Exercise to trim upper body muscles with Brian DeCosta

By: Samuel Brownlee

Body contouring is one of the many important things that bodybuilders want to achieve after a period of time after building large muscle mass.

Muscles have reached the required size you want to build muscle and reduce body fat percentage, you need some changes in the process of training and nutrition.

In this article, we also explore this issue more clearly with a fitness trainer, who is also a lover of mixing music.

Brian DeCosta is a professional trainer and bodybuilder. His perfect muscles with detailed lines on his body quickly made an impression in the bodybuilding world.

This upper body workout is at a pretty high level, but you can reduce the intensity by lowering the number of sets and reps.

This guy's principle is no exception to the most basic principles of sports training that when you want to lose weight in any part, you need to lose fat on your entire body before you focus on your part want to lose more fat.

That is, if you are a beginner, you need to focus on your whole body rather than just focusing on certain parts.

When you want to lose belly fat, reduce total body fat, then do more exercises to support the abdomen. And the same goes for your upper body.

Brian DeCosta is a professional trainer and bodybuilder
Exercise to trim upper body muscles with Brian DeCosta

When you're in the cutting phase, advice from Brian DeCosta is to try not to lose weight and reps. This is a pretty obvious goal in his method, because DeCosta's push and pull exercises have a large number of repetitions combined with the Superset.

Not only is this a one-way ticket to muscle growth, but it also helps him feel that he's working out better. This can be positive reinforcement, he says, and when you eat less during the cutting phase, you need everything to pump up your spirits.

Exercise techniques to trim muscles

Incline Bench Press

Incline Bench Press

In the first exercise of the program, you will do 4 sets of low reps, followed by 3 sets of high reps. Choose a weight that's right for you so you can complete the full range of motion.

Note when lying on the chest, keep your shoulder blades behind and close to the chair, there is always a gap between your back and the chair to protect your shoulders. Place your feet on the floor for reinforcement and can help you move heavier loads.

Barbell Shrug

Barbell Shrug

The Superset is highly rated by DeCosta, in the Barbell Shrug exercise, which begins with the hands gripping the barbell just outside the legs.

Again, before starting the movement, pull your shoulders and back and stand up straight. One trick when doing this exercise is to visualize yourself sliding into a bar on your feet and pointing your shoulders towards the ceiling. Do not bend your knees or use your legs to create force while performing the movement.

Rear Delt Fly + Lateral Raise

Rear Delt Fly + Lateral Raise

Immediately after finishing the Barbell Shrug exercise, grab two dumbbells in each hand with a weight you can do many times. A total of 20 times, in alternating order, 5 rear delt fly, 5 lateral raise, 5 rear delt fly, and 5 lateral raise.

Keep the movement slow and controlled, paying attention to using the lats involved in the exercise to support the shoulders.

paying attention to using the lats involved in the exercise to support the shoulders

Upright row

Upright row

Your second superset will start with an upright row, which uses an EZ-curl bar to reduce pressure on the wrist compared to a straight bar. The main thing to pay attention to in this exercise is to keep the elbows above the shoulders.

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Muscle contouring technique for the back arm

Standing Overhead Triceps Extension

Standing Overhead Triceps Extension

Continue using the EZ-curl bar from the previous exercise and keep it straight overhead with the handle open. Place your elbows and biceps near your head, bend your elbows, and lower the bar behind your head until they reach a 90-degree angle. If you can feel the tension in your biceps, you're doing it right.

Cable chest fly

Cable chest fly

This seems to be a familiar exercise for many of you, but this time because of standing, we will practice it in a sitting position.

Place the cable pulley just above chest height and alternate each exercise with the arms going in the center and the hands alternately placed at the top. You can slightly bend at the elbow, but make sure to maintain it throughout the entire set.

Standing Cable Press

Standing Cable Press

The session will close with another superset, DeCosta's version of Standing Cable Press will be a little different. Start with your hands in front of you, below your chest, and keep them close to your body as you press forward. Then finish in a position with arms extended to the sides, before returning to the starting position.

Cable Push-Down

Cable Push-Down

You can use the same equipment in the exercise above, pulling the handles up to chest level and performing a downward press. Always remember, do not perform the movement halfway, when pressing down, end the movement in the position of arms extended and feel the pressure in the back biceps.

Some notes for those of you who want to apply to DeCosta's exercise program. Always perform a full range of motion movement, use weights appropriate to your ability to meet the number of reps, choose the number of sets and reps according to the training goal.

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Above is the exercise program shared by Brian DeCosta. Hope to have brought useful information for your reference, do not forget to follow the latest content that will be updated at Bellyfatzone.

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