List of High-Calorie Foods to Gain Weight For You


Eating more does not mean you will gain weight, but eating a lot will make you feel full because your stomach is filled with no gaps.

However, usually, people who eat a lot often gain weight because they choose foods that contain a lot of calories, and when the body does not use all this high, it will be stored as excess fat in the abdomen and internal organs a great number of.

These fats are not good for your health at all; they can even cause serious long-term illness and make you feel tired every day.

You can still eat a lot and still lose weight because the number of calories in each type of food is different busy eating a lot of your partner's stomach, you will feel full. Still, the calories loaded into your body from the types of food that are not much will not gain weight even you lose weight.

list of high-calorie foods to gain weight
list of high-calorie foods to gain weight

In this article's scope, we will discuss the foods that help you gain weight, foods that are high in calories, so you will have an appropriate adjustment if you want to gain weight or want to lose weight yourself.

Calories are the stuff that affects your weight. If you consume more calories than you consume, you will gain weight and, vice versa, lose weight.

Many people say the secret to gaining weight is to eat a lot, but that is not entirely true. Strictly speaking, you must eat a lot of calories.

Focus on these high-calorie foods; you will not have to eat and drink without the effect of weight gain is not much. You can read What are calories in food?

15 types of high-calorie foods to gain weight

What are high-calorie foods? These are foods that contain a large number of calories per serving by volume.

The simplest way to tell if these foods are high in sugar or fat. The reason is that 1g of protein or starch contains only about 4 calories, while 1g of fat contains up to 9 calories.

Why do we have to learn high-calorie foods?

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For example, you have a cup of raisins and a cup of tomatoes.

Obviously, this is an equal amount of food, but the raisin cup provides a huge amount of energy (about 520 calories). In comparison, tomatoes contain very few calories (only about 14 calories) and plenty of water.

To gain weight, not just eat as much as possible, it is important what you eat.

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If you need to increase your weight, then deploy the following energy-rich foods.



Eggs are also a high-calorie food, with 90 calories in a large fruit and about 60 calories in small fruit.

Eggs also contain lots of protein and lots of nutrients. This dish is easy to eat and nutritious for the gym.



Tuna is high in oil, also a high-calorie food. 100g of tuna will bring you 149 calories. Tuna is high in fat and contains absolutely no saturated fat.

The 23.4g protein content will also help you gain weight by increasing lean muscle mass instead of excess fat.



In 100g, salmon contains 202 calories, very nutritious, and also relatively expensive.

It is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA – substances that enhance heart, nervous, brain, and vision health.



The delicious crunchy bread also adds to your energy level. 100g of biscuits contain about 500 calories.

Because this cake is very high in sugar and sweetener, if you want to lose weight and be healthy, you should not eat much.

Milk tea

Milk tea

According to calculations by the Ministry of Health of Singapore, a cup of medium-sized pearl milk tea will load you up to 340 calories, of which the highest energy component is the pearls.

The sugar content of milk tea is also extremely high, exceeding the daily requirement of the body.

Drinking too much milk tea will make you fat and unhealthy quickly.

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Carbonated soft drinks

Carbonated soft drinks

Soda is also one of the most calorie-dense foods, with sugar no less than milk tea.

A traditional 330ml can of Coca-Cola provides you with 139 calories. The amount of sugar in soft drinks often harms health and can cause fat storage if you use too much.

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However, it should not be considered good food for people who need to improve their weight.



Raisins are a favorite snack for many people, with an energy level of 299 calories per 100g. Raisins taste very sweet and lose about 80% of the water compared to fresh grapes.

While nutrition experts still consider it a health-promoting food, eating too much will raise blood sugar levels.

Steamed rice

Steamed rice

1 cup of rice about 100g contains about 130 calories, of which the largest component is starch accounting for 28.2g, protein is 2.7g, 0.3g fat, the rest are vitamins and minerals.

This nutritional value is considered relatively high, so eating a lot of rice will naturally make you fat.

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Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

100g of peanut butter will give you 588 calories. Starch accounts for 13%, protein makes up 15%, and fat makes up 72%, most of which is unsaturated fat.

The fat in peanut butter does not cause you to accumulate too much fat and contains Omega-6 fatty acids that are important for health.



The average number of calories in 100g of beef, including lean and fat, is 278 calories.

This type of meat is high in protein, low in cholesterol, so you can eat a lot to improve your weight and physique, especially to increase lean muscle to firmer.

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100 g of boiled potatoes add 87 calories to you. The starch in potatoes is high, up to 20.1g, with a high glycemic index (GI), so it is easy for you to gain weight and not suitable for people with diabetes.

You should also not eat too many potatoes, especially with high-fat frying, if you do not want people to accumulate fat quickly.


With an energy level of 160 calories per 100g, avocado is listed as one of the most energy-dense foods.

The fat in avocado is very healthy and good for health. Avocados also often appear in weight loss menus; you just need to adjust the amount you eat accordingly.



Each 100g of chocolate has up to 600 calories, a huge number. The special thing is that pure dark chocolate helps you lose weight quite well and bring many health benefits.

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Its bitter taste also helps to reduce cravings.



The number of calories in 100g of cheese is about 105 calories, depending on the manufacturer.

Cheese is thought to be a good source of fat, rich in protein and calcium, suitable for people exercising and promoting growth in young children.



Peanuts, also known as peanuts, will help you gain weight effectively, thanks to containing up to 600 calories per 100g serving.

Peanuts provide a great deal of fat, but saturated fat is insignificant, so it stays “healthy.” You can eat peanuts as a snack instead of other sugar confectionery.

If you're wondering what to eat a lot of calories, the list of dishes above has given you the answer. However, the amount of calories in food is not everything.

To know if you should eat more or eat less of something, you must pay attention to their nutritional composition.

Even if you are trying to gain weight, you should limit your intake of foods high in added sugars, saturated fat, or fast-absorbing carbs.

Instead, eat plenty of protein, good carbs, fats, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Make sure you gain weight but gain lean muscle, not fat.

If you still find it difficult to calculate the calories in each dish or balance the composition of nutrients, you can use weight-increasing mass milk.

Besides providing you with a tremendous amount of energy, mass milk also provides a large amount of protein to help your body firm and many vitamins needed to increase absorption.

These 15 high-calorie foods will keep you energetic.

19 Foods to Build Muscle and Gain Weight Faster Video

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However, some dishes are not very friendly to health and risk obesity besides the wealthy nutritional value types. It would help if you considered using the smartest way.

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