How to Get Bigger Buttocks Fast At Home?

By: Samuel Brownlee

With women, appearance is always important. We cannot ignore buttocks. Some people are fortunate to have a supportive body structure and a naturally developed buttock beautiful, and a lot of people are not.

If you are reading this article and lose confidence that you have a small, flat butt, then rest assured, don't worry, you are not alone. The Bellyfatzone team also has a small butt but has improved with the diet and training below.

A naturally stretched round butt is a unique charm of any girl. More and more clothes such as tight pants and skirts appear to help women show off their curves.

You can confidently wear tight leggings all over your lower body and go out into the street to keep your eyes on you because you have a beautiful butt.

How to Get Bigger Buttocks Fast At Home?
How to Get Bigger Buttocks Fast At Home?

But what's to show off is the problem. If you are confident about your smooth buttocks without any undulating, learn how to increase your buttocks to improve immediately.

The exercises increase the butt size for women, not simply, and you can easily make it at home without losing much time to the gym.

Whether you “flat” congenital or for weight loss too far up like that.

But you do not need to desire anything because recipes can pick immediately transformed increase in size for 3, to have an attractive shape and offline.

The way to increase the buttock makes the butt curvy like a supermodel.

Whether the buttocks can grow bigger is a question that many women wonder about. If you are not lucky enough to be born with a beautiful butt like a model, you will have to live with a big butt all your life?

There will not be a day when you wake up; your buttocks will naturally expand a few centimeters. But with the right exercise and nutrition, increasing the size of the buttocks is completely possible.

Many girls have applied this method without having to touch the cutlery but still amazingly improved measurements.

The way to increase the buttock makes the butt curvy like a supermodel

Here is a summary of the simple ways to increase butt size within reach; you combine all the steps to get the best results.

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Part 1: How to eat to increase buttocks

This is a question a lot of sister concerns. In addition to the exercise support, experts also answered the question of what to eat to bigger buttocks as follows:

What to eat to grow big buttocks? Not as you keep eating, the bigger your butt will be. Eating improperly can lead to small and large needles.

You need to select the necessary nutrients to increase lean muscle mass and limit excess fat.

1. Satisfy protein intake

Protein or protein is an important component to increase lean muscle – the secret to helping you have a toned butt.

Satisfy protein intake

Especially if you exercise or play sports, the amount of protein to meet your body every day must be more and more than usual. Lack of this substance will make your muscles loosen; the workout person easily gets tired.

Additional protein in your diet to help support muscle mass development helps tone and improve efficiency butt measurements.

Each meal, you should consume between 15-30g of protein to help maintain health and improve 3.

Protein foods you should include: Meat, seafood, eggs, milk, dairy, and buy Whey Protein Milk.

2. Change the amount of starch

Minimize processed foods that are high in refined white sugar. You should use slow-absorbing starches such as brown rice, brown rice, beans, oats …

Why is this a way to improve buttocks? These foods meet the number of carbohydrates that your body needs to function and help you not crave fatty foods.

Change the amount of starch

Reducing the excess fat in the belly and waist area will help your butt look stretcher and bigger, and the body will have that line.

3. Load only good fats

The experience of increasing buttocks is that you must definitely reduce the amount of bad fat, also known as saturated fat, in the body.

Not always bad fats. Studies have shown some good fats and healthy for the body and the buttocks' development.

These foods contain healthy fats such as almond butter, olive oil pure, nuts such as almonds, cashews, peanut butter, fish …

Load only good fats

Excess fat builds up in your buttocks can also make your butt bigger but not beautiful and make you look heavier and more voluminous.

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However, don't say no to all fats. The foods high in fat to improve your buttocks are fats in fish, fish oil, olive oil, almond butter, peanut butter, and cashews …

4. Add vitamins

Getting more vitamins and antioxidants from food is also one way to increase butt size.

In your diet, increase your intake of tomatoes, broccoli, kale, spinach, and other dark green leafy vegetables.

Add vitamins

You can see more articles about the fat gain menu for gym people!

5. Antioxidant

Experts also advise using fruits and vegetables, especially the kind with dark green containing more antioxidants and supplements the essential nutrients for the body, for your butt firming.

Some suggestions for what you eat to increase butt rapidly: broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, kale …

Here they make you wonder what to eat to increase the size 3, track posts to offline.

