What Are the Three Body Types for Losing Weight?

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To best do any job, we need to have a clear plan, what is a specific goal after we finish the job.

And one thing that is important not to mention is determining the best we can do it; we can only do it on average.

And the best way for us to get the job done. In sports practice, there is a similar mechanism of action.

If you want to work out in good health, you must first position yourself in what kind of body you are from to consult experts to choose a training plan and proper nutrition.

This article will help answer many questions of many people about why many people practice a lot but do not get into the muscle or are very few people practice. However, all their shapes are still beautiful, or some people eat a lot of fatty foods, lots of starches, but they don't gain weight.

What are the three body types for losing weight?
What are the three body types for losing weight?

You need to clearly identify what kind of body is in your body, gym, from which you choose the right training method and workout plan.

So, have you ever heard someone say you're an Ecto, Endo, or Meso?

Surely you have also been quite puzzled when many people do not need much exercise, but people are still beautiful.

Let's learn Bellyfatzone right away how to practice for each human organ!

  • Have you ever thought of some exercise that your muscles grow so fast?
  • Or why practicing all the time without gaining weight?
  • Why exercise so much but down fat slowly?

In addition to diet, rest, and exercise, there is one more problem that you need to pay attention to is the human organ or the location of each person.

  • So what are human organs?
  • What are the three body types for losing weight?

The human body is a skinny body of a person, used to describe their body. Organs or body types are genetically determined, and there is no way to change them.

How to distinguish human organs in bodybuilding and training for each type

human organs in bodybuilding and training for each type

In general, there are 3 main human organs.

Some people have thin bodies; others are heavy. Our bones' density and structure vary, so other characteristics like muscle mass, belly fat, and metabolic rate are also different.

When it comes to improving body shape, the more we understand the body's genetic characteristics, the easier it is to improve our physique.

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In the 1940s, psychologist WH Sheldon developed a system that divides people into three basic body groups.

three basic body groups

Although not everyone can fit exactly into each of these categories, knowing these can help you devise your genes' optimal schedule.

1. Tibetan Ectomorph (thin)

Did you know these people are as nutritious as they can eat all they want, whenever they want, and never increase by 1 ounce?

It is definitely an ectomorph. They are usually quite thin, toned; This is a great advantage. When they try to improve their physique, the disadvantage is that it will be difficult to increase lean muscle mass.

Some people think that ectomorph organs are tall and thin. Many thin people are not ectomorph organs, but height alone is not a deciding factor.

Moreover, human organs depend on many factors, including bone structure, bone density, and metabolism.

For example, ectomorph organs often have narrow shoulders, narrow hips, mild bone, and rapid metabolic rate. The wrists, knees, and ankles are usually smaller than average.


  • Thin, thin, and tall people
  • Thin chest, small shoulders, small butt, small bones
  • Long limbs
  • It is difficult to gain weight, gain muscle despite eating a lot
  • Muscles are not prominent
  • Low body fat (whether without exercise or diet)
  • Metabolic rate is speedy

People of this organ often practice towards Fitness like Zyzz, Frank Zane.

2. Tibetan people Mesomorph (muscle)

Certainly, only those who are ‘extremely lucky' have this form.

Many of the best bodybuilders in history, including Sergio Oliva, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, and Ronnie Coleman, are the perfect examples for this lucky group.

Their skeletal structure, with broad shoulders and narrow hips, forms a natural V-body.

Their joints are large enough to support large lean muscle mass but small enough to form a perfect ratio between lean muscle mass and joints.

If you take Coleman's big front thighs and place them on the body of a man with big hips and knees, they will look hideous, not pretty.

However, with Coleman's narrow hips and small knee joints, these two front thighs look like those of a superman.

Next, it is the perfect metabolic system, which helps people of this organ easily increase muscle, not increase fat.


  • Natural muscular body shape, athletic, healthy, low fat
  • Wide shoulders, broad chest, small waist, large legs
  • Rapid metabolism
  • Increasing muscle fat loss is easy
  • The skeleton is from medium to large
  • Increase fat faster than Ecto

People with this ideal type often go towards professional bodybuilding: Arnold, Dennis Wolf …

3. Orbans of Endomorph (fat)

People with Endomorph organs often have heavier bone structure and square bodies, with wide waists and large hips.

Their joints are usually thicker, and their metabolism is also slower.

Unlike the ectomorph, human endomorph organs have no problem gaining weight.

