What Is Black Garlic Benefits? Does Black Garlic Really Support Our Health?

The use of foods of natural sources to support your body with energy every day, anti-aging is a trend all over the world.

If you are a regular person interested in nutrition, you also know a lot about the benefits of normal garlic.

However, there is one type of garlic that has been undergoing fermentation to create a very wonderful ingredient that is black garlic.

So what effect black garlic has on our body the anti-aging ability of black garlic compared to normal garlic, how should we use it to get the best effect.

What Is Black Garlic Benefits? Does Black Garlic Really Support Our Health?
What Is Black Garlic Benefits? Does Black Garlic Really Support Our Health?

In this article invite you to learn what black garlic is as well as the benefits of this food, from which you will know how to choose and use for yourself and your family against disease and long-term children.

What is black garlic?

Regular white garlic after being dried and turned black by the Maillard reaction is called black garlic. This type of garlic is produced by the process of heating with different temperatures.

In industrial production, the process of creating black garlic is not easy but needs to comply very strictly with temperature (about 60 to 100 degrees C depending on the case), humidity, time, to ensure the criteria standards and uses.

What is black garlic?

The taste of black garlic is very special. They have a sweet syrupy taste coupled with a sour vinegar or tamarind flavor. This taste is quite stimulating to the taste buds and is loved by many people.

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The use of black garlic

The nutritional value that black garlic brings is very high. Nutrients such as proteins, lipids, … are in balance and easily absorbed. In particular, black garlic has a higher antioxidant content than normal garlic. Therefore, black garlic has many uses in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

1. Black garlic helps reduce cholesterol

Black garlic is used to reduce cholesterol many times more than fresh garlic thanks to its large content of S-allycysteine ​​and the same amino acid derivative.

2. Strengthen the immune system

In black garlic contains S-allycysteine ​​which makes the ability to absorb and metabolize Acilin more easily. While Acilin is resistant to infections, bacteria, and fungi. Therefore, black garlic will be an effective aid to the immune system.

3. Anti-oxidation, prevent disease

Studies show that the antioxidant content of black garlic is much higher than fresh garlic. They slow down oxidation in black garlic, prolong youth, protect the body. Using a lot of black garlic will help prevent many diseases of bones and joints, heart, digestion, …

4. Prevent and support cancer treatment

Black garlic extracts strongly resist tumor cells, helping to support cancer treatment effectively by stimulating the immune response. Thereby eliminating the possibility of tumor cell metastasis.

5- Support lose weight:

Black garlic promotes a healthy immune system as well as a more effective fat metabolism than normal, because of this, when you use black garlic, it will have a positive effect on your weight like your body fat ratio.

6. Support for diabetes treatment

Black garlic has the effect of significantly reducing triglycerides but also helps increase the amount of good cholesterol for the body many times compared to regular garlic.

Thanks to that benefit, they have the ability to control hyperglycemia and dyslipidemia caused by type 2 diabetes.

7. Help to reduce blood pressure

Help to reduce blood pressure

Recent studies have all proven that black garlic has the effect of eliminating free radicals.

With blood pressure, the effect of garlic is demonstrated through its ability to oxidize and reduce the concentration of MDA oxidants in the blood plasma to stabilize blood pressure after 14 weeks.

8. Limiting the increase in liver enzymes, detoxifying and protecting the liver

Black Garlic contains Threonine and Methionine – important amino acids in the body. In it, Methionine helps promote liver fat dissolution and prevents liver damage from Tylenol poisoning, inflammation, liver protection, and detoxification.

9. Black garlic helps to reduce intracellular oxidative stress

Black garlic helps to reduce intracellular oxidative stress

Oxidative stress can damage cells, causing cell death, leading to various diseases such as heart disease and atherosclerosis. Black garlic helps reduce intracellular oxidative stress and avoids unpredictable consequences.

10. Enhance memory

Black garlic helps thinking to become flexible and lucid by promoting the activity of vitamin B1. Vitamin C helps the brain to easily absorb the nutrients needed for healthy development. Therefore, eating black garlic is very good for raising your thoughts and mental focus.

Who should not use black garlic?

Currently, due to the tastes of users, many manufacturers for personal benefit do not care about the health of customers but perform the process of creating black garlic in contravention of regulations.

Who should not use black garlic?

Buyers will buy garlic that is cheap but lacks quality, does not meet the requirements, harms the health of users.

