Yoga Poses for Beautiful and Toned Thighs

In addition to belly fat, thigh fat is always a problem for women; thighs are a place where fat can easily accumulate.

The accumulation of fat in the thighs reduces the aesthetic and causes the bodyweight to be pushed down; in the long term, there will be the risk of diseases such as atherosclerosis, blockage of blood vessels …

There are many exercises to help reduce thigh fat in the gym with lots of equipment, but other exercises can help you reduce thigh fat, which you may not know.

7 Yoga postures below will combine stretching and tightening muscles in the legs’ movements, acting very well on the thighs, making the thighs slimmer and more flexible. With regular exercise, you will soon regain your slender and healthy legs.

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Monkey Pose Yoga pose (Monkey Pose):

Monkey Pose Yoga pose (Monkey Pose)

Effect: Yoga posture Monkey King also known as posture Yoga Vertical Spiral. This is a difficult posture, requiring stretching the legs forward and back to help tighten the legs and thigh muscles very well.


– Kneel to the floor, knees slightly apart. Slowly move your left foot and bend forward.
– Touch your hands to the floor, move your left knee back until the instep of your foot and knee touch the floor.
– Meanwhile, you also gently slide your right foot forward until the whole foot touches the floor completely.
After making sure your right toes face the ceiling, perpendicular to the floor, to complete your posture, slide your left foot back, the instep, and the left toe to the ground.
– Reach your hands over your head and clasp your hands. Clasp your arms and slowly bend your back into your comfort zone.
– Breathe gently, keeping the posture for 30-60 seconds until you feel comfortable.

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Boat Pose:

Effect: This action helps to stretch and strengthen the whole body. It helps to tone the muscles of your abs, hips, thighs, and calves.

Boat Pose


– Lie on your back on the mat, your legs pressed together, arms stretched out on both sides of your body.
– Lift the upper torso and legs off the floor. Hands extended toward knees.
– The torso and legs will form an angle of 45 degrees to the floor.
– Try to raise as high as possible, keep your back and knees straight. Hold for 10-15 seconds, then slowly lower to the starting position.

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Dancer Pose (Yoga Dancer):

Effect: When doing this posture, one of your legs towards the back. Therefore, the calf muscle groups will be stretched and tightened to support the body’s balance so that the thigh muscles will tighten and firm.

Yoga Dancer


– Start with Mountain Yoga pose (Moutain Pose).
– Take a deep breath, bend your left leg so that your feet touch the buttocks. Your entire body weight is put on your right leg.
– Then stand straight, use your left hand to grip your left hand.
– Slowly raise your left leg, bring it far from the floor. Extend the left thigh toward you. Your right arm tries to turn around your head forward so that it is parallel to the floor.
– Hold the posture for 15-30s. Then release and repeat on the opposite leg.

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Firefly Pose (Firefly Pose):

Effect: This balance of yoga posture with great difficulty requires the legs to be straightened on both arms. It will help tighten the thigh muscles and help reduce muscle fat to make the thighs slimmer.

Firefly Pose


– Start with Downward Facing Dog.
– Move your hand so that your feet are in front of them. Then, place your hands just under your calves, slowly lifting your butt back.
– Separate arms and shoulders away from behind thighs. Palms open face down to support body weight.
– Slowly bend your knees like Squat. Once you’ve fixed your hands, slowly lift your feet off the floor and stretch forward.
– Once stable, straighten your arms. Gradually squeeze the thigh muscles to raise the body higher.
– Hold for 30-60s and release.

Tree Pose:

Effects: The Tree Yoga posture enhances leg training, wasting excess fat in the calf muscles to make the legs firmer. This action also helps increase the size of ring 3 effectively.

Tree Pose


– Start, stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
– Slowly bring up your left leg, fold and press the left foot into the right thigh. Use the right foot as support.
– Hands straight, hands pointing towards the sky. You will feel the tension in your thighs along with your back and chest.
– Hold the position for 10 seconds and then change the position with the other right foot.

Pigeon Pose Yoga Pose (Pigeon Pose):

Effect: Pigeon Pose is one of the most effective postures affecting the thigh. This posture also helps open the chest, leg stretch effectively.

Pigeon Pose


– First, sit down on the floor, knees under your hips, hands in front of shoulders
– Gently slide the right knee forward just below the right wrist.
– Slowly slide your left foot back; stretch the knee with the inner thigh below the floor. Buttocks must be lowered to the floor. The right heel is in front of the left hip.
– Take a deep breath, when exhaling bend your left leg, pushing your body forward as much as possible, so your head gradually touches the foot.
– Lift your arms, slowly bend your elbows, grasp your foot with your hand and bring it to your head.
– Keep the pelvis upright. Then lift the lower rim of the ribs, pushing your chest towards the ceiling.
– Hold the posture 30-60s. Then drop your hands to the floor and relax your knees. Gently switch sides with the left foot facing forward. Pay attention to breathing evenly to the beat.

Bridge Pose (Bridge Pose):

Effect: In Yoga exercises to help slim the thigh, Bridge Pose is an exercise that brings a great fat reduction effect to help the leg muscles to be stronger and firmer.

Bridge Pose


– Start yoga posture lying on the carpet, hands stretched out straight down.
– Slowly support your legs so that your feet with the carpet surface create a 90-degree right angle.
– At the same time, lift the body; this time, the head and shoulders remain in the same position close to the carpet.
– Hold the movement and breathe evenly for 10 seconds, then lower, repeat the movement 10 times.

Hopefully, with 7 postures, Yoga will help you improve the state of excess fat, help you have slender, attractive legs.

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