Are You Hard to Gain Weight and Muscle? A Comprehensive Solution for You Here

By: BellyFatZoneTeam

It isn't easy to gain weight for some people but very easy to gain weight if you know that we will be born in one of the thin, fat, or medium or mixed organs between these human organs.

So won't those who are unfortunate born with thin organs be able to gain weight?

“Is there any effective way to gain weight to help me quickly get rid of being thin, dear!”

This is also true, but for those who want to gain weight and overcome the limits of birth, gaining weight and creating a balanced image is completely feasible.

If overweight people are at risk of many diseases, losing weight is just as difficult as thin people who want to gain weight.

Are You Hard to Gain Weight and Muscle? A Comprehensive Solution for You Here
Are You Hard to Gain Weight and Muscle? A Comprehensive Solution for You Here

Each gift has its own positive and negative elements; in this article, we will learn how to gain weight comprehensively from where we have to start, how, and how we will go to where.

The most important factor that we need to preserve during our weight gain process is overall health, feeling energetic you must be normal, not tired, not depressed or falling, and state tired.

Today Bellyfatzone will write an overview of weight gain and how you can gain weight effectively.

The article is quite long and is based on personal experience, so hopefully, everyone can read it slowly and ponder it carefully to find the best method. If you want to share more, please contribute.

The story of weight gain, vague as a joke:

The story of weight gain, vague as a joke

Why can't you gain weight?

Have you ever wondered what kind of breed you have when eating as if you want to “swallow the world in your stomach” without gaining any weight?

While his best friend kept complaining, “Bro, how do I lose weight? I breathe the air is also fat?”. Personally, I want to give him a few more punches :)).

So what exactly is the reason why our weight gain is so difficult?

  • First of all, let's talk about genetics; many things that your body suffers from are genetic factors that lead to hormonal problems that prevent you from gaining weight.
  • When you were a child, you were not well cared about eating: This makes your body form a difficult phenomenon to absorb nutrients.
  • The body's metabolic capacity is too fast; this is also genetically related.
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Okay, the ones above you can't interfere, and it's basically not your fault, and it's born of the sky, so we have to ask the doctor to check it.

Here are the main causes of this friend

Here are the main causes of this friend

  • Eat a lot but eat miscellaneously: You say you eat a lot, always eat without fat, when asked what you eat, which is a mixed rice paper, a noodle, a snack … it is completely very malnourished and eating so if you want to gain weight, what kind of increase?
  • Not being physically active: Many of you think that the more you move, the sicker you are, so you sit there all day or sleep … to conserve your energy, this concept is ancient, let's go away.
  • Not eating enough: You eat a lot, but you eat only a few dishes, it will not increase weight.
  • Digestive problems: This is 1 because genetics 2 is caused by eating habits in childhood, and you need to consult your doctor.
  • Unusual eating and punctuality: Your body has a circadian clock, every time it is hungry, it rings, but if you keep turning it off, it will ruin, and your body will spoil as well.
  • Refusing to get enough sleep: Do you see any man who stays up at night and gets fat?
  • Lazy: This one should not be said. Doing whatever has the word lazy will only fail.
  • Smoking, alcohol, and too many stimulants: These are all things that wreak havoc on your body but do not help anything, stay away from it.

Just a little bit about it, if you find that there is one missing, please add more Bellyfatzone comments.

We already know the cause, so what should we do to effectively and safely gain weight.

With the above problems, you think it is easy to overcome, right, easy to say, but difficult to do, a specialist can only help the only genetic things, and the ones about habits. If you get used to it, you must try to change it.

I use the word “must try” because human nature is so difficult to change; if you do not have strong determination … then throw it out.

Journey to gain weight effectively, you need to prepare

Prepare knowledge of studies for weight gain.

There are many studies on things related to weight, but pay attention to the knowledge including BMR, TDEE, and Macros:

  • What is BMR: In short, it is the number of calories your body consumes while you lie down.
  • What is TDEE: It is the BMR plus the calories consumed through daily physical activity.
  • What is macros in the gym: It is a nutritional breakdown of the diet that includes Protein, Carbs, and Fat

If you don't know this, please click on the link to read it carefully; Bellyfatzone has all the details inside.

The formula for weight gain = Calories consumed <Calories intake.

  • What calories are consumed: It is the TDEE that you will calculate up there.
  • What are calories loaded: It is the calculation result from your Macro calculation.

You will immediately think, “Eh, that's simple.” Uh! Then it's as simple as that. But this simple thing can make you extremely headache.

Step by step solving problems in weight gain for thin people

Basically, thin people are usually in the Ectomorph (see 3 human organs in bodybuilding) and Skinny Fat (see What Skinny Fat is).

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3 human organs

Identifiers are no longer telling: being skinny and having a big belly and “eating the world” without being fat. And here is a plan you need to outline to get you out of the “skeleton mobility” obsession.

In addition to the genetic problems has to consult with your doctor. To gain weight, you should follow 10 steps as follows:

Step 1: Determined not to be lazy

Determined not to be lazy

Because if you are lazy, then these steps will be thrown away. If you want to be beautiful, you have to be “tenacious” to be beautiful.

