Does Pilates Work for Weight Loss?

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Pilates is considered a type of popular sport. This training method is regarded as the beauty secrets of the world's leading stars.

It seems to be a movement; people who get together for a home are Pilates.

So actually practice Pilates. What is it? Pilates is what subjects? Collective work like? There Pilates Body weight loss? Besides many questions about Pilates Yoga. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Pilates is what the stars are racing to go to practice?
Does pilates work for weight loss?

What is Pilates?

Pilates was invented during World War I the First and named after the names of people who created it that Joseph Pilates.

The training methods incorporate a series of exercises control on the dedicated devices like Reformer, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, to help maintain a good shape, weight loss body, firming muscles, and enhance health.

Pilates exercises are subject primarily to impact on the bottom, including practices that reduce belly fat, flat stomach exercises, slim waist, or stimulation 3.

Pilates is a widely remembered sport that is hanging in the air.
Pilates is a widely remembered sport that is hanging in the air.

Initially, the Pilates method is designed as dedicated to veterans to help them recover mentally and physically after World War.

But today, this Yoga Pilates has been applied more widely with many health benefits and aesthetics.

Many famous people have pursued training methods to relieve mental and lose weight, stay in shape.

Yoga Pilates is what? What difference does it?

Yoga Pilates was born earlier. And Pilates-inspired by Yoga and the discipline required patience, coordination between the body and the breath, concentration, precise control of the rhythm, and breathing with movements in a continuous and balanced equal.

But, Pilates workouts need many specialized tools supported. The most apparent difference between Yoga and clear that Pilates is the spiritual element.

While Yoga, through meditation to bring the collective feeling of peace and harmony, helps us break from the mind is Pilates focuses on using the brain to control the movement's full body.

Can Pilates do?

1. Body Pilates weight loss

Pilates exercises with weight loss, Pilates lose belly fat is one of the first benefits that many people come to this subject.

Pilates exercises have a strong impact on the entire upper body muscle groups should bring more effective weight loss body high.

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Practice patience will help you own a toned body, not some fat.

If you want to own slender little fat is not just learning how Pilates Korea and the world.
If you want to own slender little fat is not just learning how Pilates Korea and the world.

The athletes appreciate that Pilates not only helps reduce belly fat, fat thighs, fat biceps, … that even your feet also become stronger and more solid.

Moreover, the continuous movement also helps strengthen your body's metabolism and promote fat burning process better.

This effect will become more pronounced if you combine Pilates with Cardio exercises accordingly.

2. Exercise Pilates treatment of back pain

The back can be considered one of the most vulnerable parts by injuries usually occur at the back, arthritis, lower back pain.

The long-term Pilates can eliminate the discomfort in his back problem.

Pilates exercises for the legs also work to mediate between people's motion, help relax the muscles, and increase the balance in the back.

Pilates also improves back pain condition.
Pilates also improves back pain conditions.

Back muscles will be toned, healthy, flexible, and combination moves between different muscle areas, minimizing disease and backache.

3. Tap Pilates helps energetically

Like Yoga, Pilates is one way to help you improve morale, help the refreshing brain, and dispel tension and fatigue.

4. Pilates improves flexibility

Pilates exercises focus on stretching and expanding muscles instead of gathering them together. You will feel the body seems taller and slimmer.

Pilates exercises are often prolonged action. Thanks to this technique, your body will increase the range of motion, flexibility better overall.

5. Tap Pilates can stimulate increased height

How to increase height Pilates are also many options to improve his physique, especially for children at puberty, to get in shape.

6. Doing Pilates work improves balance

After a few weeks of Pilates, you will notice an improvement in the way you do in other exercise sessions.

Effects of Pilates also helps maintain balance.
Effects of Pilates also helps maintain balance.

Pilates movements to help you get your body conditioned, mastering the body, and better balance.

7. Helps quickly recover wounds

For each injury on the body soon recovered, this method is also considered useful physiotherapy.

With the benefits that a lot of Korean stars and world choose Pilates to lose weight keep fit

After learn Pilates Pilates is and what is the use then? Time to find out the date of Pilates exercises for beginners following soon!

Pilates exercises for beginners

Before performing the Pilates exercises, you must remember the whole body boot carefully and look well-positioned to the carpet set.

1. Pilates Hundred

This action is quite classic, and this is also the Pilates exercises to lose belly fat; you can practice at home.

Hundred movements.
Hundred movements.

Performed as follows:

  • First, lie on your back on the floor, 2 feet shrink 90 degrees. Tightening abdominal muscles and squeeze them onto the floor.
  • Now, you lift your head and shoulders slightly off the floor while the lower back remains in the original position.
  • Lift your arms off the floor, then put down my arms continuously 50 times.
  • You inhale five times up and down and exhale for five times up and down by hand.
  • Then, perform belly movements (Sit-ups) and repeat 50 times more hands up and down again.
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2. Roll-up

Pilates exercises at home for beginners, it can apply the Roll-up posture.

