Top Resistance Band Exercises for Legs and Glutes At Home

By: Samuel Brownlee

A toned butt, healthy legs are not only a desire of men, but for women, the butt is an important point to show health, charm, and fertility.

Because of this, there are countless exercises or diets to support the growth of the buttocks 2023.

These exercises are support tools; if you have the time and conditions to go to the gym, there are many types of equipment for developing butt muscles, but if you do not have enough time and want to be more cost-effective, you can exercise at home. You need to know the exercises.

An extremely easy-to-use and cost-effective workout tool and butt support that is resistance bands.

Gym resistance bands are cheap and convenient workout tools that you should choose to buy one set immediately.

The resistance wire offers a great training effect for those who practice the right way and especially the easy to move you can practice anywhere you want.

Resistance band exercises for legs and glutes
Resistance band exercises for legs and glutes

Even in your bedroom, it is possible to train and achieve goals that are not inferior because others go to the training room time and money.

Once you have resistance bands, the most important thing is that you need to know how to practice effectively.

This is one of the best round 3 exercises for both men and women. Today, Bellyfatzone will learn with you all about butt exercises with elastic bands extremely effective at home and in the gym for both men and women!

There are hundreds of thousands of ways to use this five-color string, but I have to admit that it is beneficial when doing butt muscles.

Lena Marti – a famous personal coach in New York, USA, also admitted to Bellyfatzone that, in the US, the gym rope is perfect for stimulating the buttock muscles that many of you often do not expect!

The well-known fact is that the front thigh muscles always play an important role in exercises like Squat and Lunges, while you actually want your butt muscles to be the main muscle group and the most stressed.

Part of the reason for this is that many people are stronger at the front thigh muscles, which means you tend to use too much of the front thigh muscles during workouts, even if you don't focus on them.

Ripcords Resistance Bands

When your hips are too full, you tend to start a movement, such as squat, from your knees instead of your hips, putting more pressure on your legs instead of your butt.

Exercises with resistance bands are excellent to focus on the muscles in the buttock. Certainly, the articles we listed below will make you satisfied with your bust size increasing steadily every day!

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How to practice buttocks with resistance bands

Below is a detailed guide on how to exercise buttocks with resistance straps at the gym or home :

  • Angle Jumping Jacks – 20 iterations
  • Lateral Band Walks – 20 iterations
  • Standing Glute Kicks – 20 repetitions per side.
  • Banded Walks – 20 iterations
  • Squat to Lateral Leg Lifts – 20 repetitions
  • Clamshells – 20 iterations
  • Hip Bridge Pulses – 20 iterations
  • Fire Hydrants – 20 iterations
  • Hip Bridges with Alternating Leg Extensions – 20 iterations
  • Donkey Kicks – 20 iterations
  • Follow this route for 2 rounds.

Marti recommends that women follow this exercise schedule 2-3 times a week at least.

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She also recommends that people choose two of the above to warm up before doing the lower body muscles, such as the leg, thigh, or butt training day.

Detailed instructions each butt exercise with elastic wire resistance

1. Ankle Jumping Jacks – 20 reps

  • Hook the mini band into the ankles.
  • Get into a standing position at Squat 1/4 (Squat is a bit low), with your legs at your hips, hands raised, and posture in front of your chest.
  • Hold the upper body unchanged, jumping 2 feet out and in (old position) for 1 repetition.
  • Perform 20 iterations.

Ankle Jumping Jacks - 20 reps

Note: Try not to get too high and touch the ground with your heels (not your toes).

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2. Lateral Band Walks – 20 reps

  • Hook the mini band into the ankles.
  • Get into a standing position at Squat 1/4 (Squat is a bit low), with your legs at your hips, hands raised, and posture in front of your chest.
  • Step 1 foot to the right, so that the feet are shoulder width. Then, continue with your left foot to the right so that your feet are as wide as your hips.
  • Step 3 steps to the right and then 3 steps to the left. It was an iteration.
  • Perform 20 iterations.

Lateral Band Walks - 20 reps

Attention: Try to keep your body weight in a central position, tighten your abs and keep the mini band stretched out continuously.

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3. Standing Glute Kickbacks – 20 reps

  • Hook the mini band into the ankles.
  • Clench your hands in front of your chest or on your hips, put all your weight on your left foot and place your right toes on the floor, diagonally behind your left heel, letting the strings stretch.
  • Tighten your abs when you kick your right leg back as high as possible. Keep right knee on.
  • Lower the right foot to its original position, keeping the tension extended. It was an iteration.
  • Perform 20 iterations. Switch sides and repeat.

