Using Belly Fat Burning Juice Recipes Properly Helps You Own a Balanced Body

By: Aiden Johann
  • Does fruit juice help you lose weight? Is it safe?
  • How to get in shape from the original slim body?
  • So have you tried fruit juice to lose weight?

We will actually see that two things happen simultaneously, nothing is completely 100% beneficial, and nothing is 100% harmful.

For every type of drink or juice that supports weight loss, it has a similar action mechanism; if you use it properly, are balanced, do not abuse it, and know what fruits to use, you will lose weight safely. And have a perfectly healthy body.

This is one of the secrets to help women, and everyone quickly regain their physique and provide a lot of essential vitamins, minerals, and help improve the skin's beauty.

Using Belly Fat Burning Juice recipes properly helps you own a balanced body
Using Belly Fat Burning Juice recipes properly helps you own a balanced body.

Let's learn how BellyFatzone can make juice reduce belly fat fast!

To support the process of losing weight and quickly regaining a satisfying waist, in addition to hard workouts and sports every day, such as you read the article about cardio exercises to lose weight quickly … A scientific diet helps a lot.

Besides, we can take advantage of 1 more type of juice to help you lose weight; burn fat is also very effective while providing many micronutrients.

The juice is an easy way to help your body absorb many nutrients without having to eat fruits and vegetables.

Many people admit that this is an extremely effective weight-loss tool. The trend of dieting with fruit juice has gradually become popular over the years, but the effect it brings remains unclear.

What is fruit juice?

Fruit juice is the process of extracting a solution from fruits and vegetables while removing the remaining fiber.

We can press it by hand or by machine. Fruit and vegetable juices contain no seeds or seeds at all.

They contain certain types of nutrients and antioxidants but usually do not contain fiber, except for certain purees, instead of juicing.

Some people use juice as a method of body detox.

However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that replacing regular foods with fruit juice will help detoxify your body.

Your body can eliminate toxins through the liver and kidneys on its own, so using juice as a method of body detox is completely unnecessary.

People also use juice as a nutritional supplement and help with weight loss. There is no scientific evidence to support these things, but many people still believe in the effectiveness of the juice.

Diet with juice

There are several popular diets with juices, and the most common ones are fasting for juices. Accordingly, people replace their daily meals with fruit and vegetable juices.

The main point here is to lose weight by abstaining from everyday foods while still consuming large amounts of nutrients from fruit juice. In general, these diets contain very few calories.

Some people go on a fast and replace it with juice for a few days, but some even go for weeks.

Unfortunately, these diets' effectiveness has not been scientifically studied and proven, but many people still spread the word to help lose weight fast.

Juice can help reduce calorie intake.

To lose weight, you must maintain a daily calorie deficit, which means you must consume fewer calories than burn.

Most diets with juices lack solid foods and contain around 600-1000kcal / day.

This leads to a large calorie deficit in many people, and as a result, diets with fruit juice often cause weight loss, at least in the short term.

The fewer calories you consume on a diet with fruit juice, the faster your body will lose weight.

However, once your body absorbs calories back to normal after finishing the diet with juice, you will easily gain back weight.

Diet with juice and a feeling of fullness

Because juice-only diets often lack solid foods, you may feel hungry faster than normal.

This method is used because water meals are usually less filling than solid foods, especially when they are high in carbs. A lot of scientific research has proved this effect.

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In one study, 20 normal-weight adults and 20 overweight adults were divided to 300kcal from apples/apple juice or a meal.

People who drink apple juice all report that they are less full than those who eat solid food. They also quickly returned to hunger, compared to other groups of people.

Solid foods all make you feel fuller, as they contain fiber and protein, both important nutrients capable of reducing appetite.

Fiber has the ability to reduce appetite, as it can slow down the digestion of food and increase digestion time.

Meanwhile, protein increases the hormones that signal the feeling of fullness, which is extremely important in controlling cravings.

Those who eat balanced fiber and protein content tend to eat less and weigh less than those who do not.

The juice making process removes fiber from fruits and vegetables. These sources naturally contain very little protein.

Therefore, diets with fruit juice cannot fill you up and make it difficult to maintain for long periods.

Juice affects metabolism

If you ask if drinking fruit juice will help you lose weight, reduce belly fat, then we need to pay much attention to the metabolism right inside the body.

Many diets cause a severe calorie deficit with juice, which can seriously affect the body's metabolism.

These diets are characterized by rapid weight loss and limited protein intake, which can lead to reduced muscle mass.

Muscles are always metabolically powerful, so those who have little muscle mass often burn less energy.

Besides, the body emits a signal of exhaustion from hunger when you drastically reduce your calorie intake, so your body will start to maintain calories by burning less energy.

Many studies have confirmed this effect in people who are on a calorie-restricted diet.

In one study, overweight and obese women applied calorie restriction treatments for 3 months.

The calorie content burned during their respite dropped sharply during the study period.

Clearly, restricting calorie intake can lower your metabolic rate after just a few days.

