What exercises help to get big thighs fast, effectively?

By: Samuel Brownlee

Hi, right now, you are looking for the most effective exercises to help your legs grow fast; big thighs mean you are not alone; many people want to learn about it.

You can find a lot of information about the most effective exercises to grow big legs fast and big thighs all over the internet, and there is a lot of information that doesn't coincide.

In this article, BellyFatZone will invite you to dig deeper so that we have a better overview of the most effective exercises to help you get more giant legs fast, big thighs, from which you come up with the best method for yourself and your family help those around. Scroll down and follow.

Agree with you; leg exercises are extremely tiring and challenging. But its effect on the entire body is not without controversy. Briefly: Produces you much testosterone to support the whole body to develop: Thicker muscles, broader shoulders, bigger back…

What exercises help to get big thighs fast, big thighs effectively?
What exercises help to get big thighs fast, big thighs effectively?

We'll build you a leg workout. This article helps newbies have the most accessible and most complete leg workout. Try your best to have a Full Beauty Body.

Leg muscles include large muscle bundles: quadriceps (the front calves are the most significant muscle in the body), hamstrings, glutes leg muscles. Let's make them work to grow up.

Start the exercises to help your legs grow fast right now

Before starting the exercise, you should warm up for about 10 minutes; it is best to rotate the joints for 5 minutes and, most importantly, walk gently to warm up the joints for another 5 minutes (significant for this leg exercise and newbies) exercise your body is not used to the effects of exercise).

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Lesson 1: Kick your feet on the machine

5 sets (Sets):

  • 1 set of 16 reps warm up with 45% of the maximum weight you can do standard form (MW) in 1 rep.
  • 1 set of 12 reps 55% MW.
  • 3 main sets with 75-80% MW, 10-12 reps.
  • Rest between sets of 60-90 seconds (the shorter, the better). Try to complete the exercise in the best form possible.

Tips: Adjust the training chair, and choose the most comfortable sitting position; the back is not bent. Raise the leg to the highest place to align the leg nearly straight with the thigh. You can hold this position for 1s to focus on the leg muscles more. When going down, do not let the thigh muscles sag; that is, do not go down so that the thigh muscle no longer exerts a force on the two-foot rests.

Down slowly inhale during the process, and push up faster than when coming down and exhaling.

Lesson 2: Squats

The king of exercises is here. Whether today's training session is successful or not depends on this exercise.

Six sets (Sets):

  • 1 set of 16 reps warms up squats without weights.
  • 1 set of 14 reps with 30% MW.
  • 1 set of 10 reps 55% MW.
  • Three main sets with 60-80% MW, 10-12 reps.
  • Rest between sets of 60-90 seconds (the shorter, the better). Try to complete the exercise in the best form possible.

Lesson Front Squats

– Tips to remember: the back must be naturally straight, and the head should be raised naturally. The knees are very firm to not shake, vibrate, or be narrowed in or spread out too wide during going up and down. Do not tiptoe if you commit one of the above errors. Stop practicing. Practice and try again and again until you have perfected the movement, then touch the barbell.

It– Recommended for newbies to practice with medium leg width (legs shoulder-width apart). Will eat the whole quadriceps (Temps) and the groin muscles, part of the glutes.

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– Inhale down, exhale up.

 Lesson 3: Pedaling the foot rack 45 degrees

3 Sets (Sets):

  • 1 set of 12 reps warm up with 55% of the maximum weight you can do standard form (MW) in 1 rep.
  • 2 main groups with 75-80% MW, 10-12 reps.
  • Rest between sets of 60-90 seconds (the shorter, the better).

Down slowly inhale throughout the process. When you get close to the highest point, exhale through your mouth.

Absolute attention: Do not lock the knee joint when at the highest point; long-term will cause knee osteoarthritis. Knees that move in a straight line without bending in or out too much can cause immediate injury to the ligaments.

Keeping your back straight, your back arched, will cause your back injury. Refer to the article on common injuries: Common injuries in bodybuilding.

Note: With this exercise, the foot position will have a significant impact on the muscle group to be exercised: Type 1: Focusing more on the hamstrings and buttocks

Style 2: Focusing heavily on the front thighs

Type 3: Focusing a lot of groin muscles

Style 4: Leg press Normal focuses on the quadriceps

Leg press Normal focuses on the quadriceps

Lesson 4: Lie face down on a chair with legs folded to exercise the back thighs

Four sets (Sets):

  • One set warm-up of 12 reps 55% MW. Three main sets with 75-80% MW, 10-12 reps.
  • Rest between sets of 60-90 seconds (the shorter, the better). Try to complete the exercise in the best form possible.

Tips: In this article, if you practice cheating, you will be able to practice quite hard. But remember to only do 10-12 reps for 1 set with the best form possible. Don't cheat by arching your butt or leaning forward.

Slow down, inhale during the process, step up, and exhale.

Lesson 5: Lower the body to exercise the glutes (Lunges, also known as Split squat)

Split squat

This exercise is for the glutes. It sounds girly but let's do this exercise. Girls also pay attention to your butt. It could also be due to the location of your wallet ;))

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Four sets (Sets): 1 set of 12 reps warm-up. Three main sets of 10-12 reps. Moderate weight. This exercise is quite challenging to practice; you have to practice a lot.

Rest between sets of 60-90 seconds (the shorter, the better). Try to complete the exercise in the best form possible.

  1. Make sure your back is straight, your head is up naturally
  2.  Shoulders relax, balance, not stagger, press forward or backward
  3. Your knees are advised not to exceed the plane perpendicular to the ground at the tip of your toes.

Slow down, inhale during the process, push up, then exhale.

Lesson 5: Banana muscle exercise

We will introduce the two most effective exercises that can be done at the gym. Each activity can be done into 2-3 sets, each set of practices until you can't go up anymore, then stop, rest the 60s – 90s and then continue lightning 2, 3. Down inhale. Breathe up.

Tips: There are many tricks to increase the difficulty of calf exercises. But keep practicing. We will introduce the following articles with more significant problems.

Want to gain lean muscle fast? In addition to training, make sure that you have provided the total amount of protein that the body needs to recover and achieve the best power. Protein can come from daily meals: meat, fish, eggs, milk, and legumes….
In addition, you can choose from us a quality whey to supplement the amount of protein your body needs every day.

Summary The most effective exercises to help big legs quickly and big thighs:

Thus, the above article, Bellyfatzone, shares the exercises to help you get more giant legs quickly and effectively, big thighs to help you understand more clearly, and choose the most suitable way to improve your physical health and help you better every day.

If you find the information here useful about the most effective exercises to grow big legs fast and big thighs, please share this with those you think need to know this information to help them improve.

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