back pain with body movements and postures of the exercise help promote flexibility and relieve joint pain. Reducing back pain is very good for people suffering from this condition.

Yoga for back pain: These top 10 exercises are highly appreciated by many people

Please refer to 10 simple but very effective yoga for back pain treatments in Bellyfatzone's article below.

The effect of yoga exercises on people with back pain

According to statistics, about 80% of people in the US suffer back pain at some point. The most recent research indicates that one-third of adults have experienced back pain.

Back pain negatively affects the quality of life, reducing daily activities during exercise and rest. The latest study by scientists at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UM SOM, USA) has concluded that yoga exercises are helpful for people with back pain.

This study was published in the journal Cochrane Library – “We found that practicing yoga helps reduce pain as well as improve back function effectively,” says Ph.D., MS, Associate Professor of Family Medicine and the community L. Susan Wieland, who was directly involved in the research at UM SOM, said: “For patients with chronic back pain, yoga is also considered as an effective treatment support method.”

Wieland and colleagues reviewed 12 separate studies with patients with human upper back pain with 1,000 participants.

Most of the candidates who practice Iyengar, Hatha, or Viniyoga exercises have the effect of reducing the symptoms of this disease after about 3-6 months of practice.

Detailed instructions for ten simple yoga exercises to treat back pain

The following ten postures and movements help patients with back pain reduce pain, as well as reduce the psychological burden and stress caused by this disease for sufferers.

1. Yoga exercises for back pain – Cat-Cow pose

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If you want to practice gently but effectively support back pain treatment, then Cat-Cow will be a great position. Maintaining this exercise will help the patient's spine to be healthy. Stretch and move in your favor while lengthening your torso, shoulders, and neck. Steps to perform Cat-Cow follow these steps:

Step 1: Kneel and press your hands to the floor so that your wrists are open at a narrower angle than your shoulders and your knees are more limited than your hips.

Step 2: Balance your weight evenly across four contact positions with the ground. Tilt your neck up and take a deep breath and lower your belly.

Step 3: Exhale; while breathing, lower your head so that your chin touches your chest, and at the same time, curve your spine toward the ceiling.

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Step 4: It is necessary to maintain body awareness while performing the exercise, focusing on releasing tension in the body. Perform the movement continuously for at least 1 minute.

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2. Downward pose – facing dog

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This is a traditional yoga exercise; this back pain yoga helps the practitioner relax the muscles and rejuvenate the body. Besides, regular practice of doing Downward – facing dogs can also reduce back pain and sciatica very effectively.

Detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises correctly:

Step 1: Press your palms and feet to the floor/exercise mat.

Step 2: Place your hands under your wrists and your feet in line with your knees. Hips point straight up to the ceiling in an upside-down V shape.

Step 3: Put your hands on the mat and lift your heels, lowering your legs (legs are still straight). Lengthens the spine and vertebrae.

Step 4: Distribute the weight evenly between the two parts of the body, paying particular attention to the position of the hips and shoulders.

Step 5: Keep the head in line with the arms, chin slightly protruding. Push the body up and down with the movement of the legs. Perform the exercise for only 1-minute maximum.

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3. Yoga exercises for back pain Extended triangle

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This is a classic pose that can help improve symptoms of back pain, sciatica, and neck pain. It can stretch the practitioner's spine, hips, and groin, strengthening the body's shoulders, chest, and legs. In addition, it helps improve your mood and become much better.

Do the following:

Step 1: Stand up straight, step your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, and rotate your right foot forward and left toward the center of your right foot.

Step 2: Raise your arms parallel to the ground (palms down). Keep your hips straight, tilt your upper body forward, arms still extended, and touch the tip of your hand to the end of your foot.

Step 3: Tilt your head up and follow the arm above. Hold this position for up to 1 minute and do the same on the opposite side (switch legs).

4. Sphinx Pose Exercise

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The sphinx yoga exercise is a no-brainer to practice, a dynamic movement that will help strengthen your spine by lengthening the entire upper body.

Do the following exercises:

Step 1: Lie on your stomach on an exercise mat with your legs extended behind you in a V-shape.

Step 2: Lower your elbows, palms on the floor, and close to your chest. Slowly lift your upper body (about a 45-degree angle) and head up while gently lifting your lower abdomen to support your back.

Step 4: Ensure you lift your body upwards through your spine rather than down your lower body. Keep your gaze forward, utterly relaxed during the exercise.

The time to hold this pose is up to 5 minutes, so you can rest for a few seconds if you feel uncomfortable. Patients will feel significantly less back pain if they regularly perform this yoga pose for back pain.

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5. Yoga exercises for back pain

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Cobra, by practicing this exercise, people with back pain will feel the pain significantly at ease and reduce anxiety and fatigue in the patient's body. Yoga pose for back pain treatment Cobra includes the following steps:

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Step 1: Lie on your stomach, two palms under your shoulders, fingers facing forward.

