How to Gain Weight and Muscle in The Gym? Based on Science

By: Samuel Brownlee

If you have been practicing sports for a long time, you may not need to read this article, or if you want to recall your knowledge or if you are new to the road to sports training and interested in training nutrition for your health, this is really a great article for you.

This article outlines how we eat, exercise, and how we follow the sequence steps to build both muscle and weight while being safe for our health. Your drug is not affected by drugs or food supplements too much.

All knowledge is based on scientific research and is required to consult with your doctor or nutritionist, experts, sports coaches to help you get a body the best photos in quality and ready to take pictures at any time.

How to gain weight and muscle in the gym? based on science
How to gain weight and muscle in the gym? based on science
  • Do you really want to escape from being skinny to get the perfect toned body?
  • Do you want to have a solid body that stands out from the crowd?

Do not be sad anymore because articles are summarizing the principles of gaining weight and gaining muscle. Let's find out now!

To achieve the goal of gaining weight and gaining muscle, the most important thing is to learn by yourself how to adjust to eating – practice.

Just knowing how to eat healthily and practice scientifically, you will get what you want.

The thin body always makes you lack confidence, and that's also the problem of millions of people out there. However, you just need to do what is stated below, and you will be up to 90% successful.

Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

A detailed guide to the principles of gaining weight and gaining muscle for lean people

Before you get started, let's take a break from everything you know. This makes you feel more secure. That is why so many people often fail because they are bound by what they know.

You won't be successful if you think you're right. Instead, learn exactly what is described below.

Part I: Setting goals

This is quite an important part; you have to determine what you want to do because you will have to be determined to follow through.

No need to set a big-spending goal; you can determine how much weight and muscle you will gain in a week or a month.

1. Talk to your doctor

Talk to your doctor

This may seem like a strange part to many people, but it is quite familiar for Western countries because you need to know what state you are in.

Before registering to go to the gym and eat a certain diet, to ensure your health and safety, you should talk to your doctor.

Many people who are sick with something really need this. Let your doctor know you aim to change your physique and whether this diet is appropriate or effective.

2. Set specific goals

Set specific goals

Everyone's body is completely different, so you should only listen to others sharing in the spirit of reference. Think for yourself and set a goal for the next 4-6 months.

  • Goals should be specific and can be estimated in numbers. Do not set a general goal like gaining weight, gaining muscle … You should practice writing notes so that the goals follow the correct numbers. If the goal is too vague, you will easily fall into a spiral of failure.
  • Set a time frame to achieve, not in general. For example, you must gain 4kg in 3 months.
  • After setting a long-term goal, use your calculator and break it down into weekly or daily goals to make sure you don't go astray.

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3. Track progress

Track progress

Once you've set a goal, you need to stick to it by keeping track. This helps you learn to work hard to accomplish your goal.

With just monitoring, you will be able to check different measurements on your own. Tracking this type of tracking helps you evaluate your diet and exercise.

Simply put, if you aim to gain 1 kg per week but have not yet reached it, you can double-check what you have done. Then, increase eating, reducing exercise. You should check in every week.

4. Find 1 mutual friend to perform

Find 1 mutual friend to perform

Changing your diet and exercising seems easy, but it will be hard to imagine because you have to change almost all.

Therefore, at times like this, you need a close friend to eat and practice together, be motivated.

You can try announcing your plans on Facebook to see who is joining you on the journey. Try to get as many people as possible.

Either way or considering no one, you have to be the most important person.

Part II: Eating to gain weight gain muscle

This is a very important part, and you should read it carefully. All the questions about how to gain weight gain muscle for skinny people revolve around nutrition.

1. Talk to a nutritionist

Talk to a nutritionist

For starters, almost everything is too vague, especially when it comes to diet.

Here, it is still best to find a dietitian to give useful dietary advice to help you gain muscle. It is best to encourage yourself, use Facebook, or your relationship.

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Currently, almost everyone is looking for nutritionists who are also bodybuilders.

2. Increase calorie intake

Increase calorie intake

To gain weight, you need to increase your caloric intake every day, increasing by 500 calories.

This is said very carefully in the article on how to gain weight. Just every day you increase about 500-1000calo, you will surely increase 0.5-1 kg/week.