Food increased butt size.

1. Grain quinoa

The products help increase within three experts appreciated. What to Eat to bigger buttocks the answer you have to remember that quinoa seeds.

Quinoa grain component contains very high protein content and gives the body many essential amino acids and useful.

If you want to improve your ass around, you should not ignore this foodstuff increased butt size. Especially, quinoa also provides many benefits for your health, such as intestinal cancer prevention, improve digestive activity, reduces indigestion, …

2. Nuts

Add an answer to the question of what to eat to increase butt rapidly.

You should put right into the food menu for 1 and 3 to increase their nuts. They are rich in fats, have health benefits, give your body ample protein to help develop effective gluteal muscles.

In particular, nuts also have the ability to reduce blood cholesterol levels, relieve constipation and give your body the vitamins, minerals, omega -3 fatty acids useful.

Some nuts bring high efficiency, such as almonds, cashews, walnuts.

3. Eggs

Food rose within 1 and 3 must mention that egg.

Containing protein source and most healthy nutritional supplement for the body, the egg is a food easy to find, offers very high-efficiency help increase the size 3.

The high protein in eggs helps build muscles and buttocks recovery efficiency and energy supply after the high-intensity workout.

Eggs will choose a perfect breakfast while ensuring a convenient energy source serves you to study and work throughout the day.

4. What to Eat to increase within 1 and 3 with fish

The experts advised that you add fish such as tuna, salmon, tilapia on the menu of food increased 3 for you.

With the content of omega -3 fatty acids is high, fish are food sources of development assistance but very effective.

Beneficial fats also help eliminate bad fats from the arteries and effectively reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Chicken

When not knowing what to eat, rose 3, you can think that chicken is also a food source for the body, provides ample protein, and is very good for health.

You can be processed flexibly delicious dish with chicken. It is also suitable for dishes you want to increase the number of calories consumed.

When selecting and processing chicken, you should check out the chicken breast meat because the meat contains very little saturated fat but high in protein are good for developing the sphincter 3.

6. Food increases butt – Oatmeal

Oats are one of the foods that increase butt is very suitable for you to eat in the morning. Oats make you feel full longer and provide the body with essential nutrients.

Oats also contain micronutrients capable of supporting the building of muscle mass.

Studies have shown that oats also help reduce blood cholesterol levels and help reduce heart disease risk. In particular, eat oatmeal every day also helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

7. Avocado

Butter is food containing the fat content of monounsaturated is good for the body. This type of fat helps increase the buttocks' volume, helps plump your butt a lot more, control, and butter also helps reduce cholesterol levels possible.

You will be spoiled with creative dishes like butter: butter toast tongs, salad butter, or avocado shakes are delicious.

In particular, increases in food butter within 1 and 3 contain many vitamins, potassium, and fiber, and amino acids are the essential nutrients to increase the size 3.

These are foods rose 3 help you improve efficiency physique. You should also incorporate the same sports science training regime to both health supple and has a toned body, slim.

We wish the article had answers for what you eat to increase butt rapidly, and you will pocket yourself the foods good for health and increases in size butt effectively.


Part 2: How to increase buttocks quickly with the practice for women at home:

1. Exercise podium step increases butt quickly and efficiently

Moves up the stairs were a good step for step 3. As much on a chair or a higher elevation, the more effective.

Be sure to choose the right platform Statistics sure and steadfast truth not to slip; if your chair is too high, then use millet a low podium again for stepping.

Implementation Guide:

  • Standing in front of the podium/chair, put your left foot in the middle of the podium/chairs.
  • Press left to stand much foot on the podium, raised his right knee forms a 90-degree angle.
  • Ha, who walked the floor, touched the ground gently, and then changed the leg to complete one turn out the act. Repeat 20 times so.

2. Exercise increases the butt size with small weights.

Romanian deadlifts

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Though not new, this exercise was very effective and quality, aimed at the front thigh, inner thigh, and buttocks, of course.


  • Upright, two hand weights, arms close to your body, knees slightly buckled.
  • Keep arms straight and knees still slightly buckled, slowly lower hips and upper body down, pulled apart, and note back must be straight, not curved.
  • Squeeze butt to slowly lift the upright (not used back muscles). Repeat 3 times 15 such plays.