Roll-up exercises.
Roll-up exercises.

Perform the following instructions:

  • Start with sitting position on the floor, put forward two arms parallel to the floor, her back slightly arched forward.
  • If you are a beginner, can she called back 90 degrees, then straighten your opposite foot.
  • Hand position remains the same, slowly leaned back, abdominal muscles flex attention to not lift the lower leg down, down until it stops entirely down.
  • Now you continue lifting people to return to the original posture.

3. Hundred on the Reformer

This article is quite similar to Pilates exercises first, except that you need a dedicated tool called the Reformer to perform.

Pilates exercises for beginners.
Pilates exercises for beginners.

How Pilates:

  • You lie on your back on the table, and you can leave on the table leg if beginner or advanced foot 45 degrees to make exercise more difficult.
  • 2 pull-down resistance wire 2 inside your lap.
  • Start doing lifting – lowering two consecutive hands. Inhale for five times hands and exhale for five times.
  • Performed continuously 100 times.

4. Twist and Reach

Pilates exercises will help reduce belly fat by two sides of the abdomen, waist slimmer help.

Pilates exercises reduce belly fat.
Pilates exercises reduce belly fat.

Perform the following instructions:

  • First, you sit on the floor, two hand towels, and two first holdup.
  • Turning to the left 45 degrees, then leaned vertically rotated.
  • Back to its original position and rotate through the other side.

5. Shoulder Bridge – Pilates exercises for legs

Pilates like how to lose belly fat and then the set for your back or legs are also essential.

Pilates exercises for the abdomen.
Pilates exercises for the abdomen.

Guiding the implementation of how Pilates:

  • You lie on your back on the floor, knees bent and feet 2 hip-width apart, hands placed along the two trunks.
  • Slowly raise your hips until thighs and shoulders form a straight line, not bent back.
  • Remember clenching buttocks and thighs after the most advanced and retained that position for five breaths.
  • Lower down and repeat the movement.

6. One Leg Shoulder Bridge

Performing Pilates exercises similar to above, but you will achieve more difficulty for this exercise is only 1 foot.

Pilates exercises for legs and good for the back.
Pilates exercises for the legs and good for the back.

This at first legs will straighten and raise 45-90 degrees, feet on the floor remained, performing movements in positions like this.

7. Pulling Straps

Pilates exercises will help better next to the upper back, and this exercise will help improve one's posture is very useful.

Pulling Straps

Instructions on how Pilates for beginners as:

  • First, you need to prepare a long-box device that can be located on the slide, that is, with two ropes.
  • You lying belly up that box, chest juts out slightly, 2 handles on the top rope 2.
  • At this point, you simultaneously pull two straight wire handle on the back, chest, and head while lifting your hips higher.
  • Now, the box will run forward when you pull straight up.
  • Then slowly bring the hand to the front and lower returnees' original position.
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8. Knee Kneeling stretches

Add Pilates exercises lose belly fat for people who want to improve their physique.

Knee Kneeling stretches.
Knee Kneeling stretches.


  • This exercise will be done for the lower body; first, you kneel on the Reformer machine, his back slightly bent upward.
  • You are using the buttocks and thighs to pull your lower back.
  • Skis will slip a few centimeters when in motion.

9. Kneeling Side Kicks

Here is how to set the thighs and buttocks as you do not have the Reformer machine tools.

Kneeling Side Kicks.
Kneeling Side Kicks.

How Pilates bodyweight as follows:

  • The first is sitting on the floor, leaning to the left, and place your left hand on the carpet, perpendicular to the shoulder.
  • Right hand placed behind his head and right elbow pointing up at the ceiling.
  • Tightening abdominal muscles, keeping your body straight surely, then lift your feet parallel body.
  • Continuing, rock right foot forward, then backward five times.
  • Lower and switch sides.

10. Exercise Leg Swings

Pilates exercises to lose weight. Do not forget to apply this Swings Leg movement. Lateral foot movement will help make your heart rate increases rapidly.

Leg Swings.
Leg Swings.


  • First, you upright two hands folded in front, shoulder height.
  • Tighten the abdominal muscles, exhale, and raise the right knee toward the right elbow.
  • Lower and repeat for the other side.

11. Mermaid

Perform the following instructions:

Mermaid on Reformer movements.
Mermaid on Reformer movements.
  • Sit with legs bunched two and folding back, straight back, left hand touching right heel.
  • Right, hand-stretched, and strained muscles.
  • I am using hand pressure and the upper body to the left. Note adjust breathing and stretch the muscles like the arms, abdominal muscles.
  • Retain for approximately 3 seconds and then return preparation posture.
  • Perform about ten times. Repeat the same with the other side.

How Pilates is a new trend in the world movement and our country. If you feel interested and want to try Pilates, you should have a professional coach to guide and support the correct standard movements' implementation.

Hopefully, the above sharing can help you understand what Pilates is? Can Pilates do?

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