Never go higher because it will easily cause excess fat. You note, according to nutrition experts as well as experiments, if you gain more weight than this or eat unhealthy foods, you are BIG.

3. Choose foods rich in calories

Choose foods rich in calories

Increasing calories is sometimes a problem for many people because they have to eat more. We can partly solve the story of eating all day by choosing foods rich in calories and rich in nutrients.

  • Choose foods rich in healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado …
  • You can use olive oil with a salad. Alternatively, you can add more avocado.
  • Limit foods high in sugar.

Also, if you like to exercise or sports, you should choose to buy weight gain milk for thin people to ensure successful weight gain.

4. Eat enough protein

Eat enough protein

If you want to gain weight and gain muscle, make sure you have enough calories in your daily caloric intake.

Normally, you should eat 6 meals a day. In which, 3 main meals should ensure the body is eating the most protein.

You should learn to diversify your protein-rich meals with plant and animal protein sources. In general, we will eat a variety of meats… Also, stay away from processed or non-fresh varieties.

5. Use good carbs before and after exercise

Use good carbs before and after exercise

To know the best, you should read the article about what to eat before and after. According to many studies and practical experience, you should eat starch slowly first and eat fast carbs after training.

  • Eat a snack 1-2 hours before training with slow carbs to keep your body energized throughout the workout.
  • In the main meal, you should eat more slow carbs and fast carbs to provide more calories.

6. Eat fruits and vegetables

Eat fruits and vegetables

Why care about fruits and vegetables? Fruits and vegetables will provide the body with more fiber. The main fiber will help you eat comfortably but limit fat storage.

Besides, it also provides many vitamins and minerals. So how to eat? Just make sure each main meal contains green vegetables. Meals must contain fruit.

7. Consider protein supplements

Consider protein supplements

You absolutely can choose to buy protein supplements to help your body have enough muscle protein.

It is still best to choose Whey Better milk. Often many people are gaining weight to gain muscle or giving protein powder and fruits to make smoothies.

Part III: Weight training

All sports have their benefits. However, for how to gain weight and gain muscle, weight training is number 1.

1. Find a coach

Find a coach

Finding yourself a PT is really important for training because they will help you know how you need to practice.

Ideally, you should thoroughly research that PT to see if he is a person with real experience or not.

2. Practice each muscle group

Practice each muscle group

To increase the size of your muscles, you need to grow each muscle group evenly. You can choose to exercise separately for each body part.

Do not give up any muscle groups for any reason. During the time you gain weight, you should limit your cardio exercise.

3. Must have days off

Must have days off

Usually, people who practice a lot also spend Sunday resting. That is when your body relaxes.

If you don't have a day off, you will get bored easily. Besides, it is the day off, which is the day for muscles to recover and develop.

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Part IV: How to practice?

To help you get an overview, you need to read on to understand how you should practice. It's best just to follow the article on how to choose a fitness schedule.

1. The middle body

The middle body

This is a pretty important part for everyone, male or female.

  • Abdominal muscles are used in all everyday activities. Therefore, to have a beautiful and healthy body, you need to train your abs with weights to stimulate the muscles to develop evenly and beautifully.
  • Breathe evenly.
  • Usually, we do not divide an abdominal workout because other exercises also affect the abdomen.

2. The upper body

The upper body

You need to pay close attention to muscle groups such as chest, shoulders, arms, back for the upper body. Those are the main muscle groups. You need to use many different machines to practice.

3. Lower body

Lower body

For women, the lower body always takes precedence and vice versa for men. However, you need to practice legs and buttocks to help balance.

Do not forget to refer to some sports accessories to help you work out at home better, conveniently can be exercised anytime, anywhere to help your body balance a healthier one.

14 weight gain tips for bodybuilders

1. Practice harder

The first rule of thumb is to practice hard. From now on, every training session should be like a fight. Every week/month, increase the weight, the number of repetitions. Should practice until the threshold is reached.

Absolutely, do not take the time to walk while exercising.

2. Plan a scientific break

Calculate for yourself when to practice, when to rest so that you can recover. If you exercise all day long is not going to help you and can cause unnecessary injuries. Not to mention this easily puts you under stress.