If you are new, you should use light weights to avoid back pain, even if it increases the difficulty in getting used by only one leg and balance.

Walking lunge combined pull weights

This exercise not only affects the buttocks, thighs before and after but also firming hand muscles.


  • Stand straight, feet together, hands holding weights, and watch the people. (If new episodes, can not use weights).
  • Step left foot forward just right, pull weights toward shoulders, keeping elbows in close to people.
  • Lower the hips, knees, lower your right leg, but did not touch the floor, facing down the floor, knees left leg just above the ankle.
  • Press the right foot, push the right leg of the upright position. Lower down the right-hand man is finished 1 respectively.
  • Continue alternating feet, performing 3 times 15 such plays.

3. Exercise 3 Squat improves efficiency.

Squat (squat exercise) will certainly help increase strength and firmness butt thighs.


  • Stood open legs, toes slightly outward, while keeping arms straight and palms facing down and handheld weights.
  • Lower yourself down so that the knees above ankles, legs, and thighs form a 90-degree angle. Arms raised to shoulder height, above, and parallel to the thigh.
  • Legroom, lifting, and lowering arm at the same time, ending 1 respectively.
  • Repeat 3 times 15 such plays.

4. Basic Squat combined with leg kicks.

Are exercises that can eliminate excess open buttocks, thighs.

Implementation Guide:

  • Standing leg open with the shoulder, feet parallel, hands clenched, holding in front of the body to balance.
  • Crouch, lowering hips down so that the thigh parallel to the floor, put weight on the heel.
  • Stand up straight legs completely and then the left leg to the side, squeeze the buttocks.
  • Thu legs shoulder width, posture Squat, then got up, left leg kick to the opposite side, and then collected the finished 1.
  • Make 3 half so 15 times on each side.

Training must be coupled with a reasonable diet to have a more standard shape. Limit your intake of fat and water, carbonated drink …

So, with these exercises, you are not concerned about the issue but “somewhat flat” of his. You have to train hard and be patient to be able to bring the highest efficiency.

5. bigger buttocks Squat-out with basic postures.

To be able to have desirable buttocks, you should have all the practice modes. Squat exercises are considered simple movements and basic for beginners.

These are also the exercises, so you become familiar with the rigors of training. Hits should be done 15-20 times/rhythm. Practice time for this exercise range from 1 to 2 hours daily. You will see results after just one week mark.


  • Stand up straight, legs spread shoulder, arms over his chest perpendicularly. Palm accepts them as holding a small ball.
  • Keep your back straight and bending the chest, then slowly knelt buttocks pushed backward as squatting posture.
  • Continue down to the lowest position that you can withstand.
  • Then push back the original position as you have completed one time.

Squats with exercises for women increased 3 will help you improve your butt “flat” and reduce your fat effectively.

6. Exercise Squat: Wall-sit the women's buttocks exercise effectively quickly.

Wall-sit is a movement to stand up and sit down on the “couch imagine,” helping impacts heavily on the lower body, especially the 3. It increases the endurance and stamina of the body.

Guiding posture correct standard implementation for this Squats exercise:

  • Standing against the wall, looking straight at the same time bending the chest forward.
  • To completely close back against the wall.
  • Arms outstretched and placed either side against the wall.
  • Thigh and calf form a right angle of 90 degrees.
  • Hold his position in the given time.
  • Perform this exercise 15-20 times/rhythm.

7. Exercise Plank improves efficiency and fast buttocks.

Plank exercises are known as pushing against the elbow/measurement floor. Is exercise much influence on the region of the body, especially the abdomen and 3, in addition to making the buttocks of you “multiply” it also helps remove excess fat effectively, firming the muscles?

Implementation Guide:

  • Lying face down, against 2 elbow that is perpendicular to the shoulder. Keep a straight face, briefly in 2 toes up.
  • Start lifting the lower body and keep balance.
  • Note keep the head, back, and hips form a straight line. Because if so, hollow backs down after exercise will cause back pain and injury to the spine.
  • Do not let the buttocks be raised; they will not create balance in the body.
  • Surfaces must be straight, not bent too low or too high looking up.
  • Hold the position for 15 to 20 seconds to 1 rep. Perform 10 – 15 minutes.

