Side Effects of Rapid Weight Gain? What Diseases Cause Rapid Weight Gain?

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If you are looking to lose belly fat, you should read this article, which is the information that will help you strengthen your motivation to support your exercise and create a determination towards a healthy body.

If you are a skinny person who wants to gain weight, you need to read this article more to avoid unsuitable ways of gaining weight because the consequences will be side effects and diseases in the future if you go wrong.

Being thin and thin is definitely not a good thing, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to gain weight for flesh like everyone else.

What diseases cause rapid weight gain, and will it have what condition when it is rapidly gaining weight? These two things are interrelated with each other and are parallel.

Side Effects of Rapid Weight Gain? What Diseases Cause Rapid Weight Gain
Side Effects of Rapid Weight Gain? What Diseases Cause Rapid Weight Gain

But gaining too much weight too fast in a short period of time is another story. The effects of excessively rapid weight gain, contrary to natural growth, are very unpredictable.

There is a lot of other information and articles on the internet that I talk about the side effects and potential health risks of gaining weight too fast in a short period of time.

In this article, Bellyfatzone invites you to learn and remember some more important information when you gain weight fast so that you can adjust accordingly.

The effects of rapid weight gain

If those who are overweight and obese want to lose weight quickly, the pilgrim society's mentality is the same.

You may be losing a lot of weight by normal standards, but improving your weight requires a scientific roadmap and plan, not just by increasing it as much; the faster, the better.

How is gaining weight the wrong way?

  • Weight gain is too fast, not by the natural development of the body. Currently, there are many drugs, many methods of gaining weight with promises such as helping you gain 5kg a week, 10kg 1 month … This is possible, but nutrition experts advise you not to. Follow because it has many health consequences.
  • Eating a lot, eating innocently, and not being selective will make you tolerate many substances that are not beneficial to your body in the long run.
  • Using drugs to gain weight quickly without understanding their ingredients, you have to face the harms of getting fat fast and suffer from many side effects of the drug.
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How is gaining weight too fast? Here are some common consequences

1. Risk of diabetes

Risk of diabetes

When weight increases dramatically, insulin sensitivity is impaired, slowing down blood sugar metabolism.

You will have cravings, sweet cravings leading to uncontrolled eating, increasing weight, obesity, and type 2 diabetes risk.

2. Causes high blood pressure

Causes high blood pressure

You gain fat too quickly, your body weight increases abnormally. As a result, the heart has to work harder to bring blood circulation to the body's organs.

Besides, the rapid fat gain will make the blood vessels squeeze and shrink, the blood transportation becomes more difficult and causes high blood pressure.

3. Harms the heart

Harms the heart

Is rapid weight gain dangerous? Definitely, because it directly affects the work of the heart.

It causes high blood pressure, but uncontrolled obesity also leads to the risk of heart attack, stroke, and many other dangerous cardiovascular diseases.

4. Increase bad cholesterol

Increase bad cholesterol

Many people tend to eat a lot of fat to gain weight, especially trans fats found in fast foods.

If you want to get fat, you definitely have to eat more, but that doesn't mean you have to eat everything.

Eating non-selective increases bad cholesterol. This is the cause of heart disease, atherosclerosis, blockage of the arteries.

5. The risk of cancer

The risk of cancer

This is one of the most serious harmful effects of excess fat. After a period of “release,” you will accumulate much excess fat and toxic substances in yourself.

Over time they will become factors that cause cancers, such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, or breast cancer …

6. Stretching skin

Stretching skin

The consequences of an excessive weight gain are evident in your body's skin. Body mass causes elastin and collagen fibers to lose elasticity, leading to skin cracking.

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Because of the loss of elasticity, cracked skin is difficult to recover from its original condition, even if you have lost weight.

Women often experience more severe fractures due to thinner body skin than men's skin.

7. Osteoarthritis


According to the study, overweight and obese women over 40 years old have a 6 times higher risk of knee osteoarthritis than those with a normal body.

The harmful effects of overweight and obesity are still many, so there is no reason you would turn yourself into an overweight person, right?

Adjust your figure so that your body is well-proportioned, don't become too fat.

8. Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

According to research by American scientists, nearly 80% of obese people have problems with sleep. The living of overweight people will be like?

They tend to sleep less than the average person, and many also experience gasping or shortness of breath while sleeping.

9. Causing migraines

Causing migraines

Many studies have shown that the fatter people are, the more likely they are to get migraines. As we get older, this problem will get worse if there is no sign of weight loss.

10. Increased risk of infertility

Increased risk of infertility

Excess fat will look like? For men, excess white fat reduces testosterone levels, leading to decreased libido and, more importantly, infertility.

In women, excess body substances will produce insulin, and PCOC makes the ovaries produce a small number of unripe eggs, irregular ovulation makes it difficult to conceive, in addition to increasing inflammation.

11. Less toned body

Less toned body

To gain weight that people are toned and healthy, you must focus on increasing lean muscle mass. However, gaining muscle is not easy and quick.

The measures to make you get fat fast are just “filling” the excess water and fat, making the person lose somewhat rough. Men do not have masculine muscles, and women do not have 3 attractive rings.

12. Able to lose weight again

Able to lose weight again

This phenomenon is common in those of you taking weight gain drugs that cause water retention in the body.

When that amount of water is released out, some of your weight will also disappear.

This unusual accumulation of water is also completely unhealthy.

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What Really Causes Weight Loss and Weight Gain?

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So how do you gain weight safely?

Do not be afraid of the above dangers but dare not gain weight to improve your physique. The above problems only happen in people who gain too much weight, too quickly, or only apply the wrong methods.

You can still become fat, healthier if you apply the right weight gain plan.

How many kilograms should I gain a month? Nutrition experts believe that in 1 month, you should not increase more than 10% of your current weight.

That means if you weigh 50kg in 1 m, you should only increase a maximum of 5kg, equivalent to 1-1.5kg per week.

The correct method of gaining weight is a combination of nutrition and exercise.

  • In terms of eating, it is natural to increase your calories. But those calories must come from various nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vitamins, and fiber. Do not eat a lot of saturated fat, added sugar because it is unhealthy in the long run.
  • In terms of exercise, the gym is one of the best solutions to increase your metabolism, help your body tone, and increase lean muscle mass. After hours of exercise, you will find yourself eating well, sleeping well, and gaining weight more easily.
  • Besides, you also need to maintain a healthy and moderate living regime.
  • Do not use “speedy” weight gainers if you do not fully understand the ingredients and their weight gain mechanism. Instead, you should only increase your nutrition from dietary supplements like mass milk. This milk will provide all you need to get rid of a healthy weight: Protein, pure carbohydrates, and many vitamins and minerals.

Don't worry about the dangers of rapid weight gain if you do the right pace and the right way. Having a good body shape and good health is worth pursuing.

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