Skinny Girl Workout Schedule to Gain Weight Efficient and Safe

By: Aiden Johann

No one wants to hug a dead tree branch! Sorry if you have a thin body, and what we said above is not meant to criticize you, it is just a fact and you are reading this article; we have a lot of information to help you.

Although losing weight is a crucial thing that people are on the lookout for, and wish their frame to shed weight to avoid pressure on the bones and joints while ensuring the share of body fat.

However, in contrast to some people who want to drop extra pounds, many of us wish to achieve weight as a result of our frame being simply too skinny.

Being too skinny could also be one of the crucial prerequisites that adversely affect the entire health of girls. Being too thin will significantly an effect the reproductive procedure and attract males.

This article will be told the elemental and practical principles for properly gaining weight and gaining weight adequately to make sure overall health.

The physique is one of the points to attract the sexes of the weak.

The keyword here is that you should pay attention to 70% of the diet and 20% of the exercise along with 10% of the sleep and relaxation regime.

If you lack confidence in your physique, let's see the skinny girl workout to gain weight right away.

This article will explain everything you need and help you gain 3-4kg in just one month most easily and scientifically.

Skinny girl workout schedule to gain weight Efficient and safe
Skinny girl workout to gain weight Efficient and safe

For women, gaining weight seems to be too difficult; even many people are still mistakenly gaining weight.

This is actually a negative interpretation. Weight gain here, we need to understand a healthy way is to gain weight. That way, you have a beautiful, toned physique. So only weights can help you.

The gym schedule for thin women requires a combination of a bodybuilding curriculum, a weight-increasing diet menu for women, and a reasonable rest regime.

So have you been able to set yourself a suitable schedule to get a toned physique, and good-looking weight yet?

If you belong to a group of impatient people and want something safe, you should go to the gym and choose to practice with PT (Personal Trainer).

These good people will guide and follow you while doing gym exercises to gain weight for thin women. Besides, they help you understand what you should eat and how to eat it.

If you belong to a group of people who like to be independent and want to do everything by themselves, you can make your own gym lesson plan.

Just follow the most basic guidelines that we will guide below. Now BellyFatZone invites you to refer to this article together!

Principles when applying gym schedule for women to gain weight effectively.

Before going into a detailed analysis, we need to go through some of the issues you need to know. This is the basic information you need to know!

1. Should skinny women exercise?

Should skinny women exercise?

This is probably the question of many people, not just you. Exercise brings a lot of benefits.

It not only promotes health but also stimulates muscle growth, and helps to tone the body.

Whether thin or fat, if you have the correct diet and bodybuilding, and you can completely change your physique.

The gym is completely unlimited for anyone, regardless of age, gender, or region … Everyone can go to the barbell to improve health and physique.

For thin people, weight training will stimulate them to eat better. Besides, it also helps you get better. Thus, you will quickly gain weight.

In particular, weight training will help you firmer physique, completely better than many other sports.

The important thing to remember is that a proper exercise program is needed to gain weight. Most importantly, you need the help of a scientific diet.

2. How to exercise for thin women who want to gain weight

  • Divide the training time reasonably
  • Travel time varies from 60p / time
  • Do lots of exercises in one session to help your muscle group develop comprehensively.
  • Work hard on weights instead of cardio because Cardio burns fat. Lifting weights will stimulate muscle growth.
  • Cardio should only be done about 2-3 times per week, each time about 15p at the end of the training to avoid fat accumulation.
  • Always practice the right techniques.
  • A female gym can never have the same muscle as a male because it is due to male hormones. Women only have deficient levels of this hormone.

3. Gym exercises for women who want to gain weight fast and science

Gym exercises for women who want to gain weight fast and science

When you start planning to improve your physique, you need to understand the principles when choosing the right exercise groups to build a reasonable gym routine for women to gain weight at home and in the gym :

  • Prioritize weight training groups to gain weight and gain muscle.
  • Limit Cardio, HIIT exercises
  • Just do cardio about 15p, 2-3 times/week.

Below is a list of common exercises distributed by muscle groups you should choose to add to the exercise schedule.

Chest Barbell Bench PressDumbbell Flyes


3 10-12
Shoulder Dumbbell Shoulder PressArnold Dumbbell Press

Front Dumbbell Raise

3 10-12
Fore hand Barbell CurlDumbbell Curl

Dumbbell Preacher Curl

3 10-12
Backhand Triceps Push DownClose-grip Bench Press 3 10-12
Back Lat PulldownBent-over Barbell Row

Underhand Cable Pulldown

3 10-12
Stomach PlankCrunches

Seated Leg Tucks

3 10-12
Buttocks SquatLunge

Leg Press

3 10-12
Thigh first Barbell Squat 3 10-12
Thigh back Deadlifts 3 10-12


  • Set: The number of episodes of a move
  • Rep: The number of times 1 repetition of a period. 1 set has many iterations.

4. How to eat to gain weight quickly for women?

How to eat to gain weight quickly for women?

