How to Do Push Ups for Beginners?

By: BellyFatZoneTeam

A great exercise, an exercise that anyone can practice even if you can practice wherever you want, can practice in bed.

And the great thing that happens is that this exercise's effectiveness is very encouraging if you know how to practice properly and in the right technique.

Both being able to burn fat and have the ability to increase muscle and have the ability to create flexibility for the body is also a great cardiovascular exercise; the exercise we are talking about here is push-ups.

Push-ups are one of the most popular gym and fitness exercises of all time.

How to do push ups for beginners?
How to do push-ups for beginners?

This exercise is suitable for all ages, genders, and all training purposes.

However, whether you can push up every day a few dozen or even a few times again, but if not in the right position, it will not bring any results.

Therefore, first, you need to practice the push-ups properly. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Practice a lot but wrong a lot, push up properly is the most important.

Push-ups (or pushups) are considered an effective way to increase muscle at home because you do not need machines or equipment to exercise and achieve satisfactory results.

What does push up?

It helps you burn more calories, develop more muscle groups, improve strength, endurance, and increase endurance.

But of course, these results are only achieved when you train properly, with the right technique, and with reasonable intensity. So how to push up properly?

Part 1: Prepare the push-up posture properly

1. Lie facedown on the floor or practice mat

  • The legs are straightened, held together, keeping body weight in the chest.
  • Palms face down; arms extended shoulder-width apart, hands placed close to shoulders on sides.
  • If you are lying on the training mat, you can clench your fist and use your knuckles to raise your body to increase the difficulty (however, if you are new to training, it is unnecessary).
  • An additional push handle, like the one installed on the floor in the gym, can be fitted. This device works to reduce wrist pain in case your wrists are weak and not flexible.
  • Toes resting against the floor, contacting the floor at the foot of the foot, the toes facing the torso and head.

2. Lift the person to create a plank

  • Lift yourself, using your arms and legs to support your body, body forming a straight line from head to heels, hips neither protruding nor sagging. It is difficult to find for yourself, so use a mirror or ask others to observe and adjust.
  • Tighten your abs; then, your core will be involved in the movement. This is also known as plank posture.
  • This is the start position and the end of a push-up, which is an important part of proper push-ups.

3. How to put your hands in a push-up technique

Why is the position of the hands not mentioned above? That's because there are three different types of push-ups in the position of your hand when you're planning.

Each method will affect many different muscle groups, so you choose the appropriate method depending on the exercise's purposes. Or place it so that you feel comfortable. All three ways are the correct way to push.

  • Basic push-ups: 2 hands placed just below the shoulders vertically. This will help you develop both chest and hand muscles.
  • Wide push-ups: 2 hands wider than shoulders. Now your hand will be under less pressure and put the most impact on the chest.
  • Narrow push-ups: 2 hands close together (one transformer we often see is Diamond Push-ups). Your hands are more active, so you need to find a way to push up your hand muscles.
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Part 2: How to practice basic pushups

1. Lower yourself

  • After getting into the correct plank, slowly extend your elbows, lowering yourself to the floor until your elbows form a 90-degree angle (or smaller if you're new) or when your chest is almost touching. floor (about 1-2cm).
  • The eyes always look forward during the process, not looking at the floor, so that when you go low, the chin will be the part that touches the floor, not the nose. Looking up helps you keep your body upright.
  • Elbows hold tightly to ensure resistance, do not spread out much.
    While lower, the whole body remains in a straight line (plank) from head to heel.
  • Most importantly, don't forget to push up when down.

2. Lift yourself up

  • Still tense abdominal muscles, press arm down firmly to lift back to the original position until the arms stretched but did not lock joints.
  • Breathe out firmly as you push yourself up.

3. Repeat the movement

  • That is the whole process of a proper push-up.
  • You repeat the up and down movements continuously and at a steady pace. Initially, practice slowly to ensure the correct posture; you also increase the speed as you get used to it. You should return to the video while practicing to check if you have done it correctly.
  • Recall how to push up against push-ups: push in when lowered and exhale when lifted.