Because the calorie deficit is essential during weight loss, low-calorie diets, including fasting but drinking juice, can have the opposite effect because they slow down the metabolic rate.

Belly Fat Burning Juice

Fruit juice can be harmful to health.

1. Deficiency of fiber

All fruits and vegetables contain excellent fiber content, but the fiber content is removed when pressed into the water. Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet.

Eating enough fiber is important for better digestion of food. It helps keep the beneficial bacteria in the intestine always healthy and can reduce constipation in some people.

2. Nutrient deficiency

There are several reasons why a long-term diet with juice can cause nutrient deficiencies.

Because these diets are deficient in animal products, they contain very few essential nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D, iron, vitamin B12, and zinc.

All of these nutrients play important roles in the body. Insufficient intake can lead to serious health problems.

Fasting and replacing with juice contains minimal omega-3 fatty acids, healthy fats that fight inflammation and help keep the brain and heart-healthy.

These menus are low in nutrients and interfere with the absorption of nutrients into the body. The reason is that these menus often contain very little fat, which is necessary to absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K.

3. Increased risk of infection

Because of the lack of minimum protein content and inadequate of some important nutrients, a long-term diet with juice can negatively affect the immune system and increase—the risk of infection.

4. Tired and weak

Fatigue is the most common phenomenon if this menu is used. This is because the body needs the energy to maintain its physical and internal activities.

So can fruit juice help you lose weight?

Currently, there is not any research evidence to support this. Based on the basic theories, it is clear that diets with fruit juice can lose weight fast in a short time, especially when the diet is low in calories.

However, you may experience negative health effects by minimizing your calorie intake, especially if you follow this diet for a long time.

Therefore, it is best to work hard on the usual weight-loss diets, combined with gym and sports!

12 Belly Fat Burning Juice recipes:

Regardless of the weather, a glass of colorful and fresh fruit juice is easy to please anyone, even the most demanding. Not only that, but the types of fruit juice below also have a lot of nutritional value.

1. Tomato juice

If you've read the article summarizing the most effective weight loss foods today, you also know why tomatoes are mentioned.

Tomato juice

This is one of the foods that provide many vitamins A, B, C, K, and many other minerals, helping the skin smooth and ruddy.

There are many different ways to lose weight, but it is common and easy to do with tomato juice.

Usually, to bring good results, you should choose to buy tomatoes in a prestigious place, without chemicals … and keep them in the refrigerator, cool compartment to store.

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Taking an average of 1-2 glasses daily with breakfast and snacks will help you lose 2-3kg per month.

How to make fresh tomato juice:

  • Rinse tomatoes can peel, or it is best to leave the skin intact to get more nutrients and fiber.
  • Put in a blender, add a little sugar/honey.
  • Add ice cubes to blend evenly.

2. Cucumber juice

When it comes to drinking fruit juice to lose weight fast, we cannot ignore cucumber.

Cucumber juice

Not only does it help treat stomach ulcers, but cucumbers also help eliminate toxins quickly, as well as help reduce belly fat fast.

How to make fresh cucumber juice is straightforward because there is nothing to prepare. Wash cucumber thoroughly, then put in a blender. Add 1 cup of water and add a little ice, less sugar for easier drinking.

3. Bitter melon / bitter melon juice

Many scientific studies have proven that bitter melon, also known as bitter melon, contains many important health nutrients.

Bitter melon / bitter melon juice

For example, the beta-carotene content in bitter melon is 2 times higher in broccoli, 2 times higher in calcium in spinach, and 2 times higher than the potassium in bananas.

Besides, it also contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, phosphorus, and fiber.

How to make fresh bitter melon juice:

  • Rinse the bitter melon and remove the inside gut. Put in a blender and add some water. Blend well and drink immediately after exercise.

4. Carrot juice

When it comes to the diet for drinking weight-loss juice, we definitely cannot ignore the power of carrots.

Carrot juice

The terrible fiber content in carrots will help improve the digestive system, support belly fat burning, thighs extremely effectively and quickly.

Besides, drinking carrot juice helps increase eyesight, especially suitable for those who often work in front of the computer.

How to make fresh carrot juice:

  • Wash carrots, peel, and cut into small pieces about the 2-3cm size. Put in a juicer, get juice, and add a little sugar, ice for easy drinking.

5. Watermelon juice

Watermelon has always been a prevalent fruit group in our lives, has a sweet, refreshing sweetness, helping to cool the heat very well.

Watermelon juice

Watermelon helps people eat quickly, reducing the amount of food loaded into the body. That is why this is considered one of the fruits to help lose weight effectively.

Besides, watermelon also helps to reduce excess cholesterol from the body.

Thanks to the content of vitamins A, C, B6, and important minerals, watermelon helps slow down the aging process of the skin and helps smooth, healthy skin.

How to make fresh watermelon juice:

  • Rinse the watermelon's outer shell, peel it off, and cut it into bite-sized pieces to put in the blender.
  • Put watermelon in the juicer, squeeze juice. Add some sugar and some lemon slices for easy drinking.

