What Are Vitamins For Glowing Skin And Support Body Weight Control?

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If the nutritional ingredients are the building blocks of your home, those vitamins are the vehicles that bring the bricks to help the builders build your house.

In other words, vitamins are an indispensable part of the nutritional profile if you really care about your health.

In addition to acting as a supporting agent for nutrient absorption and optimizing metabolism to help control overall weight, vitamins also help protect our skin.

Vitamins that support the skin for women and men or anyone taking vitamin supplements has this wonderful effect.

What Are Vitamins For Glowing Skin And Support Body Weight Control?
What Are Vitamins For Glowing Skin And Support Body Weight Control?

In today's life, nutrition has also gradually improved greatly, but this does not mean that you have loaded enough vitamins or even minerals.

However, this will inadvertently cause many negative effects on the health and beauty of the skin.

Vitamins are organic substances that help organs in the body function properly. Each vitamin has its own role, but it is important. If you have a vitamin and mineral deficiency, you lose everything.

The article invites you to learn some vitamins that support the optimization of metabolism and help you have more beautiful skin.

What vitamins for glowing skin?

To know what vitamins to add to beautiful skin, we need to be clear about what those nutrients play and how they function. Vitamins that are useful for beauty will have to deal with these factors:

  • Brown dot
  • Red spots caused by acne or dermatitis
  • Wrinkle
  • Dry, flaky skin

Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Vitamin A excels in its high antioxidant capacity for the skin. Women, regardless of age, need to take vitamin A daily to help strengthen bones, teeth, skin …

Vitamin A also reduces the risk of chronic diseases, helping to brighten the eyes, strengthen the immune system, and slow down the aging process.

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Foods rich in vitamin A include carrots, cantaloupe, squash, apricots, tomatoes, guava, watermelon, broccoli, papaya, peaches, kale, milk … You should diversify your meals to ensure enough vitamin A.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2

This vitamin is essential for maintaining health, helping the body to develop normally, and boosting metabolism. It helps to boost energy and the immune system.

Besides reducing the symptoms of numbness, stress … Vitamin B2 deficiency will cause negative effects on metabolic speed, paralyzing the immune system and nerve function. As a result, eyes can turn pale blue, sore throat, lips, dry hair, mouth sores …

Foods rich in vitamin B2 include organ meats, green leafy vegetables, eggs, milk, yogurt, yeast, cereals, cheese …

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

This is an essential vitamin for maintaining a healthy immune system. It also helps the body produce hormones and brain chemicals, helping to reduce depression, stress, headaches, memory loss …

It may also control blood sugar somewhat. Pregnant women can eat foods containing vitamin B6 to reduce morning sickness. Lack of vitamin B6, you are prone to anemia, low blood pressure …

Foods rich in vitamin B6 include grains, meat, fish, bananas, butter, beans, nuts …

Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7, also known as Biotin, is essential for cell growth and synthesis of fatty acids. This vitamin keeps sweat glands, skin, and hair healthy.

It helps keep hair strong and nails beautiful. Besides, it also helps bones, bone marrow healthy and lower cholesterol.

Vitamin B7 deficiency is very rare, but if it does, it will cause a rash, unstable heart function, lack of hook, hair loss …

Foods rich in vitamin B7 include cantaloupe, yellow fruits, lentils, brown rice, yolk, seeds, carrots, yogurt, fish …

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9, also known as folic acid, is essential for all women because it reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, dementia …

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It also enhances brain health, cell function and improves fertility.

Warning, vitamin B9 deficiency in pregnant women will affect the baby.

Foods rich in vitamin B9 include dark green leafy vegetables, oranges, strawberries, cereals, beans …

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps to increase metabolism, cell division.

In particular, those who find their body slowly gain muscle, supplement with vitamin B12 to help protein be loaded into the body. This vitamin also reduces the risk of heart disease, a healthy brain, and enhances memory.

Besides, it also helps treat depression, helps the nervous system stay awake. The lack will cause severe phenomena such as always feeling uncomfortable, sore throat …

Foods rich in vitamin B12 include cheese, meat, and milk.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is most commonly found in the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) and the dermis (the deep inner layer of skin cells). Vitamin C helps reduce oxidation.

Besides, it also enhances collagen production. Thanks to that, your skin will always be youthful.

If you get enough vitamin C, you are accidentally helping sunscreen protects your skin better. The bottom line is that it helps fight wrinkles and dryness.

If someone asks you what vitamin to whiten your skin, you will immediately answer 1000mg C.

Is food rich in vitamin C are oranges, lemons, tangerines, berries, sour fruits, oranges, broccoli …Read more: Is Vitamin C Good for Gym?

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

We often fear the harmful effects of sunlight on our skin, but it is sunlight that helps the body synthesize vitamin D.

When skin is exposed to sunlight, cholesterol is converted to vitamin D. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that promotes calcium absorption to strengthen bones.

Vitamin D also helps reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis, arthritis. Lack of vitamin D, the body will easily break bones … Normally, as long as you stay in the sun for about 15 minutes, the body will produce enough.

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Foods rich in vitamin D include fish, milk, liver, and eggs.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has powerful antioxidant properties for the skin, protecting cells and slowing down the aging process. Besides, vitamin E also helps reduce the risk of heart disease, anti-cancer.

The health of the hair and skin is also highly dependent. This explains why hair and skincare products always contain vitamin E. Our bodies can also produce vitamin E through the sebaceous glands. It is the sebum that will help moisturize the skin.

Foods rich in vitamin E include wheat germ, spinach, fish oil, seeds, peanut butter …

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Vitamin F

Vitamin F

Vitamin F is considered a panacea for dry skin. It is a combination of 2 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic and-linoleic acid.

This vitamin will form an invisible protective layer for the skin.

Since our bodies cannot produce it independently, you need to get vitamin F by eating or drinking. Each day, you need to add about 2% of vitamins compared to total calories. Without vitamin F, the body will appear lumpy and chapped.

Foods rich in vitamin F include vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables, and beans.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K

Vitamin K plays an important role in maintaining the strength of bones, combating the risk of cardiovascular diseases … In particular, it helps to keep the immune system healthy and fight diseases … In particular, vitamin K helps treat stretch marks and scars.

Foods rich in vitamin K include grains, seeds, fish oil, and vegetables.

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