How To Lose Belly Fat Without Losing Weight?

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Reducing belly fat is a problem that hundreds of millions of people care about globally; one of us understands that losing weight means reducing belly fat, which means that these two activities are proportional to each other.

When you lose weight, your belly fat will decrease, which is the desire of overweight people, but not everyone who is overweight needs to lose belly fat.

Many people in this world have a healthy appearance, but the belly fat is enormous, or the lean ones, but the visceral fat is thick, and the belly fat layer under the skin is more accumulated in the abdomen.

How To Lose Belly Fat Without Losing Weight ?
How To Lose Belly Fat Without Losing Weight

In an article, we also mentioned this is why fat is concentrated in the abdomen but not concentrated elsewhere; we also recall this cause:

That's because our bodies have up to 70% of the water; the body's most characteristic is the excess fat, which makes it easy to move downwards. We can see the bottom part of our body is the abdomen.

Our buttocks and legs are made up of a large muscle that supports the movement; excess fat is still cornered, but not much, excess fat and visceral fat are mainly concentrated in the abdomen.

If we have taken the time to learn how to reduce belly fat safely, then we all understand the simple problem that we need to combine eating, sleeping, and exercise regimen to reduce belly fat.

The principle you need to remember here is to check your weight regularly, about once a week, increase exercise to develop muscle with heavy exercise combined with cardio exercises to help burn fat. Always pay attention to nutritional ingredients every day.

However, people often lose weight, i.e., reduce the body's volume, reducing the waist circumference.

But most of us need to lose belly fat without losing weight, so what do we need to do?

There are two ways to reduce belly fat, that is:

  • Reduce belly fat while losing weight
  • Reduce belly fat but almost keep the weight.

With the first way to reduce belly fat and lose weight, you need to focus on a calorie-reducing diet and practice a lot and sleep on time for 1 to 3 months, and you will see positive results.

Within this article, we will focus on how to reduce belly fat but to maintain body weight:

So the importance of our body remains the same, and the belly fat decreases, which will partly compensate for our reduced belly fat? That is muscle.

Our story will be to reduce belly fat to maintain weight and increase muscle mass, and we need to understand this problem clearly and then work out a new plan for effective implementation. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

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You need to sleep 7-8 hours/day:

For whatever reason, if you do not charge the battery, your phone will run out of power, and it will be turned off for people to sleep the time of loading the body after a day of activity.

You need to sleep 7-8 hours/day
You need to sleep 7-8 hours/day.

When sleeping, we usually think that the body organs are rested, but it is not, when sleeping, some organs reduce their activity, and others increase their business.

Sleep is an excellent resuscitation and detoxification activity of the body, and if you have a good quality of sleep, you will have better health.

Sleeping will help your muscles grow after a day of proper exercise. Read more: Ways to Lose Belly Fat While Sleeping

Let your brain relax:

Our stress directly or indirectly causes most headaches or migraines.

In this life, there are billions of things that are very easy to stress you; we have to understand that everything on earth still works like that no matter whether you want it or not, and make sure our problem is small.

More than the issue of many presidents. They don't have a headache, so why do we need to stress.

Let your brain relax
Let your brain relax.

The brain is the control center of our body. When the mind is stressed, it will not control the body's machine to work smoothly, and there will be an error, one of the common mistakes is the successful transformation of fat.

The amount of fat is stored under the skin and around our internal organs, producing many diseases.

Every day passes, we fulfill the mission one more day in the life, with nothing to worry about.

The diet keeps calories but reduces fat and sugar:

If you don't want to lose weight and lose belly fat, keep the calories in your body with full calories or non-fat ingredients, you should not eat sugar; pay attention to protein-rich foods; they help you grow muscle.

The diet keeps calories but reduces fat and sugar
The diet keeps calories but reduces fat and sugar.

Many foods help you get enough calories, feel full and be low in fat that can be found easily in your daily menu; you must pay attention to the ingredients every time you make a meal.

Increasing dietary fiber intake will make you full longer. The digestion of fiber produces fairly natural energy. It does not happen suddenly, so blood sugar levels are even; your blood sugar is always in a moderate state, not exceeding the threshold. This makes insulin release regularly, and your pancreas is not overloaded.

Let's do this now to prepare for a workout regime that helps increase muscle and reduce fat below. Refer: What foods to eat to lose belly fat?

How do you reduce belly fat and increase muscle?

It is possible to use a general sentence for this practice as a long-term episode with intensity and strength combined.

reduce belly fat and increase muscle
reduce belly fat and increase muscle

To explain this, let's talk about two exercises that are fat-burning exercises that are jogging and muscle strengthening exercises as strength exercises like weightlifting.

How do jogging exercises reduce fat and maintain muscle?

Jogging is one of the most effective fats burning exercises today when you exercise correctly. You want to practice reducing fat and reducing your muscles for an intense workout in a short time.

For example, a fat reduction exercise and weight loss, muscle reduction, you only need to practice for 20 minutes with high intensity: You go on a treadmill and run at full speed so that you can understand your jogging.

We can't talk to people around. You can rest for 2 minutes and repeat, until 20 minutes … you will lose belly fat, lose weight, and reduce your muscles as well.

How to exercise to lose belly fat keep muscles with a treadmill:

It's your training session for 45 to 60 minutes when you practice running slowly, while you can still talk to people around you.

Time off 3-4 minutes and then continue until the end of the whole session. This workout will help you burn fat but keep your muscles healthy.

How to exercise to lose belly fat keep muscles with a treadmill
How to exercise to lose belly fat keep muscles with a treadmill

However, if you practice more than 60 minutes or 90 or more, your muscles will be consumed like the above exercise.

Not only with the treadmill but also other exercises will be similar. You can read: What is the best exercise machine to lose belly fat?

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Strength exercises will help you gain muscle:

We need to note that we want to reduce belly fat, the only focus, and the abdomen will not yield the best results. Let's practice reducing body fat all over the body, and the stomach is just a little more.

When your muscles are under pressure or stretching, they will have to brace during exercise, so you go home, eat and eat, and when your muscles grow, your muscle growth occurs when you sleep.

This is how to increase muscle and reduce belly fat while sleeping great.

Strength exercises will help you gain muscle
Strength exercises will help you gain muscle.

You want bigger muscles to give your muscles more pressure when exercising, and you want the muscle to tighten or increase the number of repetitions.

However, it is not that we increase the muscles' weight, the muscles grow more prominent, but the muscle development is related to the bones; the bones and muscles' strength all contribute to how much we can lift.

When we exercise too much force tolerance of the skeletal system, we can fracture.

For exercises that help you reduce muscle fat, please refer to What kind of exercise to lose belly fat?

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