What happens if you do exercises wrong?

By: Samuel Brownlee

Everyone knows that gym exercises improve health and have a toned and slim body.

However, exercising in the wrong way can cause health problems for yourself. Join Bellyfatzone to find out right away 9 warning signs of exercising in the wrong way through the article right now!

What happens if you do exercises wrong?
What happens if you do exercises wrong?

1. Harm of exercising in the wrong way

Working out in the gym is an effective way to keep fit, and it's also a healthy habit that many people maintain every day. However, exercising in the gym can also be harmful to your health. Besides the benefits, exercise also brings many unpredictable dangers to health and life.

Unbalanced diet

Going to the gym will take your breath away, and you may want to eat more, often junk food. This can disrupt your diet.

Cost of money

Not everyone can maintain the habit of going to the gym every day. When we first started, we used to go to the gym. However, after a few weeks, we started skipping our workouts, which was quite a waste of money.

Serious injury

When you exercise too hard, you can experience some serious injuries, such as hip or knee replacement surgery.

2. Revealing 9 signs of wrong gym exercise

Unexplained bruising

When you train too hard and then find out, there are unusual bruises on your skin, but you don't get hit anywhere. At this point, you should stop exercising immediately, and it is best to see a doctor to know the cause because this bruise occurs due to damage under the skin, possibly due to the muscles being stretched too much or misaligned during exercise. .

Stinging pains

Mild pain during exercise is nothing to worry about, but if you notice a stinging pain on your skin, you should stop exercising, rest a bit and see a doctor as soon as possible because that is a sign. Not only does it cause the condition above, but it can also affect the reflex functions of the muscles very dangerously.

Insomnia due to pain

It is normal to have pain after exercising from 24 to 48 hours, but if the pain is too much, affecting your daily activities after exercising, you should take precautions. Pain so bad that you can't sleep can indicate that your muscles have been damaged too profoundly, making it more difficult to sleep. Wait until this pain stops, and then go to the gym.

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Feeling exhausted in the days after exercise

It's normal to feel exhausted immediately after a workout. Just go home, take a bath, relax and add enough nutrients, and you will find your body healthier the next day.

However, if you feel exhausted the next day, then you have pushed your body to the limit, leading to the body's burnout response. Then you should immediately stop exercising until you feel stable and return to exercising at a lighter level.

Joints hurt during exercise

Pain in the joints when exercising often happens to beginners because they do not know how to feel the muscles.

You are doing it wrong when you have joint pain during a certain exercise. In severe pain, you should stop immediately and ask another professional about how to exercise. If you only have mild pain, you should pause and correct your posture to be more correct to avoid serious injury.


A muscle cramp is a sudden muscle spasm that causes you to feel pain in your muscles and makes you temporarily incapacitated. Cramps can happen in almost any body part, most of which occur when exercising incorrectly in the calves, thighs, hands, feet, and abs.

Torn muscle

Muscle tear is a phenomenon of muscle fiber damage caused by improper exercise. At this point, your muscle will be very swollen, and blood will flow inside the muscle to form blood clots.

Torn ligament

A ligament rupture occurs when you exercise incorrectly, causing the ligaments to be overstretched and putting too much pressure on the joints or when the joints are rotated suddenly, causing the ligaments to stretch unexpectedly. This injury most commonly occurs in the knee and ankle.


Signs of tendonitis caused by improper exercise often see some areas on the body red, swollen, and painful when pressed, but active muscle contraction causes muscle pain to increase many times.

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3. Summary of 12 mistakes and how to fix them when exercising in the wrong way

No one can deny the effectiveness of gym training for exercise participants. However, exercising in the wrong way can cause a lot of harm to the body. Find out and fix it immediately:

Fasting before exercise

Fasting before training is a dangerous habit; our body needs a lot of energy during exercise, so eating before training is extremely important.

Many of you often want to lose weight fast but often choose to fast before going to the gym. This is completely wrong because when hungry, the body will be fatigued, and the spirit of cultivation is also greatly affected, so it will not be enough concentration and health during practice.

