How To Eat Garlic Raw Not Only Delicious But Also Good For The Body

By: Aiden Johann

If it is for the housewives, it is one of the great spices to help you cook dishes with a unique taste.

If you are a beauty lover, garlic also contributes immeasurably to the safe and highly effective beauty recipes derived from nature.

If you are someone I want to protect my health using spices from nature, ask if you cannot ignore one of the spices.

Garlic is not only an attractive seasoning but also healthy food. However, eating garlic in the wrong way leads to unpredictable dangers. Let's join Bellyfatzone to find out the best way to eat garlic with the following 12 notes! 

How To Eat Garlic Raw Not Only Delicious But Also Good For The Body
How To Eat Garlic Raw Not Only Delicious But Also Good For The Body

Garlic is a familiar spice in the kitchen of every home. Not only does the taste of the food taste better, but garlic also has many impressive therapeutic uses such as:

  • Fight against cardiovascular diseases.
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Antibiotic effect
  • Improve immune system
  • Support against radioactive poisoning

The reason is that garlic has the ability to promote the elimination and reduce the accumulation of radioactive isotopes in the body, and at the same time, aids in chronic nicotine detoxification.

The content of vitamins (A, B, C, D, etc.) and minerals (iodine, calcium, etc.) in garlic is also very high.

The powerful antibacterial allicin makes garlic a precious natural antibiotic.

However, in some cases, garlic digestion can be counterproductive. So how is the best way to eat garlic? Let's take a look at the notes below with Bellyfatzone!

How to eat garlic raw and combined processing:

1. How is the best way to eat garlic? Use fresh garlic!

Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that protects our hearts in small amounts. This gas is abundant in rotten eggs and crushed fresh garlic. However, this gas can only last for a short time.

How to use garlic in the right way?

If garlic is undergoing processing or drying for a long time, this useful amount of hydrogen sulfide will disappear.

Cooked or dried garlic still contains antioxidants that protect us from the negative effects of free radicals. However, fresh garlic is still much more effective.

You can peel it, slice it, and let it air for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, mix with honey, apple puree, yogurt, or something of your choice to enjoy.

If the smell of garlic makes you worry, eat some herbs right away to deodorize!

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2. Use garlic 10 – 15 minutes after mincing

As mentioned above, garlic should be left in the air for 10-15 minutes before use. However, many of you save time by taking advantage of garlic chopping during the cooking process. Cook immediately after being chopped.

Nutrition experts warn this is the wrong method.

Allicin in garlic only exerts its great effects after being exposed to the air for a certain period of time. At this time, the enzyme in the air can enhance the beneficial minerals in the garlic.

3. Eat the right amount

You should pay attention that the hydrogen sulfide gas in large concentrations will become toxic. Therefore, eating too much fresh garlic is also not good for our body. Experts recommend that one clove of garlic a day is the right amount.

Eat the right amount

As a spicy seasoning, when eaten too much, garlic will imbalance the stomach environment. From there, a lack of appetite, fatigue, and weight loss appear.

More seriously, the kidneys are affected, the blood is damaged, and the men are at risk of infertility. So, eat garlic with just enough amount to ensure health.

4. Cook garlic at just the right temperature

Few people know garlic that can be cooked at too high a temperature will make this spice disappear. Allicin – the best substance in garlic will be inactivated, and the body's resistance will not be improved.

Therefore, garlic should be cooked with low heat, stirring quickly for about 15 minutes to keep health benefits.

5. Soak old garlic

Garlic pickled with vinegar has many positive effects on the body, from reducing blood cholesterol to preventing hardening of the arteries to clearing blood vessel blockage by dissolving protein.

Soak old garlic

Because the acid in the vinegar stimulates the pharmacological composition of the garlic.

When soaking garlic, if it turns green, the garlic you use for soaking is still young. Simultaneously, eating green garlic soaked is not toxic, but the great therapeutic effects have been greatly reduced compared to old garlic.

6. Immediately discard garlic for a long time or sprout

Garlic for a long time may become moldy or sprout. If continued to use, they will have negative health effects, possibly even poisoning, especially for poor resistance.

At this point, your stomach will be queasy and uncomfortable. Potential poisoning cases that are not handled promptly can lead to death.

7. Do not eat garlic when hungry

Allicin – a natural antibiotic found in garlic, has the ability to heat the stomach, making people feel hot in the stomach when eating garlic on an empty stomach. For a long time, the stomach ulcer phenomenon has a high risk of appearing.

Do not eat garlic when hungry

Therefore, you should never eat garlic when you are hungry. Besides, you need to combine garlic with other foods to avoid the potential side effects of garlic.

8. Pay attention to foods that are incompatible with garlic

There are some foods, when combined with garlic, that will make them ineffective, even harmful to users. Therefore, Bellyfatzone will list the above foods to warn you when cooking, to keep your family healthy.