Every 8 weeks, give yourself about a week of relaxation or at least practice less that week. This helps you to restore your body.

3. Work harder

Work harder

Many men always try to gain weight by adding more Isolation exercises (1 muscle group) at the beginning of the program. However, it is time for you to change the compounds, make the compounds.

Isolation and machine movements are both great, but if you aim to gain massive muscle mass, put your strength into the Bench Press, Squat, Deadlifts … Some people think that these exercises only increase strength. Okay, but that's due to fewer reps.

Do these exercises evenly with 8-12 reps, gradually increasing your weight with the right technique.

4. Shuffle the number of iterations

8-12 reps/set is a good standard for beginners.

However, we recommend mixing heavy sets with 5-8 reps and light sets with 12-15 reps for better muscle growth. For thighs and calves, you can sometimes increase up to 50 reps.

Ideally, plan to change the number of reps per week.

5. Correct technique

Needless to say, this is the most important principle. No matter what weight you exercise, be technically correct.

Remember to always start the first half with the correct technique 100%; when you get closer to the last half, you can cheat a little. You can use inertial force to lift the weight but focus on lowering it.

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However, I do not think that any article will apply. It only applies to 2-3 exercises only.

6. Choose a good gym

The gym is growing a lot now, whether it's city or country. However, we recommend that you choose a gym with a bit of comfort, especially with friends who share the same training goals.

Not a gym; no one would sweat.

7. Find a friend to practice with

Once you have a good gym, you will gain muscle faster if you have a partner.

This person doesn't have to have the same goals as you. However, thanks to that person, you will gain more motivation.

8. Listen to your body

Listen to your body

If you are susceptible to injury allergy, always listen to your body. If your muscles or joints feel too painful, or you can't hold your position properly, stop.

If you feel pain in your body, get medical attention immediately. Don't ever try too hard.

9. Invest in rehabilitation

If you can afford it, take the time to go acupuncture and massage. Your doctor will help you regulate your joints and relieve pressure to help blood circulate.

10. Get enough sleep each day

Get enough sleep each day

Everyone knows that the body needs rest to grow. If you can't sleep for 8 hours for some reason, try to get as much sleep as possible. This helps develop muscles.

11. Don't forget to get protein

Don't forget to get protein

There have been decades of controversy over the importance of protein for athletes. However, millions of bodybuilders have demonstrated the importance of protein for the survival and development of muscle tissue.

So, how much protein should you get each day is the article you should watch carefully. Note, in addition to natural protein-rich foods; you should use more Whey Protein as well.

12. Get enough carbs and good fats

To gain weight, you must add protein, carbs, and good fats to your diet every day. This is not the time to be concerned about diets.

For energy to exercise and develop, eat a lot of starches such as rice, fruit …

Also, you need to consume foods rich in good fats actively.

13. Confidence

Are you ever confident that you will do it? If you still suspect that you won't gain weight, how will you be motivated to go to the gym and eat a lot?

14. Using Mass

The last thing is to take advantage of Mass Gainer milk easily and quickly gain a few kilograms.

8 foods to increase muscle weight training gym.

Nutrition gym for weight gain is always the most important thing. Because it accounts for 70% process successfully …

If omitted, then make sure that you will never get the desired results. A sensible diet will help your body strong, muscular.

Many of you on file but not eating very much, this is not good for your health. Not only weight gain, but also dropped very quickly.

To plan and build menus, gain weight to increase muscle, and gym for the skinny fit, you first need to know whether to eat the food and the need to load as many calories a day to set weight gain effective Gym.

If you're wondering what the gym should eat to gain weight, please refer to the following 8 foods.

Note that “it is even better than the food supplement” as whey protein.

1. Chicken

Chicken is a protein-rich food, helps increase muscle effectively, promote better metabolism. However, chicken fat and chicken skin are not good for your muscles. It can cause excess fat and flabby muscles.

Increased muscle chicken
Increased muscle chicken

Usually, you should check out the chicken breast and chicken thigh, but should not eat too much will be difficult to digest and sometimes not good for health.

