Bodybuilding Diet For Beginners Budget Saving is Still Effective

By: BellyFatZoneTeam

For those who love to exercise in general and those who love fitness in particular, the goal of training to increase muscle is certainly desirable.

In addition to the appropriate exercise regimen for beginners, nutrition is also important; it can be said that diet determines up to 60% of your muscle growth. And how to develop.

In this article, BellyFatZone invites you to consult the most basic nutritional knowledge for new bodybuilders to help you gain muscle.

So what should bodybuilders eat to gain weight best?

If you go to the gym all the time but can't sign up properly, please read carefully the article below.

Bodybuilding Diet For Beginners Budget Saving is Still Effective
Bodybuilding Diet For Beginners Budget Saving is Still Effective

When you go to the gym, you will surely realize that weight training only supports one part to stimulate muscle expansion.

The second part will detail specific meals that are suitable and budget-friendly, which you can apply to at home or the gym.  That is why if you want to gain weight and gain muscle, you need to read this article right away.

Should bodybuilders eat to gain weight effectively now?

Many newcomers to the bodybuilder often wonder why they have been exercising and eating but have not been able to gain weight simply because they haven't practiced enough and haven't eaten properly.

This is absolutely true in all cases! That's why it makes up for 60% of the success of diet for every goal!

That is why today, Bellyfatzone wants to share with weight gainers you should eat something.

If you want to improve your weight, in addition to working hard every day, you need to make sure to add these nutritional groups to your weight gain menu:

  • Protein
  • Starch
  • Fat
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Water

Nutritional content from these groups of substances will contribute to the formation and maintenance of muscles and help with energy production.

In it, you need to pay attention to 3 macronutrients are starch, protein, and fat. Here are 3 ingredients to help you increase calories.

The principle of gaining weight is that CALO's amount is FILLED MORE THAN THE QUANTITY OF CALO.

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1. Starch


Our body cannot lack carbs, especially for thin people who need to improve their weight. You can see what starch article is.

Overall, it increases energy for better training. Whatever your goal, never miss out on carbs with every meal.

So how many carbs a day? Depending on each goal, we adjust accordingly. In general, there's also no need to calculate.

Carbs should be included in meals. In the snacks, you should focus on protein, vegetables …

You should add starchy foods such as white rice, brown rice, oats, pho, sweet potatoes …

2. Protein

Group of important proteins, meats, fish, dairy, eggs, white meat on a wooden table

Protein plays a vital role in muscle development, living activities, and life.

That is why the prehistoric humans could have hunted animal meats for supplementation but did not need the help of carbs to maintain energy and survival.

If you asked a bodybuilder how to eat and drink to gain weight, we'd say right away eat protein.

The lowest amount of protein that needs to be added per day is 0.8g per kilogram of weight for a normal person.

As for those who lift weights, you should read right away how much protein a day should eat. That article will deal with it all. How do I know the exact amount of protein I eat right?

The best way is to experiment. For example, you eat 2g of protein and exercise 6 days/week.

If after 1 month you find your muscles are growing well, that is the amount of protein your body needs. On the contrary, you should increase it a little.

The foods rich in good protein should add to your menu: beef, lean pork, chicken, shrimp, crab, yogurt, fresh milk, beans, fish, eggs …

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3. Fat


The use of fat for weightlifters who need to gain weight is undisputed. It helps a lot with energy production, preventing muscle fiber loss.

However, here you should not just think about getting the bad fats from fried foods … Instead, it would help if you focused on the sources of good fats.

That is the way to stay healthy and gain healthy weight.

You can add fatty foods like olive oil, fish oil

4. Fibre


We can not ignore fiber to help relieve muscle aches, bones, and joints, firming burning fat.

This is also important if you want your digestive system to function properly. You should include a lot of green vegetables and fruits in your meals every day!

You can add foods rich in fiber such as broccoli, jute vegetables …

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5. Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals

If someone asks the bodybuilder what to eat to gain muscle gain, you should immediately say the vitamin.

Even if you eat all 3 polyunsaturated foods without vitamins and minerals, you will not gain weight.

If protein, carbs, and fat are key components of weight gain, vitamins and minerals are the main factors for weight gain.

If the body lacks micronutrients, the health will be impaired; the metabolic and digestive systems will function poorly.

For the best body, supplement with vegetables. Also should take more multivitamins!

6. Water


One of the mistakes made by people who need to improve their weight is not drinking enough water every day. Water accounts for most of the body weight.