The ability to prevent and treat diseases depends on the compound inside the garlic. It is not just black garlic, it is quality black garlic. Garlic types do not have a fermentation process that ensures that they will not produce beneficial active ingredients for the body.

Although there are many good effects, there are a few cases we can not use black garlic.

  • For pregnant women, people with heat or fever should not use garlic much will cause heat in making the illness worse.
  • People allergic to garlic, if deliberately used, mild it causes itching, discomfort worse can increase blood pressure.
  • People with kidney disease should not use black garlic

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Use black garlic properly and effectively

1. Black garlic eat directly

The easiest way you can do it is to eat black garlic directly. The average person should use three black garlic bulbs per person, for the elderly should use one to two bulbs.

Overeating can be counterproductive. You should also note when you want to eat black garlic with any spices should be careful to see if black garlic causes a bad effect if they are used together or not.

2. Black garlic soaked with honey

Black garlic soaked with honey

Honey soaked black garlic is also considered a folk remedy because it works well for people with colds, flu, or stomach aches. In addition, black garlic soaked in honey also has a beautiful effect, anti-aging.

  • How to make honey-soaked black garlic: The way to make honey-soaked black garlic is very simple, you just need to take the desired amount of black garlic, peel it off and put it in a glass jar, pour honey over the garlic, wait about 3 weeks. can be used.
  • How to use: Divide all meals throughout the day, each meal you should use 1 soaked black garlic and 1 teaspoon of honey.

3. Black garlic in vinegar

Black garlic vinegar is also very good for relieving cough, especially for those who have a persistent, long-term, and chronic cough.

  • How to make black garlic soaked in vinegar: Use an arbitrary amount of black garlic, peel it off, slice it thinly (to keep it in your mouth), and soak it in a jar of vinegar for about 30 days.
  • Usage: Take the soaked black garlic in your mouth every day for about 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Black garlic in wine

Black garlic in alcohol has many good uses for the health of users. Specifically, black garlic soaked in alcohol helps to reduce blood fat, support bacteria destruction, support the body to absorb nutrients and have the effect of preventing cancer.

  • How to make black garlic soaked in wine: If you soak with a liter of alcohol, you should use about 250 grams of black garlic (peeled). Soaking garlic in white wine for about 10 days will work.
  • Usage: Black garlic soaked wine should be used after meals, with meals during the day (2-3 meals), each meal is 30ml. Using a lot of alcohol is not healthy, even though it is wine-soaked in black garlic.

Note when using black garlic

Black garlic has many useful uses for human health, however, if you do not know how to use it properly, it may be counterproductive. You must be aware of the following issues when using black garlic:

  • Do not eat too much black garlic in a day. The recommended amount to use is less than 3 bulbs
  • The time to use black garlic to eat directly is before breakfast, on an empty stomach
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should be careful when using black garlic
  • Put black garlic in the refrigerator cooler after using it for storage
  • If you buy black garlic, you need to pay attention to the production unit, expiry date, avoid using expired, moldy black garlic

Health Benefits of Black Garlic – Dr.Berg Video

How to make black garlic at home

Black garlic has many good health benefits, but due to the low price or quality, many people still hesitate to buy. To ensure good quality and the right price, you can choose the home-made method with the following steps:

How to make black garlic at home

Prepare materials

  • 1 kg of garlic or Ly Son garlic.
  • 1 rice cooker or black garlic maker.
  • 1 can of beer
  • Silver paper


  • Peel off the outer layer of the garlic bulb to remove the dirt, then use scissors to cut off the stem.
  • Put the garlic in a pot or bowl and soak it with beer, mix well so the garlic infuses the beer’s probiotics for about 30 minutes.
  • Every 10 minutes, check and reverse 1 time. Then, take out the garlic and let it drain.
  • Spread 1 piece of foil and then put the garlic in, with 1 kg of garlic you can divide into 3 and place 3 pieces of foil.
  • Then wrap it tightly and put it in the rice cooker, then plug in the power and press the damp button and let it sit for 15 days.
  • After 15 days, after cooking the black garlic dish will have a brown outer skin, when peeled it will be black.
  • Take the garlic to dry and cool and store in a sealed container, store in a cool place.


For 15 days, you should keep the garlic warm, do not unplug the rice cooker, and check many times. Each time about 15 minutes, should not be too long lest affect the incubation of garlic.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you to gain some more knowledge about “black garlic benefits”, and bring some small value to you. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!

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