Should Exercise Fitness or Bodybuilding?

By: Samuel Brownlee

In life, an important goal can be said to be the number one goal of each of us, that produces a health goal.

And if this health goal is to be achieved, exercising is always one of the recommended factors after a healthy diet.

And people often ask each other whether exercising to become a muscular person or we training to become a well-balanced person and both, of course, is a health factor that is always guaranteed.

These two questions are exactly the two practices that completely achieve the final goal, but the appearance results will be different.

Should Exercise Fitness or Bodybuilding?
Should Exercise Fitness or Bodybuilding?
If you're a fitness enthusiast, you've probably heard of Fitness and Bodybuilding.
Fitness is mentioned by young people and by many other ages in society who are applying this exercise.
But whether:
  • Do you really understand what Fitness is?
  • How to identify a person with a fitness body or not?
  • And how is Fitness with Bodybuilding different and different?
  • Should Fitness or Bodybuilding be practiced?

Let's find out about this problem with BellyFatZone!

What is fitness?

Fitness in English means:

  • Fit, proportion, worthiness
  • Health and wellness
  • Aesthetic beauty, the harmony of muscles

Therefore, Fitness's goal is to bring you healthy health, a relaxed spirit, and a harmonious body with an aesthetic and not too big as Bodybuilding that people have ever seen.

According to the conventional way of Gym, Fitness means exercising. It is the exercise to help people perfect the body such as muscles, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system.

Fitness people will not be too big in a giant, massive form like Bodybuilding.

Fitness always gives you a good life
Fitness always gives you a good life.

Fitness exercises include Gym, Yoga, Aerobic, …

What is bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding was formed around the 50s and 60s of the 20th century (one of the outstanding events was the Mr. Olympia contest that was first held in 1965)

If the Gymer in the gym is a hard-working sculptor, the sculptors are honing work on their own, their bodies.

The sculpting tools of the sculptors were several hundred kilograms of weight.

These bodybuilders have the main goal of “achieving great muscle mass.” Muscles must be big and massive to be able to perform in big competitions.

They go to the gym and sharpen their muscles as closely as possible.

Bodybuilders often focus on high-weight workouts.
Bodybuilders often focus on high-weight workouts.

They rarely do cardio exercises or use low weights. The Bodybuilder regularly stimulates his muscles to the limit. During recovery, the muscles will rest and compensate so they can become puffed up.

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Comparison between Fitness and Bodybuilding

1. The process of formation

Bodybuilding was widely known around the 50s and 60s of the 20th century, while Fitness was a recent branch.

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Bodybuilding: the bodybuilding industry uses heavy equipment such as weights and specialized muscle machines to maximize the areas of muscle growth.

Fitness: If Bodybuilding is the exercise that helps the muscles to expand, Body Fitness is for people who want to have a good body without following the rules of Bodybuilding.

Body Fitness towards the aesthetic beauty and harmony of muscles.

Bodybuilding and Fitness have many similarities, but it's undeniable that Body Fitness is derived from Bodybuilding.

No matter how the formation process, it is important that both the purpose of Bodybuilding and Fitness has the common goal of aiming for a perfect physique according to each contest's standards.

To chase the ideal models, people who follow these two categories must spend a lot of time, sweat, effort, money to change the body.

2. Body shape

As you can see, Bodybuilding (Body Builder –BB) athletes will have bulky, thick, and crisp muscle mass. The muscular masses are clearly divided and striking, especially impressive, huge, and massive.

We will make a comparative comparison of the muscle formation of the BodyBuilder and Fitness Model for you to easily imagine.
We will compare the muscle formation of the BodyBuilder and Fitness Model for you to imagine easily.

Contrary to Bodybuilding, Fitness models (Fitness Model – FM) will have moderate muscle thickness. The muscles are soft, moderately soft, less sharp. Fit and well-muscled.


Muscle group Bodybuilder Fitness Model
Chest Big, thick, clear block Moderate, less blocky, soft
Shoulder Shoulder sawed sharp, thick. Moderate thick, less sawn
Hand Maximal muscle development, thick, divided clearly before and after Fit and proportion
Back Thick and ball to the sides Just barely enough, create a V-shaped body.
Stomach The muscle is thick, big, and split. Slim muscles, clear block, and aesthetic
Legs – thighs Outstanding development Compact muscle, less division

3. The training process

A bodybuilder's main goal is to be able to handle large muscle mass. Muscles that must be meticulously cared for must be huge and massive to perform in competitions.

Bodybuilders' training routines often include workouts with low repetitions but with a focus on high weights. Gradually, they lifted the barbell to the maximum level that their body could tolerate.

Low-weight workouts or cardio exercises are often not included in their exercise schedule. During recovery, the muscles are rested and compensated to become puffed up.

What is bodybuilding
What is bodybuilding

Meanwhile, the goal of Fitness is to have a healthy and fit body. Massive muscle mass is something they don't care about.

Fitness models spend a lot of time on large muscle groups (back, chest) so that when they have sufficient body weight, they will look for six-pack abs and pay attention to the legs and buttocks.

The fitness model's model is usually half the time spent practicing Cardio, and the other half is lifting weights.

To build lean muscle, they focused on lower weights than the Bodybuilders.

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4. Nutrition

The way of charging energy of Bodybuilding and Fitness also has many similarities.

Both focus on protein, starch, vitamins, vegetables, fiber like fruits, vegetables, and supplements, such as Whey, BCAA.

However, Bodybuilders often tend to overuse support foods more than Fitness.