All activities need the help of water. Without water, the organs in the body will not function effectively.

This, in the long run, results in a situation where even if you try to eat a lot but not eat much.

So how many liters of water a day should I drink?

Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Drinking water will help to purify the body. This is definitely what you have heard a lot of people say.

Actually, there is no specific formula. The reason for each person is different from the condition, condition, and environment.

If you take a certain formula to apply to a living and exercising in the hot sun, what is correct?

They will need more water. Therefore, depending on the circumstances, it will be adjusted accordingly.

Figure 2lit / day is quite ideal. Depending on that, you can adjust.

Just know that you should drink water regularly and continuously throughout the day. As long as you stay hydrated all day, don't wait until you're thirsty to drink.

Another tip to check if you are drinking enough fluids is to observe the color of your urine.

  • Yellow slightly: Drink enough water.
  • Dark yellow: Lack of water
  • Transparent: Drink excess water

7. Eat several small meals

Eat several small meals

How you eat and drink also contribute to your weight gain. Eating only 3 main meals a day puts a lot of pressure on the body's great caloric needs.

Not to mention, it will be difficult to ensure that your muscles are not constantly getting protein.

This causes the muscles to fall into a state of lack of protein and not be fed continuously. Instead, break up into small meals.

Eating many small meals a day, about 6-8 meals/day, will help absorb nutrients and protein synthesis for the body better. Your body will continuously be replenished with nutrients.

8. Always have a snack 1 hour before bed

Always have a snack 1 hour before bed

This meal is fully counted as 1 meal in small meals. This is also the answer to the question of what foods bodybuilders should eat to gain weight.

If you know the calculation, the calorie intake will help supplement the body with energy and nutrition.

Having a snack before bed will make it easier for you to fall asleep. You should also pay close attention that this meal needs protein to ensure good muscle recovery after 1 day of training.

At this point, you should add nuts, chicken breasts, and 1 teaspoon of Whey Gold Casein.

To calculate the number of calories your body needs to add to gain weight, use the TDEE online calculator.

This tool will show you the number of calories your body burns per day. You need to pass it.

It will help if you read the article about gaining weight and gaining muscle to understand better. Ideally, it would help if you only consumed 500-1000kcal more than TDEE calories per day.

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Now you will ask immediately, is there any suitable menu? Definitely yes, because just now is a recipe. Bellyfatzone also gives you some sample menus that you can refer to.

Those are 3 articles you need to read now! These menus are carefully calculated depending on the conditions and circumstances that you will adjust accordingly.

To ensure successful weight gain and apply the above guidelines, you need to add more Mass milk to gain weight.

Mass products always have enough protein, carbohydrates, and good fats to help you improve your weight easily.

3 best fat gain muscle gain menus for weightlifters

Before going into each specific diet, you need to know that each person has a different location, so we need to adjust accordingly.

Don't be too rigid or apply the same thing, experiment, and adjust accordingly. This has been repeated many times.

1. Protein-rich Diet

Diet plays a vital role in any exercise goal. Depending on your location as well as your goals, there is a different diet.

In terms of protein-rich food sources, you should prioritize animal-based proteins such as meat, fish, eggs, and milk; Besides, it must be alternated with foods rich in plant protein to help diversity.

This is very important because many people deliberately ignore it because they think animal protein is enough.

Those looking to lose weight should eat foods containing slow-absorbing starch such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, and oats, which will help you feel fuller for longer and contain fewer calories.

In terms of fat, use olive oil instead of regular cooking oils, although quite expensive but good for health.

Muscle gain menu for fat loss

  • 9 am: 1 small sweet potato (or 2 slices of black bread) + 1 plate of fruit or green salad + 200gram of meat
  • 11h30: 1 box of fresh milk + fruit
  • 13:00: 1 sweet potato + 300 grams of meat + green vegetables
  • 9 pm: 1 box of fresh milk
  • 23h: 100 grams of meat
  • 24h: 1 box of fresh milk

2. A lot of small meals to gain muscle mass

This diet is for people who regularly live with the family and do not want to disrupt family meals.

