Top exercises that challenge the limits of American ninja super warriors to world-class athletes

By: Samuel Brownlee

There are countless people out there who practice sports or bodybuilding to gain muscle, but the hardest part is not how strong you are to lift but how long you can last is a great challenge, requiring not only hard work but also a science.

Talking is a science because you need to time it right and use a lot of flexibility and delicately appropriate force distribution to be able to accomplish remarkable things.

Come on, “heroic heroes”, please continue to come up with extremely difficult exercises that you can rarely witness in real life. If the exercises in the previous exercise were only really “potato” for newbies, in this episode you will see 10 great moves that even professional athletes have to stick their tongues out and shake their heads!

First of all, one very important thing about the exercises and movements introduced in this article: these are top-notch skills that not everyone can do in a day, and that leads to two systems fruit.

First, don't try these moves yourself if you don't have a solid foundation in muscle strength and technique trained through basic exercises. Taking the risk of jumping into a challenge that is too difficult not only leads to the risk of an unfortunate injury, but it also makes you frustrated right from the first steps and ends up giving up on conquering your limits, just Losing time and losing motivation to practice.

Top exercises that challenge the limits of American ninja super warriors to world-class athletes

Secondly, because of the extremely high difficulty, very few people can do it and the beauty is also rare and difficult to find, so if you persevere and practice properly according to the right method, you will enjoy the sweet fruit of admiring eyes of everyone around, but most importantly, the feeling of satisfaction when conquering oneself to become a stronger and more complete person than before.

That's it. Remember there is no glory without a price, but choose a price that fits your budget!

1. Salmon ladder 1 hand

Salmon ladder 1 hand

First of all, I need to explain this rather strange name, right? Even if you go to the gym hard day after day, many people probably have never heard of the “salmon ladder” exercise if they rarely… watch TV at home!

This world's most difficult campaigning gameshow was created by the Japanese for nearly 40 years but has never lost its charm. Not only that, many other countries are racing to buy the rights to remake it, in which the American version with the name American Ninja Warrior is considered the most attractive.

Despite many changes compared to the original, the “replicas” never lacked Sasuke's forever iconic challenge, the salmon ladder.

Salmon ladder 1 hand

The name of this game comes from the movement “climbing” up each step like a salmon swimming upstream to lay eggs. The simplest form is to use both hands to fly the whole body with the bar up step by step, then this exercise has been raised to levels such as up and down then up again, jumping from bar to bar according to horizontally, or jump to one side and then turn around to jump the other side…

At first glance, many people will think that this is just a test of handgrip strength and explosive strength of the arms or shoulders, but actually, to “climb” quickly and sustainably you need to use your whole body.

handgrip strength and explosive strength of the arms or shoulders

The back muscles must work in sync with the hands to create the greatest power, and the core muscles must flip the lower body to get the momentum to bounce at the same time as keeping the lower body stable so as not to lose momentum. The ability to control the body in such harmony takes long practice to form.

However, there is a “realm” of the salmon ladder that until now the program producers have not “dared” to put it into the competition, but the masters have been practicing at home for many years (but no one has dared to show it yet) on the floor!), that is flying with one hand.

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Needless to say how terrible the difficulty of this exercise is

Needless to say how terrible the difficulty of this exercise is, if someone is confident enough to perform when competing, they probably won't have enough strength to play the rest of the games.

The first person to demonstrate the one-armed salmon ladder technique on YouTube was Geoff Britten, who reached the final round of American Ninja Warrior in 2015, even successfully climbed the tower, but was left empty-handed because he lost in time. against that year's champion Isaac Caldiero (who was also the show's first champion).

2. Squat 1 leg, hands behind the back

No matter what school you practice, gym or street workout, or just regular exercise, the squat is always a classic exercise for both beginners and veterans.

Squat 1 leg, hands behind the back

This is a great move to stimulate the thighs and glutes, and also uses the core muscles to keep the upper body steady during the up and down movement.

However, an extremely important factor that many people do not pay attention to when doing squats is the ability to keep balance. When standing on both feet it's not a problem, but with the one-legged version, the difficulty will be doubled.

Not only putting all the body weight on one side to increase the burden on the muscles, but it is also balancing with a too-small ground contact area (1 foot) that is the factor that makes many people give up this exercise.