  • Chicken: If garlic is cooked together with chicken, the dish will lead to dysentery.
  • Carp: Do not use carp with garlic; this dish will cause bloating and indigestion.
  • Dog meat: Similar to carp, eating foods containing dog meat and garlic will cause indigestion.
  • Eggs: Garlic and eggs are two foods that should not be combined, although in some cases it's okay, you should pay attention to avoid toxicity.
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9. Avoid eating garlic when having allergies or indigestion

People who experience symptoms of a garlic allergy or experience indigestion should avoid eating these foods. That is when you have bloating, bloating, heartburn, … For some severe allergies, eating garlic will also be life-threatening.

10. Stop eating garlic when you have diarrhea

This is a food taboo for patients with diarrhea. The ability to strongly stimulate the intestinal wall of garlic is not good for people with enteritis caused by bacteria.

If you continue to eat garlic, the lining of the intestinal tract will be more severely damaged, leading to bleeding, choking blood vessels, or edema. The condition will get worse, even worse complications will develop.

11. Eating garlic is not good for treating eye diseases

Eating garlic is not good for treating eye diseases

Garlic is spicy food, not good for the eyes if eaten for a long time. Garlic dishes, especially raw garlic, should not be on the menu of treating eye disease. Similarly, people with eye disease should also abstain from other spicy foods.

12. People with liver and kidney diseases should not eat garlic

Garlic has excellent antibacterial effects, but it is ineffective against hepatitis and kidney viruses. On the contrary, the spicy taste and heat in garlic also have a powerful stimulant, harmful to the stomach and intestines.

People with liver disease, especially those who have hot liver, need to stay away from garlic to avoid damage.

People with liver disease will develop nausea when eating garlic because this food affects the body's digestive process. Eating garlic also reduces hemoglobin, causing anemia, not good for treating liver and kidney diseases.

Benefits of fresh garlic:

1. Skincare – one of the effects of fresh garlic should know

Garlic has antibacterial properties, so it can be used to treat acne. The method is straightforward: rub the raw garlic slices on the face or squeeze the garlic to get water and apply it to the acne area.

Benefits of fresh garlic

You can also mix garlic juice with lemon juice, purified water, apple cider vinegar, and lavender to wash your face every day.

However, if you have sensitive skin, this method is not recommended. Dermatologist TS. “Garlic has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties when applied or taken,” warns Craig Austin. But need to be considered when using to treat skin diseases ”.

2. Antibiotics

Garlic cannot replace antibiotics, but in some urgent moments, you can also use garlic instead. The strong antibiotic in garlic will partly kill bacteria, staph bacteria in the wound.

So, in case of injury without any antiseptics or antibiotics nearby for immediate use, you can rub fresh garlic on the wound to prevent infection. After that, do not forget to go to the nearest medical facility for a thorough review and treatment.

3. Haircare


In addition to creating a garlic scent, the allicin in garlic also has an antiseptic effect, limiting bacteria's growth to enhance cell vitality. Therefore, garlic is also considered a safe, natural cosmetic for your hair.

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With the formula of garlic water + purified water + vodka + rosemary, you will get an extremely health-friendly hair conditioner that saves a lot of money.

4. Treat a sore throat

Garlic's strong antibacterial properties can help keep sore throats from disturbing your life. During flu seasons, garlic is really a trusted protector to help you avoid colds and coughs.

How to create garlic syrup for sore throats: boil about 1 cup of water, a few fresh garlic cloves with a little honey, sugar for easy drinking. Alternatively, you can also make fresh garlic tea by steeping garlic in 1 cup of water and mixing it with tea.

5. Protect the heart

The allicin in garlic, when broken down, produces hydrogen sulfide, which relaxes blood vessels, helps blood carry more oxygen to organs, and reduces the pressure on the heart.

Protect the heart

According to research, in areas where people eat a lot of garlic, such as the Mediterranean, the Near East, heart disease incidence is very low.

However, we need to control the amount of garlic we eat each day to avoid unexpected bad situations. Too much garlic will react with some drugs you are taking to thin the blood vessels, potentially bleeding.

6. Prevent cancer

According to TS. Carlotta Galeone (Italy), compounds of sulfides in garlic have the ability to protect cells from the invasion of cancer and inhibit the growth of tumors.

Although not sure, it will be a good idea to add garlic to your daily meal with lots of vegetables.

Research by Dr. Galeone and his colleagues were carried out in Italy and Switzerland for the results: those who ate garlic 7 or more times a week halved their risk of esophageal cancer compared with the rest.

5 Ways To Eat Raw Garlic (At Home)

Some notes when using garlic

If you have one of the following 5 diseases, you should not eat garlic to avoid affecting your health:

  • Eye disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Kidney disease
  • Weak resistance

Besides, the use of fresh garlic must also follow certain rules:

  • Don't eat whole garlic cloves.
  • Do not eat garlic on an empty stomach.
  • Eat garlic no more than 15g / day.
  • Do not put garlic on the skin for more than 10 minutes.
  • Do not eat garlic and garlic products before surgery.

Fully complying with the above notes, you can safely use garlic to take care of your health. This popular and extremely cheap ingredient could offer many health benefits.

What are you waiting for without adding immediately and always garlic in your kitchen cabinets to stay healthy and beautiful!

So Bellyfatzone has given you a list of answers to the question of how best to eat garlic. Do not be subjective, but remember carefully to avoid obnoxious taboo while promoting the full use of this wonderful food.

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