Eat chicken breast from 200g to 300g per day to the diet for the most efficient gym.

2. Meat frog

Less protein in frog meat chicken fat but again no better sometimes. But frogs are usually more expensive meat, and people still preferred more chicken and smelled up the gym.

You can know following a 73g frog legs contain calories, 16g protein, giving you additional energy and lean protein in the body. Frog meat is a nutritious dish. Without being fat is good for muscle development.

3. Beef

Beef contains more protein than chicken and frogs in 100g; beef contains about 28g protein, 10g lipids, 280kcal more than double other animal meats.

Therefore it is indispensable in the gym diet, and nutrition is necessary for the body.


Still good, but you should not be overused, in addition to not eat in the evening because it may affect the liver, “remember it yourself.”

4. Fish


Protein contains more healthy and increases body fat loss support effectively. Foods that are indispensable for the diets of bodybuilders to gain weight.

Nutritious food source. It helps you better absorb nutrients and is loaded to support the digestive tract.

5. Eggs

Common food indispensable to the gym people are basic nutrients such as calcium, protein, amino acids, sodium helps muscles grow effectively.

However, you should not eat too much egg yolk contains more cholesterol because affecting cardiovascular workout.

6. Bananas

Bananas are rich in energy activities that help process your day better and provide more potassium, dietary fibre, and vitamins good for the body. But eat a sufficient amount to be better for your health.

You can eat bananas and eggs combined with milk before training to support the process of better practice.

7. Beans.

Good food, but the majority of people skip the gym. Did you know that beans contain nearly equal amounts of protein with meat and fish? Nutrition for the gym can not lack this essential nutrient.

Kinds of bean
Kinds of bean

It also contains more fiber that helps muscles make and more popular. For those who do not want to eat too much meat, you can add beans or bean flour to the diet when the gym to gain weight more effectively.

8. The green vegetables

Vegetables with the most fiber content are important in gaining weight and muscle gain. Besides help better absorb the nutrient loads in the body. You should choose dark green vegetables to diet your regular.

Many of you wondering about the gym weight problems you should eat? Make additional foods on the menu daily weight gain to quickly achieve the desired physique.

Nutritional diet for the gym

The most important diet principles for weight gain are Gym to calculate accurately and carefully calories, protein, … intake each day.

And this will also help you to arrange a time and intensity to suit most Gym. This is also a way to help you control your weight, avoiding weight gain because the body is not toned.

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1. The amount of protein needed for the diet of people gain weight training Gym

According to many nutritional experts believe that one day your body needs to recharge from 2.3 to 3,3g proteins (i.e., proteins) on 1 kg of body weight to develop to the maximum extent possible.

For example, weighing 60kg, the total amount of protein should be loaded in the day at least 132g.

Protein-rich foods good for health and to help you gain weight.
Protein-rich foods good for health and help you gain weight.

Protein-rich foods such as soy, broccoli, chicken, beef, lamb, fish, eggs, …

Or you can totally find what foods complement protein function at a prestigious address to fit well with the diet for the skinny gym to gain weight, increase muscle without affecting health.

2. should we provide many calories in one day?

Not too difficult to see that this question is present everywhere, all over the forums for beginners training. Gym target men or women with weight gain or weight loss.

To gain weight a scientific and healthy way for bodybuilders is increased muscle, reduces fat, and keeps body weight.

In the diet to gain weight for the skinny gym, you should increase or decrease 20% of total calories consumed during the day, helping develop muscle and lose fat slowly. At the same time, avoiding a negative impact on your health after weight gain.

3. Add 2 meals to the menu for the gym to gain weight

Three meals are necessary to ensure a full complement of four basic substances: proteins (proteins), starch, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Add rations for breakfast more
Add rations for breakfast more.

In each diet for the gym, the food containing protein and vitamins needs more supply than during the day.

Besides 3 meals, try eating more than two snacks.