Standing Glute Kickbacks - 20 reps

Note: If you feel when you kick your foot back, lower back too much, kick a little lower. Try not to put any bodyweight on the kicking foot when it drops to the floor again.

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4. Banded Walks – 20 reps

  • Hook the mini band into the ankles.
  • The legs are as wide as the hips. Bend your knees slightly and lean forward at your hips, squeeze your abs and buttocks.
  • Step 10 steps forward.
  • Step 10 steps back. It was an iteration.
  • Perform 20 iterations.

Banded Walks - 20 reps

Note: Make sure to keep your back straight and shoulders back not to bend your back forward.

Ripcords Resistance Bands

5. Squat to Lateral Leg Lifts – 20 reps

  • Hook the mini band right on the 2 pillows.
  • Two feet with hips, hands clasped in front of the chest or on hips.
  • Kneel on your knees and push your butt back, lowering yourself into a standard squat position.
  • Stand up straight and lift your right leg to the right, keeping your knees straight.
  • Lower your right foot to the floor.
  • The squat is back. When you stand up straight, lift your left leg to the left and hold the pillow straight.
  • Lower left foot to the floor. It was an iteration.
  • Perform 20 iterations. Switch sides and repeat.

Squat to Lateral Leg Lifts - 20 reps

Note: Tighten abdominal muscles, lift the chest, and don't arch your back.

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6. Clamshell – 20 reps

  • Hook the mini band right on the 2 pillows.
  • Lie on one side, resting your head on your hands below. Raise 2 feet to hip level (if possible), keep knees touching the floor.
  • Keep your feet touching as you lift your upper pillow toward the ceiling.
  • Slowly lower the upper pillow to the lower to touch the lower pillow. It was an iteration.
  • Perform 20 iterations. Switch sides and repeat.
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Clamshell - 20 reps

Note: If you feel that opening 2 pillows with the upper two feet is not too difficult, keep the feet on the floor and do the same.

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7. Hip Bridge Pulses – 20 reps

  • Hook the mini band right on the 2 pillows.
  • Lie on your back on the floor with your hands face down, spread out to your sides, knees folded, and your feet and feet on the floor, about hip-width.
  • Tighten your buttocks and tummy muscles and lift your hips a few centimeters off the floor. Walk your feet close together.
  • Hold the bridge, push 2 pillows to the sides and keep your feet together.
  • Perform 20 iterations.

Hip Bridge Pulses - 20 reps

Note: Do not bend your back and stiffen your abs.

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8. Fire Hydrants – 20 reps

  • Hook the mini band right on the 2 pillows.
  • In 4-legged posture, with hands on the floor below 2 shoulders and 2 knees just below the hip.
  • Do not move your hips or torso, lifting your left leg to the side.
  • Slowly lower to the original position. It was an iteration.
  • Perform 20 iterations. Switch sides and repeat.

Fire Hydrants - 20 reps

Note: Tighten body muscles; do not move the upper body.

9. Hip Bridges with Alternating Leg Extension – 20 reps

  • Hook the mini band right on the 2 pillows.
  • Lie on your back with your hands face down on the floor, arms stretched out on both sides, knees folded, feet on floor, hip-width.
  • Tighten your buttocks, tummy muscles, and lift hips a few centimeters from the floor.
  • Straighten your right leg until completely straight.
  • Lower right foot to the original position. Lower hips to the floor.
  • Lift your hips back. Then, straighten your left leg until it's completely straight.
  • Lower left foot to the original position. Lower hips to the floor. It was an iteration.
  • Perform 20 iterations. Switch sides and repeat.

Hip Bridges with Alternating Leg Extension - 20 reps

Note: Focus on touching the heels of the feet to the floor, not the toes.

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10. Donkey Kicks – 20 reps

  • Hook the mini band around the sole of the left foot and right ankle.
  • In a 4-legged posture, with 2 knees below your hips and 2 hands just below 2 shoulders.
  • Kick your left foot up to the ceiling until the thigh is parallel to the floor, keeping the left foot folded and the knee bent 90 degrees. Hold on top for 2 seconds.
  • Lower left foot to the floor. It was an iteration.
  • Continue repeating 9 more times for the left leg.
  • Switch to the right foot and repeat 10 times.

Donkey Kicks - 20 reps

30 Minute Butt and Thighs Burnout With Mini Band Workout

Note The longer you stay in the peak, the more pressure your buttocks are.

In addition to the butt exercises with resistance elastic bands, you should also pay attention to read the following series of articles to stimulate the buttock muscles to grow steadily and beautifully!

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