  • Divide the day's meals into 6-8 meals. This helps the body absorb nutrients better, preventing you from feeling bored or overeating.
  • Provide adequate nutrition from 4 groups for the body.
  • Eat a variety of foods to ensure your body has enough vitamins and minerals.
  • Load up all carbs, protein, and fat groups.
  • Never skip meals.
  • Provide plenty of calories for your body from lean meats.
  • 1g carbs / protein = 4kcal, 1g fat = 9kcal.
  • Always provide the body with clean food groups, limit animal fat, fried foods …



This is a source of nutrients providing the body with the most calories. Therefore, you need to pay attention to supplement it every day. You must limit the types of bad fats.

Instead, focus on foods that are high in body fat.

The protein

The protein

To ensure proper implementation of the weight gain gym for girls, you need to pay attention to adequate protein intake each day.

Just read the article about protein-rich food groups. We have presented it very carefully.



This is considered the main source of calories to decide whether you gain weight. However, the important thing here is that you need to know how to combine starches fast and slow.

Never bother to eat starch, but forget other substances.

Fibre & Vitamins and Minerals

Fiber or vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables are important. Those are the nutrients that help ensure a healthy body.

You need to replenish every day. It is best to eat vegetables at meals and fruits for snacks.

5. The reasons why you eat a lot but always not to sign

Weight gain is not so simple as 1 + 1 = 2. Many people say that eating more is fat, but this is not true. Eat a lot but eat it.

If you want to get fat, have fat. Here are some reasons why you may have tried but failed.

  • Snacking a lot
  • Anorexia
  • Skipping meals
  • Sleepless
  • Stress
  • No training

6. The menu to gain weight for thin people

Whether you are starting a gym lesson for skinny women or just starting, nutrition is the most important. We will help you get sample meals.

Sample menu for your reference,

  • Morning (5h30): 1 glass of lemonade, warm ginger
  • Breakfast (6h): 1 cup oat cereal + 1 glass of WHey Protein milk + 3 egg whites
  • Brunch (9 am): 1 cup of yogurt
  • Lunch (11h): Brown rice + beef + soup
  • Extra meal (before training): 1 glass of Whey + 1 potato
  • Dinner (19h) = lunch

7. Sample gym plan to gain weight in 3 months

Sample gym plan to gain weight in 3 months

Below is a sample plan for your reference. The important thing is that you follow and feel and control everything.

  • 1st month

You should apply a beginner's schedule for thin women to get used to each muscle group's movements.

You can arrange a time to practice 4-5 sessions/week. The movements should choose the simple ones. Rest between sets is 1-2p, 2-3p between exercises.

In the first days of training, women should choose the lightest weight or moderate strength. Always start before 10p. After training, you have to stretch 10p.

  • Second month

After mastering the movements, you can change the lessons to be more diverse. Alternatively, you can reschedule the exercise.

Besides, cardio can be increased to burn off excess fat. The intensity of exercise may also increase to 4 rounds/card. The number of iterations also increased. Also, remember to increase your weight.

  • The third month

This is the stage where you gain almost the weight you want. Now focus on improving your upper body rings.

It would help if you did more muscle groups. At this time, you can focus on increasing muscle to reduce fat to help the body firmer offline!

Skinny Girl Workout Schedule to Gain Weight here:

Instructions on how to properly build a gym for women to gain weight

  • Do not do cardio too much: Focus on weight training to stimulate muscle growth, reduce calories burned.
  • Do not take too long: Weightlifting will help you develop muscles, but never equal to 2/10 men where worry.
  • Practice a variety of exercises.

1. Schedule 3-4 sessions/week

  • Monday: Shoulder – Chest – Back arm
  • Tuesday: Break
  • Wednesday: Belly – Back – Front hand
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Buttock – Thigh
  • Saturday: Break
  • Sunday: Work out or Rest

2. Gym schedule 5 sessions/week

  • Monday: Back – Bucket – Hand first
  • Tuesday: Buttock – Thigh front – Leg
  • Wednesday: Chest – Shoulder – Back arm
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Buttock – hind legs – Calves
  • Saturday: Belly – Cardio
  • Sunday is a day off

3. Gym schedule 6 sessions/week

  • Monday: Chest – Back arms
  • Tuesday: Back bucket – Front hand
  • Wednesday: Leg – Butt – Thigh
  • Thursday: Belly – Lower back
  • Friday: Body
  • Saturday: Cardio
  • Sunday is a day off

Workout Plan to GAIN WEIGHT for Women

In particular, you should buy weight gain milk for thin people. These types of milk provide a lot of nutrients.

What do we learn to help a skinny girl who wants to gain weight?

What is the last thing we learned here? It depends on each person's state, whether you are born in a state with more anabolism or more catabolism that will give your body a better ability to absorb nutrients—poorer nutritional absorption.

However, to become a fatter person if the simplest you can hear is to load more energy each day. You should note that we should not consume more than 500 kcal daily to ensure we gain weight but are not overweight.

At the same time, you need to combine with exercise to ensure your weight gain is also a process of gaining muscle. Be patient and work through this process within three months, and you will see tangible results.

I hope you read this article and will find helpful knowledge for you and help you change your health shape and achieve the desired results.

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Hopefully, the information above has helped you gain more knowledge about “skinny girl workout to gain weight” and brings some small value. Please share this article if you feel it is useful. Thanks!

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