Eating menu to increase muscle in 1 day

  • Meal 1: 30 grams of bean flour + bread + 2-3 eggs
  • Meal 2: 1 glass of milk + 2 egg whites + 2 bananas
  • Meal 3: 100-150 grams of pork + green vegetables + rice + fruit
  • Meal 4: 30 grams of bean flour
  • Meal 5: 30 grams of bean flour + fruit
  • Meal 6 (after exercise): 100 grams of beef + bread + 30 grams of bean flour
  • Meal 7: Rice + 150 grams of pork + fruit + green vegetables
  • Meal 8 (before bed): 100 grams of meat + rice + 30 grams of bean flour

3. Regular muscle growth menu

With the desire to have a toned body, divide your meals into 7 meals, focusing on eating protein-rich foods to help develop muscles.

Besides, also limit the type of grease, fast food or eat too much salty. Usually, they change meals to help him eat well.

This is also an excellent tip for you because if you eat one dish, make sure you have not gained muscle; you will have to be hospitalized.


  • 7:00: Noodles or pho + 1 glass of milk
  • 9 am: 200 grams of beef + vegetables
  • 11 am: Have lunch with family
  • 13h30: 300gram chicken breast + fruit
  • 16h: 100gram boiled sweet potato + 200gram tuna (or mackerel)
  • 18h30: dinner with family
  • 20:30: 100 grams of boiled sweet potatoes + 5 eggs

Stop!!! If you cannot ensure that your diet is full of protein needed to gain muscle and lose fat, try adding the best whey protein fat-loss muscle-loss milk for bodybuilders.

With high protein content, make sure you will succeed with a toned body.

How to diet to increase muscle fat loss for men/women bodybuilders

For many people, gaining muscle has always meant working out for hours alongside a few weights, but this isn't entirely true because you need to focus on nutrition.

Every day, the body needs to supplement many calories and protein to increase muscle size.

Part I: Healthy Food

The first thing you need to look out for is choosing good food groups. If not, it will be tough for you to achieve your goals.

1. Provide an adequate amount of protein

Provide an adequate amount of protein

Of any muscle-building diet, protein is the most important. Without protein, muscles cannot develop.

Therefore, you need to make sure you get enough every day by looking at the article on calculating the amount of protein needed per day.

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We want to synthesize some of the most popular protein sources for you to build muscle:

  • Red meat includes beef, pork …
  • White meat includes chicken, duck …
  • Fish include tuna, mackerel …

2. The difference between complete and incomplete protein

The difference between complete and incomplete protein

To build muscle, you need to get plenty of complete protein – all meats can bleed as a rule.

However, there are also complete groups of proteins that come from plants and still help develop perfect muscles.

  • Soybean
  • Quinoa seeds
  • Buckwheat seeds
  • Chia seeds

3. Add carbs

Add carbs

If you look closely, our bodies are indispensable for carbs. When you eat carbs, your body stores energy in the muscles.

Without enough carbs for the body, it will lack energy when the body works, and it will automatically destroy the muscle.

Many people still think carbs are the reason you have excess calories, causing weight gain. This is somewhat true if you only eat a lot of fast carbs like white rice.

The fast carbs often make you feel full quickly but also quickly hungry. Meanwhile, what you should eat are slow carbs.

4. Use good fats

Use good fats

Usually, many people are afraid of fat because thinking it will increase excess body fat, but it does not help, but it acts as a protector.

Without fat, the body cannot function. Here, we are not talking about the food groups rich in bad fats and sugars like candies, fats … but we will use good fats.

5. Add more fiber

Add more fibre

Fiber plays a role in helping the body to be fuller and to digest better. Green fruits and vegetables are both rich in fiber and loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Part II: Eating right

After choosing the foods you eat, you need to know how to eat to ensure your muscle-building diet.

1. Increase calories

Increase calories

Increasing calories often leads many people to associate weight gain and excess fat.

However, you need to understand one principle of increasing calories, but you must clearly define which nutritional group the calorie increase comes from.

If you increase calories from protein, that's too good. When the calories come only from protein and muscles will be nourished.

No need to get the complicated formula for spending, you need to remember what one of your meals used to be, and now you need to increase the amount of protein, reduce the starch a little.

2. Always remember to eat breakfast

Always remember to eat breakfast

Breakfast is always an essential meal in a day because after 1 night; you are almost run out of energy.

Therefore, you need to get protein to build muscle quickly. Not to mention a lack of energy, the muscle will be lost.

Low Budget Diet Plan for Beginners Video:

However, saying so does not mean that other meals are not important. Here, we will split it evenly.

Besides, at the store selling genuine sports food Bellyfatzone, there are also muscle-loss combos to help you achieve results faster.

If you have useful additional information to help people, please comment below.

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