How to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys Vegetarian?

By: Evie Langford

Many people want to lose belly fat or lose weight, but many skinny people want to gain weight.

Things always happen like this because each of us is a separate individual. Each person has a different condition, some people easily absorb metabolic foods, but many people do not, metabolism poorly; they are loaded with many nutrients but do not absorb much.

Wanting to gain weight is quite difficult for people with poor absorption, and this article invites you to learn a more difficult problem than gaining weight for vegetarians.

With vegetarians, the diet will not have any animal nutrients, so weight gain will need to pay attention to many other issues.

And certainly, vegetarians want to have a healthy body like everyone else, so the way of being a vegetarian is an important thing to keep in mind.

Gaining weight doesn't take much effort for many people, but it is different for vegetarians. That is why the article on gaining weight for vegetarians will help you solve this problem.

How to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys Vegetarian?
How to Gain Weight for Skinny Guys Vegetarian?

We will help you not only gain weight but also have a beautiful body!

Although some vegetarians can still follow the dairy and egg diet, the vast majority eat only vegetables, plant products, or nuts.

Due to the absence of fish and meat on a diet, you may lose weight as a vegetarian. This is a good signal for some people, but it is different for those who are thin.

Luckily, as long as you know a little change to your diet and choose the right foods, you will still gain weight and gain muscle.

Synthesize the most effective vegetarian weight gain

Before we begin, we would like to share that there will be two groups of people here: vegetarian and normal.

Here, the vegetarian diet means a purely vegetarian diet without eggs and milk. And the other group can eat / not!

I. Diet for vegetarians weight gain

First, we'll start with the vegan group. Here, they will be more difficult because they do not eat eggs at all. That is, everything is only called pure nature.

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1. Understand the difference between vegetarian and vegan

Understand the difference between vegetarian and vegan

Vegetarians (or vegans) are all vegetarian, but not all vegetarians are vegans.

The vegetarian diet completely cuts down meat and fish products, but the vegetarian diet will eliminate all animal-related products.

This explains why vegetarians keep in mind that they do not use dairy products such as yogurt, butter, cheese … and eggs.

The vegetarian diet is often more restrictive and also difficult to ensure adequate nutrition. This makes it difficult for underweight people.

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2. Calculate calorie needs

Calculate calorie needs

We're getting into the difficult part. You need to read carefully what is the calorie article.

Calories are units of food energy when loaded into the body, used to create energy for activities or be stored as fat.

When you need to lose weight, you need to find ways to reduce calories or burn calories through exercise to exceed your calorie intake.

We need to do the opposite, i.e., the number of calories you get from food must be more for weight gain.

Normally, a vegetarian diet is often full of very high-calorie foods that will help increase your energy intake without requiring you to cut down on exercise at all.

  • 0.5 kg fat / muscle equivalent to 3500 calories. When you load in your body 3500 calories and don't burn anything, you will gain 0.5 kg.
  • Calorie needs will vary depending on weight, age … You can use the tool to calculate the number of calories needed by clicking here.
  • No matter how much weight you are trying to gain, it would help if you ate more, not overeat. Just eat 50 more calories per day to achieve the goal of loading 3500 calories/week. This will increase 1 / 2kg per week.

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3. Continue to eat healthy, calorie-dense foods

Continue to eat healthy, calorie-dense foods

For sure, just eating foods high in unhealthy fats like chips or cakes will bring you more calories.

However, this is not what people in need of weight improvement need because it is full of bad fat but lacks the body's nutrients.

  • Snacks all day with foods rich in good fats such as avocados, beans, nuts, peanut butter …
  • Drink calories. Instead of just drinking water all day, why not take advantage of juices or smoothies.
  • Add calories with food additives, e.g., you can decorate foods with olives, cucumbers, seeds …

4. Eat protein-rich foods to build muscle

Eat protein-rich foods to build muscle

Protein deficiency is the most common problem among vegetarians. Therefore, they need to pay attention to getting enough protein every day.

