How to Breathe During Gym Workout?

In our body, the liver and lungs are the two largest organs, the liver helps us filter the blood, and the lungs help us filter the air.

If we fast and still have water, we can live for 21 days; if we fast and do not get drinking, we can only live about 7 to 10 days.

And if we hold our breath for more than 3 minutes, we may not be in the world anymore.

This shows us how the breath, oxygen, and the effects of breathing on our body.

For ordinary people, the practice of breathing is always necessary, but especially for those who practice sports, it is essential to know how to exercise.

In exercise techniques, how to breathe during gym workout is an important part, it affects your exercise performance.

How to breathe during gym workout?
How to breathe during gym workouts?

However, many friends, whether new or old, have not mastered this technique. Instead of just trying to lift heavy weights a lot, pay attention to how you breathe.

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How to breathe when exercising – Small but not small stories

In the bodybuilding world, many techniques need time and experience for you to “understand” all.

One of those techniques is breathing when exercising. If you are still confused, read and remember the following.

How does breathing properly when exercising help you create energy?

When you breathe in, oxygen will travel from the nose to the lungs and then to the cells in the body. The body uses oxygen to perform several complex functions or to create energy.

If the body does not get enough oxygen, it will lead to a lack of energy.

But for people who lift weights, a lack of energy will not do anything. Not only that, if you try to lift heavy weights and have an oxygen-energy deficiency, but the brain can also suffer serious injuries, even leading to death.

Principles of breathing in bodybuilding

The most important thing is that you remember this principle carefully:

  • When using force (muscle contraction), exhale.
  • When stretching (using little / no force), breathe in.

If the above rule is still too vague for you to read, the next section will be easier to understand.

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Ways to breathe when weights

Ways to breathe when weights

There are still many controversies about breathing techniques when exercising. Here is a summary of the most common ways.

1. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth

  • Pros: Rapid release of breath to keep breathing and inhaling through the nose also helps you keep the chest and abdomen’s pressure better.
  • Cons: The body loses water faster. If you exercise in a cold climate or the winter, it will lose a lot of heat energy.
  • Suitable exercises: Heavy, high-intensity training sessions take place in a short time.

2. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your nose

  • Advantages: Limiting heat loss, dehydration
  • Disadvantages: The airflow is not much, steady and fast, not enough for high-intensity exercises.
  • Suitable exercises: Light exercises

3. Breathe through your nose and mouth

  • In this way, you inhale – breath in a ratio of 3-2, that is, 3 steps to run, you breathe in, the next 2 steps exhale. For example, you breathe in when you step left-right-left and exhale when you step right-left. Using this method of running will help you focus more on your breathing, avoiding shortness of breath.
  • Suitable exercises: jogging and cardio

Of the three ways, the best way is still to breathe in through the nose, exhale through the mouth. The downside of this way is fast dehydration?

So you only need to drink water properly when exercising. Combined with the above-mentioned breathing principles, you will be in the best shape to complete your workout.

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Instructions on how to breathe properly when exercising according to each muscle group

The main muscle groupsThe common exercisesHow to breathe when exercising properly
  • Exercises to push the chest, the chair slopes up, slopes down with the bar or barbell.
  • Ground breathing exercises
  • Flye’s exercises with cables, dumbbells, chest compressions
  • When the weight goes down, inhale during the process of lowering the weight. Breathe deeply and slowly.
  • When using force to push the weight up, exhale.
Back bucket
  • Exercises for pulling buckets wide, narrow hands, backhand, sitting with horizontal cables.
  • First, take a breath before dialing.
  • When you pull down the handle/bar or pull it toward you (when the barbell goes up), exhale.
  • When you release the handle/bar on or away from you (when the barbell goes down), you breathe deeply and slowly.
  • Row (Stand) dumbbells, single dumbbells (One-Arm Dumbbell Row)
  • The way to breathe when practicing the back of the bucket is to take a breath first.
  • When you use your strength to pull the weight up, you exhale.
  • When you lower the bar, you inhale.
  • Exercises to breathe wide, narrow, medium, and backhand arms
  • First, take a breath before pulling up.
  • When pulling up, exhale.
  • When lowered, breathe in.
  • Stand, sit, push bar, and single barbells for shoulder muscles.
  • Standing songs, raising Raise’s hand
  • How to breathe when practicing single weights for your shoulders: Take a breath before pushing or lifting your shoulders
  • When you lift the weight, lift your hand, you exhale.
  • When lowering the weight, you inhale.
  • Fold-down, leg-lifting exercises
  • Down inhale.
  • Up breathing out
  • Cable pulling exercises
  • Before pulling, take a breath.
  • Exhale when using force to bring the handle down (when the dumbbell goes up)
  • Inhale as your hand goes up
  • Stretching exercises (Extension)
  • When you lift, exhale.
  • When the dumbbell down, breathe in
Fore hand
  • Hands-on exercises (Curl)
  • When you lift, exhale.
  • When the dumbbell down, breathe in
Thigh first
  • Squat, Hack Squat, Lunges Exercises
  • When lowered, breathe in.
  • When pushed up, exhale.
  • Leg exercises for the front thigh
  • When you lift your foot, exhale.
  • When you lower your foot, breathe in.
Thigh back
  • Exercises to bend your legs back
  • When using force to bend the foot, exhale.
  • When stretching, breathe in.

The wrong type of breathing when exercising

The wrong type of breathing when exercising

Even people who have long bodybuilding can still make these mistakes if they do not pay attention. Please check if you are in any of the following categories.

Don’t be subjective because these are prevalent mistakes.

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1. Hold your breath for too long

Holding your breath for too long in a particular exercise will cause hypoxia, causing dizziness, building up your face, dizziness, pale skin, and headache.

After finishing 1 post, the limbs disintegrated. Some people take a breath and then push their chest several times before breathing out. Consequently, the face is flushed red; the eyes are long and striped.

2. Breathing is not deep

This is a common mistake in those inexperienced, still surprised when practising weightlifting. Faced with heavyweights, they are easy to feel nervous and nervous.

And usually, this mood will make your breath faster and faster but not deep.

For example, some of the Bench Press members just took a quick and shallow breath when the bar had just been about 1/3 of the way; they held their breath during the remaining 2/3 of the way.

Then, when you push the bar to the top, exhale as if you were out of breath. Not having enough oxygen makes the next push extremely difficult, and you seem to have no strength left.

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3. Breathe in reverse

Instead of following the correct sequence, some people do… the opposite. For example, when dragging, pulling down, breathing in, dropping out, then exhaling.

How to reverse this easily cause shortness of breath, shortness of breath when exercising, and absolutely avoid.

4. Breathing wrong in special exercises

Some special exercises, such as the Rest-pause set, increase the pressure at the weight loss. For these lessons, keep in mind that no one forces you only to breathe 1 push.

The time to lower the weight in these exercises can be up to 4-5 seconds, so breathing once, as usual, will drown immediately. The solution you can apply is to breathe faster and more time to keep up the muscle.

Note, to support weight training and stimulate muscle growth; you should buy protein milk to supplement.

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How to breathe during physical exercise Video:

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Don’t just be healthy, be a smart breather.

Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about “how to breathe during gym workout” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it useful. Thanks!