Squat with one leg is so difficult when the hands behind the back are even more terrible. Normally, the hands play an adjustment role, dividing the body weight in both front and back directions to keep balance.

Squat 1 leg, hands behind the back

Putting your hands behind your back puts more strain on your thighs and glutes (like the advice you've heard to keep your back straight and down). Especially when you can't raise your arms to the sides to keep your balance, you will find it extremely difficult from the moment you lower your body slightly, let alone go all the way down and start standing up.

So this is the highest level of squat? Please no. There is still another way to add difficulty to this exercise, and also focus on balance, which is to close the eyes squat.

So this is the highest level of squat? Please no.

If you combine all those “mustache” elements at the same time, you will find that squats are not as simple as the introduction at first!

3. Dragon flag

Some people call this exercise another name “dragonfly crunch” because the pose when practiced resembles a perched dragonfly, but the dragon flag is really its “birth name”.

Dragon flag

That's because this extremely difficult move is “crucified” with the name of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, in which “Long” is clearly a dragon, and “flag” is because the whole body is kept straight and slightly lifted off the ground like a human flag.

Just like the other games this legend likes to “play”, the dragon flag is not as easy as it seems. It looks light and slow, but in fact, those who have tried it will know that slow movements are many times more difficult than fast movements.

martial arts legend Bruce Lee

To lift your legs and stay straight in the air for that long, you need strong and durable abs and thighs, and then have to bend up and down while the muscles are still tight with no rest.

Not to mention that the hands must also be tight and not stretched for a second to keep the body from touching the ground.

Just looking at Bruce Lee's forearms stretched to the fullest is enough to understand the terrible power of those who can practice this exercise.

4. Planting bananas clapping push-ups

It's old to do push-ups, and forget about doing push-ups, combining the two is called incomparable strength! Instead of standing on your normal feet, you have to hold your whole body with your hands and bounce hard enough to have enough time to clap your hands together.

Planting bananas clapping push-ups

But the hardest part is when landing, you have to use both strengths so that the wrist can withstand the terrible compression and have to control the lower body (now reversed to lie on top) to maintain balance.

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This exercise requires the muscles to maintain a constant state of contraction to hold the banana position, and at the same time to contract quickly and strongly to create the force to propel the person into the air.

Planting bananas clapping push-ups

Such a combination greatly increases the difficulty compared to individual exercises such as clapping push-ups or banana push-ups, because our muscles are usually only used to doing one of those two types of activity.

To get used to this move of course you have to master 2 easier exercises as mentioned. Make sure your arms, shoulders, and especially your wrists are strong enough to support the whole body's weight, plus the inertia when falling increases the impact on the joints a lot.

5. Walking planche

If you think planche is already difficult, this upgraded version must be called “terrible”. As the name suggests, walking planche is a two-handed walking movement while holding a traditional planche position.

Walking planche

Actually, for those who practice for a long time, walking by hand is not a terrible thing, planche is not too difficult. But when you combine the two, you will have an exercise that even top athletes have to be afraid of.

The difficulty of walking planche lies in 2 points. The first is that the shoulders must be tight to the extreme to keep the body horizontal, supporting the body's weight down.

The first is that the shoulders must be tight to the extreme to keep the body horizontal, supporting the body's weight down.

Second, when you walk, you will transfer all that weight to one hand instead of dividing it evenly like a normal planche. Although it was only for a brief moment, it was also tremendous pressure on anyone's muscles.

The difficulty of this exercise can be clearly seen when searching for the keyword “walking planche” on YouTube. Out of the very few results found, only one or two names really master this extremely high technique.

6. Inverted iron cross

First, let's talk a little bit about the original version of this game: iron cross.

Inverted iron cross

If you have learned about exercises for the shoulder muscles, then you must have known the movement of standing in place with both hands holding dumbbells out to the side, arms perpendicular to the body to form a cross.

However, that is only the easiest form, and the higher level is usually only found in professional gyms, which is the exercise with the hanging loop.

However, that is only the easiest form, and the higher level is usually only found in professional gyms, which is the exercise with the hanging loop.

Just like standing on the ground with dumbbells, this iron cross also creates the signature cross pose but is much more difficult because the shoulders and right arm support the whole body instead of just two dumbbells.

This is a very common static exercise in gymnastics competitions, and athletes who do it right will get a pretty good score.