Many cases do not gain weight simply because of laziness: lazy to learn, lazy to eat, lazy to many other things, so that its body is also lazy to gain weight.

Step 2: Calculate how much your TDEE is:

In the TDEE calculation step from the tool Bellyfatzone gives you, there is also the calculation for weight gain, so when you get the results, do it.

Step 3: After you have TDEE, start dividing food macros

The macro division method is also detailed in the above article, then read it carefully to know how to calculate your friend.

Step 4: Learn about the ingredients table of the dish nutrition:

What is the nutritional composition? You will need to pay attention to 3 main groups of substances: Protein, Carb, and Fat, in which 1g Protein = 4 calories, 1g Carb = 4 calories, and 1g Fat = 9 Calories.

With the nutrition facts, you will know how much to use to reach the required caloric intake.

Step 5: Choose the foods you will eat and get rid of the bad ones:

Choose the foods you will eat and get rid of the bad ones

Of course, adhere to macros, and the dish needs to be varied to be full.

The foods you should eat are: Green vegetables, fresh meat, in general, are still fresh and can be eaten. However, limit eating animal fat, eating a little is okay.

What you should not eat:

Ready-to-eat dishes: Canned food, instant noodles, snacks …, oily foods such as fried bananas, potato chips, … generally what is not made by you and cooking with too much cooking oil should not be eaten. (But you can eat a little once a month)

Step 6: Start eating by Macro and eat a surplus of 500 calories per day:

Start eating by Macro and eat a surplus of 500 calories per day

That is, you will build a diet based on the amount of Protein: Carb: Fat and eat it, but there will be errors, so you will need to adjust the amount of food weekly.

Eating 500 calories in excess will increase the need slowly and not too quickly for the body to adapt, especially without stretch marks due to too fast weight gain.

Step 7: Lift your butt off to exercise:

Do whatever you like, from swimming, badminton, or the gym, but get active at least 3 times a week.

Exercise will help increase metabolism in the body, help you eat more, and absorb more efficiently.

You don't need to train like a buffalo unless you want a six-pack of different styles, and the goal is to gain weight; you have to practice regularly.

Step 8: Check your weight weekly to adjust the amount of food accordingly:

Check your weight weekly to adjust the amount of food accordingly

This is to change meals promptly. If after 1 week there is no gain, then the amount of food must be increased.

Step 9: Set short goals

Chasing a long goal can be daunting, but having a short goal will make you more excited to pursue it.

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For example, after 2 weeks, you will gain 0.5 – 1kg. Or is this week reaching 500m of non-stop jogging….

Step 10: Maintenance, monitoring, and adjustment

The process is like losing weight; you also have to maintain regularly, monitor and adjust. After each cycle, it will be a little different, and you have to listen to your body respond to adjust.

Completing the 10 steps well above, you have increased your chances of gaining weight by 60%.

It sounds too difficult but tries hard. There's no such goal that would be easy to achieve without effort. 🙂

Note: Some simple weight gain tips that you can apply

  • Split meals properly: If you gain weight, you have to eat a lot, and you need to divide meals properly: For example, apart from 3 meals a day, apart from 3 breakfasts and dinner, 2 hours apart, eat a few more dishes—light as a jar of yogurt, cheese, apple to add extra calories.
  • Eat faster: Eating faster helps you eat more before your brain receives a signal of fullness, but remember to chew hard, chewy foods carefully; don't watch out for stomach pain because you don't chew it well.
  • Try to eat and sleep at the right time: Create a habit of eating and sleeping at the right time, this will reset the circadian clock, and your body will absorb better nutrition (I have applied myself and successfully complacent).
  • Do not drink water when eating: Drinking water when eating can cause fullness and indigestion; if necessary, drink 30 minutes before eating.
  • Drink more milk: Milk contains more protein and nutrients, so drink more milk to help gain weight more effectively.
  • Use a larger plate: Using a larger plate will help you eat more.
  • Eat meat first, then vegetables: Eating vegetables makes you feel full but adds minimal calories.

Should we use weight gain milk as a substitute for meals?

Milk weight gain, also known as Mass Gainer, is a form of food that adds calories to the body to help gain weight (advertised).

However, you should note that the so-called supplement is not a substitute for meals, so if you use weight gain milk without appetite, do not expect to gain weight.

You should only take it with your main meals, for example adding to missed meals would be better.

Should we eat a lot of fat to improve weight?

Depending on the type of fat you eat. Basically, you should stay away from Trans Fat fats (found in canned foods, snacks) because they are extremely harmful to the body.

Good fats like peanut butter, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds … you can use them in controlled doses.

Bonus How To Gain Weight As A Skinny Hardgainer Video

Above are my experiences in the process of gaining weight, and I have succeeded; if you have also been successful and want to share, or supplement the article, do not hesitate to comment below for me to add.

All other issues related to Bellyfatzone weight gain will be updated in the following articles:

Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about “hard to gain weight and muscle” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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