Part 3: Common types of push-ups

According to a bodybuilding expert, up to 95% of people practice improper push-ups. Please check if you made the following errors.

  • Incorrect hip position: This error is more common in girls. Buttocks that are protruding or lowered are not the standard posture; it reduces effectiveness and makes you quickly exhausted. The trick to keeping your hip in place is to squeeze your butt and abs during exercise.
  • Holding your breath: A lot of “new ghosts” are too nervous about holding their breath during the entire exercise; only a few of them have blushed.
  • push-ups do not breathe properly: Many of you do the opposite of the principle of push-ups breathing as instructed above, so the push-ups do not get as many as “drowning like a banana.” So the most important way to push-ups is to take a breath and push-ups to breathe properly. It will help if you read through the article instructing proper push-ups when exercising to understand how push-ups breathe.
  • Spread your hands: According to the logic of many of you, spreading your fingers wide, opening your hands wider will make you stronger, more balanced. However, this method will only make it more difficult to balance and faster fatigue only. Keep your hands closed properly.
  • Extending elbows: Keeping your elbows close will help you better thrust and not adversely affect your shoulder muscles. Usually, the more you are exhausted, the more elbow you relax, so always pay attention.
  • Do not arrive at a place: Many people want to push up many times, so they “cheat,” do it in a very careless way, like lowering to just halfway stopped. It is not important and fast; it is important to practice properly and control your movements and feel your muscles.

The correct push-ups from basic to advanced

The correct push-ups from basic to advanced

Push-ups are exercises that have a multitude of variations at different levels, targeting different muscle groups and letting you choose changes, so you don't get bored.

After you've done the basic push-up basic, then refer to these exercises offline.

1. Diamond Push-up

Have you heard of diamond push-ups? Diamond or diamond push-ups are a great way to increase the back muscles for both men and women.


  • Step 1: In the plank, the hands and feet are propped against the floor, the body forms a straight line, the hands are placed close to each other so that the forefinger and two thumbs are shaped like diamonds.
  • Step 2: Push up and down, back still up, until the chest near the floor stops.
  • Step 3: Push back to the starting position and exhale.
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2. Isometric Wipers Push-Up

If you are learning the best way to develop mid-chest muscles, then get familiar with Isometric Wipers. Apart from the chest, this action is also good for the back arm.


  • Step 1: In the plank, the hands are wider than the shoulders, the body forms a straight line.
  • Step 2: Push to one side as far as possible, elbow over there to lower yourself.
  • Step 3: Straighten the elbow, push back to the same position and do the same for the other side.

3. Decline Push-Up

Decline Push-Up is also known as downhill push up; you put your foot in a higher position, making more force on the upper chest. This is a way to push women to have sexy breasts, and so do men.


  • Step 1: Put your hands on the floor with your hands under 2 shoulders, 2 feet on the chair or a raised platform, the body is straightened
  • Step 2: push in, at the same time lower yourself until the chest is about to touch the floor.
  • Step 3: Push to the original position, squeeze chest muscles while breathing.

4. Bar Push-Up Smith Machine

This is one of the types of push-ups that can be done at the gym, called the chest exercise with the Bar Push-Up Smith Machine. Adjust the bar on the side of your knee to practice.


  • Step 1: Two hands grab the bar, slightly wider than the shoulders, step 2 feet back, so the person straightens to create a plank posture, hands perpendicular to the body
  • Step 2: Keep your back straight, tighten your abdominal muscles, bend your elbows to lower yourself until the chest is close to the bar.
  • Step 3: Push back up.

5. Medicine Ball Push Up

Medicine Ball is a solid softball that almost every gym has. Exercising with the ball will be the best anti-push to thicken the middle chest muscle, suitable for both men and women.


  • Step 1: In the push-up position, 1 hand on the floor, 1 hand on the ball, 2 toes propped against the floor, slightly wider than hips, straight person
  • Step 2: Push up and lower until your chest almost touches the floor.
  • Step 3: Push back up to the original position; the body stays straight throughout the process, changing hands.