Step 2: Close the arms close to the body so that the two hands lightly touch the body area under the armpits.

Step 3: Press into your hands and let your head naturally lift slowly. The chest, shoulders, head, neck, and waist are the positions that work in this pose.

Step 4: You can raise your head as high as possible depending on your body's flexibility. Remember to maintain a slight bend in the elbow.

Step 5: Exhale when your head returns to its original position. Repeat the movement several times until you feel tired.

6. Grasshopper Pose Exercise

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As the name suggests, the exercise in the lesson is like a flying grasshopper. The practice effectively strengthens the back, body, arms, and legs.

Step 1: Lie on your stomach, put your arms next to your body, and close. Palm facing up.

Step 2: Pinch your feet together and gently place your forehead on the mat. Slowly raise your head, chest, and arms as high as possible (touch your hands together if possible). Simultaneously raise your legs off the ground, keeping them straight.

Step 3: Eyes look straight ahead or slightly upward as you lengthen your body.

After lifting your body, you hold for 1 minute.

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7. Yoga exercises for back pain Bridge

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The Bridge pose of yoga, in addition to stimulating and restoring the vertebrae, also reduces headaches.

Instructions for the exercise are as follows:

Step 1: Lie on your back on the mat, bend your knees, pull your heels close to your buttocks, and press the soles of your feet to the mat.

Step 2: Place your arms at the length of your body. Place a weight on your feet and arms as you lift your body (specifically, raising your spine).

Step 3: Slowly lift until the upper thigh is parallel to the floor. Note that the arm should always be stable; you can bring two palms with alternating fingers under your hips to support the part. Lift people.

Step 4: The Bridge pose should be held for a maximum of 1 minute, then released by slowly letting the spine down to the floor and ending the back pain yoga exercise.

8. Yoga exercises for back pain

The exercise energizes your spine while reducing tension in your back. Reduce fatigue, and stimulate activity in internal organs very well.

Step 1: Sit cross-legged on the exercise mat, draw your right leg close to your body and bring your left leg out. At this point, your legs will be twisted on top of each other.

Step 2: Place your left hand on the floor behind you to support the next swing. Rotate your body to the left, twisting and lengthening your spine as far as possible.

Step 3: Move the right arm to the outside of the left thigh or wrap the elbow around the left knee.

Step 4: Keep the hips square to make the twist more effective. Look over your shoulder and hold the pose for 1 minute; repeat the same for the rest by switching legs and rotation direction.

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9. Two-knee spinal twist exercise

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The effect of yoga exercises for back pain is to promote movement in the lumbar spine. Lengthen the spine and quickly relieve pain and numbness in the patient's back.

You follow the steps below:

Step 1: Lie on your back, pull your knees to your chest, and spread your arms wide to the sides. Slowly lower your legs to the left at a right angle, and at the same time, keep your knees as close together as possible (you can put a pillow) below both knees or between the knees).

Step 2: Use your left hand to press down on your knee gently. Keep your neck straight, or rotate your neck to the sides.

Step 3: Focus on deep breathing and hold this pose for 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.

10. Yoga exercises for back pain- Baby Pose

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A gentle posture helps improve symptoms of many diseases, including back pain. In this back pain yoga exercise, the baby's pose will help release the tension in the neck and back of the patient due to the lengthening of the spine. This exercise also helps to stretch the hips, thighs, and ankles and reduce fatigue in the performer.

Do the following exercises correctly:

Step 1: Sit on your heels with your knees together (you can use a pad or blanket placed under your thighs for support).

Step 2: Gently bring your body forward, straighten your arms in front of you, palms touching the mat.

Step 3: Push your body back so that your buttocks touch the heels of your feet.

Step 4: The patient holds the position for 5 minutes and continues to follow the breathing rhythm.

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Some exercise notes to keep the spine healthy

  • The back of the human body is a complex area that connects many parts of the body. As a result, back training can be daunting, and it's easy to mistake many exercises for one another, as there are many ways to work out and improve back function. The practices outlined above will help you build a solid foundation each way.
  • It would be best if you combined yoga exercises to treat back pain and routine control of the movement of the activity; after a while, perform more challenging actions and then gradually expand the range of motion of the body.
  • Understanding the basic movements and functions of the back will help you know which exercises work and which exercises you need to spend more time on.
  • Having mastered yoga exercises to treat back pain, you can integrate the exercises according to your own needs. It is recommended that you aim for a planned exercise routine so that you can discover and adjust to your needs and fitness accordingly.

Through 10 yoga exercises for back pain that Belly fat zone has sent to readers, hopefully, with this knowledge, you will adequately practice yoga exercises to treat back pain and quickly overcome and improve your condition. Diseases, as well as improving the overall health of the body.

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