Complete proteins (animal, soy, quinoa) are needed because they are complete amino acids.

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However, vegetarians can fully supplement foods rich in plant-based proteins such as brown rice and legumes, which have the ability to add proteins together to form a complete protein chain! So is soybeans.

  • Beans are the perfect source of protein and contain a lot of calories. Ideally, you should eat 3 cups of beans a day to provide plenty of protein without harm.
  • Nuts are rich in cholesterol and protein good for human health such as walnuts, cashews …
  • Alternatively, you can use more plant-based proteins like RawFusion Milk or Organic Protein.

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5. Explore soy alternatives

Explore soy alternatives

Soy protein is the best vegetarian friend for vegans and even helps lower bad cholesterol levels.

Tofu and related products also help increase protein content. In particular, many delicious dishes every day you can eat with soybeans.

Some people may not like it, but you can get used to it and eat it with vegetables.

You can absolutely use soybeans in all dishes, such as salads. Use soy milk every day or cook sour soup.

6. Increase starch

Increase starch

Many people claim that to lose weight, you must completely lose starchy foods.

However, many scientific studies have said that if you want to lose weight, reduce your calorie intake by eating fewer carbs, not completely.

Carbohydrate-rich foods increase calories. This will make it easier for you to get plenty of calories without filling your stomach. You can diversify sources to get the perfect complement.

7. Eat 6 small meals a day

Many people have trouble eating 3 meals a day because they cannot eat many calories.

In this case, divide into 6 meals and make sure you eat consistently. This helps the body to avoid excess fat, add more protein and nutrients.

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8. Eat snacks regularly

Eat snacks regularly

You can supplement the main meals with small snacks with high-calorie dishes such as vegetables, fruits … Also, you can take advantage of plant protein milk.

II. Gain weight with dairy products and eggs

Here will be a quick way to gain weight for vegetarians. This means that this group can eat milk and eggs. It's up to them. But if so, then everything will be easier.

1. Start with an effective vegan weight gain guide

Start with an effective vegan weight gain guide

Vegetarian and vegetarian diets are quite similar. However, the second group was easier to breathe because they were fed with animal products. This makes it easier for them to gain weight.

  • Should load more than 3500 calories compared to the need to maintain weight each week. This will help you gain about 1/2 kg/week.
  • Eat foods rich in calories and protein.
  • Eat more small meals to get more calories.

2. Increase egg protein:

Increase egg protein

Since this vegetarian diet uses eggs, you should take advantage.

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This is a group of very high foods, but eating too much of the yolks will increase that bad cholesterol. If you eat in moderation, about 1 yolk/day will be okay.

What about egg whites? Eat as much as you want because it is not harmful. You can separate them for a comfortable meal. It is best to make a salad.

3. Decorate the dish with dairy products

Decorate the dish with dairy products

Like a vegan meal, you can add extra calories by adding seeds to garnishes.

Besides, if you use milk and eggs, you can use yogurt, butter, or a salad base. This makes the dish delicious. Besides, it also helps increase calories!

Make the best use of it to increase calories. You can absolutely eat butter with bread. Use more salad with cheese …

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4. Have a dairy snack

Have a dairy snack

Although many people still believe there is a link between high cheese intake and heart disease, it is undeniably delicious and nutritious.

You can fully utilize it to make simple and light meals for quick use. You should diversify dairy products like yogurt to increase live yeast.

Vegan Diet – How To Gain Healthy Weight With A High Metabolism

YouTube video

It is up to you which meal plan you choose to have a suitable meal plan. If you are just vegetarian according to your preferences and not too strict, don't worry.

Just combine eating and exercising and sports to get in shape. Note, let's go-to weight training hard!

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain some more knowledge about “how to gain weight for skinny guys vegetarian” and bring some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

Some vegetarian meals ready to eat:

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