6. Incline Push Up

In contrast to Decline Push-Up, where you put your hand in a higher position, focusing on the lower chest muscles' impact. Follow the instructions and watch the correct push-up clip below to do it properly.


  • Step 1: Put hands on the edge of the wooden platform, slightly wider than the shoulders, legs stretched back, the person makes a straight line, hands perpendicular to the body.
  • Step 2: push in, elbows at the same time bend until the chest almost touches the edge of the chair.
  • Step 3: Push back to the original position and exhale definitely.

7. Body up push up

Body-Up is a quite strange variation, is the right push up method for men to help cut the beautiful back muscles. The movements are a bit different from normal pushups, so you need to pay attention.


  • Step 1: Create a plank posture, resting your forearms on the floor, extending with your shoulders, 2 toes on the floor, the body forming a straight line
  • Step 2: Press the palms to the floor and straighten arms to lift, exhale.
  • Step 3: Push up and lower your forearm to the floor.

8. Incline Push-Up Close-Grip

It's a different position from the Smith exercise machine, but you adjust the bar higher and put your hands together in this lesson. Note how to push up as instructed properly.

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  • Step 1: Hold the beams together, put together, legs stretched out, hands, torso, and legs form a straight line.
  • Step 2: push up and lower chest close to the bar.
  • Step 3: Push back up.

9. Close-Grip Push-Up off of a Dumbbell

This exercise uses simple dumbbells to assist, requires more effort and difficulty than regular exercises. If you are confident that you have mastered how to push up the standard form, do not hesitate to try this article.


  • Step 1: In the push-up position, 2 hands-on a single weights stand upright, gravity put on hands and toes, straighten arms, straight person
  • Step 2: push up while lowering yourself.
  • Step 3: Push back up and exhale, stop for 1 second, squeeze back arm muscles and repeat.

10. Hand Stand Push-Up

We can call this the advanced lesson of advanced because its difficulty is really not medium. You have to be good at effectively resisting pushing while practicing the Hand Stand (growing bananas). But do not worry, practice slowly and will succeed.


  • Step 1: Stand facing the wall about 1 arm away, bend over and put your hands on the floor a little away from the wall and kick each leg quickly on the wall.
  • Step 2: Squeeze the glutes and abs, straighten the legs and arms.
  • Step 3: Push up and lower until the top of the head almost touch the floor; the legs are always close together and straightened.
  • Step 4: Push 2 hands down, tighten buttocks, abs to lift back to the original position, exhale firmly.

A few notes on how to practice push correctly

A few notes on how to practice push correctly

  • Practice how you feel and use your chest muscles when you do your movements. If you do not know how to compress chest muscles, do the basic push-ups first.
  • Don't forget to warm up before a workout to get your muscles and joints ready. Some stretching or stretching exercises will help heal the muscles and reduce injuries, aches, and pains during and after exercise. Warm-up is also a way to increase the number of push-ups than when you impatiently practice immediately. Besides, do not forget the muscle relaxation movements after the workout.
  • If you find it hard to keep your balance, your body shakes even if you are doing the right thing, you may be exercising too hard or because you haven't started enough.
  • If your wrists are weak, practice on a soft surface, and the practice mat is more comfortable.
  • If your lower back gets tired, stop as this can lead to injury. Check your posture and condition before continuing.
  • Putting your hands together is considered the easiest way to push up, suitable for beginners. The closer your arms are to each other, the harder it will be to balance your body and lift yourself, even resulting in bone and shoulder pain. Practice slowly and increase the difficulty. Once you get used to it, you can choose your hand's position to suit your goals. If the pain does not go away, seek medical advice.
  • 1 day should push up how many? Normally people can push up about 50-100 pieces, long-term practitioners, and good physical strength, push-ups are 200-350 pieces. However, there is no exact number; you should only exercise your strength, especially new friends. Whenever you feel tired and tired, stop.

Besides, to support better muscle development, you should choose IsoFlex Whey Protein. This is the purest Whey milk line available today!

Do you understand what push-ups are, right? The only thing left is to start training!

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