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Therefore, you should replenish energy for the body before exercise and eat bananas, bread, and eggs about 60 minutes before exercise …

Do only one exercise

When first starting out in the gym, many people often have the habit of only practicing one sport until they master it and then switch to another sport or Even just practice one exercise while exercising. Because our body comprises many different muscle groups, each exercise will only affect certain muscle groups. Therefore, if you practice careless movement, your body will lose balance, and your limbs will be strong, but other parts will atrophy.

Therefore, for those new to the gym, the advice is to thoroughly understand the exercises suitable for their training goals, arrange the perfect fitness plan to get in shape, and complete it quickly.

Lower back injury

Lower back injuries are common when you use the wrong deadlift or squat technique. If the wound is mild, it will heal in a few days. However, in severe cases, it can cause a herniated disc. If left untreated, spinal nerves can be severely damaged.

To overcome low back pain, you should rest for at least 2 days to observe. In case the pain is too intense, and the condition worsens, you should see a specialist immediately, do not arbitrarily apply hot or cold compress so as not to aggravate the pain.

Wrist injuries

This is an injury that occurs when doing chest presses or weight training. When your wrist is injured, you will feel very uncomfortable when moving, and this discomfort will increase with strenuous exercise.

Wrist injuries are usually not serious and will heal on their own within 1-2 days. When your wrist is injured, you should stop exercising. If necessary, then put a splint. Apply ice to the injured area for 15 to 20 minutes. You should raise your wrist to help blood circulation smoothly when sleeping.


When you sprain, you will feel severe pain in the injured joint, which will subside with rest. Therefore, many people continue to exercise subjectively, which makes the condition worse.

If you have a sprain, immediately stop exercising, avoid using hot oil, and bear bile to massage. You should not use hot oil, or bear bile to massage because it can cause internal bleeding. After resting, you should apply a cold compress. Immediately put on a suitable compression bandage to cover the wound, elevate the injured leg for blood circulation.


Exercising too much can easily make the body fall into a state of fatigue and weakness. The pressure to change quickly when they first hit the gym means they often set goals to get back in shape quickly.

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When starting to exercise to lose weight, many think that just eating vegetables will help you lose weight quickly. However, the above inference is completely wrong because whether playing sports or not, the body still needs to be provided with adequate nutrients to maintain daily activities.

Random weight lifting

Lifting weights incorrectly is a bad habit for many people just starting out in the gym. When starting out in the gym, many people often have the habit of lifting weights randomly.

Ask your trainer for pre-workout advice. Preferably simple strength training exercises with moderate initial weight, gradually increasing to more difficulty after a period of training is the best way to practice endurance to build endurance and help increase strength endurance.

Not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep makes the body tired. Sleep is essential for every person because, during this time, the body rests after a hard day.

Especially in the process of exercising also has an essential meaning in restoring health because when sleeping, the internal organs work under less pressure, the spirit is refreshed, and the body is more comfortable practicing the next day practice more effectively. Too little makes the body tired; you should sleep for 8 hours a day for the best results.

Loss of concentration when exercising

When going to the gym, many people are distracted by many external factors while exercising. This is not recommended; you must focus on each exercise to get results. Better training results.

Lack of perseverance

In the first days of practice, the movements will easily make our body fall into fatigue and pain. This can make you feel scared every time you go to the gym. Do this every once in a while by revisiting your fitness goal and thinking of it as a motivation to hit the gym to push yourself to the gym every day.

Setting goals that are too far from reality

Don't set fitness goals too far from reality. Anyone working out in the gym wants a perfect body right after exercising. You want to have a beautiful body with a familiar figure.

Staying in shape is a good thing, but it's not, so set yourself goals to achieve when hitting the gym too far. Set goals that are appropriate for the situation, so you don't feel overwhelmed. Then gradually increase the goal after each training period for the best effect.

The above are signs of the wrong gym and how to fix it when you exercise in the wrong way that Bellyfatzone has shown to help you.

If you fall into one of the above signs, stop and fix it immediately to ensure your health and avoid improper gym practice that affects your health and fitness goals immediately.

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