What about the inverted iron cross? It's simply an “inverted cross”, which means you turn your body upside down but still have to stretch your arms straight out to your sides to keep the shape of the cross.

According to competition standards, the movement is considered standard when the arms are parallel to the ground, the body must be straight, the back must not be arched and the posture must be maintained for a few seconds, without shaking or falling. Compared to the forward style, this reverse iron cross is actually a lot more difficult!

7. Tiger bend handstand push-up

Roughly translating, this long name means tiger-style push-up banana cultivation.

Tiger bend handstand push-up

There is an extremely easy version of this exercise without the banana planting part, just push-ups with your hands above your head to press your forearms to the ground like a tiger.

But when you lift the whole body up, this exercise becomes extremely difficult, even when you have mastered the skill of planting bananas. Starting from a normal handstand position, you must lower yourself quickly but still gently to maintain balance and avoid hitting your forearms too hard on the ground.

you must lower yourself quickly but still gently to maintain balance and avoid hitting your forearms too hard on the ground.

Then, if you want to go up again, you have to lean forward slightly to put strength into your hands (the stronger the back muscles, the less you have to lean). In short, each stage of the movement requires extremely strong muscle strength and the ability to balance and control the body extremely well.

Rated as one of the hardest and coolest exercises for the arms, this exercise requires the shoulder and triceps (triceps) muscles to be strong enough, and you can do that by working on these exercises its individual components, namely simple banana cultivation, push-up banana cultivation, and tiger bend.

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8. Human flag push-ups

If you're tired of the “ordinary” human flag style that anyone can do, give this upgrade a try. In fact, you can call it to pull or push because the body is horizontal parallel to the ground, so whether you pull or push, you still have to use muscle strength, unlike traditional exercises that only use one of two groups pull or push muscle.

Human flag push-ups

Thanks to the same “two-faced” nature, this push-pull exercise affects many muscles at the same time such as the back, shoulder, forearm, back, forearm, and hand muscles. to hold the pillar firmly. Is an exercise worth trying, isn't it?

9. Reverse planche

Like inverted versions of other exercises, the reverse planche is rarely performed in public or in competitions, simply because it is so difficult. Even many people do not believe that this move is possible for human muscle strength. But in fact, there are still “superhumans” who have mastered this master technique.

Reverse planche

If we imagine a bit, we will see that the body posture in the normal planche is similar to the front lever, only the difference is that it rotates in the opposite direction.

Likewise, the position of the reverse planche is similar to the back lever but also reverses the upper and lower sides. This exercise challenges the triceps and triceps to the extreme, in addition, you need a decent amount of abs and lats to keep your horizontal body “floating” above the ground.

To start conquering the reverse planche, familiarize yourself with the easier variations that have a similar stance and also work for the same muscle groups as above, namely the L-sit, V-sit, and especially the Victorian cross.

namely the L-sit, V-sit, and especially the Victorian cross.

This is a movement also derived from gymnastics, in which the whole body (including the hands) is in the same horizontal plane parallel to the ground. Usually, the Victorian cross is done on a hoop, but you can still do it with a bar, chair, or even on the floor.

10. Muscle-up back clap muscle up

After a lot of push-ups, let's get back to an exercise that uses a lot of pull-ups.

Muscle-up back clap muscle up

Muscle-ups have always been a favorite exercise for advanced trainers, not only because of the much higher difficulty than pull-ups but also because of the effect of stimulating both opposing muscle groups in the same exercise.

Especially the “pull” part of the muscle-up requires the muscles to unleash a lot of power in a very short time.

But that's still nothing compared to the upgraded back clap version. To increase the explosive power of the whole pusher group, a “toss” movement was created at the end of the muscle-up, so that the body was suspended in the air long enough and high enough to have time to clap the hands. into each other.

Muscle-up back clap muscle up

Like push-ups and claps behind your back, the pushers must contract quickly and hard if you don't want to fall so low that you can't catch the bar.

That said, you have already guessed the method of training for this skill, right? Practice the explosive push-ups, clapping dips, and then practice the push-ups alone.

YouTube video


There is no limit to our practice, it depends on each person and his own creativity, each skill, and ability should be used at the right time and can always be used properly. when needed.

Here are 10 challenges for you to improve yourself and create new excitement in each training session. Again, you should only practice when you have enough strength and necessary technique, otherwise, it will only do harm, not benefit.

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