6. Apple juice

Losing weight with apple juice is one of the tips shared by the community a lot. In particular, you can easily see Korean and American stars who are very fond of eating apples to help burn fat.

Apple juice

Ideally, you should drink apple juice every day as well:

  • Morning: Drink 1 glass
  • In the evening: Drink 1 glass before going to bed 1-1.5 hours.

Just maintain this habit, combined with diet and exercise science, for about 1 month, you will feel a much stronger and firmer body.

How to make fresh apple juice:

  • Wash apples, cut off any damaged parts.
  • Cut into small, moderate pieces.
  • Put apples in the juicer to get the juice.

7. Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit contains many vitamins and minerals that are important for health. Thanks to that, grapefruit helps burn fat effectively, enhances metabolism quickly, and reduces excess cholesterol from the body.

Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit is also made a beautiful weight loss juice extremely beautiful, thanks to vitamins A, C, which helps promote oxidation, support acne removal and moisture balance for the skin.

How to make cool grapefruit juice:

  • To avoid feeling bitter while drinking, you need to remove the seeds before putting the grapefruit into a blender.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of pure honey to the blender to create a natural sweetness. Do not use sugar.

8. Squash juice

Melon is considered the panacea of ​​skin vitality and helps to lose weight effectively for women.

Squash juice

There are no lipids and extremely low-calorie content, so you can safely eat without worrying about weight gain. Even eating a lot of squash will help you feel full and lose weight effectively.

Besides, squash is also low in sodium and malonic acid, which helps burn fat. Squash also helps to prevent the conversion of sugars into excess fat. Thereby reducing the risk of weight gain.

How to make winter melon juice cool:

  • Rinse the squash, peel, remove seeds, and boil.
  • Put squash in the juice extractor.
  • When you drink, remember to add some diet sugar and salt.
  • Stir well, drink several times a day.
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9. Grape juice

Grapes are one of the most delicious fruits, rich in water and nutrients. This is also one of the fruit juices to lose weight and beautiful skin, helps burn calories extremely effectively.

Grape juice

Drinking a glass of grape juice right after exercising exercise will help dispel fatigue, add micronutrients, blood circulation, and dispel excess fat.

How to make cool grape juice:

  • Rinse 200-300g of fresh grapes. Put grapes, diet sugar, and some water in a blender. Strain the juice and add some ice for easy drinking.

10. Strawberry juice

Strawberries contain a lot of fiber, important micronutrients, which help people eat quickly and fully. Besides, eating strawberries also helps the body to burn and eliminate body fat very effectively.

Strawberry juice

Drinking strawberry weight loss juice will help support skin beauty and improve physique.

How to make strawberry juice cool:

  • Rinse 300g of fresh strawberries, cut off the stem.
  • Put in a blender and add some ice, sugar for easy drinking.

11. Orange juice

Oranges are like grapefruit because of their high vitamin C content. Oranges also help to protect the skin from bad environmental influences. Thus, it helps the skin smooth and anti-aging white.

Orange juice

Besides, drinking fruit juice to lose weight purifies the body for 1 week from oranges, increasing resistance and eliminating toxins.

How to make fresh orange juice:

  • Wash orange thoroughly, cut in half to squeeze the juice. Add a little pure honey, ice cubes, and drink before/after training.

12. Pineapple juice (pineapple)

Pineapple or pineapple contains many vitamin C enzymes that help burn excess energy and prevent fat accumulation.

Pineapple juice

Besides, pineapple also contains yeast bromelain, supporting the digestive system to work harder. You pay attention, do not drink more than 1 pineapple/day and 4 left/week.

How to make freshly fragrant juice:

  • Cut off scented skin and eyes. Juice 1 juice to drink. It can be pressed with apples, oranges, or strawberries for easy drinking.


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The note when drinking fruit juice to lose weight, reduce belly fat

Although the effect is very significant, you need to pay attention to the following issues.

1. Do not drink juice when sick

For some illnesses, drinking fresh fruit juice is very harmful to your health.

  • Are you having an ulcer, pancreas, or duodenum? Absolutely not drink any sour juice like lemon, apple …
  • Do you have diabetes? Minimize the consumption of grape juice as it is high in glucose and energy.
  • Do you have diarrhea? There are many fresh juice types to laxatives, so if you drink, dilute it with lots of water.

2. Do not take the medication with fruit juice

When taken with fruit juice, it will cause unhealthy chemical reactions.

  • If you take medicine and eat/drink grapefruit, the drug will go into the bloodstream more, causing overdose and making the drug less effective.
  • Apple juice reduces the absorption effect of the drug.

3. Should you use a juicer or a manual squeezer?

Many people believe that using a juicer to squeeze juice, vitamins, and minerals will be destroyed more. However, this doesn't seem right because they are the same way as long as you find it convenient!

4. Support the digestive system

It will help if you drink fruit juice about 40 minutes before meals or between 2 meals. Do not drink juice that is too sweet after lunch, causing stomach upset.

Above are the fruit juices to lose weight, reduce belly fat extremely well. What are you waiting for but not immediately added to the diet and exercise routine?

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