Their problem is to eliminate it! If people with this shape want to look more toned, they must be very diligent in eating and practicing cardio more.

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  • The body is round
  • Grease fat faster than muscle gain (fat increases very fast, muscle increases moderately)
  • Huge shoulders, high hips, broad (pear-shaped body)
  • Slow metabolic rate
  • Increasing muscle is always accompanied by increased fat.
  • The skeleton is from medium to large.
  • Most people are fat and not tall.
  • Lose weight, lose fat very slowly

Typical examples of this person's organs are Jay Cutler and Kai Greene.

Most people are a mixture of 2 human organs; only a few belong to a separate human organ.

There are two main types of ‘hybrid': Ecto-Meso and Endo-Meso.

  • Ecto-Meso: Being a human organ is easier to increase muscle than Ecto. Rapid metabolism helps to eat more without gaining fat.
  • Endo-Meso: The organ has a medium metabolic rate. Muscle and fat easily increase equally, depending on the diet.

Training methods and nutrition for each organ in bodybuilding

Training methods and nutrition for each organ in bodybuilding

For diet and exercise, you need to adhere properly to get a good body.

1. How to train for Ectomorph human organs

Ectomorph usually has a higher metabolic rate, with the body acting like a furnace that burns calories madly.

If it's you, be careful not to exercise too much and make sure you have enough time to rest and recover.

If you try to work out for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, chances are you have exercised too much and need more time to rest during the week.

Many people find lifting weights on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday the most appropriate.

Your workouts should be short and focused on the quality, not the length of the workout.

Limit the maximum amount of exercise time in each session by 1 hour. Focus on the basic exercises, many muscle groups, and sets of exercises about 8-10 times.

Ignore many drop sets, superset, or repetition techniques, as well as other high-intensity techniques.

They only make it harder for you to recover before going to the next workout. Limit extracurricular physical activities and focus on resting as much as possible.

Finally, if you are an ectomorph and want to improve your physique, stay away from prolonged cardio workouts, as they can tear a lot of muscle tissue and burn a lot of calories.

If you like cardio, limit your exercise time to just a few minutes to warm up during the day. Focus on saving energy, so you can increase, not decrease, lean muscle mass.


  • Short and intense
  • Practice large muscle groups


  • Eat lots of high-calorie foods to keep calories and gain weight.
  • Eat several times a day 5-6 times with food groups gaining weight.
  • Drink more milk to gain weight for thin people.
  • In particular, take additional BCAA supplements from reputable brands to combat muscle catabolism.

Do not forget to refer to several sports accessories to help you workout at home better; convenient can exercise anytime, anywhere to help the body balanced healthier.

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2. How to train Mesomorph organs

If you're lucky or close to achieving the mesomorph state, then no matter what kind of exercise you do, as long as you persevere and put in the effort, you will surely achieve positive results.

You can work out longer and work on more muscle groups more often than the other 2 organs and help you increase muscle more effectively.

Whether it's a mesomorph or something like that, stripping off your workout maybe a little longer, around 60-90p per workout, and a combination of single and multi-muscular exercises, with a low number of workouts. Or high have positive effects.


  • Combine Cardio and heavy workouts


  • Eat moderately to avoid gaining too much fat.

3. How to practice Endomorph human organs

Because of a slow metabolic rate, this human organ often receives many benefits from exercise intensity and density.

human organs

Even get benefits from cardio far more than the other 2 organs in the remaining body.

When endomorph concentrates heavyweights, they tend to gain more fat. If you think this is okay, practice like an athlete, with fewer repetitions and more breaks between sets.

However, if you want to lose less body fat, shorten the break between and keep exercising regularly.

The first phase always burns many calories, so you should take advantage of the techniques of superset, drop set …

It is unnecessary to do more frantic exercises with more reps, but try to do it at around 10-12 reps for the upper torso and about 12-20 reps for the lower torso exercises.

Endomorphic organ donors can and should perform a variety of single and multi-muscular exercises.

Squat and Deadlift help to stimulate metabolism and burn more calories than exercises like Leg Extensions or Cable Cross-overs. On days without weightlifting, work out, or do hard cardio.


  • Always practice Cardio and weight training.


  • Limit food from carbs and fat

Once you know what type of body you are, the next story is not to sit there and lament. Because even if you have coal to death, it will not change. Instead, take the time to practice.

How to Lose Weight According to Your Body Type Video:


Especially if you are looking for a suitable exercise program, immediately read the article about the week's gym schedule.

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