  • Breakfast: No matter how it is, absolutely not to skip breakfast. Breakfast is energized for the body after a long night. So plentiful breakfast, as much as possible substances. Foods were rich in protein, such as protein (milk, meat, eggs, fish), bread, assorted cereal.
  • Lunch: The daily food such as meat, fish, soup, rice, … have to be met in full. Your diet is similar to breakfast but enrolls some foods that provide vitamins such as fruits, juices, vitamins, …
  • Dinner: Must be providing a full range of nutrients such as 2 brunch. Normally dinner should load less energy to help the body easily digestible, avoid bloating indigestion. Some foods such as porridge light, cereals, milk, …

Two snacks at 3 pm and 9 pm are the ideal time frame for two snacks.

Now you can select vitamins, juice, or drink beverages in fat, sugar. Snacks can option, but food should not eat too much.

The menu for the gym increased muscle.

Hint 7 menus and diet for the gym men and women want to gain weight.

Menu 1:

  • Breakfast: 1 bowl of beef noodle soup, 1 cup milk
  • Lunch: 1 cup and a half of rice, 100g of meat sauteed vegetables, fish stock, 1 cup stuffed bitter melon soup, 1 banana.
  • Dinner: 1 cup and a half of rice, meat stock 100g egg, 1 cup of broccoli soup, grapes.

2nd menu:

  • Morning: Cake Roll meat, 1 cup of lemon honey.
  • Lunch: 2 cups rice, 100g stuffed tofu, fried eggs, 1 cup spinach, guava.
  • Dinner: 2 cups rice, fish sauce, 1 cup cooked spinach crab soup, 1 yogurt.

3rd menu:

  • Breakfast: Bread, cereal, 1 banana.
  • Lunch: 2 cups rice, braised fish, fried bok choy, vegetable soup, guava.
  • Dinner: 2 cups rice, fried beef, meat papaya soup, 1 cup of milk.

4th menu:

  • Morning: Noodle chan fat water, 1 cup of milk.
  • Lunch: Partial ribs broken rice rolls, 1 cup of rice, apple.
  • Evening: Curry Bread, bananas.

5th menu:

  • Morning: Bun barbecue, 1 cup soy milk, 1 banana.
  • Lunch: 2 cups rice, 100g of meat fried egg, spinach sautéed with garlic, sour fish soup, mango.
  • Dinner: 2 cups rice, pineapple fried squid, mushroom soup.

6th menu:

  • Breakfast: fried rice with broken ribs, 1 cup milk
  • Lunch: 2 cups of rice, 100g of boiled pork, cabbage soup, fruit.
  • Dinner: 2 cups rice, pineapple braised fish, duck eggs, 1 cup of lemon juice.

7th menu:

  • Morning: Noodle soup, milk, banana.
  • Lunch: 2 cups rice, fried fish, fried mushrooms meat, vegetable soup contraction, bananas.
  • Dinner: 2 cups rice, fried squid, fish soup with vegetables, waterfall strabismus, yogurt.

For snacks, during the day you can eat starch, fruit or milk and eat on time to have better efficiency slightly.

Note when applying diet for bodybuilders to gain weight in 1 week.

To gain weight, the calorie intake per day should be greater than calories consumed.

If one day, the excess 500 calories 1 week, you might balance 3500 calories, equivalent to an increase from 400g to 0.5kg.

Some notes when making a diet for skinny gym want to gain weight.

  • When drinking water, you should note that small sips. This will be better for your health. No standing while drinking water that should sit by like water will go all the entire body and provide better.
  • Additional green vegetables into meals. Although not a nutrient important for people to gain weight, the food groups are indispensable in the daily diet.
  • When using eggs, the yolks are limited.
  • While at the gym, do not drink too much water.
  • Combining diet with scientific activity hours to effectively gain weight perfectly.
  • Do not eat a lot of fried food, fried, fried greasy.

Weight gain is not something too difficult just you grasp the necessary food and exercise properly will gain weight efficiently.

Vegetables are foods that should supplement daily.
Vegetables are foods that should supplement daily.

With diet for the gym weight, you could absolutely increase from 3-5kg in 1 month.

But note, please pay attention to diet and the foods in each snack!

How To Gain Weight And Build Muscle Video:

The important thing is always accompanied by regular exercise. So you refer to cardio exercises at home and gym to help develop the most effective muscle.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain more knowledge about gaining weight and muscle in the gym. Please share this article if you find it useful. Thanks!

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