The difference in the diet of both is calorie intake. The Bodybuilder usually consumes over 5000 calories, while the professional Fitness model usually does not consume more than 2500 calories per day.

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The benefits of fitness

1. Exercise helps the body slim and fit

If you are worried about your body weight, may you be gaining weight, being overweight, or being fat when not regularly doing Fitness?

The answer is NO!

Fitness helps you have a slim, toned, and balanced body, and when you stop practicing, your body will not be “loose.”

2. Exercise Fitness helps you reduce disease

Regular exercise helps the body to enhance health, resistance, boost metabolism and blood circulation.

From there, you will avoid the risk of diseases of the muscular system, lungs, or joints.

The risk of heart disease, blood pressure, the stroke will also be minimized.

3. Reduce stress effectively by exercising

After a hard-working day, the pressure makes you a headache; Fitness is the perfect choice for you.

Fitness reduces stress fatigue
Fitness reduces stress fatigue.

Scientific studies have proven that physical exercise reduces stress very well. And there are many Fitness exercises to help you reduce stress, fatigue.

4. Eat well, sleep deeply

When you exercise, the body consumes a lot of calories. You will feel hungry, thanks to ​​meals become more delicious. You should combine with a reasonable diet to effectively exercise Fitness offline!

Besides, Exercise helps you have a relaxed spirit and have a deep sleep.

5. Recharge the body

Exercise Fitness gives you the energy to perform other activities effectively. So, it would help if you did Fitness regularly to have supple health.

5 criteria determining Fitness and training orientation

Fitness is a combination, a balanced combination of a group of elements. We will teach you 5 fitness factors and 5 types of practice.

1. Cardiovascular health – Cardio exercise (Cardio)

Cardiovascular exercise is usually measured by a person's endurance and his or her cardiovascular health when exercising.

Exercises aim to improve and improve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, helping the practitioner have a healthy heart.

Cardiovascular exercise helps push the practitioner's heart rate to the appropriate tolerance level to increase the ability to withstand the pressure of study, work, and life.

Limit breathing difficulties.

Form of exercise: jogging, jumping, cardio movements, ...
Form of exercise: jogging, jumping, cardio movements, …

2. Muscle strength and endurance – Muscle training

Muscle training has 3 main parts: muscular endurance, muscular strength, muscular strength.

  • Muscular Endurance: usually measured by the number of times an exercise can be performed.
  • Muscular Strength: usually measured by the weight (weight) that a person can perform and the number of repetitions.

This is the first platform that any beginner of Fitness will experience. These exercises are aimed at improving the muscular strength of the body, improving movement and balance.

Exercises that involve lots of muscle groups and joints like Squat or chest push (Bench Press) are often used to measure muscle strength.

Muscular Power: usually measured by the amount of force that can be generated in a given activity. To measure this index, researchers need to use modern and advanced equipment.

Training method to increase muscle strength and tone the entire muscle group on the body such as The abdomen, back, thighs, hips, shoulders, …

3. Balance, flexibility (Balance & Flexibility)

The ability to keep balance, flexibility is usually measured by seeing how a person's muscles can stretch or how flexible his joints are, and his ability to keep balance.

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The simplest test is to stand on one or more advanced than perform the catch when standing on an unstable object.

Body fitness
Body fitness

Balancing, flexible exercises help increase the control of the nervous system on muscle groups. Requires coordination between central muscle groups (abdomen, waist, back, thighs) and other muscle groups.

Help the body improve posture control, stabilize the joints, reduce the risk of injury brought. It also soothes back pains, increases blood circulation to muscle groups.

Form of practice: Yoga, Ballet, … Exercises to exercise the flexibility, stretch, balance of muscle groups, …

4. Speed ​​- Speed ​​training

Usually measured the speed at which an individual can move from one point to another.

Exercise systems improve and develop the speed of one muscle group or the whole muscle group.

Help the body become more flexible and agile, To meet all activities of the day effectively.

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5. Body Composition – Exercise & Nutrition (Body composition)

People may be able to maintain the same weight but radically change the proportion of each body composition. That's why two people with the same weight but those with more muscles will look neat and toned.

Body composition is the ratio of body fat to other tissues such as muscles, bones, and skin.

This makes the skin and hair more beautiful, the nuance of the practitioner is more vibrant and youthful.
This makes the skin and hair more beautiful, the nuance of the practitioner is more vibrant and youthful.

To make sure your body composition is in harmony and at a good level, you need to practice a combination of diet, healthy sleep, 2 liters of water, enough protein and vitamin foods and minerals, beneficial fats.

Should you follow Fitness or Bodybuilding?

Fitness and Bodybuilding are derived from people's desire to achieve a good, healthy foundation, a beautiful body.

If you are tall and oriented towards the model, it will be easier to succeed in the Fitness path.

And if you have the dream to be a strong, muscular bodybuilder, Bodybuilding will be the perfect and wise choice for you.

Each person will have a definition of their own beauty and personal taste. Choosing a path that suits you, your passion, and the needs of your life is the most important thing.

Do fitness and bodybuilder
Do fitness and bodybuilder.

That is …

We shared all about fitness or bodybuilding.

Hopefully, all of the above can help you understand more about what Fitness is? What is bodybuilding?

From there, orient your training and plan to do what you want.

Remember to attach to a scientific diet for effective and unexpected results to work out Fitness or Bodybuilding!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will answer all your questions.

Fitness Model VS Bodybuilder Video:


I wish you success and have a perfectly toned body!

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