8. Lift one leg.

Squats exercise increases butt to this woman you can be completely self-practice at home without too much loss of time.


  • Lie on your left side, head down to the left hand, right palm against her chest, and face down on the floor.
  • Lift right leg slowly and remain as high as 2 seconds and then lower leg to the starting position.
  • Performed continuously 10 times, then switch sides and repeat the above action.
  • This exercise you can do within 15-20 minutes.
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9. Exercise Clamshell.

These are exercises to increase rapidly butt women, make buttocks more rounded and beautiful tension and help you burn fat women.

To be effective, you need to set the correct posture and always taut buttocks.

Implementation Guide:

  • Lie on your left side, head down to the left hand, right palm against her chest, and face down on the floor.
  • Co 2 feet up to form one angle of 45 degrees compared to the hips.
  • Raise knee and right leg as possible while still keeping the 2 heels touching.
  • Repeat 10 times, then switch to the right, do the same as above.
  • Perform 10-20 minutes.

10. Hip Raise (Raise hips).

With Squat exercises increasing women's buttocks, this will not be too unfamiliar with these hip movements. Unexpected help efficiently and quickly.


  • Supine on the floor, then shrink the legs from a 45-degree angle, soles pressed to the floor.
  • Slowly push the hips up, creating a straight line from shoulder to knee.
  • Continue unchanged within 2 seconds, then return to the original position.
  • Repeat 20 times. Done within 15 to 20 minutes.

11. Crossbody mountain climber aka climbing exercise.

Not only is exercise stimulate the buttocks but also exercises pocket so you could lose belly fat fast.

Performed as follows:

  • Situated similar push posture, hands on the floor.
  • Using co-footed forward and toward the left shoulder.
  • Stop 2 seconds, then return to the starting position, similarly to perform for the left foot.
  • Performed continuously for 10 minutes. Divided into 3 innings.

Squats with some exercises for women increased 3 simple rings on; you can easily make at home.

To maximize efficiency and fast just after 1 week, you need to exercise regularly if you wish for 3 more flourishes, toned slim legs, a perfect physique.

Grow your booty IN 15 MINUTES workout video

I wish you success and have a 3 as desired!

Part 3: How to make a big butt thanks to changing habits

Slim buttocks are not only due to the natural posture. Buttocks can be reduced in size because of bad habits like sitting a lot, wearing tight pants, stress, and stress.

To overcome the above reasons, you should pay attention to practice the following habits:

1. Be physically active

Most office workers have to sit for many hours a day, causing the butt muscles to squeeze and not grow.

Change your sitting position often, always take advantage of the movement to relax your buttocks, and help your back and limbs become numb.

2. Improve posture

When standing, the bodyweight is distributed on the head of the feet, the knees are stinking, the legs are shoulder-width, the shoulders are slightly moved back, and the stomach is drawn.

When sitting, the ankles lie in front of the knees, creating a small gap between the thighs, limiting cross-legging. These positions will help your body look better.

3. Wear clothing that fits well

A well-fitting outfit not only helps you feel more confident and comfortable in everyday activities but also prevents your buttocks from suffocating.

4. Get enough sleep, comfortable spirit

When you lack sleep, your body produces cortisol, a substance that accumulates excess fat, making your buttocks fat and bumpy. The remedy is to rest properly and keep the spirit happy, avoid pressure and stress.

Part 4: Tips to make your butt look bigger:

Some tips in choosing outfits will also help you cheat around in the eyes of those around you.

1. Use lingerie to pose

Some types of undergarments today have the effect of small hugs and buttocks to create sexy hourglass designs. However, you should not wear too tight types because it will cause many health problems.

2. Pay attention to the hips and buttocks

Costumes with contrasting upper and lower parts, detailed items, accents on the buttocks, and ruffles around the butt and hips are some suggestions that you can refer to.

3. Dress close to the waist

If you are confident with your waistline, then boldly wear tight skirts, a crop top that shows off your hips, or a skirt around the waist. The small waist will make your butt look more “majestic” than usual.

Fully implement the ways to increase buttocks, as this article has listed, you will feel more confident with your physique. If you want to be beautiful, you must be hard-pressed, right?

Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about “how to get bigger buttocks fast at home” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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